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Marriage Applications Book Three

Mason County, Washington
28 Mar 1891 - 5 Jun 1909

copied 1984 by Vivian Borger
D.L. Melville of Mason county and Jennie Taylor of Mason county 28 Mar 1891 -- Affidavit, Thomas Taylor

Kimball Sherwood and Julia Thompson Between 28 Mar and 4 Apr 1891

Henry Faubert of Hoodsport and Virginia Bordeaux of Shelton, Mason county 4 Apr 1891

Thomas Reed of Hoodsport and Rosy Aevina Kelty of Shelton, Mason County 1 Jun 1891

James Carstairs of Shelton and Margaret Taylor of Mason county 9 Jun 1891 -- Affidavit of Thomas Taylor

George Little of Union City and Nanie A. Dodds of Union City 6 Jun 1891 -- Affidavit of Wm. Haines

Stephen Benoit of Shelton and Ida Vaudrin of Shelton 15 Aug 1891 -- Affidavit of Mrs. Vaudrin

J.B. Rice of Union City and Mrs. E. F. Rice 24 Aug 1891 -- Affidavit of William B. Haines

August Werman of Hoodsport and Mary E. Brodie 26 Sep 1891

Alex McTavish of Allyn and Alice Jones 8 Oct 1891 -- Affidavit of J.N. Eberhart

Wm. Morris of Pickering and Christine Ball 27 Oct 1891

L.L. Hunter of Shelton, Washington and E.C. Ritner of Shelton, Washington 21 Nov 1891

Sam C. Ogg of Shelton and Ada D. Johnston of Shelton 27 Nov 1891

John B. Peterson of Shelton and Ella C. Swanson 9 Dec 1891 -- Affidavit of August Dipman

D.C. Frederick of Shelton, Washington and Eva Richardson 20 Jan 1892 -- J.W. Day, Auditor

James T. Harris of Shelton, Wash. and Georgia Yeager 25 Jan 1892

Edward P. Dunbar of Shelton, Wash. and Mamie P. Young of Shelton, Wash 27 Jan 1892 -- Affidavit S.C. Young and Mrs. L.C. Young

David Kelly of Mason county and Ada White of Mason county 29 Mar 1892

J. E. Shigh of Shelton and V.J. Hatte of California 28 May 1892

Jno Culliton of Shelton and Elfine M. Decker of Shelton 4 Jun 1892

Wm. W. Smith of Shelton and Nellie DeHelme 10 Jun 1892

Robert Ludlow of Mason county and Mary Charley of Mason county 15 Jun 1892

Ed Chappel of Shelton and Ida Wood 2 Jul 1892

Eugene G. Herst of Shelton and Nettie Miller of Shelton 16 Jul 1892 -- Affidavit of D. Shelton

Guy W. Kennecott of Union City to Harriet T. Black of Union City 2 Aug 1892 -- Affidavit of Dan McReavy

Harry Fortnum of Shelton and Melinda Munro of Shelton 15 Aug 1892 -- Affidavit of Jno McIntosh

Edward Gaum of Shelton and Gabrielle Hackhouse of Shelton 27 Aug 1892

J.R. Jacobus of Lewis county and Ida Barrikman of Shelton 7 Sep 1892

Sam S. Fisk of Shelton and Katie Simpson 29 Oct 1892

Henry Gilhart of Allyn and Mattie Hatch 10 Nov 1892

H.A. Winsor of Shelton and Louella Gaines of Shelton 24 Dec 1892

John C. Valley of Shelton and Mary Butts of Shelton 7 Jan 1893

F.M. Scott of Satsop and Mrs. M.B. Cash 16 Mar 1893

John LaRock of Shelton and Ellen Keelty of Shelton 4 Jun 1893

D.O. Williams of Shelton and Mattie Endicott 21 Jun 1893

Charles T. Huntley of Shelton and Mrs. Martha Searl 13 Jul 1893

George H. Vogtlin of Shelton and Anna F. Bell 17 Jul 1893

Wm. N. Maxwell of Shelton and Mary B. McLarty 8 Aug 1893

Patrick Slade and Ellen Waterman 16 Aug 1893

W.E. Daniels of Shelton and Edna E. Linton 4 Sep 1893

Benj. Johnston of Mason and Mary M. Woods 5 Oct 1893

Thomas F. Brown of Mason county and Miriam Carstairs of Mason county 2 Nov 1893

Henry C. Ashfield of Mason county and Melvina Jewell 4 Nov 1893

Ole C. Hanson of Shelton and Bertha Kneeland 17 Nov 1893

Orris W. Parrish of Mason county and Mary E. Endicott of Mason county 30 Mar 1894 -- on consent of parent

Henry F. Rosenberg and Hannah F. Anderson 21 Apr 1894

Herbert A. Shelton of Mason county and Ida Hinton Gamble of Mason county 26 May 1894

