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Marriages, Franklin County, MO, 1864-1914(indexed). MF 081-085 MICROFORM CABINET

Marriages, Hardin County, 1820-1829. Mary J. Jones. 1977. R976.9845

JONES 1977 Book
Marriages, St. Francois County, MO, 1836-1876(indexed). MF 070 MICROFORM CABINET

Marriages, St. Francois County, MO, 1876-1893(indexed). MF 071 MICROFORM CABINET

Marriages, St. Francois County, MO, 1893-1900(indexed). MF 072 MICROFORM CABINET

Marriages. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Marriages. Mrs. Leon Anderson. 12p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Marshall County, Kentucky Birth Records, 1874-1910. Evelyn Pfingston Dismore GEN 976.991
and Tamara O'Risky Elrod. 1990. MASHAL Book
Marshall County, Kentucky Early Deaths, 1852-1915. Evelyn Pfingston Dismore, GEN 976.991
Tamara O'Risky Elrod. 1990. MARSHAL Book
Marshall County, Tennessee Court Minutes, 1845-1848. Marshal County GEN 976.8585
Historical Society, 1984. MARSHAL Book
Martin Genealogy, tied to the History of Germana, Virginia. William A. Martin. R929.20973
1995. MARTIN Book
Mary & John, A Story of Founding of Dorchester, MA 1630. Maude Pinney R974.46
Kuhns. KUHNS 1971 Book
Mary Chilton's Title to Celebrity. In behalf of Descendants of J. Haward. 1926. VERTICAL FILE
27p.. See: Chilton Family file Vertical File
Mary Trumbull-Millins, Malinda A. Campbell & Jerome Terrill of Hudson, MI, R929.2097
1630-1994. D.T. Northuis. 1994. MILLINS Book
Maryes of Virginia, 1730-1985. Edith Whitcraft Eberhart & Adeline Marge R929.2097
Robertson. 1985. MARYE Book
Maryes of Virginia, 1730-1985. Supplement. Edith Whitcraft Eberhart. 1995. 929.2097

Maryland & Delaware Genealogies & Family Histories, A Bibliography. Donald O. R GEN 975
Virdin. 1993. VIRDIN Book
Maryland & Delaware Genealogist. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Maryland & Virginia Colonials. Genealogies of Some Colonial Families. Sharon J. R975
Doliante. 1991. DOLIANT 1991F Book
Maryland and Delaware Revolutionary Patriots, 1775-1783 Military Records. FTM CD-133 MICROFORM CABINET
Family Tree Maker. 2001. CD
Maryland Calendar of Wills, 1635-1743. Jane Baldwin. 1904, repr. 1968. v.1-8. R975.2

C829 Book
Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records, 1648-1775. F. Edwards Wright. 1982. R975.21
v.1-3. WRIGHT Book
Maryland Gazette, 1727-1761. Genealogical & Historical Abstracts. Karen Mauer R975.2
Green. 1989. GREEN 1989 Book
Maryland Genealogical Research. George K. Sweitzer. 1991. GEN 975.2

Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Maryland Genealogies. A Consolidation of Articles from Maryland Historical R975.2
Magazine. 1980. v.1-2. MARYLAN 1980 Book
Maryland Historical Atlas. Raymond, Parish, Pine & Plavnick. 1973. R912.752 MAP CASE

Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777. Robert Barnes. 1975, repr. 1987. GEN 975.2

Maryland Marriages, 1778-1800. Robert W. Barnes. 1978. R975.2

BARNES 1978 Book
Maryland Marriages, 1801-1820. Robert Barnes. 1993. R975.2

Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War. S. Eugene Clements & F. Edward R975.2
Wright. 1987. CLEMENT 1987 Book
Maryland Militia War of 1812, Anne Arundel & Calvert Counties. F. Edward R975.2
Wright. 1981. v.4. WRIGHT Book
Maryland Militia War of 1812, St.Mary's & Charles Co's. F. E. Wright. 1981. v.5. R975.2

Maryland Militia, War of 1812, Baltimore County. F. Edward Wright. 1979. v.2 R975.2

Maryland Militia, War of 1812, Cecil & Harford Counties. F. Edward Wright. 1980. R975.2
v.3 WRIGHT Book
Maryland Prerogative Court Inventories, 1718-1774. Skinner. 1988-1994. v. 1-16. R975.2

Maryland Records, Colonial, Revolutionary, County & Church. Orig. Sources. R929.3
G.M. Brumbaugh. v.1-2. B834 Book
Maryland Revolutionary Records. Harry Wright Newman. 1938. R929

N464 Book
Maryland, A History, 1632-1974. Walsh & Fox. 1974. R975.2

W168 Book
Maryland: Index to the Wills of St. Mary's County, 1662-1960 & Somerset R975.2
County, 1664-1955. J. Hume. 1970. HUME Book
Maryland's German Heritage. Daniel Wunderlich Nead's History. Don H. R GEN 975.2
Tolzmann. 1994. NEAD Book
Mason County, Kentucky Deed Book Abstracts, 1789-1820. 1973. v.1-2. R976.9323

Mason Family Newsletter. v.2 #4. 1988. 6p. (Periodical: for issues see Period. VERTICAL FILE
Alpha File) Periodical
Mason Smith Family Letters, 1860-1868. Daniel E. Huger Smith. 1950. R929.20973

SMITH 1950 Book
Mason-Bradshaw Family History and Allied Lines. Irma Anderson. 1970. R929.2

M381 Book
Masons and Battells. Who they Were, Where they Lived. Janet L. Brady. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Massachusetts Bay Connections. Judy Jacobson. 1992. GEN 974.4

Massachusetts Genealogical Research. George K. Schweitzer. 1990. GEN 974.4

Massachusetts Records Handbook for Genealogists. Richard LeBaron Bowen. R974.4
1957. B675 Book
Massachusetts Vital Records, 1600s-1800s. Family Tree Maker. 2000. FTM CD-220 MICROFORM CABINET

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Master Book of Irish Surnames. Locations, Ethnic Origins, Varient Spellings & R941.5
Sources. M. O'Laughlin. 1993. OLAUGHL Book
Master Index of Irish Placenames. Placename Locator & Master Atlas of Ireland. R914.15
M.C. O'Laughlin. 1994. OLAUGHL Book
Master Index to 1907 Census of Alabama Confederate Soldiers. Gregath GEN 312.09761 CENSUS SHELF
Publishing. MASTER Book
Master Index, NY State DAR, Supplement, DAR Genealogical Records. R974.7
Constance Whitacre & Elise S. Trotter. 1972. DAUGHTE 1972 Book
Master Index, Ohio Society, DAR, Genealogical & Historical Records. Carol R977.1
Willsey Bell. 1985. v.1. MASTER Book
Mathew Dill Genealogy. Mrs. R. Dill. 1934-35. v.3. R929.2

D58 Book
Matt & Daisy Dell Kuykendall Crownover. Their Ancestry & Posterity. E.E. R929.20973
Crownover. 1986. CROWNOV Book
Mattesons in America. Porter Matteson. 1948. R GEN 929.2

