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North Carolina History & Genealogical Register Index. W.S.Ray. 1956. GEN 975.6 INDEX SHELF

RAY Book
North Carolina History & Genealogical Register. James R.B. Hathaway. R975.6 MICROCARD BOX
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) N811 Periodical
North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791. MF 067 MICROFORM CABINET

North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791. Mrs. L.E. Presley. GEN 976.8

North Carolina Land Grants Recorded in Greene County, TN. G.F. Burgner. 1981. R975.6

BURGNER 1981 Book
North Carolina Marriages, 1801-1825. AGLL. 1991. FCH 041 MICROFORM CABINET

North Carolina Marriages, early to 1800. AGLL. 1991. FCH 040 MICROFORM CABINET

North Carolina Research. Genealogy & Local History. Helen Leary & Maurice R975.6
Stirewalt. 1980. LEARY 1980 Book
North Carolina Settlement of Argyll Colony, 1739. 1986. 33p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
North Carolina Taxpayers, 1701-1786 & 1679-1790. Clarence E. Ratcliff. 1984, R975.6
1987. v. 1-2. RATCLIF Book
North Carolina Wills and Inventories. North Carolina Secretary of State. 1912. repr. R975.6
1967. NORTH C 1967 Book
North Carolina Wills. Testator Index, 1665-1900. Thornton W. Mitchell. 1987. R GEN 975.6
v.1-2. MITCHEL Book
North Cemetery Burials, Ingham Township, Ingham Co. Mid-Michigan GEN 977.426
Genealogical Society. 1972. NORTH C Book
North Dakota Pioneers from the Banat. (Hungarian - German). John M. Michels. GEN 978.4
1992. MICHELS Book
North Star Nuggets. Fairbanks, AK. v.1. #1-2. 1975. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Northampton County, PA, Tax List 1772, Serial List. 1991. GEN 974.822

Northampton County, Virginia Tithables, 1662-1677. John B. Bell. 1993. R975.515

Northampton, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, MF 152-158 MICROFORM CABINET
1655-1953. NEGHS. Microfilm
Northeastern Pennsylvania Historical Quarterly. v.2 #4. May 1981. (Periodical: VERTICAL FILE
for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Northern California Marriage Index, 1850-1860. Nancy Justus Morebeck. 1993. R979.4

Northern Ireland Census Abstracts, 1841/1851. Josephine Masterson. 1999. R GEN 941.6

Northern Neck Families. Ancsestors of Susan Frances Chapman, plus R929.20973
Connecting Lines. Brian J.L. Berry. CHAPMAN 1990 Book
Northumberland County Bookshelf. A Parcel of Old Books, 1650-1852 (found in R975.521
estates). Haynie. 1994. HAYNIE Book
Northwest Iowa Pioneers. Janice Stofferan & Dorothy Warren. 1977. GEN 977.7

Northwest Notebook. Elaine Walker. Post Falls, ID. v.1. R979.6

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Northwest Territory, Census of Washington County, Ohio in 1800. 10p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Northwestern Iowa, History and Traditions, 1804-1926. A. F. Allen. 1927. v.1. GEN 977.71

Northwestern Ohio Gene. Soc. Newsletter. v.1. #2. 1982. (Periodical: for issues VERTICAL FILE
see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Norwich, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1776-1903. MF 159 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 01 Microfilm
Not by Bread Alone. Saga of American Patriot's Winter at Valley Forge. Calvin R973.3341
Chunn. CHUNN 1981 Book
Notable Lawyers of the West, Including Members of the U.S. Supreme Court. R320.0973
(portraits). 1902. NOTABLE Book
Notable Men of Illinois and their State. 1912. R977.3

N843 Book
Notable Men of Tennessee, 1833-1875. O.P. Temple. 1912. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Notable Southern Families. Zela Armstrong 1974. v.1-3. R929.2097

AR58 Book
Notebook with Miscellaneous Data on Wissler, Whisler, Whistler.. See: Wissler VERTICAL FILE
Family file Vertical File
Notes & Family Tree in Bible Regarding Keene, Judd, Thompson, Moore names. VERTICAL FILE
4p. Vertical File
Notes & Family Tree in Bible Regarding Keene, Judd, Thompson, Moore names.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Keene Family file Vertical File
Notes & Queries. History & Genealogy Relating to Interior PA. Every Name Index R974.8
for 1st-4th Series. v.1-2. SCHORY 1982 Book
Notes & Queries. History & Genealogy Relating to Interior PA. William Egle. R974.8
1896-1900. Series 1-4 & 5 Annuals. NOTES A Book
Notes of Other Days in Skaneateles. Reminiscence of Syracuse. Suppl. to Rev. R974.765
Soldiers. W.M.Beauchamp. 1914. ON6 Book
Notes on Kentucky Veterans of the War of 1812. G.G. Clift. 1964. R976.9

C613N Book
Notes on Old Gloucouster Co., NJ. Frank H. Stewart. 1917, repr. 1977. v.1-4. 2 R974.981
bks. STEWART 1977 Book
Notes on Southside Virginia. Mrs. W.A.Watson. 1925, repr. 1977. R975.5

WATSON 1977 Book
Notes on the Settlement & Indian Wars of Western Parts of VA & PA 1763-1783. VERTICAL FILE
8p.. See: Virginia file Vertical File
Nothing Just Happens. The Frese Family coming to America from GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
German-Russia. Fred Frese. FRESE Book
Notices from New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. O. Hammond. 1970. R974.2

HAMMOND 1970 Book
Notices from New Jersey Newspapers, 1781-1790. Thomas B. Wilson. 1988. R974.903

WILSON 1988 Book
Nova Scotia Genealogist. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly, Index to v.1-8. 1981-1978. 10p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Nova Scotia Historical Society Genealogical Newsletter. (Periodical: for issues PERIODICAL SHELF
see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867. Leonard H. & Norma H. Smith. 1992-94. v. 1-2. R971.6

Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1769-1828. T.M. Punch. 1978-81. GEN 971.6
v. 1-3. NOVA SC Book
Nutmegger Index. Connecticut Nutmegger, Volumes 1-28, 1968-1996. Helen S. R GEN 974.6
Ullmann. 1996. ULLMANN Book
NY Historical Manuscripts. Old First Dutch Reformed Church of Brooklyn, NY, GEN 974.702
1660-1752. J. Van der Linde. 1983. OLD FIR Book
Oak Heights Neighbours, 1800-1950. Allan N. Birney. 1985. R971.3

