Windham County, Vermont

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  • Local Online Information 
    • Vermont Historical Gazetteer, 
      • A local History of all the Towns in the State, Civil, Educational, Biographical, Religious and Military.
      • Vol. V. The Towns of Windham County. Collated by Abby Maria Hemenway. Published by Mrs. Carrie E. H. Page,Brandon, VT. 1891.
    • History of Windham County


Title Author Year Publisher
Atlas of Windham County, Vt. F.W.Beers 1869 Beers
Beers' Atlas of Windham County, Vt. F.W.Beers Reprint 1969 Stephen Greene Press
Atlas of Historical County Boundaries New Hampshire and Vermont John H. Long 1994 Charles Scribners Sons/Reference; ISBN: 0130519545 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 11.33 x 8.79 ($180.75)
McClellan's Map of Windham County, Vt. (1856) C.McClellan 1984 Old Maps
Gazetteer and Business Directory of Windham County, Vt. 1724-1884 H.Child 1884 H.Child
Manual of the Congregational Church, of Bellows Falls, Rockingham, Vt. First Congregational Church 1892 Emerson&Co.
A Survey from the Heights-60th Anniversary of First Congregational Church, Bellows Falls A.P. Pratt 1910 Business Committee

Vermont GenWeb Project

Windham County Newspapers 1781-1884

Name Town Began Pub'ng Ended Pub'ng Issued
Vermont Gazette or Green Mountain Post Boy Westminster Feb 1781 1783 Weekly
Federal Galaxy Brattleboro Jan 1797 1802 Unknown
Reporter Brattleboro Feb 1803 1826 Unknown
Independent Freeholder and Republican Journal Brattleboro 1808 Cont'd a short time Unknown
Bellows Falls Intelligencer Brattleboro Jan 1817 1835 Unknown
Vermont Intelligencer Brattleboro 1835 Cont'd a short time Unknown
American Yeoman Brattleboro 5 Feb 1817 1818 weekly
Brattleboro Messenger Brattleboro 1822 1834 Unknown
Vermont Chronicle Bellows Falls Apr 1826 Oct 1828 Unknown
Vermont Phoenix Brattleboro 12 Sep 1834 1852 Unknown
Statesman Brattleboro 1852 1 Jan 1855 Unknown
Republican Brattleboro 1 Jan 1855 1857 Unknown
Vermont Phoenix Brattleboro 3 Feb 1855 Being published in 1884 Unknown
Vermont Free Press Fayetteville 7 Jun 1834 6 Feb 1835 Unknown
Green Mountain Democrat Fayetteville 6 Feb 1835 1836 Unknown
Mountain Democrat Fayetteville 1836 1837/8 Unknown
Windham County Democrat Brattleboro Nov 1836 1853 Unknown
Bellows Falls Gazette Bellows Falls Nov 1838 5 Jun 1851 Unknown
Bellows Falls Times Bellows Falls Unknown Being published in 1884 Unknown
Whig Brattleboro 1840 1840 Unknown
Perfectionist Putney 15 Feb 1843 1844 Semi-monthly
Water Cure Journal Brattleboro 1845 Cont'd several years Unknown
Republican Standard Bellows Falls Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bellows Falls Argus Bellows Falls Unknown Unknown Unknown
Semi-Weekly Eagle Brattleboro 10 Aug 1847 1855 S-Wkly & Wkly
Brattleboro Hydropathic Messenger Brattleboro 1858 1860 Monthly
Capen's Independent Advertiser Unknown 1859 1861 Monthly
Vermont Record Brattleboro 1 Jan 1865 Jan 1868 Unknown
Vermont Farmer Brattleboro c. 1865 Jan 1868 Unknown
Vermont Farmer and Farmer Brattleboro Jan 1868 1 May 1880 Unknown
School Journal Brattleboro Unknown Unknown Monthly
Household Brattleboro Jan 1868 Being published in 1884 Monthly
Windham County Reformer Brattleboro Aug 1876 Being published in 1884 Weekly
Woman At Work Brattleboro July 1882 Being published in 1884 Monthly
Association News Brattleboro Dec 1883 Being published in 1884 Monthly
Londonderry Sifter Londonderry Nov 1883 Being published in 1884 Weekly
West River Republican Spy Jamaica Apr 1884 Being published in 1884 Monthly

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