M429 Book
Matthews Family Letter. 2p.. See: Matthews Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Maury County, TN Will Book A-E, 1807-1832. J.K. Garrett & M.P. Lightfoot. 1984. R GEN 976.859

Mavericks Of Devonshire And Massachusetts. Beatrix F. Cresswell. Exeter, GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
England. 1929. MAVERICK Book
Mayflower Ancestral Index. Milton E. Terry & Anne B. Hardy. 1981. v.1. GEN 929.2

SO13 Book
Mayflower Bibliography. 11p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Mayflower Births & Deaths from the Files of George E. Bowman. Susan E. Roser. R974.4
1992. v.1-2. ROSER 1992 Book
Mayflower Descendant. 1899-1937 v.1-34. (Periodical: for issues see Period. R974.48 MICROCARD BOX
Alpha File) M453 Periodical
Mayflower Descendant. Boston, MA.(Index in R016.929 JACOBUS). (Periodical: R974.48 MICROCARD BOX
for issues see Period. Alpha File) M453 Periodical
Mayflower Descendants & Their Marriages for Two Generations after the Landing. VERTICAL FILE
1922. 25p. Vertical File
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations. General Society of Mayflower R929.2
Descendants. 1975. v.1-3. MAYFLOW 1975 Book
Mayflower Increasings. Susan E. Roser. 1989, 2nd ed. 1995. R929.374

Mayflower Index. General Society of Mayflower Descendants. 1960. v.1-2, rev. GEN 929.2
v.3. SO13 Book
Mayflower Index. William A. McAusland. 1932. v.1-2. GEN 929.2

SO13 Book
Mayflower Marriages, From Files Of George Ernest Bowman. Susan E. Roser. UNCATALOGED SHELF
1990. Book
Mayflower Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Mayflower Source Records from the NEHGR. 1986. G.B. Roberts. 1986. R929.3744

ROBERTS 1986 Book
Mayhugh-Dickson Line. Children of James & Elizabeth Elliott Mayhugh. F.K. R929.2
Geise. 1970. M277 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
McAdoo.The Man and His Times. Mary Synon. 1924. R GEN B

McArthur-Barnes Ancestral Lines. S.W. McArthur. 1964. R929.2

M118 Book
McBean, McGillis Document. 3p.. See: McBean Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
McCloud/Mcleod Descendants of William McCloud,1759-1820. Robert D. R GEN 929.20973
McCloud. 1996. MCCLOUD Book
McCoys. Their Story as told to author by eye witnesses & descendants. Truda R929.2
McCoy. 1976. M137 Book
McCracken County, Kentucky Births, 1852-1856. Evelyn Pfingston Dismore. GEN 976.995
1992. MCCRACK Book
McCracken County, Kentucky Marriages,1858-1865. Evelyn Pfingston Dismore. GEN 976.995
1991. MCRACKE Book
McCrays of America. Philip Roger McCray. 1993. 2nd. ed. R929.20973

McCrea, McLeod & Morigeau Families. Marilyn Pickens Stickler. 2002. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

McDaniel and Related Families. John H. McDaniel. 1996. R GEN 929.2

McDaniel Family Research. Harry D. Robert. 1977. R929.20973

MCDANIE 1974 Book
McElroy Family Newsletter. #1 Mar. 1976. 16p. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
McFarlan Quarterly Newsletter. New Westminster, BC. v.1 #1-3 1978, v.2 #1 VERTICAL FILE
1979. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
McGary & Meeker. From Kentucky History & Genealogy. v.1. 1899. 2p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
McGary Family file Vertical File
McGlothlen I. Georgia McGlothlen Reynolds. R GEN 929.20973

McGrew Genealogy. Paul C. McGrew. 1976. R929.2

M178 Book
McHenry Portion of Prairie Farmers' Directory of McHenry & Boone Co's. IL. FCH 057 MICROFORM CABINET
1917. Ancestor Publishers. Microfiche
McKinley Memories. Gay Martin McKinley and Ruth Carter McKinley. 1997. R GEN 929.20973

McNair, McNear and McNeir Genealogies. J.B. McNair. 1923. R929.2

M231 Book
McNeills. Brian J. L. Berry. 1989. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

McQueen. Some Ancestors and Descendants of Alexander McQueen of Girvan, R GEN 929.20973
Scotland. Jeanne Waters Strong. 1995. MCQUEEN Book
Meacham, Mitcham, Mitchum, families of the South. Clarence E. Mitcham. 1974. R929.2

M691 Book
Mechling, Mechlin, Machlin. Dorothy Hallarn Mercy. 1982. v.1. R929.20973

Mecklenburg County, NC Abstract of Early Wills, 1763-1790 (1749-1790). Brent R979.676
H. Holcomb. 1980. HOLCOMB 1980 Book
Mecklenburg County, NC Deed Abstracts, 1763-1779. Brent H. Holcomb & Elmer R975.696
O. Parker. 1979. Bks 1-9. HOLCOMB 1979 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Mecklenburg County, NC Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas & Quarter R GEN 975.676
Sessions, 1780-1800. Ferguson. 1995. FERGUSO Book
Mecklenburg County, NC Will Abstracts, 1791-1868; Tax Lists 1797-1799, R975.676
1806-07. R.B. & H.W. Ferguson. 1993. FERGUSO Book
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Cemetery Records. Janelle Karchaske. R GEN 975.676
1995. KARCHAS Book
Medal of Honor Awards, 1863-1963. R355.134

UN3 Book
Medical Account Book of Dr. H.S. Rawlings. H.S. Rawlings. v.1-2. R976.9555

R198 Book
Meek Genealogy, Containing Short Sketches of Adam Meek & His Descendants, GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1640-1902. H.B. Meek. n.d. MEEK Book
Meet our Ancestors. Genealogical Story & History. Shelby Jean Lawson R GEN 929.20973
Alexander. 1994. LOUDEN Book
Meet Your Genes. Miriam Rowell Hauer. Spokane, WA. 1983. MF 063 MICROFORM CABINET

Meet your Genes. Records of Dustin, Hauer, Croatt, Perry & Gage Families. MF 050 MICROFORM CABINET
Miriam Hauer. 1982. Microfilm
Members of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company in Colonial Period. Maude R974.4
Cowan. 1958. NATIONA 1958 Book
Membership Directory 1998. Sons of the American Revolution. 1998. R GEN 369.13

Membership Records of Seventh Day Baptists of Central New York State, GEN 974.7
1797-1940's. Ilou M. Sanford. 1994. SEVENTH Book
Memoir & Genealogy of John Poore. Ten Generations, 1615-1880. Alfred Poore. R929.2
1881. P799 Book
Memoir Concerning French Settlement & Settlers in Colony of Rhode Island. R974.502
Elisha R. Potter. 1966. POTTER 1968 Book
Memoirs of Leonard, Thompson & Haskell Families. C.L. Goodenough. 1928. R929.2