Obituaries from the Daily Idahonian, 27 February 1940- 6 December 1991. R GEN 979.686
Dorothy Viets Schell. 1997. OBITUAR Book
Obituaries, Spokane, WA Newspapers,1935-1979. Patchen Card File. Arranged PATCHEN FILE
alphabetically. Book
Obituaries. A Guide To Sources. Betty M. Jarboe. 1989. 2nd ed. R016.973.9293

JARBOE 1989 Book
Obituary Dates & Your Family Ties. Over 140 Years in Montgomery County, R977.248
Indiana. Frances Haynes Quinn. 1987. QUINN Book
Obituary Index to 1897, Staunton Times. Mary McKenzie & Cynthia Leonard. R977.383
1986. MCKENZI Book
Obituary Notices from the Alexandria Gazette, 1784-1915. Alexandria Library. R975.5296
1987. OBITUAR 1987 Book
Obituary Notices from the Alexandria Gazette, 1784-1915. Lloyd House. 1987. 975.5296

Obituary Prior to 1800, as Far as Relates to England, Scotland & Ireland. Wm. R942
Musgrave. 1899. v.1-6 MUSGRAV Book
Offical Roster III. Soldiers of the Revolution in Ohio. 1959. R977.1

OH2O Book
Offical Roster of Ohio Soldiers in War with Spain 1898-1899. 1916. R977.1

OHIO 1916 Book
Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Navy Who Lost Their Lives During R GEN 940.913
WWI. U.S. Bureau of Navel Personnel. 1920. UN3U Book
Officers of the Continental Army. Ronald V. Jackson. 1987. GEN 973.34

Official Catholic Directory, Published Annually. P.J. Kenedy & Sons. Anno R282
Domini. 1975. OF2 1975 Book
Official List of Interments, George Wright Air Force Base Cemetery. Doris GEN 979.737
Woodward. 1993. OFFICIA Book
Official Records of Union & Confederate Armies. Supplement. 1994. Part I, v.1-10; GEN 973.73 INDEX SHELF
Index, v.11-12; Part II, v. 13-92; Part III, 93-95; Index, v. 96-100. UNITED Book
Official Records of Union & Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. 1894. GEN 973.7 INDEX SHELF
Series I, v.1-27; series II, v.1-3. Indexed. UNITED Book
Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia, 1827. 1967. R975.8

R299 Book
Official Register of Officers & Men of NJ in the Revolutionary War. Wm. S. R973.3 MICROCARD BOX
Stryker. N419 Microcard
Official Register of the U.S. Excluding Postal Workers. v.1: 1907, 1911-1921. & GEN 973 INDEX SHELF
yrs.1925-31, 1934-59. OFFICIA Book
Official Register of the U.S. Post Office. Dawson. v.2: 1901,1903,1905,1907,1911. GEN 973 INDEX SHELF

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Official Roster of Solders of the State of Ohio in the War of Rebellion. DAR, Ohio. GEN 929.4
v.1-3. OH3 Book
Ogden Brothers & Their Descendants. Chester M. Willingham. c1979. R929.2097

OGDEN 1979 Book
Ogden Family in America, Elizabethtown Branch. W.O. Sheeler. 1907. v.1-2. R929.2

OG2 Book
Ogden-Preston Genealogy. Mrs. J.B. Stone & W.O. Powell. 1914. R929.2

OG2S Book
Ohio Archeological & Historical Publication. 1900. v.1-10. R977.1

OH3 Book
Ohio Cemeteries. Ohio Genealogical Society. 1978. R977.1

OHIO GE 1978 Book
Ohio Cemetery Records Extracted from the Old Northwest Gen. Quarterly. E.P. R977.1
Bently. 1984. OHIO CE 1984 Book
Ohio Centennial Anniversary Celebration. Randall. 1903. R977.1

OH3C Book
Ohio County, West Virginia Index to County Order Books, Part 1 & 2; GEN 975.414
Miscellaneous Name Index, 1777-1881; Revolutionary War Pensions & Road CRAFT Book
Orders. Kenneth Fischer Craft. 1997-98. v. 1-2.
Ohio County, West Virginia Marriages, Bk I, 1790-1827. Mary Fresse Warrell. R975.414

WARRELL 198? Book
Ohio Genealogical Periodical Index. A County Guide. Carol Willsey Bell. 3rd ed. GEN 977.1
1981. BELL Book
Ohio Genealogical Periodical Index. A County Guide. Carol Willsey Bell. 6th ed. R GEN 977.1
1987. BELL Book
Ohio Genealogical Research. George K. Schweitzer. 1994. GEN 977.1

Ohio Genealogical Society Report. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Ohio Genealogy Sources by County. State Library of Ohio. 26p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Handbook of the Civil War. R.S. Harper. 1961. R977.1

H233 Book
Ohio Hundred Year Book. Public Men & Public Institutions of Ohio, 1787-1901. R977.1
E.H. Gilkey. 1901. GILKEY 1901 Book
Ohio Land Grants. (includes origin of county names). J.T. Ferguson. 46p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Lands, Steubenville Land Office, 1800-1820. Carol Willsey Bell. 1983. R977.1

BELL 1983 Book
Ohio Marriage Index, 1789-1850. Family Tree Maker. 1996. FTM CD-400 MICROFORM CABINET

Ohio Marriages, from Old Northwest Quarterly. M. Smith. 1979. R977.1

OHIO MA 1979 Book
Ohio Military Land Warrants, 1789-1801. Ronald V. Jackson. 1988. GEN 977.1

