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Description Catalog # Location /Type
Postmarked VT & CA, 1862-64. Letters of Rollin Smith & Jerome Fenton. F.S. R929.2
Spurling. 1940. SM64 Book
Postmarked Washington. Lewis and Cowlitz Counties. Guy Reed Ramsey. 1978. GEN 979.782

Postmasters, Register of Appointments of Postmasters, Spokane Co., WA MF 014 MICROFORM CABINET
1871-1971. Microfilm
Potosi, MO Bicentennial, 1763-1963. George W. Showalter. 1989. 32p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Pottawatomie Co., Kansas Marriages 1856-1896. Riley County Genealogical GEN 978.132
Society. 1981. POTTAWA Book
Potter Family History. American Genealogical Research Institute. 1977. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Prairie Gleaner. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Prairie Pioneer. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Prairie Pioneers of Grant County, North Dakota. Bicentennial Ed. 1976. UNCATALOGED SHELF

Prairie Pioneers of Illinois. Beth Rochefort. 1986. R977.3

Prairie Portraits. A History of Clifford, North Dakota. Clifford Centennial R978.414
Commission. 1981. PRAIRIE Book
Prairie View Cemetery, Records and Inscriptions, Grangeville, Idaho. Idaho GEN 979.682
Genealogical Society. 1995. PRAIRIE Book
Pre 1858, English Probate Jurisdictions, Bedfordshire & Berkshire. LDS. Series R929.105
A#7 & 8. G286A Book
Preliminary Inventories. War Dept.Collection on Confederate Records. GSA 1957. R016.9737

UN3 Book
Preliminary Inventory of the Land Entry Papers of General Land Office. National RESOURCE SHELF
Archives. 1949. Book
Preliminary Survey of Descendants of John & Katherine Kitchel Leonard. Anne R929.2
Long. 1986. LEONARD 1986 Book
Preliminary Survey of Early Records of Spokane County, WA. EWGS. 1968. GEN 979.737 INDEX SHELF

Preliminary Survey of the German Collection. Finding Aids to Microfilmed R016.9293
Manuscripts of the Genealogical Society of Utah. SMELZER 1979 Book
Presbyterian Parish of Deerfield Street, 1737-1971. F. Alan Palmer. 1971. GEN 285.1749

Presbytery of Kansas City, 1821-1901. History, Sketches & Statistical Matter. R977.8
John B. Hill. 1901. HILL Book
Prescott, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1784-1928. MF 159 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 04 Microfilm
Prescription Ledger from Owl Pharmacy, Cheney, Washington. EWGS. 1997. UNCATALOGED SHELF
v.1-3. Book
Preserving your Genealogical Materials. Tri-State Trader. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
President John Sanford of Boston, MA & Portsmouth, RI, about 1605-1653 & R929.20973
Descendants. G.R. Sanford. SANFORD Book
Prewitt-McDonald Genealogy & Allied Families. Ralph H. Dean, Pearl Dauley. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1970. PREWITT Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Primer for Irish Genealogy Research. W.R. Ward. 1976. R941.5

WARD 1976 Book
Prince Family Prince. The Story of 1400 Princes Across America. Pete Prince. R929.2097
1982. PRINCE 1982 Book
Prince George's County Land Records, 1696-1702. Shirley Langdon Wilcox, v.A. R975.251

Prince George's county, MD Church Indexes, 1686-1885. Helen W. Brown. 1979, GEN 975.251
repr. 1988. PRINCE Book
Prince William County Deed Book, 1731-1735. June W. Johnson. 1982. R975.52732

Prince William, the Story of It's People & Places. 1941. R975.527

W939 Book
Printed Birth and Baptismal Certificates of the German Americans. Klaus Stopp. R GEN 974.8
1997-1999. v.1-5. STOPP Book
Printed Sources for Oklahoma Genealogical and Historical Research. Paul Follett, GEN 976.6
comp. 2004. PRINTED Book
Printed Sources. A Guide to Publshed Genealogical Records. Kory L. Meyerink. R GEN 016.9293
1998. PRINTED Book
Pritchard Family History. The Virginia Line from Thomas, Jamestown Immigrant. GEN 929.20973
Emily Pritchard Cary. 1999. PRITCHA Book
Private Law Index to U.S. Statutes at Large, 1789-1845. 1845, repr. 1979. 70p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Probate Court General Index, St. Charles County, MO, 1852-1974. MF 097 MICROFORM CABINET

Probate Court Records, Cook County, Illinois, 1872-1873. Diane K. McClure. R GEN 977.31
1992. MCCLURE Book
Probate Index, Scott County, Iowa, late 1830's-1920. Angela Fitzgibbons. 1981. GEN 977.769
v.1-2. PROBATE Book
Probate Jurisdictions. Where to Look for Wills. Jeremy Gibson. 1980, repr. 1989. R929.341
3rd ed. GIBSON Book
Probate Minute Book of St. Charles County, MO, 1809-1834. MF 099 MICROFORM CABINET

Probate Notices Published in Jefferson, WI Newspapers, 1853-1879. J. L. UNCATALOGED SHELF
Gnacinski. 1972. Book
Probate Records Index, St. Charles County, MO, 1827-1886. MF 098 MICROFORM CABINET

Probate Records of Cole County, MO, 1859-1871. MF 093 MICROFORM CABINET

Probate Records of Cole County, MO, 1884-1889. MF 094 MICROFORM CABINET

Probate Records of Denmark. LDS. Series D#9. 1969. R929.105

G286D Book
Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760-1800. W.D. Patterson. 1895. R974.157

P277 Book
Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, 1635-1717. New Hampshire R974.2
State Papers. 1907. v.1. NEW HAM Book
Probate Records, 1777-1783 of Westmoreland, Litchfield County, CT. Wyoming R974.61
Historical & Genealogical Society. 1923. STARK 1923 Book
Proceedings & Collections of Wyoming Historical & Genealogical Society. 1926. R905
v.19. W994 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Proceedings of the State Historical Society of WI. Annual Meetings: UNCATALOGED SHELF
1903,1904,1908, 1910-12 & 1914-16. Book
Professional Genealogy. A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers R GEN 929.1
and Librarians. Elizabeth Shown Mills. 2001. PROFESS Book
Progressive Men of the State of Montana. Bowen & Co. R978.6

B675 Book
Prominent Families of the United States of America. Arthur Meredyth Burke. 1908, R GEN 929.373
repr. 1991. PROMINE Book
Prominent Men and Women of New York. Mrs. E. Candidus. 1944. R GEN B