L553 Book
Memoirs of Old Hawkeye, settled by Pioneer group from Iowa. Dollie McCalla. VERTICAL FILE
n.d. 32p.. See: KS-Decatur Co. file Vertical File
Memoirs of the Dead, & Tomb's Remembrances (Baltimore). M. Reamy & M. R929.57526
Bates 1806. Repr. 1989. REAMY 1989 Book
Memoirs of the Various Families of Tomkinson, 1620-1904. Newton Powers R GEN 929.242
Tomkinson. 1904. T595T Book
Memoirs Regarding the Family of John Gilbert 1752-1829. H.W. Gilbert. 1886. R929.2

G378 Book
Memoirs. Half Century of Recollections of Unusually Active Life. Francis Atwater. R974.6
1922 AT93 Book
Memorial 100th Anniversaryof the Marriage of Phillip Schoff & Elizabeth Ramsay, R929.2
10 Apr 1794. Eloise Wilder. 1922. SCH63 Book
Memorial History of Boston, incl. Suffolk Co, MA. Justin Winsor. v.1-4. R974.46

W732 Book
Memorial of a Respected Family & Especially of Joshua Bicknell, Farmer. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Thomas W. Bicknell. 1880. BICKNELL Book
Memorial of Capt. Thomas Abbey. Alden Freeman. 1917. R929.2

AB19 Book
Memorial of Huguenots in America. Specific Reference to their Emigration to PA. R325.244
A. Stapleton. repr. 1969. ST27 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Memorial Record of Southwest Minnesota. 1897. R977.62

MEMORIA 1897 Book
Memorial Records of South King County, WA. South King County Genealogical GEN 979.777
Society. 1981-97.v.1-5. MEMORIA Book
Memories from Family Albums of School District #206, Mossyrock, WA. R979.782
Mossyrock Grange #355. 1976. MOSSYRO 1976 Book
Memories of Caroline Doughty Keene. 1922. 35p.. See: Doughty Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Memories of Clarence Elzy Talbott, 1875-1900. Mrs. John Talbot. 1968. R GEN B

Memories of Market Lake. (Southeastern Idaho). William Stibal Pettite. 1965-2002. R979.64
v.1-5. PETTITE Book
Memories of Old Western Trails in Texas Longhorn Days. Joseph G. Stroud. R917.64
1932. STROUD 1932 Book
Memories of Peter E. Johnson, 1855-1926 & Descendants of Emil Anton Carlson, R929.2097
1851-1950. F.C. Moores. 1981. MOORES 1981 Book
Memories of the Black Sea Germans. Highlights of their History and Heritage. R 947.7
Joseph S. Height. 1979. HEIGHT 1979 Book
Memories Revisited. The Life and Family of W.W. "Bill" Henley, 1905-1982. Betty R GEN 929.20973
Ann Henley Vollenweider. 1995. HENLEY Book
Memories. Being a Story of Early Times in Daviess County, MO and Character GEN 977.818
Sketches. John Jordin. 1904. copy. JORDIN Book
Men from Wengen & America's Agony. J.E. Fetzer. 1971. R929.2

W485 Book
Men of the Tundra, Eskimos at War. Muktuk Martson. 1969. R940.5403

M359 Book
Menallen Minutes, Marriages and Miscellany. Quaker Records, 1780-1890. M.B. R974.84
Walmer. 1992. WALMER Book
Mendall, Mendell, Mandell. Descendants of John Mendall, Sr. of Marshfield, MA R929.20973
ca 1660. Sid. D. Smith. 1984. MENDALL Book
Mendocino County Remembered. An Oral History. Bruce Levene. 1980. v. 1-2. R979.415

Mennonite Life. J.A. Hostetler. 1969. 39p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Mennonites. Brief Guide to Information. Historical Committee, Mennonite Church. VERTICAL FILE
20p. Vertical File
Mercer County Pennsylvania Wil Book Index, 1804-1900. James K. Sewall. R974.895
1992. SEWALL Book
Mercer County Pioneer Traces. Mercer County Genealogical Society. 1997.v. R GEN 977.8213
1-3. MERCER Book
Mercer County, PA Soldiers Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War. Paul W. R974.895
Myers. 1987. MYERS 1987 Book
Mercer Memories. Metaline Falls, WA. v.1 #1,2,5 1985/86. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Merchants in Plenty. Joseph Smyth's Belfast Directories of 1807 & 1808. J.R.R. R GEN 914.167
Adams. 1991. ADAMS Book
Mering, Hartley & McClung Family. Gayle Brod. 1997. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Merrill Memorial. The Descendants of Nathaniel Merrill. Samuel Merrill. 1917, R929.2097
repr. 1928. v.1-2. MERRILL Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Mesquite Tree. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Messenger Family of New England. Edward Messenger, 1617-1688. Duane E. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Wilson. 1999. MESSENGER Book
Methodism on the Upper Ohio before 1812. R.M. Bell. 1963 GEN 287

Methodism on Upper Ohio Before 1812. Raymond Martin Bell. 1963. UNCATALOGED SHELF

Methodist Circuits in Central PA before 1812. Raymond M. Bell & Chas. F. VERTICAL FILE
Berkheimer. 1963. 30p. Vertical File
Methodist Episcopal Church in MI during the Civil War. MI Civil War Centennial R977.4
Committee. 1965. M228 Book
Metis Genealogy Society Newsletter. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Metsker Cousins by Dozens. Douglas County, Kansas. Gulah & Garman Daron. R929.2
1973. M567 Book
Metzgar Maps Showing Locations of Cemeteries Enumerated by EWGS. 6 maps. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs. Raymond S. Wright. GEN 943
1912, reprinted 2000. v.1-3. MEYERS Book
Michael Troutman Simmons & Andrew Jackson Simmons. Margaret R. & Fred E. R929.20973
Carver. 1967. SIMMONS 1967 Book
Michigan & the Civil War Years, 1860-1866. A Wartime Chronicle. George S. R977.402
May. 1964. MAY 1964 Book
Michigan Catholicism in Era of Civil War. MI Civil War Centennial Committee. R282.774
1965. H326 Book
Michigan Cemetery Compendium. Har-Al, Inc. 1979. GEN 977.4

Michigan Civil War Monuments. 1965. R977.4

M451 Book
Michigan Genealogy. Sources & Resources. Carol McGinnis. 2005. 2nd ed. GEN 977.4

Michigan Heritage. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Michigan in Civil War. Guide to Material in Detroit Newspapers, 1861-1866. Helen R977.4
Ellis. 1965. EL59 Book
Michigan Labor & the Civil War. MI Civil War Centennial Comm. 1964. R977.4

B627 Book
Michigan Men in Civil War. I.C. Brown. R977.4

B813 Book
Michigan Military Records. Sue Imogene Silliman. 1969. R973.344

SI35 Book
Michigan Tombstones, Bangor, VanBuren Co. Gertrude W. Lundberg. 1966. 7p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Michigan Women in the Civil War. MI Civil War Centennial Observance R977.4
Commission. 1963. MICHIGAN 1963 Book
Microfilm Holdings at Nevada Co. Library, Newspapers, Directories, State VERTICAL FILE
Census. 9p. Vertical File
Microfilm Publications in the National Archives, Pacific Northwest Region. R GEN 016.9795 HOW TO