Ohio Newspaper Abstract Series, 1812-1870. Michael B. Clegg & Edith J. GEN 977.1
Minderman. 1981-1985. 4v. in 1. NEWSPAP Book
Ohio Records & Pioneer Families. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Ohio Source Records from the Ohio State Gene. Quarterly. Genealogy Publishing R977.1
Co. 1986. OHIO SO 1986 Book
Ohio Tombstones, Licking County. v.1, #4.. See: Ohio - Cemeteries file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. Richmond Cemetery. v.1, #3.. See: Ohio - Cemeteries file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #1.. See: Ohio - Cemeteries file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #1-3.. See: Ohio - Cemeteries file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #1-4.. See: Ohio - Cemeteries file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #2.. See: Ohio - Cemeteries file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #2-3.. See: Ohio - Cemeteries file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #3, pg.43: Grout Family Bible Records.. See: Ohio - VERTICAL FILE
Cemeteries file Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #3.. See: Ohio - Cemeteries file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #4, pg.66: Peek/Peck Family Bible Records.. See: Ohio VERTICAL FILE
- Cemeteries file Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #4, pg.67: Stratton Family Bible Records.. See: Ohio - VERTICAL FILE
Cemeteries file Vertical File
Ohio Tombstones. v.1, #4, pg.69: McDowell Prayer Book with Births & Deaths.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Ohio - Cemeteries file Vertical File
Ohio Wills & Estates to 1850, an Index. Carol W. Bell. 1981. R977.1

BELL 1981 Book
Okaloosa County Journal. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Oklahoma Marriage Records. Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, 1890-1900. Ellen GEN 970.0049
Tiffee. v.1-6. CHOCTAW Book
Oklahoma Place Names. George R. Shirk. 2nd. ed. Revised & Enlarged. R976.6003
1974-1981. SHIRK 1974 Book
Oklahoma Territory Weddings. Frances Murphy Bode. 1983. R976.6

BODE 1983 Book
Old and New Monongahela. John Van Voorhis. 1893, repr. 1974. R974.88

V379 Book
Old Cemeteries, St. Louis County, Missouri. St. Louis Genealogical Society. R977.866
1983. v.2. OLD CEM Book
Old Cemetery Burials of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Elizabeth Doherty R GEN 977.594
Herzfeld. 1995-1997. v. 1-2. HERZFEL Book
Old Colony Ashleys. The Descendants of Abraham & Joseph Ashley, Rochester, R929.20973
MA. 1976. Pts.1-3. ASHLEYS Book
Old Country Store on last legs, Gurneyville, OH. John Baskin. 1975. 2p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Old European Progenitors and Mayflower Ancestors of the A.T.F. and Mary R929.20973
Swain Fuller Family. Butler. 1990. FULLER Book
Old Families of Salisbury & Amesbury, Massachusetts. David W. Hoyt. 1916, R974.45
repr. 1992. v.1-3 plus supplement in 1bk. HOYT 1982 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Old Fort Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Old Free State. L.C. Bell. 1927. v.1-2. R929.2

B413 Book
Old Greenville Church Cemetery near Donalds, SC. Pauline Young. R929.5

Y87 Book
Old Huguenot Burying Ground. Huguenot Historical Society. 1970. 20p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
New York-Ulster Co file Vertical File
Old I.O.O.F. Section, Troy, Iowa Cemetery. Mildred Lowry. 1975. GEN 977.797

Old Kent, Eastern Shore of Maryland. G.A. Hanson. 1876, repr. 1967. GEN 975.236

Old Kentucky Entries & Deeds. Jillson. 1926, repr. 1969. R976.9

J563 Book
Old King William Homes and Families. Peyton Neal Clarke. 1897, repr. 1964. R975.5355

C555 Book
Old Lancaster Tales & Traditions. W.F. Worner. 1927. R974.815

W895 Book
Old Maps for some Counties in New Hampshire. Saco Valley Printing. 1985. GEN 974.42

D H HUR Book
Old Maps of Maine for Some Counties. Saco Valley Printing. GEN 912.74182 MAP CASE

Old Maps of Massachusetts in 1884. Northeast and South Essex County. Saco GEN 974.45 MAP CASE
Valley Printing. GEORGE Book
Old Northwest Quarterly. Old NW Gene. Soc. (Periodical: for issues see Period. R929 PERIODICAL SHELF
Alpha File) OLI Periodical
Old Pugwash Families. James F. Smith. 1986. R971.611

SMITH 1986 Book
Old Somerset on Eastern Shore of Maryland. A study in Foundations & Founders. R975.22
1966. TORRENC 1966 Book
Old Stone Capitol Remembers. 100th Anniversary of Iowa City, Iowa in 1939. R977.765
Shantbaugh. 1939. SH17 Book
Old Stone Church Cemetery, Clemson, SC. Peggy Burton Rich. 1979. R975.723

Old Sussex Families of the Minisink Region. Charles Edgar Stickney. 193-, repr. R975.5565
1988. STICKNE 1988 Book
Old Times in Old Monmouth, Historical Reminiscenses of Old Monmouth Co., NJ. R974.946
Salter & Beekman. 1980. SALTER 1980 Book
Old United Empire Loyalists List. 1885, repr. 1969. R971.3

UNITED 1969 Book
Oldacre/Oldaker Story. Edward L. Oldaker. 1985. R929.20973

Olivestob Hamiltons. Rev. Arthur W.H. Eaton. 1893. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Olliff Family History. Descendants of John Shears Oliff & Johannah Jackson Oliff R929.2093
of Bullock County,GA. 1992. OLIFF Book
Olliff Family History. Descendants of John Shears Olliff & Johannah Jackson Olliff R929.20973
of Bullock County, GA. 1992. OLIFF Book
Olmstead's Genealogy Recorded Newsletter. v.1 #1-2. 1976. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Description Catalog # Location /Type
O'Lochlainns Beginners Guide To Irish Family Research. Michael C. O'Laughlin. R929.1089
1990. OLAUGHL 1990 Book
Olympia Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. PERIODICAL SHELF
Alpha File) Periodical
Omaha, The Gate City & Douglas County, Nebraska. Arthur Cooper Wakeley. GEN 978.2254
1917. v.2. OMAHA T Book
Omitted Chapters. Hotten's Original Lists of Persons of Quality. England to R929.3
American Plantations, 1600-1700. J.C. Brandow. 1982. OMITTED 1982 Book
Omohundro Genealogical Record. M.H. Omohundro. 1951. R929.2

OM6 Book
O'Mulligan-Milligan Miscellany. Donald Clyde Milligan. 1968. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