Chas. E. Stone of Shelton and Rosetta C. Sipe of Shelton 31 Jul 1894

Louis Larson of Mason county and Ida Larson of Mason county 20 Sep 1894

Robert J. Elliott of Shelton and Ella A. Williams of Shelton 10 Oct 1894

James H. Clark of Shelton and Ruth Butts 12 Oct 1894 -- consent of parent of bride

Edwin F. McReavy of Shelton and Marcia A. Hutchinson of Shelton 19 Oct 1894

Stephen L. Farris of Shelton and Sabina A. Gaines of Shelton 24 Oct 1894

Charlie Frank of Skokomish and Jennie Seattle 3 Nov 1894

William W. Kennedy of Shelton and Lena C. Mires of Shelton 27 Nov 1894

Frederick Wm. Andrews and Mrs. Margaret Keltie Graham 30 Nov 1894

C.H. Stone of Shelton and Gertrude Slade of Shelton 30 Nov 1894

George H. Shorter of Shelton and Susie J. Hutchinson of Shelton 22 Dec 1894

Thomas McLarty of Shelton and Bertha A. Morrow of Shelton 24 Dec 1894

Chas. T. Pole of Shelton and Eva Miles of Chehalis 12 Jan 1895 -- consent of bride's father

Henry Parish of Shelton and Margaret R. Simpson of Shelton 21 Jan 1895 -- consent of bride's parents

Robert Kimpton of Shelton and Mary M. Decker of Shelton 6 Mar 1895

S.W. Scott of Satsop and Cora Yalusha of Shelton 25 Apr 1895

Albert P. Seager of Shelton and Florence L. Jones of Shelton 15 Jul 1895

Elisha Leisure of Shelton and Elizabeth Rawlinson of Utsalady 28 Aug 1895

William W. Barrett of Shelton and Libbey J. Ambler of Shelton 17 Sep 1895

Otis Todd of Shelton and Alice Brown of Union City 25 Sep 1895

Bradford Brazel of Shelton and Linda Butler of Shelton 6 Nov 1895

Raymond Cormier of Shelton and Martha E. Willets of Shelton 9 Nov 1895

W.C. Hodge of Shelton and Florence B. Frost of Shelton 19 Nov 1895(6)

W.J. Rankin of Kamilche and May Grout of Kamilche 10 Dec 1895

Homer Emmot of Shelton and Henriette O. Donald of Shelton 19 Dec 1895

A.C. Kent of Shelton and Agnes Kelty of Shelton 30 Dec 1895

E.R. Bailey of Shelton and Hattie Johnston of Shelton 17 Feb 1896

Ralph Corille of Shelton and Carrie McLeod of Edson 7 Apr 1896

A.J. Smith of Kamilche and Sophia Howard of Kamilche 25 May 1896

A.W. Fredson of Shelton and Jean Todd of Shelton 9 Jun 1896

G.W. Draham of Shelton and E.V. Kneeland of Shelton 17 Jun 1896

John B. Comfort of Satsop and Hattie Scott of Satsop 18 Jun 1896

M.P. Hilton and Maggie McPhail 22 Jun 1896

John A. Billings of Olympia and Nellie I. Patton 24 Jul 1896

W.M. Foster of Union City and Josie Willson of Arcadia 5 Oct 1896

Chas. Dickgeiser of Shelton and May S. Erickson of Shelton 8 Oct 1896

F. Hanson of Hoodsport and Ellen Jackson of Hoodsport 17 Oct 1896

John A. Morrison of Shelton and Maud Shorter 21 Nov 1896

Herman Thrash and Ada Ready of Shelton 28 Nov 1896

Henry Thompson of Shelton and Myrtle Wandal of Shelton 13 Mar 1897

George B. Lovelace of Shelton and Lillie Johnson of Shelton 13 Mar 1897 -- On affidavit of Mrs. Louise Fortrum

Frank Todd of Shelton and Ethel Brown of Shelton 7 Apr 1897

Leonard James Morrison of Shelton and Mrs. Helma Browman of Shelton 6 May 1897

Charles N. Hunter of Shelton and Catherine McNamara of Union City 22 May 1897

G.K. Robbins of Hoodsport and Lucretia Lough of Hoodsport 1 Jun 1897 -- on affidavit of Sam Caldwell

Herbert B. Williams of Shelton and Mary Elizabeth Johnston 12 Jun 1897 -- On affidavit of E.R. Baily

Hugh L. Bryan of Riverside and Alice Maud Hale of Riverside 28 Jun 1897

John H. Johnston of Shelton and Virginia Maud Butts of Shelton 3 Jul 1897

David R. Helsor of Kamilche and Katie Weaver of Kamilche 14 Aug 1897

Frank Gingrich of Kamilchie and Gazelle Flerin 19 Aug 1897 -- by consent of parent