Prominent Men of New Jersey. C.F. Kireker. 1944. R GEN B

Prominent Men of New York. Henry Pfeiffer. 1944. R GEN B

Promised Land of Southern Illinois. Florence C. Fults, Leslie Chisholm & Ruth R977.3999
Novella. 1985. FULTS 1985 Book
Proof Before You Publish. 21 Checklists for Proofreading Genealogy Publications. R GEN 808.0669
Corinne & Russell Earnest. 1997. EARNEST Book
Proof of Parentage. Sturtevant Cushman.. See: Sturtevant Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Proprietors Records of Lunenburg, Fitchburg & Ashby, 1729-1833. W.A. Davis. R974.43
1897. L972 Book
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. New Brunswick Archives. 1996-1997. BOX G HOW TO

G-4 Book
Public Services in the Library of Congress. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Publishing Your Family History on the Internet. Richard S. Wilson. 1999. R GEN 929.1028

Purcell Family. Purcell Fam. Gen. Assoc. Dayton, Ohio. v.4 #4. 1975. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Puritan Outpost. A History of the Town & People of Northfield, MA. H. C. R974.42
Parsons. 1937. P253 Book
Puttenham Family. Norman Graham. 22p.. See: Putnam Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
qh awala-li. A History of Gualala, Medocino County, CA. Annette White Parks. UNCATALOGED SHELF
1980. Book
Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia, 1682-1750. Albert Cook Myers. 1902, repr. 1969. R974.811

MYERS 1969 Book
Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia. Albert C. Myers. 1978. R974.811

Quaker Genealogies. A Selected List of Books. Willard Heiss & T. D. Hamm. R016.9291
1995. HEISS Book
Quaker Migration to Western Waters. Dorothy Lloyd Gilbert. 1946. 9p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Quaker Miscellany. William Heise. 1963. VERTICAL FILE

vertical file
Quaker Profiles from the American West. Errol T. Elliott. 1972. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Quaker Records in Maryland. Phebe Jacobsen. 1976. R975.2

J156 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Quaker Records of Northern Maryland. Births, Deaths, Marriages, 1716-1800. R975.2
H.C. Peden. 1993/94. PEDEN Book
Quaker Records of South River Monthly Meeting, Virginia, 1756-1800. F. Edward GEN 975.567
Wright. 1993. WRIGHT Book
Quaker Records of Southern Maryland. Births, Deaths & Marriages, 1658-1800. R975.2
H.C. Penden. 1992. PEDEN Book
Quaker Records of the Miami Valley of Ohio. Eileen Davis & Judith Ireton. 1980. R977.14

DAVIS 1981 Book
Quaker Records, Exeter Monthly Meeting, Berks County, PA. Births, Deaths & R974.816
Marriages, 1759-1816. Ruby McNeill. 1984. v.1-2. QUAKER 1984 Book
Quaker Records. Exeter Monthly Meeting. Births & Deaths, 1759-1816. Berks R 974.816
County, PA. McNeill Enterprises. 1984. v.1. QUAKER 1984 Book
Quaker Records. Exeter Monthly Meeting. Marriages, 1759-1816. Berks County, R 974.816
PA. McNeill Enterprises. 1984. v.2. QUAKER 1984 Book
Quaker Yeoman, Quarterly Newsletter. James E. Bellarts. v.3 #2. 1976. 10p. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Quakers in the South Carolina Backcountry, Watree & Bush River. Indiana Quaker GEN 975.7
Records. 1969. QUAKERS Book
Queen Anne's County, Maryland Marriage Licenses, 1817-1858. R.B. & S.S. R975.234
Clark. 1963. CLARK 1963 Book
Queen Victoria's Descendants. (genealogy with photographs) Marlene A. Eilers. R929.72
1987. EILERS 1987 Book
Queries: Family Tree. Spokane Daily Chronicles. 1978-1980. W.K. Miles. 1981. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Quiet Adventurers in North America. Marion G. Turk. 1983. R929.1089

TURK 1983 Book
Quit Rents of Virginia, 1704. Annie Laurie Wright Smith. 1957, repr. 1987. R975.5

R.L. Polk 1912 Gazetteer for Minnesota, North & South Dakota & Montana. R.L. GEN 978
Polk Co. MINNESO Book
Rackley, a Southern Colonial Family. Eloise Fretz Potter and Timothy Wiley R GEN 929.20973
Rackley. 1996. RACKLEY Book
Railway Passenger Lists of Overland Trains to San Francisco & the West. R929
1966-68. v.1-2. R185R Book
Ralph Hemmenway of Roxbury, MA 1634 & His Descendants. C.A. Hemenway R929.2
Newton. 1943. v.2. H376 Book
Rand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide. Current Edition. R GEN 912 R MAP CASE

152 C 1996 Book
Rand McNally World Atlas. Rand McNally & Co. 1931. GEN 912 MAP CASE

Rand McNally World Atlas. Rand McNally & Co. 1941. GEN 912 MAP CASE

Rand, Hale, Strong & Allied Families. Mrs. N. Rand. R929.2

R156 Book
Randall & Allied Families. William Randal,l 1609-1693 of Scituate & His R929.2
Descendants. F.A. Randall. 1943. R1584 Book
Randolph County Cemetery Records, SW Section. Laverne Brady Davis. 1996. GEN 975.661

Randolph County Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see PERIODICAL SHELF
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Ransom Ancestry, 1852-1993, Martin (Wenzel) & Minnie (Tietz) Ransom. Harold GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
E. Ransom. 1993. RANSOM Book
Ransom Ancestry, 1852-1993, Martin (Wenzel) & Minnie(Tietz) Ransom, GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Addendum. Harold E. Ransom. 2001. RANSOM Book
Rapides Parish Pensioners in War of 1812. Charles Raymond, Jr. 1977. R976.369

RAPIDES 1977 Book
Rappahannock County Marriages, 1833-1850. Vogt & Kethey. 1984. R975.5395

VOGT 1984 Book
Rare Spirit. Remembering Myron Dean Ladd. Dean Ladd. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Raymond Genealogy. S.E. Raymond. 1969-72. v.1 pt.2-3, v.2. R929.2

R217 Book
Raynors of Ketchaponack. Genealogy of Descendants of Jonathan Raynor of R929.20973
South Hampton, Long Island, NY. Howell. 1994. RAYNOR Book
Reading Early American Handwriting. Kip Sperry. 1998. R GEN 427.973

Readings, 1684-1951. Hugh A. Reading. 1951. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Real Founders of New England. Stories of Their Life Along the Coast, 1602-1628. R GEN 974
Bolton. 1927, repr. 1994. BOLTON Book
Reams, Reames and Allied Families. H.C. Smith. n.d. R929.2

R23 Book
Recent History Atlas, 1870 to the Present Day. Martin Gilbert. 1966. R911 G46R

Recollections & Reflections of a College Dean. Arthur Gordon Slonaker. 1975. R378.111

SLOANAKE 1975 Book
Recollections of a Lifetime. Frank M. Slagle. c1964. RB

SL125 Book
Recollections of Lavinia Besie (MacDonald Hecht). 1p.. See: MacDonald Family VERTICAL FILE
file Vertical File
Recollections of Lewis Bonnett, Jr., 1778-1850. Lewis Bonnett and Jared Lobdell. R GEN 929.20973
1991. BONNETT Book
Recollections of Thomas R. Marshal. T.R. Marshall. 1925. R GEN B