On Hebron & Marlborough from Guide to the Hist. & Historic Sites of CT. 10p.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Connecticut-Hebron file Vertical File
On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier. A Biography of African- Americans in the U.S. R355.0092
Army, 1866-1917. Schubert.1995. ON THE Book
One Branch of the Coolidge Family, 1427-1963. F.C. Crawford. 1964. R929.2

C779 Book
One Crandall Family, 1651-1996. Alice Crandall Park. 1996. R GEN 929.2097

One Man's Family. A History & Genealogy of the Fetzer Family. J.E. Fetzer. R929.2
1964. F432 Book
One Moore Family Tree. Descendants of Abel Moore, Morgan R GEN 929.20973
County,Illinois,1829-1876. Margaret J. Wallace. 1996. MOORE Book
Oneida Community. Constance Robertson. 8p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ons Voorgeslacht, Orgaan van de Zuidhollandse Vereniging voor Genealogie. VERTICAL FILE
#59. 1956. 23p. Vertical File
Ontarian Families. Edw. Marion Chadwick. 1894, repr. 1970. v.1-2 in 1 Bk. R971.3

CHADWIC 1970 Book
Ontario Marriage Notices. Thomas B. Wilson 1982. R971.3

WILSON 1982 Book
Ontario People, 1796-1803. E. Keith Fitzgerald. 1993. R971.3

Ontario Register. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Open/Closed Adoption Records. State by State & State Cap. Off. & Agency, VERTICAL FILE
Addrs. Allen Co. Pub. Lib. Vertical File
Opportunities of the Golden West. Annine F. Harder. 1960, repr. 1978. R929.20973

HARDER 1960 Book
Orange County Marriages, 1747-1850. John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr. 1984. R975.5372

VOGT 1984 Book
Orange County, NC Taxpayers, 1784-1793. T.L.C. Genealogy. 1991. R975.6565

ORANGE 1991 Book
Orchard Prairie, The First 100 Years, 1879-1979. Kathryn T. Highberg. 1979. R979.737

HIGHBER 1978 Book
Orchids in the Mud. 132nd Infantry Regiment. 1985. R GEN 940.5481

Ordance Survey: Monastic Britain, South Sheet. Director General of the Ordance VERTICAL FILE
Survey. 1976. 1p. Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Orderly Books of 4th New York Regiment, 1778-1780; 2nd New York Regiment, R973.3
1780-1783. A.W. Lauber. 1932. N42 Book
Ordnance Survey, Memoires of Ireland. Parishes of County Antrim, 1830-1840. A. R941.6
Day. 1990-02. v. 2,8,10,13. ORDNANC Book
Oregon Bible Records from Museums of the Willamette Valley. Jo Ann Burgess. R979.5
1988. v. 1. BURGESS Book
Oregon Cemetery Directory. Oregon Heritage Council. 1976. GEN 979.5

Oregon Century Farms Certified. Oregon Dept. of Agr. and Or. Hist. Soc. VERTICAL FILE
1958-1976. 3v. 25p. Vertical File
Oregon Country Under the Union Jack. A Reference Book of Historical Documents R979.5
for Scholars & Historians. B.C. Payette 1962. PAYETTE 1962 Book
Oregon County's Three Flags. L.A.W. Simpson. 1971. R977.8875

SIMPSON 1971 Book
Oregon Early Settlers. Oregon Genealogical Society. 1994, 1996. v. 1-2. GEN 979.5

Oregon Genealogical Society Bulletin. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Oregon Pioneer Association Proceedings, 1873-1928. 8v. R979.519

OR3 Book
Oregon Soldiers During the Civil War. Genealogy Forum of Portland. 1961. R979.5

SOLDIER 1961 Book
Oregon State Death Index, 1903-1970, Guide. Archives Div. Office of Sec. of BOX A HOW TO
State. 1982. A-9 Book
Oregon State Death Index, 1903-1970. Archives Div. Office of Sec. of State. 1982. MF 051-062 MICROFORM CABINET

Oregon Trail References. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Oregon Trail Research. Compiled by Lethene Parks. 1994. RESOURCE SHELF

Oregon Trail Sources, Queries & Reviews. ( a continuing series). Rose Caudle SURNAME SHELF
Terry. Marysville, WA. Book
Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial. A History and Directory of Names. B.J. R GEN 979.549
Stanley. 1988. STANLEY Book
Oregon, Benton County Cemeteries. Barbara Hanshew, Ethel Shipman. 1982. GEN 979.534

Oregon, Deschutes County Marriages, Courthouse Records, 1916-1925. Bk.1-3. R979.587
1983. OREGON 1983 Book
Oregon, Linn County Cemeteries. Barbara Hanshew, Ethel Shipman. 1982. GEN 979.535

Oregon, Tillamook County Marriages, 1862-1910. Vera Creech. 1982. GEN 979.544

Organizing & Preserving Your Heirloom Documents. Katherine Scott Sturdevant. GEN 929.1
2002. STURDEV Book
Organizing Your Family History Search. Sharon DeBartolo Carmack. 1999. R GEN 929.1

Origin and History of Irish Names Of Places. P. W. Joyce. 1913. v.1-3. R929.4

J854 Book
Origin & Signification of Scottish Surnames. C.S. Sims. 1862, repr. 1969. R929.4

SI58O Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Origin and History of Irish Names of Places. P.W. Joyce. 1913. v.1-3. R929.4

J854 Book
Origin and History of the Family Setzekorn. William David Setzekorn. 1998. R GEN 929.20973

Origin of English Surnames. P.H. Reaney. 1967. R929.40942

R231 Book
Origin of Place Names of Nebraska. J.T. Link. 1933. R978.2

LINK 1933 Book
Original Diary of Trip to Oregon. 1864. 17p.. See: Flory Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Original Distribution of the Lands in Hartford Among the Settlers. 1639. 1912. R974.63

H253 Book
Original Land Purchasers in Southwest Arkansas from 1826. Hempstead County GEN 976.75
Genealogical Society. 1990. Bk. 1. ORIGINA Book
Original Land Titles of Delaware, Duke of York Records, 1646-1679. 1903. R975.1

D376 Book
Original Lists of Persons of Quality. Great Britain to American Plantations, R973.2 MICROCARD BOX
1600-1700. Hotten. 1880. Also Book. H798 Microcard
Original Lists of Persons of Quality. Great Britain to American Plantations, R929.3
1600-1700. Hotten. 1880, repr. 1962. HOTTEN Book
Original Scots Colonists of Early America, 1612-1783. David Dobson. 1989. R929.3089