Albert K. Hale of Union and Jessie E. Whittack of Union 4 Oct 1897 -- by consent of parent and affidavit

Charley Robinson of Skokomish and Emma Strong of Skokomish 7 Oct 1897 -- Consent of parent and affidavit of H. Robinson

Corlis D. Judd of Hoodsport and Nellie M. Martin of Hoodsport 26 Oct 1897 -- On affidavit of J.E. Kendall

Robert B. Daniels of Shelton and Ella M. Shorter of Shelton 30 Oct 1897 -- Affidavit of J.A. Morrison

Patrick Bill of Squakson Res. and Josie Leslie of Thurston county 21 Dec 1897 -- consent of parent

Gustaf A. Swanson of Shelton and Eliza J. Simpson of Shelton 22 Dec 1897

William Frank (Ind.) of Skokomish Res. and Srah Myner 24 Dec 1897 -- On consent of Doctor Charley, Guardian

H.S. McCormick of Shelton and Mary E. Carr of Shelton 2 Feb 1898

David E. Barrett of Shelton and Ruth Thornley of Shelton 2 Apr 1898

Allison DeWitt Jones of Shelton and Clara E. Darling of Shelton 5 Apr 1898

J. Burnett of Shelton and Ida Swanson of Shelton 13 Apr 1898

John W. Parker of Fort Hall, Idaho and Annie C. Williams of Skokomish res. 22 Apr 1898

Henry Latham of Skokomish and Martha Purdy of Skokomish 25 Apr 1898

Patrick Lee of Kamilche and Minnie Huntley of Kamilche 26 Apr 1898

John Pete of Tacoma and Amanda J. Smith of Tacoma 7 May 1898

Christopher Ibbotson of Union and Mary Marshall of Union 27 Jul 1898

Wm. Miller and Lucy John of Skokomish 4 Aug 1898

David Charley of Skokomish and Eliza Pulsifer 6 Aug 1898

McKinney Pulsifer of Skokomish and Martha Bill of Skokomish 8 Aug 1898

John Robinson of Skokomish and Sophia Thomas of Skokomish 9 Aug 1898

John T. Burke of Shelton and Stella Day of Shelton 27 Aug 1898

Chas. T. Cook of Shelton and Lizzie M. Johnson of Shelton 10 Sep 1898

Daniel C. Webster of Shelton and Elimira R. Cox of Shelton 17 Sep 1898

William Shorter of Shelton and Maggie McLarty of Shelton 10 Nov 1898

George Williams of Skokomish and Kate Bill of Skokomish 28 Nov 1898

Waldo G. Rex of Shelton and Mamie Johnson of Shelton 21 Dec 1898

Carey O. Decker and H. Minnie Ford 24 Dec 1898

Jeremiah W. Gingrich of Kamilche and Elizabeth A. Flinn of Kamilche 4 Feb 1899

J. Bertrum Forbes of Shelton and Mary Bowman of Shelton 13 Feb 1899

C.A. Kindred of New Kamilche and Cora B. Nelson of New Kamilche 27 Mar 1899

Matthew Hale Nims of Ballard and Lucia Pearl M. Moore of Shelton 30 Mar 1899

Peter O. Swanson of Shelton and Henrietta Price of Shelton 17 Jun 1899

Dick Simmons of Skokomish and Katie "Indian" of Skokomish 24 Jul 1899

Johnie James of Skokomish and Annie Jackson of Skokomish 24 Jul 1899

Johnie Bowers of Skokomish and Lucinda Bill o Skokomish 24 Jul 1899

George Johns of Skokomish and Alice Denny of Skokomish 24 Jul 1899

Charles D.V. Barricklow and Lillie Alice Gibbs of Kamilche 14 Sep 1899

Charles Fisk of Shelton and Sylvia Scott of Shelton 16 Sep 1899

Wm. N. Branchard of Shelton and Cosette B. Stewart of New Trenton, Ind. 17 Oct 1899