Record of 114th Regiment, NYSV. H.H. Beecher. 1866. R GEN 973.7

Record of Birth, Marriage, Death & Intent to Marry in Stoughton, 1727-1800 & R929.3
Canton, 1797-1845. C168 Book
Record of Burying Ground at Westfield (Hicksite) Friends Mtg. Preble Co., Ohio. VERTICAL FILE
Charlotte Borradaile. Vertical File
Record of deaths of Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA, from 1844 to 1890. 2 microfiche FCH 172 MICROFORM CABINET

Record of Deaths, Kansas City, MO. Book A, 1874-1889. Heart of America Gen. GEN 977.8411
Soc. 1992. RECORD Book
Record of Deaths, Kansas City, MO. Book B, 1889-1898. Heart of America Gen. GEN 977.8411
Soc. 1995. RECORD Book
Record of Estates, Johnston County, NC, 1781-1807. Elizabeth E. Ross. 1988. R975.641
v.1-5. ROSS Book
Record of Family of Isaac VanNuys of KY, Son of Isaac VanNuys of Millstone, R929.2097
NJ. Carrie Allen. 1979. VAN NUY 1979 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Record of Harris Family Descended from John Harris b. 1680, Wiltshire, England. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Joseph S. Harris. 1903. HARRIS Book
Record of Inscriptions of Burial Grounds of Christ Church. E.L. Clark. 1864. GEN 974.811

Record of Juvenile Inmates of Home for the Friendless, Detroit, MI, Oct GEN 977.433
1862-1868. Patricia Ibbotson. 1995. IBBOTSO Book
Record of Marriage Licenses, Cloud County, Kansas. J.L. Gnacinski. 1975. GEN 978.125

Record of marriages of Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA, from 1844 to 1890. 1 FCH 173 MICROFORM CABINET
microfiche Microfiche
Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810. v.1-2. 1968. R974.8

R245 Book
Record of Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Spanish American War 1898. State R974.8
Printer. 1901. P38348 Book
Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, War of 1812, R974.6
Mexican War. C7621 Book
Record of Service of MI Volunteers in Civil War, 1861-1865. Adjutant General, R973.7
Michigan. v.37. M582 Book
Record of the Descendants of Richard Hull of New Haven, CT. Puella Follett Hull GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Mason. 1894. HULL Book
Record of the Services of Illinois Soldiers in Black Hawk & Mexican Wars R929
including the Spanish American War. 1902. IL6 Book
Recording Your Family History. A Guide to Preserving Oral History with R920.0028
Video-Audiotape. W.P. Fletcher. 1986. FLETCHE 1986 Book
Records of a Quaker Family. The Richardsons of Cleveland. Anne O. Boyce. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Records of births of Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA, from 1844 to 1890. 2 microfiche FCH 171 MICROCARD BOX

Records of Births, Marriages & Deaths in Town of Franklin, 1778-1872. 1898. R974.47

Records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths of Littleton, Middlesex Co., MA, to 1850. FCH 228 MICROFORM CABINET
5 fiche. Microfiche
Records of Births, Marriages, Deaths & Intentions of Marriage, Hanover, MA, R929.3
1727-1857. 1898. H197 Book
Records of Congregational Church in Windham, Connecticut, 1700-1851. 1943. R974.645

W723 Book
Records of Congregational Church, Franklin, CT, 1718-1860 & Record of Deaths R974.65
Norwich. 1938. F854 Book
Records of Craven County, NC. Elizabeth Moore. 1960. v.1. R975.6192

Records of Dettingen Parish, Prince William County, 1745-1802. 1976. R975.52732

DETTING 1976 Book
Records of Districts of West Augusta, Ohio & Yohogania Counties, Virginia. R974.88
Richard W. Loveless. 1970. L943 Book
Records of Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, MO, with Burials from 1832-1984. GEN 977.8411
Heart of America Genealogical Society. 1987. RECORDS Book
Records of Emigrants from England & Scotland to North Carolina, 1774-1775. R975.6
Newsome. 1962. N479 Book
Records of Jasper County, MO Marriages, 1841-61 & Brief County History & R977.872
Sketch of Settlers. Harrinton & Botten. 1967. H237 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Records of Jones County, MS Deeds, 1827-1856. Ben & Jean Strickland. 1981. R976.255
v.1. STRICKL Book
Records of Littleton, MA to 1850. R929.3

L734 Book
Records of Lower St. Georges & Cushing, Maine, 1605-1897. Ruth J. Aiken. GEN 974.153
1987. RECORDS Book
Records of Marriages & Burials, Monocacy Church & Evangelical Lutheran R975.287
Congregation. 1972. WEISER 1972 Book
Records of Marriages prior to 1825. Annie W.B. Bell. 9p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Records of Moravians in North Carolina, 1752-1779. 1922. v.1-3. R975.6

F915 Book
Records of Officers & Men in Wars, 1791-1815. NJ Adj. General's Office. 1909. R974.9

N46 Book
Records of Peoria Co. IL. Mrs. Linda S. Allison. 1972. R977.352

ALLISON 1972 Book
Records of Plymouth Colony. Births, Marriages, Deaths & Burials, 1633-1689. R GEN 974.482
Shurtle, 1976, repr. 1991. NEW PLY Book
Records of Presbyterian Church, Reedsburg, WI. 1857. Dorris M. Berning. 1959. R977.576

R257 Book
Records of Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, NY, 1683-1809. Marriage, R974.743
Baptism, Members, etc. 1978. ALBANY 1978 Book
Records of Reformed Dutch Church, New Paltz, NY. Members, Marriages, FCH 006 MICROFORM CABINET
Baptisms, 1683-1816. Microfiche
Records of Swansea, MA, 1662-1705. Book A. A.H. Mason. 1900. R GEN 974.485

Records of the American Revolution. W.T.R. Saffell. 1894, repr. 1969. R973.3

SA17 Book
Records of the Chancery Court Province and State of New York. Guardianships, GEN 974.7
1691-1815. Kenneth Scott. 1971. SCOTT Book
Records of the Colony or Jurisdiction of New Haven, From May 1653 to the R974.68
Union. Hoadly. 1858. N42 Book
Records of the Congregational Church in Canterbury, CT, 1711-1844. 1932. R974.645

