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Burial Records & History of Cemetery


The readings here were taken by Edmund G. Fisher and Ralph Leedham on September 27, 1981. (This information is included in the book, Clark County Cemetery Records, Volume 4, by the Clark County Genealogical Society in 1987.)

This small cemetery is located in a rather remote and densely forested region of northern ClarkCounty, and overlooks the southern shore of the Yale Reservoir. A crude, makeshift barbed-wire fence has been erected at the site, although at least two graves are to be found outside of this marked area. It is apparent that numerous other graves in this small cemetery are not marked with headstones, and several "sunken" spots are to be seen, a sign of more burials. In all, ten graves are marked with headstones, and a possible eleventh was noted which is simply a large rock on which has been chiseled a notation long since worn away, although still discernible as writing. The oldest marked grave is dated 1897, the most recent, 1922.

Isaac Runyan, born October 12, 1823 - died March 15, 1897, 29th Iowa Infantry, Company G (Civil War)
"If God be for us, who shall be against us."

Martha Runyan, 1825 - 1922 (March 6, 1825 - November 4, 1922, wife of Isaac)

Preston Runyan, 1825 - 1902, "Rest in Peace"

Verdia E. Runyan, 1865 - 1906, "Thou art gone to thy grave We will not deplore thee."

Odessa B. Smith, 1895 - 1896 (information from a previous reading . . . now is noted . . . a stone base, with monument portion broken off.)

James T. Smith, 1856 - 1918 (Stoller Funeral Chapel handled arrangements)

Earnest F. Smith, 1886 - 1907

Chauncey I. Smith, 1890 - 1910

The following are outside the marked, fenced-in area:

Hilda L. Hennard, 1909 - 1911, "Weep not for me my parents dear, I am not dead but sleeping here."

Corpl. Frank Whitney, Co. B, 67th Ohio Infantry (Civil War)


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