George W. Webb of Union and Fannie Covill of Shelton 21 Oct 1899

J.A. Gale of Kamilche and Lillian McDonald of Scio, Oregon 18 Nov 1899

Fred J. Ferris of Matlock and Mary O"Shaughnessy of Matlock 21 Nov 1899

H.L. Spencer of Shelton and Sarah J. Provow of Shelton 22 Dec 1899

Otto West of Shelton and Anna L. Griffith of Shelton 23 Dec 1899

Holten Martin of Olympia and Clara Newmarker of Olympia 4 Jan 1900

Earl Kneeland of Shelton and Winifred Snider of Shelton 6 Feb 1900

O. Weiks of Matlock and Emma L. Comfort of Juno 28 Feb 1900

George Shorter of Shelton and Marcia Bateman of Shelton 10 Mar 1900

Chas. Hepner of New Kamilche and Cora Johnson of New Kamilche 13 Mar 1900

Eli S. Willey of Shelton and Ossie Gosser of Shelton 21 Apr 1900

Hilton Peter of New Kamilche and Julia Charley of Tacoma 5 Jun 1900

Jo Peter of Arcadia and Mollie Gudia of Arcadia 13 Jun 1900

N. Schumacher of Shelton and Alma Sw3anson of Shelton 18 Jun 1900

Thomas Bordeaux of Shelton and Essie Webb of Union 26 Jun 1900

H.W. Durboraw of New Kamilche and Cora E. Newell of New Kamilche 26 Jun 1900

Edward O. Leslie of Hoquiam and Myrtle Simpson of Shelton 2 Jul 1900

George Leslie of Arcadia and Catherine Kimmas 18 Jul 1900

W.D. Morrison of Shelton and Daisy Stewart of Shelton 1 Aug 1900

Henry Baker of Skokomish Ind. Res. and Louisa Walker of Skokomish Ind. Res. 28 Aug 1900

George Emmott of Shelton and Grace Baldwin of Shelton 3 Sep 1900

Andrew Lumsden of Shelton and Lulu Hinton of Shelton 8 Oct 1900

Wallace Cush of Skokomish and Nellie Palmer of Skokomish 20 Oct 1900

Allen James of Yelm and Lily Waterman of Skokomish 26 Oct 1900

J.M. Sweetland of Clifton and Maggie Lewiston of Clifton 7 Nov 1900

C.S. McGee of Shelton and Mattie A. Chapman of Shelton 10 Dec 1900 -- On affidavit of B.C. Armstrong

T. Will McDonald of Kamilche and Emma L. Taylor of Kamilche 22 Dec 1900 -- On affidavit of John Hanlin

John Hanlin of Matlock and Evaline A. Gere(?) of Matlock 22 Dec 1900 -- Upon affidavit of Will McDonald

Edw. T. Orth of Shelton and Cretia E. Kneeland 31 Dec 1900 -- on affidavit of Geo. Webb

George E. Watkins of Shelton and Nellie B. White of Shelton 31 Dec 1900 -- Upon affidavit of Peter Pease

Charles J. Bloomfield of Kamilche and Myrtle C. Gingrich 7 Jan 1901 -- Upon affidavit of D.M. Duckworth

Lewis J. Gosser of Shelton and Isabelle O'Neil of Seattle 23 Jan 1901

F.D. Shelton of Shelton and Mary Bunnell of Shelton 5 Feb 1901

G.A. Reed of Shelton and Elsie Hutchinson of Shelton 26 Feb 1901 -- Upon affidavit of Eli B. Robinson

George Jennings of Shelton and Mary I. Gunstone of Shelton 28 Feb 1901 -- Upon affidavit of Robert Gunstone

Hans Bergeson of Shelton and Alhambra Haskell of Arcadia 4 Mar 1901 -- Upon affidavit of J.E. Doyle

George W. Beers of Shelton and Mary E. McCormich of Shelton 29 Mar 1901 -- On affidavit of E.B. Robinson

Mack Mickelsen of Clifton and Sina Mickelsen of Clifton 3 Apr 1901 -- On affidavit of P.S. Bennitsen

Thos. J. Neilan of Tacoma and Katherine Seager of Shelton 22 Apr 1901 -- On Affidavit of A.W. Skelly

H.V. Reynolds of Shelton and Lulu Dunbar 23 Apr 1901 -- On affidavit of E.P. Dunbar

James Pulsifer of Skokomish and Esther Frank of Skokomish 18 May 1901 -- On affidavit of Charley Frank

Edger Fredson of Shelton and Annie Finch 20 May 1901 -- On affidavit of S.P. Richardson

G.W. Zeren of Shelton and Iva B. Crouch of Shelton 31 May 1901 -- On affidavit of D. O'Leary

Herman Winkleman of Germany and Carolina Virgilius of Mason county 3 Jun 1901 -- Affidavit of Carl Eickler

D.E. Bennett of Shelton and Jessie Gosser of Shelton 22 Jun 1901 -- Affidavit of Thos. Gosser

John Smith of Gate City and Julia of Skokomish 17 Jun 1901

A. Barickman of Shelton and Lulu M. Wood of New Kamilche 16 Aug 1901 -- On affidavit of W.D. Hudson

John P. Fisk of Shelton and Clara Scott of Shelton 11 Sep 1901 -- Affidavit of Eli B. Robinson

Arthur B. Roe of Hoodsport and Margaret Allen of Hoodsport 25 Sep 1901 -- Affidavit of E.L. Wheeler