C167 Book
Records of the Court of Sessions of Suffolk County in the Province of New York, GEN 974.725
1670-1688. Thomas W. Cooper. 1993. RECORDS Book
Records of the Descendants of John & Elizabeth Bull, Early Settlers in PA., GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1674-1919. J.H. Bull. 1919. BULL Book
Records of the Families of Brothers, Swan, Bonar, Reeves, Beardsley. William P. R929.20973
Brothers. 1989. BROTHERS 1987 Book
Records of the First Church of Wareham, Massachusetts, 1739-1891. Leonard H.
Smith, Norma H. Smith. 1974. Book
Records of the Old Settlers Association of Grundy County, Iowa. H. Anderson. R977.7537
1984. ANDERSE Book
Records of the Particular Court of CT, 1639-1663. Connecticut Historical Society. R347.9
1928. C762 Book
Records of the Roman Catholic Church. in U.S. Bk.#5. 1935. 41p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Records of the Town of Braintree, MA 1640-1793. 1886. R929.3

B731 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Records of the Town of Plymouth. 1889. v.1-2. R974.48

P749 Book
Records of the Virginia Company of London, 1611-1626. Susan M. Kingsbury. R973.2
1906-1935. v.1-4. V819 Book
Records of Wayne County, MS State Census, 1816-1866. Ben Strickland. 1981. R976.257 CENSUS SHELF
v.1. STRICKL Book
Records of West Augusta, Ohio & Yohogania Cos. Loveless. 1970. R974.88

L943 Book
Records of Yakima County Newpaper Abstracts, 1884-1907. J.W. Helm & Mrs. R979.75
Elodie Town. 1979. v.5. Y11 Book
Records of Yakima County, 1869-1907 & Benton County, 1905-1907. Yakima R979.75
Valley Genealogical Society. v.1-4 & v.3A. Y11 Book
Records Relating to Early History of Boston. Boston Reg. Dept. v.1-39. R974.46

B657 Book
Rector Records. Ancestors & Descendants of John Jacob Rector & Elisabeth R929.2097
Fischbach, 1714. Immigrants to Virginia. L. King. 1986. RECTOR Book
Recueil de Genealogies des Comtes de Beauce, Dor., Front., 1625-1946. R929.1072
Eloi-Gerard. 11 v. TALBOT 1949 Book
Red Book. American State, County & Town Sources. Alice Eicholz. 2004, 3rd ed. GEN 929.1072 HOW TO

Red River County, TX Deed Abstracts to 19 Feb 1846 & 1846-1855. Joyce Martin R976.4212
Murray. 1986, 1990. v. 1-2. MURRAY Book
Red River Settlers. Records of Settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson & R976.84
Sumner Counties. E. Whitley. 1980 WHITLEY 1980 Book
Redlands and Certain Old Timers. Edith Parker Hinckley. 1970. R979.495

HINCKLE 1970 Book
Redwood Researcher. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Reed Family of Topsham and Brunswick, Maine. Charles N. Sinnett, compiler. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Reference Maps of U.S. Colonies, States, Migration Routes and Indian Tribes. HOW TO SHELF
1975. Book
References to Spokane College in the Spokesman-Review & other Papers, GEN 979.737
1905-1920. Jeff Sims. 1994. REFEREN Book
Reformed Church at Machackemack (Deerpark), Orange County, NY, 1716-1827. R974.731
Jean D. Worden. n.d. WORDEN Book
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Shawangunk, Ulster County, NY, R974.734
1750-1920. Jean D. Worden. 1986. WORDEN Book
Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to CT. Frederic G. Mather. 1913, repr. 1972. R973.3

MATHER 1972 Book
Regimental Publications & Personal Narratives of Civil War, Indiana & Ohio. C.E. R016.9737
Dornbusch. Prt.5. D735 Book
Regimental Publications & Personal Narratives of Civil War. C.E. Dornbusch. pt.1. R016.9737

D735 Book
Regimental Publications & Personal Narratives of Civil War. C.E. Dornbush. pt.6. R016.9737

D735 Book
Regimental Publications & Personal Narratives of the Civil War. C. E. Dornbusch. R016.9737
pt.4. D735 Book
Regimental Publications & Personal Narratives of the Civil War. C.E. Dornbusch. R016.9737
Pt.7: Northern States. D735 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Regimental Publications,Personal Narratives of Civil War, A Checklist. C.E. R016.9737
Dornsbusch. Pts.1, & 4-7. D735 Book
Register Maryland's Heraldic Families, 1634-1935. Alice N. Parran. 1938. v.1-2. R929.1

P247 Book
Register of Birth & Stillbirths, Texas County, MO, 1883-1890. Ed. & M. Preissle. R929.377884
1983. Bk. 1-2. PREISSL 1983 Book
Register of Births, 1892 thru 1907. Spokane County Auditor. MF 007A MICROFORM CABINET

Register of Births, Marriages & Deaths of English Francois a la Nouvelle York, R974.7
1688-1804. Rev. Wittmeyer. 1968. N41 Book
Register of Choctaw Emigrants to the West, 1831 & 1832. Betty C. Wiltshire. R929.373
1993. WILTSHI Book
Register of Deaths, 1889 thru 1907. Spokane County Auditor. MF 007B MICROFORM CABINET

Register of Deaths, Howard County, MO, 1883-1892. Karen Boggs. 1993. GEN 977.8285

Register of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1859-1863: L-Z. MF 026 MICROFORM CABINET

Register of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1864-1865: L-Z MF 027 MICROFORM CABINET

Register of Federal U.S. Military Records. Sources in LDS Library & National R016.9293
Archives. 1986. v. 1: 1775-1860. REGISTE Book
Register of Federal U.S. Military Records. Sources in LDS Library & National R016.9293
Archives. 1986. v. 2: Civil War. REGISTE Book
Register of Federal U.S. Military Records. Sources in LDS Library & National R016.9293
Archives. 1986. v.3: 1866-WWII. REGISTE Book
Register of Free Negroes and Dower Slaves. Brunswick Co. VA, 1803-1850. R GEN 975.5575
Frances Holloway Wynne. 1983. WYNNE Book
Register of Free Negroes, Northampton County, VA, 1853-1861. F. B. Latimer. R975.515
1992. LATIMER Book
Register of Gravestone Inscriptions in Leckpatrick Old Burial Ground. Sheelagh & GEM 941.64
David Todd. 1991. TODD Book
Register of Gravestone Inscriptions in Old Gendermott Burial Ground. Marjorie & GEN 941.621
David Todd. 1988. TODD Book
Register of Marriage Certificates, Montgomery County, OH, 1803-1851. Lindsey R977.172
M. Brien. 1940, repr. 1986. v.2. BRIEN Book
Register of Marriages & Baptisms Performed by Rev. John Cuthbertson, R974
1751-1791. S. Helen Fields. 1983. FIELDS 1983 Book
Register of Marriages at St. Andrews Church, Perth, Upper Canada, 1831-1865. VERTICAL FILE
26p. Vertical File
Register of Officers of Confederate States Navy 1861-1865. U.S. Naval War R929
Records Office. 1931. UN3 Book
Register of Parish of Addington & Buckingham. Baptisms, 1558-1837. Marriages & FCH 003 MICROFORM CABINET
Burials, 1558-1908. 1908. Microfiche
Register of Parish of Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, England, 1685-1829. 1909. FCH 004 MICROFORM CABINET
v.11. Microfiche
Register of Pedigrees & Services of Ancestors. Society of Colonial Wars, R929.1
Connecticut. 1941. SO2833 Book
Register of Pedigrees and Services of Ancestors Society of Colonial Wars in State R929.1
of CT. 1941. SO2833 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors. Arthur L. Finnell. 1995 GEN 929.1