DOBSON 1989 Book
Original Scots Colonists of Early America, Supplement, 1607-1707. David R GEN 929.3089
Dobson. 1998. DOBSON Book
Orting Valley, Yesterday & Today, Including McMillin & Alderton. Heritage Quest. R979.778
1987. ORTING 1987 Book
Osage County Cemeteries, Old Soldiers, Obituaries including Burials in Adjacent R GEN 978.1643
Counties. Topeka Genealogical Society. 1996. BAYLESS Book
Oscar Carleton McCulloch, 1843-1891. Genevieve C. Weeks. 1976. RB MCCULLO

WEEKS 1976 Book
Otis Orchards. The First Fifty Years. Mary Hanly Berglund. 1998. GEN 979.737

O'Toomeys of Croom. T.N. Toomey. 1920. R929.2

T618 Book
Our Ancestors & Their Descendants. Ed & Katie Nelms Allen. Vivian & Brenda R929.20973
Newingham. 1968. ALLEN 1968 Book
Our Bowlby Kin. June Barekman. Chicago. 1974. v.1. R929.2

B68 Book
Our Colonial Weller Ancestors. Richard W. Weller. 1978. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Our Ellenwood Clan. Nellie Ataline Gard. 1981. GEN 929.2097

Our Family Heritage. A Journal of Ohio R. Valley. v.3. #1. 1975. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Our Family Heritage. The Perdues of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 1563 to R929.20973
present. E. M. Perdue. 1988. PERDUE 1988 Book
Our Family Tree. Dr. Joseph Marion Cain. 1980. 12p.. See: Cain Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Our Family Tree: Williams & Uebelachers. 2p.. See: Uebelacher Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Our Fay Lineage. Roland G. Kaiser. 1963. R929.2097

FAY 196? Book
Our French-Canadian Ancestors. Thomas J. LaForest. (Biographies). R920.0714

Our Hendrickson Legacy. Sandy Neil. 1989. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Our Heritage, San Antonio, Texas. v.1 #1 Oct 1959. 30p. (Periodical: for issues VERTICAL FILE
see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Our Italian Surnames. J.G. Fucilla. 1949. R929.4

F951 Book
Our Jolly Grandpas. Mrs. Iver Longeteig. R929.2

J685 Book
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file Vertical File
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1981. MATTHEW 1981 Book
Our Native Americans & Their Records of Genealogical Value. E. Kay Kirkham. R929.373
1980, 1984. v.1-2. KIRKHAM Book
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SA47 Book
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Wilson. 1998. PENNING Book
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C245O Book
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Berry. 1987. BERRY 1987 Book
Our Quaker Friends. Transcript of Minute Books, Cedar Creek & South River R GEN 975.5
Meetings. 1905, repr.1994. BELL Book
Our Yesterdays. Eastern Custer County Historical Society. 1970. R GEN 978.395

Out of the Past, Buntin and McCollum Ancestors. R.M. Buntin and R. McCollum. R GEN 929.20973
1995. BUNTIN Book
Outline Map Showing Townships 1p VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Outstanding Americans, Bicentennial Edition. Biographical Publication Co. 1976. GEN 973

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THOMAS 1992 Book
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Society. (Oregon Trail). White & Cuthill. 1993. OVERLAN Book
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Ownership Map of Sumner County, KS. 5p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
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OX2 Book
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1978. PACIFIC 1978 Book
Pacific Northwesterner. Inland Empire Russian Germans. 9p. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Page Heritage. Shirley Bodak. v.4. 1977. (Periodical: for issues see Period. VERTICAL FILE
Alpha File) Periodical
Page Pedigree. Shirley Penna-Oakes. Marysville, WA. (a continuing series) SURNAME SHELF

Pages on Hebron & Marlborough, CT from Guide to the Hist. & Historic Sites of VERTICAL FILE
CT. 10p. Vertical File
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JONES 1990 Book
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EDMONDS 1977 Book
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PROVOST 1985 Book
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Parish & Vital Records. Listings of the Genealogical Department of LDS Family RESOURCE SHELF
History Library. 1977. Book
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Genealogical Studies. 1977. INSTITU 1977 Book
Parish Register of Saint Peter's, New Kent County, VA, 1680-1787. National GEN 975.543
Society of Colonial Dames of America. 1904. ST PETE Book
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Description Catalog # Location /Type
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KYLE 1958 Book
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1981. TERRY Book
Pasadena, a Calender of Events in the Making of a City. 1955. 14p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
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ed., 1988. FILBY Book
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Publication. PASSENG Book
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P. Glazier & P. William Filby. CD
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Passenger and Immigration Lists: Irish Immigrants to North America, 1803-1871. FTM CD-257 MICROFORM CABINET
Family Tree Maker. 1998. CD
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1999. CD
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1999. BENTLEY Book
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1991. v. 1. PASSENG Book
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PATCH 1985 Book
Patchen Inland Empire Genealogical Miscellany. MF 002 MICROFORM CABINET

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Nelson. 1976. PATENTS Book
Paths to the Northwest. A Jesuit History of Oregon Province. Wilfred P. R271.53
Schoenberg. 1982. SCHOENB Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
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Chautaugua County. Fred W. Kates. 1981. KATES 1981 Book
Patriotism of Illinois. T.M. Eddy. 1866. v.1-2. R977.3

ED26 Book
Patriots at Kings Mountain. B.G. Moss. 1990. R GEN 973.336

Paul Sears Direct Decendants. 1p.. See: Sears Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Paullin Family of Southern New Jersey. E.G. VanName. 1958. R929.2

P284 Book
Pawtucket, Past & Present. 1917. 55p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Paxton, MA Burial Ground Inscriptions to end of 1849. F.P. Rice. R929.3

P289 Book
Peach Tree Handbook, Southern Maryland Branch. John Harding Peach. 1988. R GEN 929.20973
v.2. PEACH Book
Pearce Bulletin. Margaret Pearce Pasteur. 1965-84. #23 & 25. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Pearce Pioneers in Kentucky. Marvin J. Pearce, Sr. 1969. R929.2