Andrew Grarrier of Shelton and Martha Pollock of Shelton 4 Oct 1901 -- On affidavit of Orman Huntley

Frank F. Butler of Union and Mary D. Reynolds of Union 7 Oct 1901 -- Affidavit of Henry Latham

Fritz Weiss of Matlock and Margaret Vangilas of Matlock 11 Oct 1901 -- Affidavit of Herman Winkelmann and consent of parents

Francis Fieser of matlock and Lella B. Akern of Matlock 22 Oct 1901 -- Affidavit of J.E. Valley

Pat Henry of Skokomish Reser. and Abbie Sampson of Skokomish Reser. 26 Oct 1901 on affidavit of Newton Pulsifer

David Jack of Squaxin and Annie Josh of White River 14 Nov 1901

M.T. Burnett of Shelton and Carrie M. Swanson of Shelton 23 Dec 1901 -- Affidavit of John Burnett

B.S. Barger of Shelton and Rosa Worcester of Shelton 24 Dec 1901 -- Affidavit of S.R. Richardson

Frank C. Chester of Shelton and Eva Gosser of Shelton 26 Dec 1901 -- Affidavit of J.W. Gosser and consent of parents

Daniel L. McReavy of Shelton and Josie Erickson 29 Mar 1902 -- Affidavit of F.W. McDonald

J.D. McIntosh of Shelton and Nellie E. Burnett of Shelton 7 Apr 1902 -- Affidavit of Thos. O'Neill

Doctor Charley of Skokomish and Louisa Jones of Skokomish 25 Jun 1902 -- Affidavit of Newton Pulsifer

Hugh Bridges of Shelton and Irene E. Edgbert of Arcadia 26 Jun 1902 --Affidavit of E.C. Tew(?)

F.G. King and Mary Wright 28 Jun 1902 -- Affidavit of George Alverson

Fred E. Harris of Olympia and Mattke B. Egan of Olympia 12 Jul 1902 -- Affidavit of Mrs. Belle Brown

Wilson Waterman of Skokomish and Mary (Indian) of Skokomish 16 Jul 1902 -- Affidavit of Charley Cush

Roy P. Simpson of Shelton and Catherine mcDonald of Shelton 19 Jul 1902 -- Affidavit of Angus L. McDonald

Wilson Waterman of Skokomish and Betsey Bill of Skokomish 9 Aug 1902 -- Affidavit of Allen James

W.F. Parsons of Shelton and Mrs. Grace Drum of Shelton 13 Aug 1902 -- Affidavit of F. W. McDonald

Christopher C. Fosen of Dewatto and Beret Knutson of Dewatto 25 Aug 1902 -- Affidavit of G.B. Gunderson

Fred Western of Shelton and Mrs. Eva Remy of Shelton 25 Aug 1902 -- Affidavit of F.W. McDonald

James G. Dodge of Lilliwaup and Nina L. Knowles of Lilliwaup 20 Sep 1902 -- Affidavit of Charles Knowles

Edward Wheeler of Shelton and Mrs. Minerva Dunbar of Shelton 27 Sep 1902 -- Affidavit of L.H. Decker

Thomas F. White of Union and Leafie A. Ayers of Union 23 Sep 1902 -- Affidavit of G.B. Gunderson

Joseph C. Ritner of Shelton and Edna S. Gregory of Winlock 11 Oct 1902 -- Affidavit of Fred Stabenfeldt

N.C. Campbell of Shelton and Mrs. S.P. Potter of Shelton 11 Oct 1902 -- Affidavit of Fred Stabenfeldt

Horace Kelsey of Matlock and E.M. Blackwell of Matlock 29 Oct 1902 -- Affidavit of Eli E. Robinson

Isaac A. Gosser of Shelton and Ellen T. Mathisen of Shelton 1 Nov 1902 -- Affidavit of J.W. Gosser

Dye M. Scott of Kamilche and Viola Johnson of Kamilche 11 Nov 1902 -- Affidavit of E.N. Johnson

Charles D. LeMaster of Shelton and Maude L. Marshall of Shelton 19 Nov 1902 -- Affidavit of Oliver Davidson

William P. McGraw of Ballard and Mrs. May G. Neil of Dewatto 21 Nov 1902

Gust Anderson of Potlatch and Mrs. Christina Winderstrand of Hoodsport 2 Dec 1902 -- Affidavit of M. Eells

George W. McKay of Shelton and Maggie Getty of Shelton 20 Dec 1902 -- Affidavit of H.N. Dunbar

John Kubit of Shelton and Mrs. Johanna Larson of Shelton 24 Dec 1902 -- Affidavit of L. Larson

William H. Getty of Shelton and Marguerite Armstrong of Shelton 24 Dec 1902 -- Affidavit of B.F. Wandell