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Microfilm Publications Used for Genealogical Research, Passenger Lists & FCH 061 MICROFORM CABINET
Indexes. 1 fiche. Microfiche
Microfilm Resources for Research. A Comprehensive Catalog. NARA. 2000. GEN 929.373 HOW TO

Middlefield, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1762-1850. MF 151 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 02 Microfilm
Middlesex County Records. v.3 (1 Charles to 18 Charles II 1625-1667). FCH 005 MICROFORM CABINET

Middlesex County, MA Church Records. FCH 047 MICROFORM CABINET

Middlesex County, NJ Heirs to Estates, 1780-1870. Virginia Alleman Brown. R974.941
1988. BROWN 1988 Book
Middleton, MA, Cultural History. Laura Woodside Watkins. 1970. R974.45

W325 Book
Middletown Upper Houses, 1650-1800. Charles Collard Adams. 1908, repr. 1989. GEN 974.66
prt.A&B. ADAMS Book
Midway, Georgia History & Legend, 1752-1867. 1932. 22p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Midwest Historical & Genealogical Register (Periodical: for issues see Period. PERIODICAL SHELF
Alpha File) Periodical
Midwestern Heritage. Volumes 1-5 only. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Migration from the Russian Empire. List of Passengers Arriving in New York, R929.3747
1875-1886. Glazier, ed. v. 1-2. MIGRATI Book
Migration Trails from the Atlantic States to the Midwest. W. McCain. 1979. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Migration, Emigration, Immigration, Principally to US & in US. Olga K. Miller. R929.373
1974, 1981. v.1-2. MILLER Book
Migrations from CT after 1800. Rosenberry. 1936. 29p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Migrations into Ohio. 14p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Migrations to and from Canada. Marion C. Keffer. Ontario Genealogical Society. R971
1982. KEFFER 1982 Book
Military & Civil History of Connecticut During the War of 1861-1865. Croffut & R973.7
Morris. 1868. C874 Book
Military Operations of the Civil War. A Guide Index to the Union & Confederate R973.73 INDEX SHELF
Armies. G.S.A. 1968-1980. v. 2(4prts), 4& 5. UNITED Book
Military Records on Microfilm. A list from Genealogist Guide. Ft.Wayne, Indiana VERTICAL FILE
Library. 21p. Vertical File
Military Records: Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865. NA Microfilm #918. Family FTM CD-119 MICROFORM CABINET
Tree Maker. 1999. CD
Military Records: MA Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1782. Family FTM CD-147 MICROFORM CABINET
Tree Maker. 1997. CD
Military Records: Massachusetts Civil War Soldiers and Sailors, 1861-1865. FTM CD-134 MICROFORM CABINET
Family Tree Maker. 1999. CD
Military Records: New York in the Revolution and the War of 1812. Family Tree FTM CD-143 MICROFORM CABINET
Maker. 2000. CD
Military Records: Selected NY Revolutionary War Records, 1775-1840 from FTM CD-132 MICROFORM CABINET
Kinship. Family Tree Maker. 1997. CD
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Military Records: U.S. Soldiers, 1784-1811. Family Tree Maker. 1999. FTM CD-146 MICROFORM CABINET

Military Records: World War II & Korean Conflict Overseas Interments. Ancestry. ANC CD-001 MICROFORM CABINET
2000. CD
Military Register: Air Force, 1949-1972, 1979. #006A, #006B, #007 through #043. MILITARY SHELF

Military Register: Air National Guard, 1953,1954, 1956 - 1958. #001-005A. MILITARY SHELF

Military Register: Annual Register of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD. MILITARY SHELF
1909-1950. #398-#437. 40 bks. Book
Military Register: Army & Air Force, vol. 2, 1948. #005-B. MILITARY SHELF

Military Register: Army (various titles & years), 1896, 1897, 1911 - 1976. #050 MILITARY SHELF
through #207. Book
Military Register: Coast Guard (USCG), 1980. #208-A. 1 vol. MILITARY SHELF

Military Register: Commissioned & Warrent Officers of U.S. Naval Reserve, MILITARY SHELF
1944,1959,1969. #354A,354B,335. Book
Military Register: Confederate States Navy, of Officers. 1861-1865. #208-B. 1 vol. MILITARY SHELF

Military Register: National Guard (Army) 1951, 1953, 1954, 1956 - 1958. #044 MILITARY SHELF
through #049. Book
Military Register: National Guard, (various years) 1922-1943. #385 through #397. MILITARY SHELF

Military Register: Navy & Marine Corp. (various titles & years), 1921-1970. #221 MILITARY SHELF
through #357 Book
Military Register: Navy, (various titles) 1908-1920, #209 through #220 and MILITARY SHELF
1971-1985, #358-#397. Book
Military Service Records. A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm GEN 355.6097 HOW TO
Publications. 1985. UNITED Book
Militia of Washington County, VA. Officers, 1777-1835; Militia Men, 1798-1835. G. R975.5725
H. Clark. 1979. CLARK Book
Mills Family History. Quakers & Other Early Arrivals. Paul & Rodney Mills. R929.2097

Milton, MA Records of Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1662-1843. 1900. R929.3

M643 Book
Minakers of Marysburg (Canada), 1784-1984. Lloyd Minaker & Murray Clapp. R929.20971
1985. MINAKER 1985 Book
Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, 1716-1830. NY Genealogical & R974.7
Biographical Society. 1913. v.5. NEW YOR Book
Minister's Records, Church of Christ, Ridgebury, CT from 1769. 28p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Minnesota & the Civil & Indian Wars, 1861-1865 & 1891-93. v.1-2. R977.6

M665 Book
Minnesota 1900 Census Mortality Schedule. James W. Warren. 1991. GEN 312.09776 CENSUS SHELF

Minnesota Genealogical Index. Wiley R. Pope. 1984. R GEN 977.6

Minnesota Genealogical Journal. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Minorities. Bibliog.of Gene. & Hist. Materials for Ethnic Minority Research. Darlene VERTICAL FILE
Hamilton. 1982. Vertical File
Minutes of Conventions of the Daughters of the Confederacy, 1926-1933. 7v. R369.175

UN3 Book
Minutes of the Albany Committee of Correspondence, 1775-1778. 1923. v.1-2. R974.742

AL131 Book
Minutes of the Century, 1856-1956. Township Histories. Martin County Historical VERTICAL FILE
Soc. 1956. vertical file
Minutes of the Court of Albany, Colony of Rensselaerswyck & Schenectady. 3v. R347.99

AL13 Book
Minutes of the Court of Ft. Orange & Beverwyck. A.J.F. VanLaer. 1652-1660. R347.99
v.1-2. B467 Book
Minutes of the Court of Rensselaerswyck, 1648-1652. 1922. R347.99

R297 Book
Minutes of Vestry, St. Matthew's Parish, SC, 1767-1838. Salley. 1939. R929.4

P946 Book
Miracles of Grace & Judgment. Gerhard P. Schroeder. 1974. R947.716

SCHROED 1974 Book
Miracles of Grace and Judgement. Gerhard P. Schroeder. 1974. R GEN 947.716