Register of Revolutionary War Soldiers & Patriots Buried in Litchfield County, CT. R974.61
Joyce M. Cropsey. 1976. CROPSEY 1976 Book
Register of the Early Families of Shoreham, VT, 1761-1899. Supplement. GEN 974.3
Macintire & Witherell. 1992. MACINTI Book
Register of the Early Families of Shoreham, VT, 1761-1899. Susan H. MacIntire & GEN 974.3
Sanford S. Witherell. 1984. MACINTI Book
Register of the Parish of Holy Trinity (Christ Church), Cork, 1643-1669. Susan GEN 941.95
Hood. 1998. REGISTE Book
Register of the Qualified Huguenot Ancestors. Vera Reeve. 1983. R GEN 929.1

Register of the Washington State Society, Sons of the American Revolution R369.133
1895-1916. 1916. SO59W Book
Register of the Washington State Society, Sons of the American Revolution, R369.133
1895-1900. SO59W2 Book
Register of Veterans Graves, 1884-1954, Spokane County, Washington. MF 282 MICROFORM CABINET

Registers of Enlistment in the U.S. Army, 1908 June-1909, L-Z. National MF 283 MICROFORM CABINET
Archives M233, roll #64. Microfilm
Registers of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914. v. 132-133 : 1909-1912, MF 284 MICROFORM CABINET
R-Z. National Archives M233, roll #68. Microfilm
Reid Family History. American Genealogical Research Institute. 1978. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Reid Family. Jeremiah Reid of Timber Ridge, Hampshire County, VA. Some GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Descendants and Affiliations. REID Book
Reiff to Riffe, Family in America, Descendants of John George Reiff. Fred J. Riffe. R GEN 929.20973
1995. REIFF Book
Reimer Family Of Saxony, Germany. Richard H. Reimer. 1986. R929.20973

REIMER 1986 Book
Rejected or Suspended Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions. 1969. R929.3

UN2 Book
Reliques of the Rives/Ryves. J.R. Childs. 1893, 1929. v.1-2. R929.2

R524 Book
Reluctant Republic, 1724-1791. F.F. Van de Water. 1941. R974.3

V287 Book
Remember Your Relatives. Yankton Sioux Images, 1865-1915. Renee Flood, R GEN 978.3394
Shirley Bernie and Leonard Bruguier. 1989. v. 2. FLOOD Book
Remembering a Life of Joy in the Grand River Valley (near Dunnville, Ontario RB MARTINDALE
Prov.) M.E. Martindale. n.d. MARTIND Book
Remembering those who have gone before. Descendants of James L. & Elizabeth GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Mann Logan. M.H. Bales, L.H. Medd. 1993 LOGAN Book
Reminiscences of Frances Mylon Redfield, Pioneer of Oregon & Idaho. F.M. R929.2
Redfield. 1949. R247 Book
Reminiscences of Troy, from it's Settlement in 1790 to 1807. John Woodworth. GEN 974.741
1860. copy. WOODWOR Book
Rensselaerville, New York. Pamphlet. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Replogle/Reprogle Genealogy. Edith M. Replogle Raymond & Paul H. Replogle. R929.2097
1984. REPLOGL 1984 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Report of GA Civil War Cent. Comm. Commemorating the War Between the VERTICAL FILE
States. 1969. 24p. Vertical File
Report of the Adjutant General of the state of Illinois, 1861-66. 1901. v.1-8. R929

IL6 Book
Report of the Booth Association of the United States. Columbus Smith. 1868. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Report of the DAR. v.1-71. 1897-1968. R369.135

Reports of 1942-43, German Villages in Ukraine. Key to Microfilm. Captured R016.947
German Documents. 1977. GIESING 1977 Book
Republic of Ireland Census Abstracts, 1841/1851. Josephine Masterson. 1999. R GEN 941.5

Research in Georgia. Robert Scott Davis. 1981, repr. 2002. GEN 975.8

Research in Summit County, OH. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Research in Texas. Wendy L. Elliott. 1987. R974.4

ELLIOTT 1987 Book
Research in the Entry Files of the General Land Office. NARA. 1998. HOW TO SHELF

Research Notes, Calhoun Family in Belfast, Ireland. 7p.. See: Calhoun Family VERTICAL FILE
file Vertical File
Research Your Family History. Genealogy for the First Time. Laura Best. 2003. GEN 929.1

Research: Genealogical Research Material. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Research: Location of Marriage Records (white) in Indian Territory. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Research: Metis Gene. Soc. Reprint of Article in Tri-State Trader on Indian VERTICAL FILE
Research. W. Miles. 5p. Vertical File
Research: Miscellaneous Research Material. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Research: Social Security Research. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Researcher. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy. Val D. Greenwood. 2000. 3rd ed. R GEN 929.1072

Researching Armagh Ancestors. Ian Maxwell. 2000. GEN 941.661

Researching Masonic Records. Heritage Quest, #42. 1992.. See: Research
Tools-Fraternal Societies file Vertical File
Researching Masonic Records. John S. Yates. 1995. R GEN 366.1

Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors. William J. Roulston. 2005. GEN 929.3089

Researching the (Old) Northwest and the Great Lakes Region. 14p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Researching the Oregon Trail, a Pathfinder. Lethene Parks. 1995.. See: Oregon VERTICAL FILE
file Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Researching Your Ancestors in New Brunswick, Canada. Robert F. Fellows. R971.5
1979. FELLOWS 1979 Book
Restless Durans. Story of Am. Pioneer Family & Some Related Lines. R.R. R929.2
Duran. Spokane, WA. 1974. D9305 Book
Returns from Regular Army Cavalry Regiments, 10th Cavalry, 1910-1916. MF 289 MICROFORM CABINET
National Archives. M744, roll #102. Microfilm
Returns from Regular Army Cavalry Regiments, 3rd Cavalry, 1911-1916. MF 288 MICROFORM CABINET
National Archives M744, roll #39. Microfilm
Returns from Regular Army Regiments, 1st Regiment, 2nd Artillary, Jan 1815-Dec MF 123 MICROFORM CABINET
1860. National Archives M727, roll #4. Microfilm
Returns from U.S. Military Posts, Fort Slocum, NY, Jan. 1906-Dec.1916. National MF 285 MICROFORM CABINET
Archives M617, roll #1185. Microfilm
Returns from U.S. Military Posts, Ft. Williams, Maine, Jan. 1907-Dec. 1913. MF 286 MICROFORM CABINET
National Archives M617, roll #1441. Microfilm
Returns from U.S. Military Posts, Jan. 1877-May 1855. National Archives M617, MF 287 MICROFORM CABINET
roll #1490. Microfilm
Reunions held at Jackson County, Indiana. 1979-1980. 10p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Reunions. (How to organize). Edith Wagner. 1995. RESOURCE SHELF