George O. Huntley of Shelton and Emma McReavy 2 Jan 1903 -- Affidavit of Harry Daniels

Samuel Peter of Skokomish Reservation and Maud Grace Henry of Skokomish Res. 13 Jan 1903 -- Affidavit of Dick Lew

Jack Davis of Port Madison (Kitsap co) and Jenny John of Seattle (King co) 13 Jan 1903 -- Affidavit of William Duke

Lewis Linton of Shelton and Helena Sharp 26 Jan 1903 -- Affidavit of M.E. Sharp

Frank M. Bunn of Seattle and Elise Germaine of Shelton 14 Feb 1903 -- Affidavit of Henry Faubert

Del Chenier of Shelton and Elise Germaine of Shelton 16 Feb 1903 -- Affidavit of Wm. Branchard

Arthur M. Fredson of Shelton and Cecil V. Dunbar of Shelton 10 Mar 1903 -- Affidavit of T.M. McDonald

George Adams of Skokomish and Lelia Le Clair of Puyallup, Pierce co 30 Mar 1903 -- Affidavit of Joseph Sparr

N.B. Simon of Tacoma and Marguerite May Clark of Tacoma 8 Apr 1903 -- Affidavit of T.W. McDonald

Fred R. Bell of Potlatch and Mamie Sullivan of Potlatch 13 Apr 1903 -- Affidavit of A.L. Bell

H.A. Thomas of Matlock and Bridget Vance of Shelton 2 May 1903 -- Affidavit of T. W. McDonald

A.J. Andersen of Matlock and Christina Anna Mayer of Chehalis co 22 May 1903 -- Affidavit of Frank C. Willey

S.D. Grout of Matlock and Durinda Rouse of Shelton 23 May 1903 -- Affidavit of R. Sheane

Kimball Sherwood of Mason co and Sarah Curley of Mason co 25 May 1903 -- Affidavit of H.N. Dunbar

Thomas Chapman of Shelton and Annie Johnson of Mason co 5 Jun 1903 -- Affidavit of Lewy Jones

Horace Fogg of Tacoma and Delia Kneeland of Shelton 7 Sep 1903 -- Affidavit of Ed Orth

H.H. Martin of Matlock and Mary A. Saunders of Shelton 14 Sep 1903 -- Affidavit of Emma Huntley

Bertram Fanshier of Thurston co and Maude Gale of Thurston co 16 Sep 1903 -- Affidavit of S.P. Richardson, consent of guardian filed

E.C. Leisure of Shelton and Mrs. L. Stockel of Shelton 30 Sep 1903 -- Affidavit of A. Kent

H.B. White of Pierce county and Ellen Fieser of King county 1 Oct 1903 -- Affidavit of Mrs. Jas. Forrest

Samuel Cush of Mason co and Alice James of Mason co 12 Oct 1903 -- Affidavit of Nellie Cush

W.H. Johnson of Shelton and Alice Valley of Shelton 12 Oct 1903 -- Affidavit of Eli B. Robinson

Simon Charlie of Mason co and Lucy Sampson of Mason co 21 Oct 1903 -- Affidavit of Jos. Sparr

W.A. Johnson of Shelton and Maud M. Stewart of Shelton 10 Nov 1903 -- Affidavit of W.D. Morrison

James Atkins of Mason co and Fanny7 Byles of King co 10 Nov 1903 -- Affidvit of John McIntosh

Fred Shelton of Shelton and Lillian Lovelace of Shelton 24 Nov 1903 -- Affidavit of Emma Huntley

Johnny Skalipin of Mason co and Mary Leslie of Mason co 14 Dec 1903 -- Affidavit of Kane Leslie

Andy Hadman of Shelton and Althea Smith of Shelton 17 Dec 1903 -- Affidavit of J.T. Smith

Albert Callow of Shelton and Hettie Day of Shelton 28 Dec 1903 -- Affidavit of L.R. Byrne

Jacob Hauptly of Twana and Lena Mickelson of Clifton 5 Feb 1904 -- Affidavit of T.W. McDonald

Olaf Thoreson of Mason co and Musetta Oakley of Mason co 21 May 1904 -- affidavit of Henry Kempher

George D. Cline of Port Orchard and Mary B. Getty of Shelton 24 May 1904 -- Affidavit of Andrew Getty

Guy L. Banta of Valdez, Alaska and Jennie Swanson of Shelton 26 May 1904 -- Affidavit of Geo. Lovelace

V.E. Hayward of Shelton and Mildred Wilbur of Shelton 18 Jun 1904 -- Affidavit of J.N. Wilbur and W.A. Hayward

Vincent Barton of Centralia and Anna Davis of Centralia 23 Jun 1904 -- Affidavit of Thos. O'Neill