Miscellaneous data & lineage of Steely Family. 18p.. See: Steely Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous data & list of 1870 Residents. 20p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous data of the O'Halloran & O'Flahery family names. J. Hardiman. VERTICAL FILE
15p.. See: O'Halloran Family file Vertical File
Miscellaneous data on family in MA. Mary Wyatt. 5p.. See: Wyatt Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous data on family in MA. Ursala Scott. 8p.. See: Scott Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous data on Haile, Hazelton, Hunter & McGregor Families. 6p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Haile Family file Vertical File
Miscellaneous data on Harding, Hardin Families. 29p. See: Harding Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous data on the family in Massachusetts. 8p.. See: Scott Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous data on Vachel Metcalf, Sarah Metcalf, Isaac Cutter. 13p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Metcalf Family file Vertical File
Miscellaneous early day records & newspaper Items. 9p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous Family Newsletter, Hist. & Queries. F. Griffin & M. Trainer. v.1, VERTICAL FILE
#3. 1983. 18p. Vertical File
Miscellaneous genealogical data of the Friel, O'Friel, Freel Family. 3p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Friel Family file Vertical File
Miscellaneous genealogical data of the Parcot, Percot, Percutt Family. 6p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Parcot Family file Vertical File
Miscellaneous History of the County. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous Information found in pages of Buchanan Genealogical Soc. Bulletin. VERTICAL FILE
4p. Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Miscellaneous information on the Jacoby Family. 28p.. See: Jacoby Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous information regarding Franklin County, IA. 11p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous Iowa Records. Rita Goranson and JoAnn Burgess. 1980, 1983, R977.7
1986. v.1-3. GORANSO Book
Miscellaneous Material.. See: Research Tools - Church Records file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous notes on families of Jacob Kneeland Rice. 17p.. See: Rice VERTICAL FILE
Family file Vertical File
Miscellaneous Records, Kootenai County, Idaho. Alfred E. & Betty J. Shane. R979.694
1993. v.1. SHANE Book
Miscellaneous Research Material.. See: England Research file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Miscellaneous Wing Family Research. SURNAME SHELF

Miscellaneousl data on the Gendron, Jandrun Family. 2p.. See: Gendron VERTICAL FILE
Family file Vertical File
Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations, A-L. Betty Couch Wiltshire. 1991. R973.7462

WILTSHI 1991 Book
Mississippi Index of Wills, 1800-1900. Betty Couch Wiltshire. 1989. R976.2

WILTSHI 1989 Book
Mississippi Marriages, Early to 1825. Precision Indexing. 1991. FCH 038 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri Birth & Death Records. Sherida K. Eddleman. 1995-2001. v. 1-4 R GEN 977.8

Missouri Cemetery Records. From Kansas City Genealogist. 1981. v.1. R977.8

MISSOUR 1981 Book
Missouri Confederate Pensions and Confederate Home Applications Index. Peggy R GEN 973.7478
Barnes Fox. 1996. FOX Book
Missouri County Records. MF 092 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri County Records. MF 073 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri County Records. MF 078 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri County Records. MF 080 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri County Records. MF 091 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri County Records. MF 100 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri County Records. MF 102 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri County Records. MF 107 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri County Records. MF 079 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri Cousins. A. Maxim Coppage. 1969. R977.8

C793 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Missouri Genealogical Gleanings, 1840 and Beyond. Sherida K. Eddlemon. 1994. R977.8
v.1. EDDLEMO Book
Missouri Genealogical Records & Abstracts, 1741-1839. Sherida K. Eddlemon. R977.8
1990. v.1-5. EDDELMO Book
Missouri Land Claims. From Gov't Printing Office 1835. Patricia Chadwell. 1976. R977.8

MISSOUR 1976 Book
Missouri Marriages & Other Records. Mrs. H.K. Woodruff. 1969-1970. v.1-3. GEN 977.8

Missouri Marriages before 1840. Susan Ormesher. 1982. R977.8

ORMESHE 1982 Book
Missouri Marriages to 1850. Linda S. Barber Brooks. 1983-84. v.1-3. R977.8

Missouri Marriages, Early to 1825. Precision Indexing. 1991. FCH 039 MICROFORM CABINET

Missouri Miscellany. Mrs. H. Woodruff 1976-1982. v.1-17. R 977.8

WOODRUF 1976 Book
Missouri Obituaries Index, Saline County, Missouri. Shirley Haynes & A. Conley. GEN 977.8
1973-. v.1-4. HAYNES Book
Missouri Obituaries, 1880-1882, St.Louis Christian Advocate. N. Hodges. 1966. R977.8

HODGES 1975 Book
Missouri Obituaries, Jan 1870-Dec 1879. Audrey L. Woodruff. 1985, repr. 1992. v. GEN 977.8
1-4. MISSOUR Book
Missouri Pioneers. County and Genealogical Records. Nadine Hodges. 1967. R977.8
v.1-30. H666 Book
Missouri Taxpayers, 1819-1826. L. Stanley, G.F. & Mary Wilson. 1979. R977.8

Mitchell's New General Atlas. S. Augustus Mitchell. 1873. GEN 912 MAP CASE

Modern Woodsmen of America. Home Office, Rock Island IL. 1995.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Research Tools-Fraternal Societies file Vertical File
Moffatana. Moffat Clan Soc. of North Amer. Gatlingburg, TN. v.4 #3 1989. 7p. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Moffitt Genealogy. Mary Esther Moffitt Ford. 1997. R GEN 929.20973

Mohr News. Gertrude Cornelius Mohr. v.3 #1. 7p. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Monmouth Families. Ann Petee Miles. 1980. v.1-2. R974.946

Monocacy & Catoctin. Additions & Corrections to William's History of Frederick R975.287
County, MD. Schildknecht. 1994. v.3. MONOCAC V.3 Book
Monocacy & Catoctin. Early Settlers of Frederick & Carroll Counties, MD & R975.287
Adams County, PA, 1725-1985. 1985. v. 1-2. MONOCAC Book
Monograph of the Anderson, Clark, Marshall & McArthur Connection. T.M. R929.2
Anderson. AN24 Book
Monongahela Valley. Retrospect Publishing. 2001. ORP CD-006 MICROFORM CABINET

Monongalia County, 1776-1810. Mary Davis Atkinson. 1972. R975.45

ATKINSO 1972 Book
Monongalia County, WV Records. District, Superior & County Courts, 1776-1803. R975.452
Melba Zinn. 1990. v.1-2. ZINN Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Monroe & Conecuh Counties, Alabama Marriages 1833-1880. Colson. 1983. R976.125

COLSON 1983 Book
Monroe County, MS Historical Sketches of Aberdeen. Lucille Peacock. 1961. 32p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Montana State Death Index, 1800 -2002 ORP CD-018 MICROFORM CABINET