Rev. Christopher Youngs & Pastor John Youngs, Thomas Youngs of Oyster Bay MF 001 MICROFORM CABINET
& His Descendants. 1890. ITEM 01 Microfilm
Rev. George Clarence Alborn & his records. Jean Larson Peddle. 1975. 18p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Rev. George Robertson, Rector of Bristol Parish, Virginia, 1693-1739. W. R929.2
Randolph. 1955. R546 Book
Reverend Levi Phillips Denson, 1819-1889. M. E. Denson. 1997. R GEN 929.20973

Reverend Roger Newton, and One Line of His Descendants. Mrs. C.G. Newton. R929.2
1912. N487 Book
Revised Master Index to the New York DAR Genealogical Records. General R GEN 974.7
Peter Gansevoort Chapter. 1998. v. 1-2. REVISED Book
Revolutionary Patriots of Baltimore Town & Baltimore County, Maryland, 1775-83. R975.26
Henry C. Peden, Jr. 1988. PEDEN 1988 Book
Revolutionary Patriots of Cecil County, Maryland. Henry C. Peden, Jr. 1991. R 975.238

Revolutionary Patriots of Frederick County, Maryland, 1775-1783. Henry C. R GEN 975.287
Peden Jr. 1995. PEDEN Book
Revolutionary Pension List for 1813. 1978. R929.373

REVOLUT 1978 Book
Revolutionary Pensioners of 1818. 1818, repr. 1959. R973.3

UN38R Book
Revolutionary Pensioners of Christian County, KY. 9p.. See: Kentucky - VERTICAL FILE
Christian Co. file Vertical File
Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Indiana. M.R. Waters. 1954. R929.4

D265ZW Book
Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama. Alabama Department of Archives & History. R976.1
1944. v.1. AL11 Book
Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants. Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck. 1996. GEN 973.34

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Revolutionary War Genealogy. George K. Schweitzer. 1987. R GEN 929.1

Revolutionary War Patriots. Ohio Society, Sons of the American Revolution, GEN 973.3
Ebenezer Zane Chapter. 2000. v. 1. REVOLUT Book
Revolutionary War Patriots. Ohio Society, Sons of the American Revolution, GEN 973.3
Ebenezer Zane Chapter. 2001. v. 2. REVOLUT Book
Revolutionary War Patriots. Ohio Society, Sons of the American Revolution, GEN 973.3
Ebenezer Zane Chapter. 2002. v. 3. REVOLUT Book
Revolutionary War Patriots. Ohio Society, Sons of the American Revolution, GEN 973.3
Ebenezer Zane Chapter. 2004. v. 4. REVOLUT Book
Revolutionary War Pension & Bounty Land Warrant Application Files. Selected MF 342 MICROFORM CABINET
rolls. Microfilm
Revolutionary War Records. G.M. Brumbaugh. 1936. v.1. R973.34

B834 Book
Revolutionary War Soldiers of Harrison County, Indiana. Arville L. Funk. 1975. GEN 977.221

Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Wisconsin. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Revolutionary War Veterans Who Settled in Butler Co., PA. Paul W. Myers. 1987. R974.891

MYERS 1987 Book
Rhineland Emigrants. Lists of German Settlers in Colonial America. Don Yoder. R973.0431
1981. v.1-2. RHINELA 1981 Book
Rhode Island Biographical & Genealogical Sketch Index. J. Carlyle Parker. 1991. R974.5

PARKER 1991 Book
Rhode Island Genealogical Register. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Rhode Island Maps, 1636-1985. Rhode Island State Planning Board.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Rhode Island file Vertical File
Rhode Island Regiments in American Revolution. WA State DAR and Mrs. R973.3
L.H.Pinkham. D265 Book
Rhode Island Vital Records. New Series: East Greenwich & West Greenwich R974.5
Births, 1680-1860. Beaman. 1980. v.6. BEAMAN Book
Rhode Island Vital Records. New Series: East Greenwich & West Greenwich R974.5
Marriages,1680-1860. Beaman. 1980. v.7. BEAMAN Book
Rice Family, 1628-1973. W.G. Calhoun. 1973. R929.2097

C128 Book
Rice Remembers. #1 & #2. 1985. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) VERTICAL FILE

Rich Heritage by Kathryn Kate Carlson, 1979, Index to. Jeanne Polumsky Coe. R GEN 979.723
1989. CARLSON 1989 Book
Rich Heritage, Being Story of Harry & Annie Vance. Joseph Harvey Vance. 1957. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Richard Mead Atwater & Abby Sophia Greene Atwater. Their Ancestors & GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Descendants. ATWATER Book
Richard Patrick or Partrick of Norwalk, CT & Some of His Descendants. Patricia GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
L. Haslam. 1978. PATRICK Book
Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio, 1794-1856. C. Miller & P. R 929.20973
Tullys. 1989. TULLIS Book
Richhart, Ritchart, Ritschard. A Swiss-German Family from 1500 until 1993. R929.20973
Bettye Anderson Richhart. 1993. RICHHAR Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Richland County, Ohio Abstracts of Wills, 1813-1873. Anne Lockwood Dallas R977.128
Budd. 1974. BUDD 1974 Book
Richmond City, Virginia, Marriage Bonds, 1797-1853. Anne W. Reddy & Andrew R975.5451
L. Riffe. 1976. v.4. REDDY 1976 Book
Richmond County, NC Marriage Records, 1783-1868. Frances T. Ingmire. 1984.. VERTICAL FILE
See: North Carolina file Vertical File
Ridge Runners. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Riding Fence. June Rayfield Welch. 1983. R976.4

WELCH 1983 Book
Right Here in Indiana. Mini Histories of Indiana Families & Indiana Counties. GEN 977.2
Indiana Deptartment of Natrual Resorces. n.d. v.1-2. RIGHT H Book
Riney, Blandford, Mulligan and O'Daniel Families of Maryland and Kentucky. R GEN 929.20973
Thomas David Riney. RINEY Book
River of Time. Story of the Ernest R. Crohn, Orie J. Barott Family. Arnold Crohn. R929.2097

BARRETT 1983 Book
Riverside & Greenwood Cemetery Records, Spokane, WA. A - Z. EWGS. 1995. MF 252-268 MICROFORM CABINET
17 rolls. Microfilm
Robb Family History. Eva Tedford Miles. 1952-53. 9p.. See: Robb Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Robbins Journal. Kevin K. Mittge. Kirkland, WA. (Periodical: for issues see SURNAME SHELF
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Robbins/Thompson News. v.22 #28. June, 1979. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Robert Burrows & Descendants, 1630-1974. Raymond E. Burrows. 1975. v.1-2. R929.2097

