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The Columbian
November 6, 1922

Woodland, WA - Nov 6 Special
Mrs. Martha L. Runyan died at the home of Mrs. E. C. Swart of this city at 9:00 Saturday monring. Martha Lucretta Hall was born in Buffalo, NY, March 6, 1826. With her parents, at the age of 11 years moved to Indiana, traveling by horse team to the Ohio River. There they loaded all on a log raft with cabin built on it and clay piled up on the raft to build a fire on so they could cook and keep warm, arriving at Lewisville, Indiana, in due time.

In 1844 she married Isaac Runyan at Green Castle, Indiana. :She is the mother of ten children, grandmother of 31 and a great grandmother of 24. She was a resident of Washington for 30 years, since 1892, and died after a three years illness, in bed at the age of 97 years, 8 mo. and 29 days at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. C. Swart of Woodland, where she has resided for the past four years.

From Clark County Death Records published by CCGS

SMITH, Odessa Blanch - died 9 Mar. 1896 at Etna, age 4 mos., born Etna, parents James G. SMith, born Sangamon Co., Ill., and Emma Runyan, born Reingold Co., Iowa. She died of Spinal disease. Informant - Emma Smith.

RUNYAN, Isaac - died 15 Mar. 1897 at Etna, Wash., age 74, born in Tennessee, farmer. His parents were Aaron Runyan and Margarette Luthan. Cause of death was paralysis of the heart. Informant - Mrs. Martha L. Runyan, wife.

RUNYAN, Preston - died 9 Aug 1902 at Etna, Wash. age 77. He was single, born in Pikesville, Tenn., farmer. His parents were Aaron Runyan and Margarette Glothen (Luthan?). Cause of death was Bright's disease. Informant - M.L. Runyan, sister-in-law.


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