Montana's Genealogy & Local Historical Records. A List of Books, Manuscripts & R016.9786
Periodicals. Richards. 1981. RICHARD 1981 Book
Montgomery County, OH Cemetery Inscriptions. Montgomery County Chapter of R977.172
OGS. 1982. v.1. MONTGOM Book
Montgomery Family Group Sheets from L.D.S. Family History Archives. SURNAME SHELF

Monument Inscriptions prior to 1900 from Cemeteries in Clermont County. Beech R977.1794
Forest Chapter DAR. 1952, repr. 1974. DAUGHTE Book
Monumental Inscriptions of Jamaica. Phillip Wright. 1966. GEN 972.92

Monumental Transcriptions. Records of 60 Burial Grounds in Central North GEN 971.3
Simcoe County. Eldon D. Weber. 1977. v.1. MONUMEN Book
Monuments to Courage. A History of Beaver County, Utah. 1948. MF 001 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 03 Microfilm
Moran Exodus from Offaly. Patrick Edward Moran. 1995. R GEN 929.20973

More Names in Stone. Frederick Co., Maryland. Holdcraft. 1972. R975.287

H71M Book
More Notices from Methodist Papers, 1830-1857. Donald A. McKenzie. 1986. R971.3

MCKENZI 1986 Book
More Palatine Families. Immigrants to Middle Colonies, 1717- 1776. More on R929.2089
Germans Arriving in NY, 1710. Jones.1991 JONES 1991 Book
Morford Historical Quarterly. Mrs. Harold Adams. v.3 #2-4. 1982. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Morgan County, Indiana Will Abstracts, 1847-1887. Noble K. Littell. 1981. Bks.1-2. GEN 977.2513

Mortality Schedules of Washington Territory, 1860-1880. Indexed. DAR. Mrs. R979.7
Robert E. Chubb. DAUGHTE 1956 Book
Morton Allan Directory of Steamship Arrivals in NY, 1890-1930 & 1904-1926 & R387.542
Other Ports. 1979. MORTON 1979 Book
Moses and Clarissa McNew, 1820-1903. Marjorie Molloy Jansen. 1992. R GEN 929.20973

Most Distinguished Characters on the American Frontier. Madge Looney Crane R GEN 929.20973
and P.L. Crane. 1998. LOONEY Book
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Boston, MA Map & partial list of graves. 1901. 14p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Mount Hope, WA. It's History & It's People, 1878-1928. Fairfield, WA. R979.737

MOUNT H 198- Book
Mountain View Cemetery, North Section. William & Lolita Clayton, Margaret GEN 979.748
Strickland. 1999. v. IV. MOUNTAI Book
Mountain View Cemetery. William & Lolita Clayton, Margaret Strickland. 2004. v. GEN 979.748
Mountains & Meadows. Cascade, Chestnut Valley, Hardy, St. Peter's Mission & GEN 978.6611
Castner Falls. 1805-1925. Mrs. C.J. Rowe. MOUNTAI Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Mrs. Hercules. The Story of May Arkwright Hutton. Lucile F. Fargo. RB

H979 Book
Mrs. Lawrence Jack (Susan M. West). Patchem Memorial. 1971. 3p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Jack Family file Vertical File
Mull Families of North Carolina. B. Rondal Mull & Mabel M. Mull. 1997. R GEN 929.20973

Murrays of Tabusintac, New Brunswick, Canada. Murray Genealogy, Part III. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Thomas A. Murray. 1981. MURRAY Book
Muskingum Newsletter. Zanesville, Ohio. v.2. #6. 1978. (Periodical: for issues VERTICAL FILE
see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Muskogee County Cemetery Guide. Gary Lester. 1995. vols. 1-3. GEN 976.682

Mussey, Muzzey, Muzzy Family, 1633-1986. Joanne Muzzy. 1986. R929.20973

MUZZY 1986 Book
Mustard Genealogy. Charles N. Sinnett, compiler. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Muster Rolls of Soldiers of War of 1812 Detached from Militia of NC in 1812 & R975.6
1814. 1851, repr. 1926. N811M Book
Muster Rolls, Indian War, 1855-1856. Washington State Archives. MF 296 MICROFORM CABINET

My Ancestors Came With The Conqueror... Anthony J. Camp. 1988. (Battle R929.4
Abbey Roll list & other battles) CAMP Book
My Ancestors. Edwin R. Friel. 1982. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

My Ancestry. Descendants of J. Carpenter, E. Garrett, T. Johnson & S. Young. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Mattie Ross. 1974. ROSS Book
My Burnap Family. Zola B. Irwin. 1980. R929.2097

BURNAP 1980 Book
My Children's Ancestors. R.T. Cross. 1913. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

My Family Tree. Carolyn J. Siska. 1980. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

My Father, Irving Fisher. Irving Norton Fisher. 1956. R GEN B

My First Seventy-Five Years. Memoirs of a Very Common Man. J.B. Manifold. R929.2
1957. M314 Book
My Genealogy. W.K. Miles. 1978. v.1-8. R929.2

MILES 1978 Book
My Grandfather. Pioneer in Reclaiming Land. Gladys T. Wallace. 1979. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

My Howard Ancestors from John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, down to 1900. John GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Thomas Coleman. HOWARD Book
My Life Story. Philip Ray Carter. 1986. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Mythe & Finnerud. Our Norwegian Families. Katherine B. Amundsen. 1982. R929.20973

MYTHE 1982 Book
Nacagdoches Headrights. Dispositon of Land in East Texas. 1838-1848. C. R976.42
Ericson. 1977. ERICSON 1977 Book
Nacogdoches, Gateway to Texas. A Biographical Directory, 1773-1849. R976.4
Erickson. 1974. ER45 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Nall Families of America. (Incl. Nalle, Naul, Nalls). S.N. Dolphin & C.F. Nall. R929.2097
1978. NALL 1978 Book
Name Index to Early Illinois Records, 1810-1850. State & Federal Census & MF 017-025 MICROFORM CABINET
Misc. County Records. Microfilm
Name on the Schoolhouse. Anecdotal List of Some Historic Names of Schools in R371.009797
Washington State. Calkins. 1991. CALKINS Book
Names in Stone. J.M. Holdcraft. 1966. v.1-2. R975.287

H71 Book
Names of Persons Taking Oath of Allegiance to State of PA, 1777-1789. R974.8
Thompson Wescott. 1965. W522 Book
Narrative about Paris, Bourbon County, KY in 1809. n.a. 20p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Narrative Genealogy of Stewarts of Sequatchie Valley, TN & Allied Families. M.S. R929.2
Blakemore. 1960 ST49 Book
Narrative of James Johnson and the Captivity of Mrs. Johnson. 1814, repr. R973.2609
1990. JOHNSON 1990 Book
Naselle to Grays River & Knappton to Nemah. Cemetery Records & Genealogical R929.3797
Notes. Roberta E. Yancey. 1978. NASELLE 1978 Book
Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia, 1714-1750. B.C. Holtzclaw. 1964, repr. GEN 975.5
1978. HOLTZCL Book
Natchez Postscripts, 1781-1798. Carol Wells. 1992. R976.226

Nathaniel Butler Banks & Anna Barbara Artman, Ancestors & Descendants. R929.2097
Gladys Deever. 1985. BANKS Book
National Archives. Guide to Seattle Branch. Richard Hobbs. 1977. BOX I HOW TO