BURROWS 1975 Book
Robert Coe, Puritan. J.G. Bartlett. 1911. R929.2

C65 Book
Robert Gordon Cousins, Iowa Biographical Series. Jacob A. Swisher. 1938. R GEN B

Robert Harris & His Descendants with Notices of Morey & Metcalf Families. Luther GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
M. Harris. 1861. HARRIS Book
Robert Logie of Mirimachi, New Brunswick & his Descendants. Jane Logie R929.2
Webster. L829 Book
Roberts Families of Roane County, Tennessee, 1794 - 1969. Snyder E. Roberts. R929.20973
1968. ROBERTS Book
Roberts Families of Roane County, Tennessee, 1794-1969, Index. Jeanne GEN / UNCAT
Polumsky Coe. 1993. ROBERTS Book
Roberts Genealogy. J. Montgomery Seaver. American Hist. Gen. Soc., GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Philadelphia. n.d. ROBERTS Book
Robinson/Robison Researcher. v.1 #1. 1981. (Periodical: for issues see Period. VERTICAL FILE
Alpha File) Periodical
Rochester Reformed Church, 1736-1901 & Accord Methodist Church, 1871-1924. GEN 974.734
J.D. Worden. 1985. WORDEN Book
Rockbridge County, Virginia Marriages, 1851-1885. Louise M. Perkins. 1989. GEN 975.5852

Rockingham County, NC Deed Abstracts, 1785-1800. Irene Webster. 1973, repr. R GEN 975.663
1983. WEBSTER Book
Rockingham County, VA Marriages, 1778-1850. J. Vogt & T.W. Kethley, Jr. R975.5922
1984. VOGT 1984 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Rodgers-Hearne and Related Families. Bettie Tillitt Cobb. R GEN 929.20973

Rodkey Memorabilia. Ruth Rodkey Barnard & F. Stanley Rodkey. 1976. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Roger Conant, a Founder of Massachusetts. Clifford K. Shipton. 1945. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Rogers Family History. J. Montgomery Seaver. 1929. R929.2

SE19 Book
Rogue Digger. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Rohrbauch Genealogy. L.B. Rohrbauch. 1970. R929.2

R6357 Book
Rohrbough Family. Fred Ware Rohrbough. 1962. R929.2

R636 Book
Roll by Roll Listing of County Records on Microfilm. MO State Archives. 1987. MF 137 MICROFORM CABINET

Roll of Battle Abbey. John Bernard Burke. 1848, repr. 1978. R GEN 929.341

Roll of Battle Abbey. John Bernard Burke. 1978. R929.341

BATTLE 1978 Book
Roll of Disbanded People of 24th Regt. Present at St.Andrews, Passamaquoddy VERTICAL FILE
Bay, Nova Scotia. 1784. 1p. Vertical File
Roll of Honor. Civil War Union Soldiers. Family Tree Maker. 1996. FTM CD-351 MICROFORM CABINET

Roll Of Honor. Soldiers who Died in Defense of the American Union. U.S. UNCATALOGED SHELF
Q'master Department, #1-6. repr.1994. 1bk. Book
Roll of Officers of the VA Line of Rev. Army Who Received Land Bounty in OH & R975.5
KY. A. Latham. L346 Book
Rolls & Lists of Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 1775 - 1783. Connecticut UNCATALOGED SHELF
Historical Society. 1901. repr. 1995 with additions. Book
Romance of Heraldry. C.W. Scott-Giles. 1929. R929.6

SCO86 Book
Romance of Names. Ernest Weekley. 1914. R929.4

W418R Book
Romantic Kent. More than Three Centuries of History, 1626-1952. Victor Lauriston. GEN 971.333
1952. LAURIST Book
Rome, New York. A short History. Rome Historical Soc. 1945. 35p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Roots & Leaves. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Roots and Shoots of Will and Dell Bundy. Genalogy & History of the Bundys and R929.20973
Showalters. Bundy Family. 1990. BUNDY 1990 Book
Roots of Malcolm Carnegie McKenna. Donald C. McKenna. 1992. v. 1-2(1 bk). R929.20973

Roots, Stems, Branches & Leaves. Robert E. Dils. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Rosacker Family. Ancestors & Descendants. Frederick C. & Richard D. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Rosacker. 1992. ROSACKER Book
Rosacker Family. Ancestors, Descendants & Kinfolk. Frederick C. & Richard D. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Rosacker. 1994. v.2. ROSACKER Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Rosalia, Battlefield to Wheat Field, 1858-1988. Citizen-Journal Press. 1988. R979.739

ROSALIA 1988 Book
Rose Family Assn. Newsletter. v.2 #2. 1981. (Periodical: for issues see Period. VERTICAL FILE
Alpha File) Periodical
Roster & Record of Iowa Soldiers War of Rebellion. General Assembly. 1910. VERTICAL FILE
13p. Vertical File
Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865. Janet B. Hewett. 1995-1996. v.1-16. R GEN 973.742

Roster of Ohio Soldiers, War of 1812, Index to. Grace Garner. 1974. R977.1

OH2 Book
Roster of Ohio Soldiers, War of 1812. 1916, repr. 1968. v.1. R977.1

OH2 Book
Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of American Revolution Buried in Indiana. DAR. R929.4
1938. D265 Book
Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in American Revolution. 1932, repr. 1972. R975.6

D265 Book
Roster of Soldiers From North Carolina in American Revolution. DAR, NC. 1932. R975.6
repr. 1967. DAUGHTE 1967 Book
Roster of Soldiers, Sailors & Marines of War of 1812, Mex.War & Civil War R929.4
Residing in NE 1895. N279 Book
Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution. Bobby G. Moss. R975.7

MOSS 1983 Book
Roster of the Dept. of Washington & Alaska, Grand Army of the Republic VERTICAL FILE
1918-1919. 22p.. See: Washington file Vertical File
Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of Rebellion, 1861-1865. 1886. v.2. R973.7475

W753 Book
Rosters of Officers & Crew on the Merrimack 1861-1862. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Rothwell Book Comprising the Descendants of Clairborne Rothwell of Albemarle R GEN 929.2
County, VA. M.S. Fischer. 1964. R746 Book
Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley. F.H. Piercy, F.M. Brodie. 1962. R917.3

Rowan County, NC Marriages, 1753-1900. R.H. Knotts, Sr. 1989. 2 Bks. R971.5671

Roy Area, Pierce County, WA, An Historical Overview. Janet Nixon Baccus. R979.778
1995. BACCUS Book
Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the U.S. Gary R929.7097
Boyd Roberts. 1993. ROBERTS Book
Ruddell-Himes Family Second Annual Reunion. 4p.. See: Ruddell - Himes VERTICAL FILE
Family file Vertical File
Rudy's of God's House & Related Families. History and Genealogy, 1574-1985. R929.2097
Wm. O. Wingeard. 1986. RUDY 1986 Book
Ruf, Haight, Eddy, Sumner, Hatch & Allied Families. Alpha H. Ruf. 1932. R929.2

