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Pioneer life in the Benton Co. WA area

Old Pioneer Waxes Poetic/Full of Praise for Tri-Cities

Tri-City Pioneer
Tri-City Herald, Sunday, 13 May 1962

The old pioneer wants to pat everyone in the Tri-City region on the back and say well done thou good and faithful servants. This region has had its day in the sun of publicity during the special dedicatory services of the completion of the Ice Harbor Dam. It isn't every region the size of the Tri-City that can edit, print and publish a 196 page, 15 section newspaper the equal of this Tri-City Herald Dedicatory Ice Harbor Dam Edition. It's pages of interesting facts and fiction will thrill all who read it. It will cover the entire United States and many of the foreign countries of the world. Like a story well told it will never tire and always enlighten and interest all who read it!

Accept they place beneath the sun
Thou fairest Eden by many begun
From they birth may Thous arise
The grandest place beneath the skies.

Where rivers run and mountains stand
Thy future glories will surely command
With rivers three all joined in one
Silently flowing to the setting sun.

Few spots on this terresteral sphere
Match the beauties we have here
Be not selfish with God's Grace
Let all who wish enjoy this place.

Here may they build their homes in peace
Where joys and pleasures never cease
Raise their families in all the good
Both in man and womanhood.

In this Tri-City region so glorious blest
No spot in North, South, East or West
Can equal it for a home to be
Come join us now and you will see.

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