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Pictures of Gravestones

This cemetery has been adopted by CCGS member
Richard Engstrom.
He has taken and processed many of the photos on this site.
Assisting Richard with many of the photos is Penni Campbell.
They are both doing a professional and much appreciated job!


KADOW, Charles A., Madge & Infant

KADOW, Effie Mae & Louis

KAMPE, Klemens A.

KAMPE, Maxine L.

KERN, Lena M.

KELLER, Willard D. & Burney I.

KENSINGER, Jacob & Sarah E.

KENT, Stephen

KERSEY, Herbert D.

KERSEY, Minerva Ellen

KIDWELL, Robert F.

KIENAST, Matilda E.

KING, Albion P.

KING Family Group with other family names.

KING, Abigail Hathaway

KING, Edward & Edwin (twins - 1886)

KING, Francis J.

KING, John E.

KINNEY Family Stone

KINNEY, Belle Boyle

KINNEY, Charles F.

KINNEY, Charles W.

KINNEY, Clara J.

KINNEY, Percy B. & Did

KINNEY, Viola Peral

KINNEY, William J.

KLEBER, Franz H.



KLINSKI, Max & Josephine (close-up view of engraving)

KLINSKI, Max & Josephine (full view of stone)



Some of our graphics
are from Rhio's Sampler.
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