I-2 Book
National Archives-Pacific NW Region: Pamplets about Records Available at the BOX I HOW TO
Seattle Branch. 1994. I-1 Book
National Cemetery, Jefferson City, Missouri. Mid-Missouri Genealogical Society. R977.855
1981. NATONA 1981 Book
National Cyclopedia of American Biography. J.T. White Co. 1898-1984. v. 1-63, R920
v. A-L, & Index. N213 Book
National Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
National Genealogical Society Quarterly. Topical Index to v.1-50, 1912-1962. PERIODICAL SHELF
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
National Register, Sons of the American Revolution. 1902. R929.1

SO59N Book
National Society Daughters of the American Colonists 35th Yearbook. 1963. R929.1

D2558Y Book
National Society of SAR. Proceedings of Annual Congress, 1892 & Special R369.133
Congress, 1893. SO59 Book
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (Nucmuc), 1959-1961. Publ. R016.091
1962-1976. v. 1 - 11. N213 Book
National Yearbook, 1901. National Society of Sons of the American Revolution. R369.13
Capt. Samuel Eberly Gross. SONS OF 1901 Book
Native American Genealogical Sourcebook. Paula K. Byers. 1995. R GEN 929.1089

Naturalization Index, Scott County, Iowa, 1842-1930. Janet Greenlee. 1981. GEN 977.769

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Naturalization Records for the US District Courts for the Eastern District of A-10 RESOURCE SHELF
Washington, 1890-1972, Guide to… Book
Naturalization Records for the US District Courts for the Eastern District of MF 352 - 391 MICROFORM CABINET
Washington, 18990 - 1972. M1541. Microfilm
Naturalization Records of the U.S. District Courts at the National Archives - Great VERTICAL FILE
Lakes Region. 14p. Vertical File
Naturalization Records, 1887-1906, Clackamas County, Oregon. Harriet Davis. R979.541
1982. DAVIS 1982 Book
Naturalization Records. Mobile, Alabama, 1833-1906. Clinton P. Kine & Meriem E. R976.122
Barlow. 1986. KING 1986 Book
Naturalization Records: Philadelphia, 1789-1880. Family Tree Maker. 2001. FTM CD-258 MICROFORM CABINET

Naturalizations in the Marine Court, New York City, 1827-1835. Kenneth Scott. GEN 974.71
1990. SCOTT Book
Naucler Family of Sweden, c1425-1872. Translation from Copy of Original GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Swedish Document. C. E. Raun. 1992. NAUCLER Book
Naugatuck, Connecticut Congregational Church Records, 1781-1901. Helen S. GEN 974.67
Ullmann. 1987. ULLMAN Book
Naval History of the Civil War. D.D. Porter. 1886 R973.75

P833 Book
Naval Officers, Their Heredity And Development. Charles Benedict Davenport. UNCATALOGED SHELF
1919. Book
Naval Records of the American Revolution, 1775-1788. Charles Henry Lincoln. R973.35
1906. UN27 Book
Nebraska & Midwest Genealogical Record. (Periodical: for issues see Period. PERIODICAL SHELF
Alpha File) Periodical
Nebraska Ancestree. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Nebraska Newspaper Abstracts, 1880 & 1900 Series. NE State Genealogical Soc. R978.2
1984. v.1-2. NEBRASK Book
Nebraska Place Names. Lilian L. Fitzpatrick. 1960. R929.4

FITZPAT 1960 Book
Nederlandsche Genealogische Vereeninging. #7. 1946. 33p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Neill's History of Minnesota. From the Earliest French Explorations to the Present GEN 977.6
Time. E.D. Neill. 1858. NEILL Book
Nelson County Record. Illustrated History & Industry Supplement. Sam Carpenter MAP CASE
Elliott. 24p. Book
Nemaha Half-Breed Reservation Treaty, 15 Jul 1830. Office of Indian Affairs. 54p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Nevada State Cemeteries. Jean & Roger Ferrel. 1999-2004. v.1-2. GEN 979.3

Nevada Tombstone Record Book. Richard B. Taylor. 1986. v.1. R979.3

New Brunswick, Canada. Microfilm of Church Records Available on Interlibrary R971.5
Loan. 1974. N42 Book
New England Ancestors of Katherine Brattle & William Cary Harris. Edward GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Doubleday Harris. 1887. HARRIS Book
New England Ancestry of Wyllys Warner Baird & wife Olivia Pomeroy Green. R929.2
C.M. Sherwood. 1976. B164 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Index to v.1-112, 1847-1958, & R929 PERIODICAL SHELF
v.51-current year. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) N42 Periodical
New England Historical & Genealogical Register. (Periodical: for issues see R929 PERIODICAL SHELF
Period. Alpha File) N42 Periodical
New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Clarence Almon Torrey. 1985. R974

TORREY 1985 Book
New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Torrey, First Supplement to. Melinde Lutz GEN 974
Sanborn. 1991. TORREY Book
New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Torrey, Second Supplement to. Melinde R GEN 974
Lutz Sanborn. 1995. TORREY Book
New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Torrey, Third Supplement to. Melinde Lutz GEN 974
Sanborn. 2003. SANBORN Book
New England States' Maps, Showing Counties, Towns, Villages & Boroughs. GEN 912.74 MAP CASE
Ginn & Co. 1894. NEW ENG Book
New England, New York Ancestors before 1850. Seattle Genealogical Society. R974
1984. NEW ENG 1984 Book
New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland. Brian Mitchell. 1986, repr. 1994. R912.415

New Hampshire Family Records. William Copeley. 1994. v. 1-2. R GEN 974.2

New Hampshire Genealogical Record. NH Gene. Soc. v.1-7. 1903-1909. R929

N424 Book
New Hampshire Marriage Licenses and Intentions, 1709-1961. Pauline Johnson R GEN 974.2
Oesterlin. 1991. OESTERL Book
New Handbook of Texas. Texas State Historical Association. 1996. v. 1-6, A-Z. R976.4
(6 bks) NEW HAN Book
New Hanover County, NC, Court Minutes, 1771-1785. Alexander M. Walker. R975.627
1959. pt.2 NEWHAN Book
New Haven (Conn.) Potters, 1639. James Shephard. n.d. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
New History of Old Windsor, Connecticut. Daniel Howard. 1935. R974.6

H832 Book
New Index, Lancaster County, PA Before Federal Census. Hawbaker&Groff. R974.815
v.1-5, 4 bks. HAWBAKE Book
New Index. Lancaster County, PA before Federal Census. 1718-1726 Tax R974.815
Records of Chester County. Hawbaker. 1985. v.4. HAWBAKE Book
New Jersey 1800 Cumberland Co. Census Index. R.V. Jackson. 1977. GEN 312.0974994 CENSUS SHELF

New Jersey Biographical & Genealogical Notes. W. Nelson. 1916. R974.9

N338N Book
New Jersey Biographical Index, 1800s. Family Tree Maker. 1997. FTM CD-190 MICROFORM CABINET