W.H.A. Mitchell of Pierce Co and Sarah J. Ladd of Thurston co 27 Jul 1904 -- Affidavit of Adam Baecker

P.Louis Tullis of Shelton and Joycie F. Shelton of Shelton 17 Aug 1904 -- Affidavit of A.L. Bell

Claude C. Beeson of Chehalis co and Mildred L. Jolley of Chehalis co 3 Sep 1904 -- Affidavit of G. Horton

Clayton T. Eaid of Shelton and Bessie Getty of Shelton 15 Sep 1904 -- Affidavit of Thos. W. McDonald

Nason E. Terry of Allyn and Mrs. Lydia F. Shaw of Shelton 16 Sep 1904

Hugh J. Brydon of Dayton and Mary S. Adams of Dayton 27 Sep 1904 -- Affidavit of John H. Willey

Charles Hand of Shelton and Stella Long of Shelton 7 Oct 1904 -- Affidavit of S.A. Hand

W.G. Potts of Seattle and Ida A. Chambers of Olympia 5 Oct 1904 -- Affidavit of Chas. McReavy

A. Shaw of New Kamilche and Virginia Shaw of New Kamilche 17 Oct 1904 -- Affidavit of Emma Huntley

Audley D. Payne of Elma and Gussie L. Martin of Elma 26 Oct 1904 -- Affidavit of C.E. Holmes

John Davis of Shelton and Mrs. Mary A. Newman of Union City 10 Nov 1904 -- Affidavit of T.P. Fisk

Robert E. Tait of Bremerton and Grace E. Brown of Shelton 21 Dec 1904 -- Affidavit of E.B. Rhyne

George Lovelace of Shelton and Mrs. Augusta Loomis of Shelton 24 Dec 1904 -- Affidavit of Frank Swanson

Wm. F. Miller of Skokomish and Edna Lewis of Skokomish 18 Jan 1905 -- Affidavit of Billy Williams

Ben Johnson of Hoodsport and Maria P. Rule of Hoodsport 7 Feb 1905 -- Affidavit of F.C. Willey

John N. Banse and Relda Morrison 10 Apr 1905

Charles McReavy of Shelton and Nellie Morgan of Whatcom 3 Jun 1905 -- Affidavit of Eli B. Robinson

Frank Kneeland of Shelton and Ida M. Johnston of Shelton 1 Jul 1905 -- Affidvit of Allen C. Kneeland

Milton J. Ford of Shelton and Elizabeth Stewart of Shelton 3 Jul 1905 -- Affidavit of H. Horton, Jr.

William H. Bourck of Tacoma and Edith Sickels 5 Sep 1905 -- Affidavit of S.P. Richardson

B.F. Wandell of Shelton and Ora L. Gaines of Shelton 15 Sep 1905 -- Affidavit of Eli B. Robinson

Arthur W. Wright of Grove and Lorinda Rickner of Mason 18 Sep 1905 -- Affidavit of W. J. Wright

Ed Elliott of Mason co and Leona Price of Shelton 9 Oct 1905 -- Affidavit of Arthur Elliott

LeRoy C. Page of Mason co and Mary Frances Pritchett of Mason co 17 Oct 19095 -- Affidavit of T.S. Pritchett

Jennie Anderson of Union City and Dave Wagoner of Union City 18 Oct 1905 -- Affidavit of Del Cherier

Herman Salscheider of Leclede, Idaho and Grace Maud Gleed of Spokane 19 Oct 1905 -- Affidavit of L.R. Byrne

Noel Dupuis of Shelton and Lottie Dorsie of Thurston co 11 Dec 1905 -- Affidavit of O.A. Bailey

Sarah Ellen Taylor of Shelton and Philip Horn of Shelton 21 Dec 1905 - Affidvit of F.C. Willey

Wilson Watterman of Skokomish and Anna Williams of Skokomish 23 Jan 1906 -- Affidavit of Allen Yellout

Harry McConkey of Shelton and maggie Martin of Shelton 2 Feb 1906 -- Affidavit of Wm. Warren

Benjamin Johns of Skokomish and Maud Minor of Skokomish 4 Apr 1906 -- Affidavit of Henry Latham

Edward W. Korter of Mason co and Mary A. Fiander of Mason co 28 May 1906 -- Affidavit of Mary A. Gibbs

Marion L. Hoke of Mason co and Adelia Blake of Mason co 2 Jun 1906 -- Affidavit of S.L. Woods

Royal E. Day of Shelton and Lucile E. Armstrong of Shelton 6 Jul 1906 -- Affidavit of Preston Armstrong

J.C. Ross of Matlock and Frances Lawson of Matlock 13 Jul 1906 -- Affidavit of L. McVey

Louis Herman of Vaughn and Adelina Goetsch of Mason co 30 Jul 1906 -- Affidavit of J.H. Haskell