P315 Book
Pearsons Places & Things. Richard Pearson. Woodbridge, VA. v.2 #3. Jun 1990. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Pedigree of the Ancient Family of Donovan or O'Donovan. John O'Hart. R929.2

OHL Book
Pedigree of the Descendants of Henry Randolph I 1623-1673 of Henrico County, R929.2
VA. Wassell Randolph. 1957. R159RP Book
Pedigrees of Some of Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants. J. O. Buck & T.F. R929.1
Field. 1978, repr. 1988. v.3. REDLICH Book
Peffley, Peffly, Pefley Families in America & Allied Families, 1729-1938. May & R929.2
Earl Frost. 1938. P348 Book
Pelham, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1639-1933. MF 159 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 02 Microfilm
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PENCE 1986 Book
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Society. 1992. TOMBSTO/SUPPL. Book
Pendulous Edition of Kingsbury Genealogy. Rev. Addison Kingsbury. 1901. R929.2

KINGSBU 1901 Book
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Slyke. v.1-2 (in 1 book). PENNEBAKER Book
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P865 Book
Pennsylvania Archives, 1st Series. v.1-8, 10-11. R974.8

P3835A Book
Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series. v.1-19. R974.8

P3835A2 Book
Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series. v.1-30. v.27-30:Indexes. R974.8

P3835A3 Book
Pennsylvania Archives, 4th Series. v.1-12. v.12:Index. R974.8

P3835A4 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Series. v.1-8. R974.8

P3835A5 Book
Pennsylvania Archives, 6th Series. v.1-15. v.15 prts. 1-2:Index. R974.8

P3835A6 Book
Pennsylvania Archives, 7th Series. v.1-5. Indexes to Series 6. R974.8

P3835A7 Book
Pennsylvania Archives, 8th Series. v.1-8. R974.8

P3835A8 Book
Pennsylvania Archives, 9th Series. v.1-10. R974.8

P3835A9 Book
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1852. v.1-4, 7-16. P3834 Book
Pennsylvania Archives, Colonial Records, Minutes of Supreme Executive R974.8
Council of PA. 1852. v.1-6. P38341 Book
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Arch. Series 1-9. 1949. P3835AY Book
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2001. CD
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v.1. HUMPHRE Book
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v.2. HUMPHRE Book
Pennsylvania Births, York County, 1730-1800. John T. Humphrey. 1998. R GEN 974.841

Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Pennsylvania Genealogies, Scotch-Irish & German. W.H. Engle. R929.1 MICROCARD BOX

EG53 Microcard
Pennsylvania German Church Records of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, R974.8
etc. PA German Society. 1983. v.1-3. PENNSYL 1983 Book
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PENNSYL 1980 Book
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1727-1808. 1934, repr.1992. v.1-3. STRASSB Book
Pennsylvania Germans, Ephrata Cloister. Eugene E. Doll. 1958. 32p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Pennsylvania in 1780. John D. Stemmons. 1978. GEN 312.09748 CENSUS SHELF

Pennsylvania Land Applications. East Side, 1765-1769. Kenneth D. McCrea. GEN 974.8
2002. v.1. MCCREA Book
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Kenneth D. McCrea. 2003. v.2. MCCREA Book
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Munger. 1991. MUNGER Book
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3rd ed. PENNSYL 1983 Book
Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790. From PA Arch., 2nd series v.2. 1890. R974.8
1976. P385M Book
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Cumulative Indexes, 1978-1992. (Periodical: PERIODICAL SHELF
for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Pennsylvania Place Names. A.H. Espenshade. 1970. R917.48

ES64 Book
Pennsylvania Trail of History, Guide Map to Historic Sites and Museums. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Pennsylvania Vital Records from PA Magazine of History & Biography & PA R974.8
Genealogy Magazine. 1983. v.1-2. PENNSYL 1983 Book
Pennsylvania Women in the American Revolution, Index To. William Henry Egle. VERTICAL FILE
1972. 5p.. See: Pennsylvania file Vertical File
Pension List of 1820. (U.S. War Department) Murtie June Clark. 1820, repr. 1991. GEN 973.34

Pension Lists of 1792-1795 with other Revolutionary War Records. Murtie June GEN 973.34
Clark. 1991. PENSION Book
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Reprint with index. 1992. v.1-4. UNITED 1992 Book
Pensioners on the Roll as of January 1, 1883 (living in Wisconsin). 1998. GEN 977.5

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Society. 1976. MCPHEET Book
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STROUP 1973 Book
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People Who Will Live in Colville Area History. 1989 Centennial Celebration Book. R979.723
Patrick J Graham. PEOPLE 1989 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Peridical Source Index, 1989. Michael B. Clegg & Curt B. Witcher. 1990. GEN 016.9291 INDEX SHELF

Periodial: Drumbeat. Calif. Soc. SAR. (lineages) v. 45 #2, 1986.. See: Patriotic VERTICAL FILE
Soc. file Vertical File
Periodical Source Index, 1847-1985. Michael B. Clegg & C.B. Witcher. GEN 016.9291 INDEX SHELF
1990-1995. V. 1-16. PERIODI Book
Periodical Source Index. PERSI. Ancestry. 2000. ANC CD-002 MICROFORM CABINET

Periodical: Our Heritage. Burke County Cemetery. v.1, #1.. See: Texas file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Periodical: Robbins/Thompson News. v.22, #28. June, 1979.. See: Robbins VERTICAL FILE
Family file Vertical File
Perkins Families in the United States in 1790. D.W. Perkins. 1911. R GEN 929.20973

Perkins Family. Descendents of John Perkins and Judith Gater. P.H. Daigle. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1997. PERKINS Book
Person County, NC Compilations, 1792-1823. Land Grants, Tax Lists. Katherine R GEN 975.6573
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Personal & Family History of Charles Hooks & Margaret Monk Harris. James GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
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c1980. PARKER 1980 Book
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SM55 Book
Personnel of the Civil War. W.F. Amann. 1961. v.1:Confederate Armies. R973.74
v.2:Union Armies. AM13 Book
Peter Baker of New York, 1767-1822. He Came from Orange County, but where R929.20973
was he Born. E. Baker. 1986. BAKER Book
Peter Skene Ogden, Fur Trader. T.C. Elliott. 1910. R979.5