New Jersey Browns. 1931. R929.2

B812 Book
New Jersey Family Index. A Guide to the Genealogical Sketches in New Jersey GEN 974.9
Collective Sources. Donald Arleigh Sinclair. 1991. NEW JER Book
New Jersey Genesis Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

New Jersey Petitions & Memorials from Quaker Colonies. Raymond Fisher. UNCATALOGED SHELF
1919. Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
New Jersey Road Maps of 18th Century. Princeton University Library. 1964. R912.749

P935 Book
New Jersey Volunteers (Loyalists) in Revolutionary War. William S. Stryker. R973.3449
1887. ST89 Book
New Loyalist Index. Paul J. Bunnell. 1989. R GEN 973.314

New Mexico Genealogist. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

New Netherland Roots. Gwenn F. Epperson. 1994. R974.7

New Orleans Marriage Contracts, 1804-1820. Charles R. Maduell, Jr. 1977. R976.335

MADUELL 1977 Book
New Orleans Passenger and Immigration Lists, 1820-1850. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-358 MICROFORM CABINET
2001. CD
New Palatine Pamphlet. Guide to Immigrant Lists & Help in Finding Their Origins. RESOURCE SHELF
C.M. Hall. 1985. Book
New Rochelle Tombstone Inscriptions. 5p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
New World Immigrants. Tepper. 1979. v.1-2 GEN 929.373

New York Alien Residents, 1825-1848. Kenneth Scott. 1978. R974.7

SCOTT 1978 Book
New York Area Key. Florence Clint. 1979. R GEN 974.7

New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775. 1897, reprinted 2000. v. 1-2.

New York DAR Vital Records, (Bible, Cemetery, Rev. War, Misc.) on Microfilm at VERTICAL FILE
LDS. 24p Vertical File
New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Master Index, 113 yrs. R974.7 PERIODICAL SHELF
1870-1982. Jean D. Worden. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) WORDEN 1983 Periodical
New York Genealogical & Biographical Record. (Periodical: for issues see PERIODICAL SHELF
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
New York Genealogical Research Secrets, County Guide. Loren V. Fay. 1984. FCH 012 MICROFORM CABINET

New York Genealogical Research. George K. Schweitzer. 1988. GEN 974.7

New York Historical Society Quarterly Bulletin. v.1-2. 1917-1919. R974.7

N42H Book
New York Historical Society, 1804-1904. Robert H. Kelly. 1905. R974.7

N42N Book
New York in the Revolution as a Colony and State. v.1. & Suppl. R929.4

N42 Book
New York Marriage Bonds, 1753-1783. Kenneth Scott. 1972. R974.7

SCOTT 1972 Book
New York Marriages Previous to 1784. Kelby & Scott. 1860, repr. 1984. GEN 974.7

New York State Cemeteries. Name/Location Inventory, 1995-97. Association of GEN 974.7
Historians of NY. 1999. v.1-3. NEW YOR Book
New York State Index of Townships & Counties. 14p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
New York's Detailed Census of 1855, Greene County. Fred Q. Bowman. 1988. GEN 974.737

Newark Story. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Newell Ancestry. Story of Antecedents of William Stark Newell. Wm. M. Emery. R929.2
1944. N441 Book
Newington, New Hampshire Families in the Eighteenth Century. Henry W. R974.26
Hardon. 1991. HARDON 1991 Book
Newman Family. Descendants of Davis & Nancy Newman, 1780, Spartanburg R929.20973
County, S.C. William A. Newman. 1992. NEWMAN 1992 Book
Newman, Wheeler, Gard, May & Rudduck. Ancestors & Allied Families. Grace GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Kelso Garner. 1984. NEWMAN Book
Newport, Nova Scotia. A Rhode Island Township. John Victor Duncanson. 1985. R971.635

News and Notes. Vermont Hist. Soc. v.21 #4,7,8,10. 1969-70. v.22 #3,8. VERTICAL FILE
1979-71. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
News Clippings, Vevay Reveille-Enterpise. Reflections of the Past. D.G. Dryden. GEN 977.2125
1982. v.1-2. NEWSCLI Book
Newsletter. v.1 #1. 1974. 5p. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) VERTICAL FILE

Newspaper Article about Adam Grein & Wife Margaret Fike. Cheney, WA. 1987. VERTICAL FILE
2p.. See: Grein Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article about Early Pioneers in Wenatchee Area. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Newspaper Article about John Betz and wife Sibilla Hueschen. Cheney, WA. VERTICAL FILE
1987. 2p.. See: Betz Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article about Lorenz Franz & Magdalene Hosselbeck. Cheney, WA. VERTICAL FILE
2p.. See: Franz Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article on Benjamin Bell Painter & Melvina Barrette. Cheney, WA. VERTICAL FILE
1987. 6p.. See: Painter Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article on Early History & Families. Bainbridge Area. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Newspaper article on George Blackshaw & wife Josephine Ankrom. Cheney, VERTICAL FILE
WA. 1987.. See: Blackshaw Family file Vertical File
Newspaper article on History of Gardner's Department Store in Walla Walla. 2p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Newspaper Article. Biography of James W. Watt. Cheney, WA Free Press. 1989. VERTICAL FILE
1p.. See: Watt Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article. Early Farming Family. Cheney, WA. Free Press. 1988. 1p.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Longbottom Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article. Jacob Clotfelter & Wife, Eva Sadler. Cheney, WA. 2p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Clotfelter Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article. Medical Lake Marriage. Cheney, WA Free Press. 1p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Green Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article. Memories of Carolyn Richards Whipple. Spok. Chronicle, VERTICAL FILE
1975. 2p.. See: Whipple Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article. Wegners, early Pioneers of the area. Cheney, WA. 1988. VERTICAL FILE
1p.. See: Wegner Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article: History of Frederick Reuter & Nellie Mae Webb. Cheney, VERTICAL FILE
WA. 2p.. See: Reuter Family file Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Newspaper Article: History of Thomas & Margaret E. (Kime) Phileo. Cheney, WA. VERTICAL FILE
1p.. See: Philleo Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article: History of Wm. C. Mast & Wife, Eliz. B. Kidd. Cheney, WA. VERTICAL FILE
1988. 2p.. See: Mast Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Article: History, Walter Rupp & Henrietta Riggins. Cheney, WA. VERTICAL FILE
1987. 2p.. See: Rupp Family file Vertical File
Newspaper Articles: Family Reunions in Brownstown, Jackson Co, IN 1979, VERTICAL FILE
1980. 12p. Vertical File
Newspaper Clippings, Extracts from the Files of Virginia Gazette. 1957. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
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Newspaper Obituary of Mabel (Jenkins) Frederick. 1p.. See: Frederick Family VERTICAL FILE
file Vertical File
Newspaper Obituary. 1p.. See: Matthews Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Newspapers along America's Great Trails. Bell & Howell. 41p.. See: United VERTICAL FILE
States-Newspapers file Vertical File
Newspapers in the Seymour Library, Auburn, NY & Newspapers Indexed. 1990. VERTICAL FILE
2p. Vertical File
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Alpha File) Periodical

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