Alva Kneeland of Shelton and Franklin Fogg of Tacoma 7 Aug 1906 -- Affidavit of Edwin Orth

Jennie D. Potts of Shelton and Harvey A. Boyce of Seattle 10 Aug 1906 -- Affidavit of Mrs. Pearl Potts

Catherine F. White of Clifton and Emil S. Johnson of Clifton 13 Aug 1906 -- On consent of Mrs. Fred Gamble

Bessie Badgley of Kamilche and John Franklin Poole of Kamilche 18 Aug 1906 - Affidavit of Eli B. Robinson

Blanche Simpson of Shelton and Charles J. Woods of Sedro-Wooley 30 Aug 1906 -- Affidavit of G.A. Swanson

Susan Pulsifer of Skokomish and William Frank of Skokomish 15 Sep 1906 -- Affidavit of W.A. Hunter

Clara M. Springer of Mason co and Edward R. Getchell of Bemidji, Minnesota 19 Sep 1906 -- Affidavit of H. Nuert

Alpha Viola Betz of Mason co and Philip Henry Cassidy of Mason co 26 Sep 1906 -- Affidavit of Louis Pfundt

Avis Noble of Mason co and Clarence (?) C. Saeger of Shelton 28 Sep 1906 -- Affidavit of Richard Mahoney

Edith F. Fredson of Shelton and Frederick C. Mathewson of Shelton 26 Oct 1906 -- Affidavit of Philip Fredson

Amanda Carlson of Shelton and Gustav Osterberg of Seattle 7 Nov 1906 -- Affidvit of Charles Pro

Zoe R. Stanley of Tacoma and J.C. Shamblin of Rochester, WA 7 Nov 1906 -- Affidavit of Ella Chapman

Ollie Mickelson of Clifton and Glen Harris of Ballow 1 Dec 1906 -- Affidavit of J.T. Burke

Grace E. Currie of Shelton and J.C. Swan of Shelton 12 Dec 1906

Eva M. Crawford of Hoodsport and James F. Simmons of Potlatch 18 Dec 1906 -- Affidavit of John W. Lebo(?)

Mattie Rowe of King co and John Monsinger of Shelton 4 Jan 1907 -- Affidavit of Emma Huntley

Ada Lisk (Fisk) of Shelton and Benjamin G. Schumacher of Shelton 14 Jan 1907

Idelle Robinson of Shelton and Asa N. Ward of Shelton 15 Mar 1907

Jennie Springer of Mason co and Henry Neuert of Nappevine 19 Mar 1907 -- Affidavit of John Springer

Dora Foreman of Chehalis and William H. Taylor of Rayville 19 Mar 1907 -- Affidavit of John Springer

Dora Foreman of Chehalis co and William H. Taylor of Rayville 21 Mar 1907

Angelina Peterson of Skokomish and Harry Fullerton of Port Gamble 4 Apr 1907 -- Affidavit of Peter Jackson

Bessie Ellen Sours of Shelton and Felix Derosia of Shelton 18 Apr 1907 -- Affidavit of Mrs. Minnie McCauley

Maggie O'Shaugnessy of Matlock and W.C. Anderson 3 May 1907

Merritt W. Johnson of Shelton and Alice R. Roberts of Shelton 9 Jun 1908 -- Affidavit of Susie E. Myers

Alexander Levitt of Shelton and Georgia Harris of Shelton 23 Jun 1908 -- Affidavit of Al J. Munson

Charles Cooke of Shelton and Florence Hazel Champlin of Shelton 23 Jun 1908 -- Affidavit of Al J. Munson

L.B. Simpson of Shelton and Florence Valley of Matlock 1 Jul 1908 -- Affidavit of J.H. Clark

George T. Booth of Shelton and Mrs. Ida Chappell of Shelton 15 Jul 1908 -- Affidavit of William Booth

Walter Y. Moshier of Tacoma and Mrs. Bertha Shields of Tacoma 21 Jul 1908 -- Affidavit of Joseph Wilson

T.W. Price of Union City and Elva T. Lingenfelter of Clifton 7 Aug 1908 -- Affidavit of Edgar Fredson

Robert F. Johnson of Grant and Charlotte V. Crossman of Shelton 10 Aug 1908

Dora Lillian Webb of Union and William Wallace Hoyt of Tacoma 11 Aug 1908 -- Affidavit of Thomas Bordeaux

William A. Clark of Shelton and Cora B. Butts of Shelton 12 Sep 1908 -- Affidavit of J.T. Butts

David Valley of Matlock and Maggie Hackett of Farmington, Maine 1 Oct 1908 -- Affidavit of A.L. McDonald

John D. Perry of San Francisco, Cal and Kittie Horn of Seattle 11 Nov 1908 -- Affidavit of J.T. Burke