EL58A Book
Peterson Family Birth, Death & Marriage Cert. 4p.. See: Peterson Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Peterson Family Tree. David Alan Lundeen. 1986. R GEN 929.20973

Petitioners & 18th-century Actions to Erect Present day Berks County Townships. R974.816
J. M. Beidler. n.d. BEIDLER Book
Petty of ENG & VA, Wright of VA, KY, MO, Riley of MD, KY, MO, & Related R929.2097
Families. Gerald Petty. 1973. PETTY 1973 Book
Petty Pagers. v.1 #1. 1976. 21p. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) VERTICAL FILE

Philadelphia Co., PA, Carpenters' Hall & Its Historic Memories. R.K. Betts. 1888. VERTICAL FILE
41p. Vertical File
Philadelphia Early Tax Records. A. Weinberg. 1960. R974.811

WEINBUR 1960 Book
Philadelphia Naturalization Records. Index for Records, Declarations, Oaths, R929.373
1789-1800. P. William Filby. 1982. PHILADE 1982 Book
Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parish Registers. Cecil R. Humphery-Smith. 1984. R929.342

PHILLIM 1984 Book
Phillips Bulletin. Shirley Bodak. v.2. 1977. 12p. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Phineas Pratt and Some of His Descendants. 1897. R929.2 MICROCARD BOX

P888 Microcard
Photo Heritage of Hutsell & Thedford Families. Wm. D. Hutsell. c1982. R929.2097

HUTSELL 1982 Book
Photographic History of the Civil War. Blue & Grey Press. 1987. v.1-2.(1bk) R973.7

PHOTOGR 1987 Book
Photos & Articles Regarding Students in Wenatchee area in early 1900's. 12p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Photos of Mrs. Ella Stannard Holbrook, Loren Holbrook & Ray Gremont Holbrook. VERTICAL FILE
4p.. See: Holbrook Family file Vertical File
Physician Signers of the Declaration of Independence. George E. Gifford. 1976. GEN 973.313

Pictorial History of Brown County. The Journal, New Ulm, MN. 1992. R GEN 977.631

Picture of Pennsylvania Germans. R.W. Gilbert. 1962. R974.8

GILBERT 1962 Book
Piedmont Hist. Soc. Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Piedmont North Carolina Cemeteries. Cane Creek Friends Meeting Cemetery R975.65
Records. L.S. Hornaday. 1981. v.1. HORNADA Book
Pierce Chronicle. Personal Reminiscenses of E.D. Pierce. J.G. Williams & R.W. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Stark. PIERCE Book
Pierce Genealogy, IV. Record of the Posterity of Capt's. Michael, John & Wm. R929.2
Pierce. F.C. Pierce. 1889. P611 Book
Pierce Noland Descendants. Edward J. Ronsheim, Sr. 1954. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Pierce, Goddard, Gifford and Shirk Families of the US Notheast. Thomas D. GEN 929.20973
Riney. 2002. RINEY Book
Pierce's Register. Certificates Issued to Officers & Soldiers of the Continental GEN 973.34
Army. 1973. repr.1984. UNITED Book
Pierpont Genealogies from Norman Times to 1913. R. Burnham Moffet. 1913. R929.2

P613 Book
Pierson Family History, 1980. Ethel K. Gosney. 1986. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Pike Speaks. Waverly, OH. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Pilgrim Fathers of New England & Their Puritan Successors. John Brown. R974.48

B817 Book
Pilgrimage. Mothers & Widows of Soldiers, Sailors & Marines of the American R940.315
Forces Interred in Europe. 1930. PILGRIM Book
Pilgrims on the Earth, A German-Russian Chronicle. Richard D. Scheureman. R917.9739
1976. SCHEUER Book
Pillars of Maryland. F.S. McGrath. 1950. R975.2

M178 Book
Pineville, Missouri, Cemetery Register. Pineville Cemetery Society. 1995. GEN 977.8736

Pinon Whispers. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County PA, 1770-1800. Clement F. R GEN 974.857
Heverly. 1913, repr. 1994. HEVERLY Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Pioneer Association of State of Washington 1966. List of Members, 1966. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Pioneer Branches. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Pioneer Days Reviewed, Deer Park Area. Nancy A. Fisher & Etta May Bennett. R979.737
1970. FISHER 1970 Book
Pioneer Days. Early History of Jefferson Co., Ohio. Mary D. Sinclair. 1962. R977.169

SI62 Book
Pioneer Dreams. Histories of Washington Territorial Pioneers. L. Darlene Spargo GEN 979.7
and Judy Artley Sandbloom. 2004. PIONEER Book
Pioneer Families of Butler County, Kentucky, South of the Green River. M.R. R976.9755
Austin, H.R. Rouk. 1992. AUSTIN 1992 Book
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Peggy L. Cunningham. 2002. PIONEER Book
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ARMSTRO 1979 Book
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repr. 1991. part 1-2. TURNER 1991 Book
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Pioneer Life on Bay of Quinte. Ralph & Clark, Ltd. 1904, repr. 1976. R971.3587

PIONEER 1976 Book
Pioneer Norwegian Settlers In Buchanan Co. 1847. 3p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Pioneer Ohio Newspapers, 1793-1810. Genealogical & Historical Abstracts. Karen R977.1
Mauer Greene. 1986. GREENE 1986 Book
Pioneer Ohio Newspapers, 1802-1818. Genealogical & Historical Abstracts. Karen R977.1
Mauer Green. 1988. GREEN 1988 Book
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Jubilee Days. 1962. PIONEER Book
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N883 Book
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Pioneer Snelgroves of MS, SC, GA & AL and their Descendants. H.S. Snellgrove. R929.20973
1968. SNELGRO 1968 Book
Pioneer Sodbusters and Roustabouts, 1889-1987. Curtis Media Corp. 1987. R GEN 976.6

Pioneer Stories. Rev. Ole Lokensgard, from Norwegian Periodical: Halligen. 1918. SURNAME SHELF

Pioneer Times. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Pioneering Ganders. Family History. H.S. Ganders. 1974. R929.2

G151 Book
Pioneering in the Palouse & in the Lacrosse Country. Minnie Turner Fronek. 1951. R979.739

Pioneers across the Continent. L.E. Doughty. 1935. R929.2

D744 Book
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SHINN 1991 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Pioneers of Crook County, 1876-1920. Crook County Historical Society. 1981. R978.713

Pioneers of Massachusetts. Charles Pope. 1900. R929

P81 Book
Pioneers of Mifflin County. Stroup & Bell. 1942. R974.846

STROUP 1946 Book
Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia. Cecil O'Dell. 1995. R GEN 975.5

Pioneers of Old Hopewell with Sketches of Her Revolutionary Heroes. Ralph Ege. R974.971
1908, repr. 1963. EG21 Book
Pioneers of Old Monocacy. Early Settlers of Frederick County, Maryland, R975.287
1721-1743. Tracey & Dern. 1987, repr. 1989. TRACEY 1987 Book
Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie. Riley County Genealogical Society. 1976. R978.1

PIONEER 1976 Book
Pioneers of the Columbia. Greenwood Park Grange. 1998. R GEN 979.723

Pioneers to Hampshire County. Wilmer L. Kerns. 3p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Pittsburg Gazette Abstracts, 1787-1803 & 1806-1816. Clara E. Duer. 1988-1991. R974.886
v. 1-4. DUER Book
Pittsylvania Co. Index of Surnames & Co. Recs. Wm.& Mary, VA.Mag.Hist., & VERTICAL FILE
Tyler's Q.. See: Virginia file Vertical File
Place Names & Places of Nova Scotia. Charles B. Fergusson. 1967. GEN 917.16

Place Names of England & Wales. J.B. Johnston. 1916. R929.4

J644 Book
Plainsfield, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1784-1950. MF 159 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 03 Microfilm
Plans of Boston, 1630-1645. George Lamb. 1905. R974.46

B657 Book
Planters of the Commonwealth, 1620-1640. (Including Passenger Lists). C.E. R929
Banks. 1930. B226P Book
Plat Book of Ringgold Co., IA, 1983. R.C. Booth. Harlan, IA. 1983. 14p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Plat Book of Ringgold Co., IA, with Townships Showing Residents. Virginia Corill. VERTICAL FILE
1982-83. 20p. Vertical File
Platte County, MO Abstracts of Wills & Adminstration. Will Books, 1841-1861 & R977.8135
Bond Books, 1847-1851. H666 Book
Plaza is a Tiny Town but History Interesting. 1975. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Plummer Begun by Chance. Leila Olin. 1977. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Plummer Genealogy: Francis Plummer who Settled at Newbury, MA & Some of GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
His Descendants. Sidney Perley. 1917. PLUMMER Book
Plymouth Church Records, 1620-1859. New England Society of N.Y. 1920, 1923. R277.44
v.1-2. P749 Book
Plymouth Colony Marriages to 1650. Robert S. Wakefield together with Mary GEN 974.4
Chilton's Title to Celebrity. Charles T. Libby. 1978. WAKEFIE Book
Plymouth Colony Probate Guide, 1620-1691. R.W. Wilder & R.S. Wakefield. 1983. GEN 974.4

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Plymouth Colony. Its History & People, 1620-1691. Eugene Aubrey Stratton. GEN 974.482
1986. STRATTO Book
Plymouth County, MA Probate Index, 1686-1881. Ralph V. Wood, Jr. 1988/1989. R974.482

WOOD 1989 Book
Plymouth Rock on the Pacific. Wesley Luther Jacob Melleneix. R929.2097

MULLENN 1983 Book
Pocahontas' Descendants. Revision, enlargement & extension. Brown, Myers & R929.20973
Chappel. 1985, repr. 1994. ROLFE Book
Poingdestre-Poindexter. John Poindexter Landers. 1975. R929.2097

POINDEX 1975 Book
Poland & the American Revolutionary War. Miecislaus Haiman. 1932. R929

H126 Book
Polish American. How & Where to Research your Ethnic American Cultural VERTICAL FILE
Heritage. Robert D. Reed. 1979. Vertical File
Polish Roots (Korzenia Polskie). Rosemary A. Chorzempa. 1993. R 943.8

Polk City Directories for Various Cities in Idaho, 1932-1988. A guide lists the cities MICROFORM CABINET
& dates. Microfiche
Polk County Classics, Sesquicentennial Photography Album. George Francis R977.877
Hooper & J. C. Sterling. 1985. HOOPER 1985 Book
Polk County, NC Will Abstracts, 1855-1910. Grace Turner & Miles S. Philbeck, R975.6915
Jr. 1982. TURNER 1982 Book
Polk's Pocatello City Directory, 1903. R.L. Polk & Co. GEN 917.9665

Pommerschen Leute, We Miss You. Oshkosh, WI. various issues, 1986-1987. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Poor-Poore Family Reunion at Lawrence, MA, Sept 6, 1893. Newcomb & Gauss. R929.20973
1899. POOR Book
Popejoy Family in America, 1700-1876. Wm. Popejoy, Immigrant from England & R929.2097
his Descendants. Charles L. Popejoy. 1976. POPEJOY 1976 Book
Poplar Row, Jackson County, OH. Ohio Genealogical Society. 1984. v.4, #4.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Mercer Family file Vertical File
Poplar Row. Jackson Co. Chapter of The Ohio Gene. Soc. v.3#3. 1983. 6p. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Portage County, Ohio Newspaper Obituary Abstracts, 1825-1870. Michael Clegg. R977.137
1982. CLEGG 1982 Book
Portage Heritage. Early History of Portage County, Ohio, 1807-1957. Portage R977.137
County Historical Society. 1957. P831 Book
Porter Cousins and Their Ancestors. Billie Porter Garner. 1967. R929.2

P833 Book
Porter/Hale Connection. Prepared for Porter/Hale Reunion, July 1992, Birch Bay, VERTICAL FILE
WA. Ed Porter.. See: Porter file vertical file
Portrait & Biographical Album of Pike & Calhoun Counties, IL. Biographical GEN 977.3
Publishing. 1891, repr. n.d. PORTRAI Book
Portrait & Biographical Record of Guernsey County, Ohio. 1895, repr. 1974. R977.192

P838 Book
Post Offices & Postmasters, Spokane Co., WA 1867-1979. Kathryne S. Ringo. GEN 979.737
1979. RINGO Book
Post Offices in the U.S., 1884. Simmons Historical Publications. 1987. GEN 383.42


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