R838 Book
Rufus Parks Pedigree, 17 Centuries Of One Family's Ancestry. Brian J. L. R929.20973
Berry. 1989. PARKS 1989 Book
Runaway Servants, Convicts, and Apprentices Advertised in the PA Gazette, GEN 974.8
1728-1796. Farley Grubb. 1992. GRUBB Book
Rupp's Swiss, Dutch, German & French Immigrants to PA, 1727-1776. Israel R974.8 MICROCARD BOX
Daniel Rupp. 7 cards. R878 Microcard
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Russell County History. Russell County Historical Commission. 1982. R976.1485

Russian American. How & Where to Research Your Ethnic-American Cultural VERTICAL FILE
Heritage. Robert Reed. Vertical File
Russian-German Settlements in U.S., Place Names of German Colonies in R973.0491
Russia & the Dobrudja. 1974. SALLET 1974 Book
Rutherford County, NC Will Abstracts, 1779-1910. Grace Turner & Miles Philbeck, R975.6913
Jr. 1982. TURNER 1982 Book
Sacred to the Memory. Hickman County,TN Cemetery Records. Jill Garrett. R976.8434
1966. G192 Book
Saga of Samuel G. Havermale. Henry L. Reimers. 1984. RB HAVERMA

REIMERS 1984 Book
Saga of Two Cities, 1881-1981. Mayville-Portland, North Dakota. Centennial Book GEN 978.414
Committee. 1981. CENTENN Book
Sagebrush Homesteads. Laura Tice Lage. 1967, repr. 1999.

Saint Philip's Cemetery, Crafton, Allegheny County, PA. Western PA Genealogical GEN 974.885
Soc. 1991. SAINT P Book
Saints & Strangers. Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers & Their Families & R GEN 974.4
Foes. George F. Willison. 1945. W679 Book
Saints to the Columbia. A History of the LDS Church in Oregon and SW R 289.379
Washington, 1850-1990. Lois G. Kullberg. 1991. KULLBER 1991 Book
Salem County, New Jersey in the Revolution. Frank Stewart. c1932. R974.991

ST49 Book
Salem Lutheran Church, Spokane, WA. Moving Records, Dismissions & GEN 284.1
Miscellaneous. A.P. Johnson. 1988. SALEM L Book
Salish & Kootenai Tribes Bibliography. Two Eagle River School, Dixon R970.0049
Sub-Agency. 1981. SALISH 1981 Book
Sams Family of Virginia. Crawford F. Sams, Conway C. Sams & Robert C. R929.2097
Hackett. 1981. SAMS 1981 Book
Samuel & Elizabeth (Sloan) Snoddy, Pioneers of N. Carolina Piedmont. John Hale R929.20973
Stutesman. 1992. SNODDY Book
Samuel Bigford, 1755-1848 & Some of His Descendants. Helen H. Bigford. R929.2

B481 Book
Samuel Cobean & Sons. Alice Cobean Blakestad. 1984. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Samuel Davis of Oxford, MA & Joseph Davis of Dudley, MA. George L. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Davis.1884, copy, n.d. DAVIS Book
San Francisco Passenger Departure Lists, 30 Sept to 14 June 1851. Peter E. R979.4
Carr. 1991-92. v.1-2. CARR Book
San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists. L.J. Rasmussen. v.1-4. R929

R185 Book
Santa Clara County Connections. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Santa Monica, a Calendar of Events in the Making of a City. 1959. 16p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Sargent Family and the Old Sargent Homes. C.E. Mann. 1919. R929.2

SA73 Book
Savage Roots and Branches. Beatrice Nicoll Savage. 1996. R GEN 929.20973

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Saylor's Early Records, Births & Baptisms, Index To. Saylor. 1929. 24p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
SC Confederate records, vital records & research in the archives. 3 bklts. 20p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Scandinavian American. How & Where to Research your Ethnic-American VERTICAL FILE
Cultural Heritage. Robert Reed. Vertical File
Scandinavian Immigrants in New York, 1630-1674. John O. Evjen. 1916. R GEN 974.7

Scandinavian Research, Miscellaneous Papers. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Schedules of Florida State Census of 1885. 1971. 3p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Schoffen Chronicles. Albert A. Schoffen. 1954. R929.2

SCH635 Book
Scholz Book, A Family Record 1888-1988. Virginia Scholz Burger. 1989. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

School Directory of Cataldo School in Spokane, WA. 1985. 32p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Schuh Family, 1800-1972. Edward Schuh. 1972. R929.2

SCH79 Book
Schuylkill County, PA Vital Records. Genealogical & Historical Miscellany. R974.817
P.A.Rice & J.A. Dellock. 1989. v.1-3. RICE Book
Schwarztrauber, Stewart and Related Families. Sayre Archie Schwarztrauger. R GEN 929.2
1995. SCHWARZ Book
Schweizer Einwandered in den Kraichgau. Swiss Immig. into Kraichgau Aft. 30 R929.3434
yr. War. Diefenbacker. 1983. SCHWEIZ 1983 Book
Scipio, Indiana, Threads from the Past. Margaret Read MacDonald. 1988. R977.217

Scot in British North America. W.J. Rattray. 1880. v.1-4. R971

R189 Book
Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster & America. Charles K. Bolton. repr. 1972. GEN 325.2416

Scotch-Irish Family Research Made Simple. R.G. Campbell. 1974. R929.10973

CAMPBEL 1974 Book
Scotch-Irish Migration to South Carolina, 1772. Jean Stephenson. 1971. R975.7

STEPHEN 1971 Book
Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania. 1944. R325.241

D91 Book
Scots in the West Indies, 1707-1857. David Dobson. 1998. GEN 972.9

Scots Kith and Kin & Illustrated Map & Guide to Your Clan, Family & Tartan. Albyn R929.4
Press. Endinburgh. OSBORNE 19?? Book
Scots on the Chesapeake, 1607-1830. David Dobson. 1992. R929.3089

DOBSON 1992 Book
Scottish American Court Records, 1733-1783. David Dobson. 1991. GEN 929.3089

Scottish Clans & Tartans. I. Grimble. 1973. R929.2094

G881 Book
Scottish Coalmining Ancestors. Lindsay S. Reeks. 1986. R929.3411

REEKS 1986 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Scottish Family Histories. Joan P. S. Ferguson. 1986. R 941.1

Scottish Family History. Margaret Stuart. c1930, repr. 1978. R016.9291

STUART 1978 Book
Scottish Migration to Ulster in the Reign of James I. M. Perceval-Maxwell. 1973. R941.6

Scottish Roots. Alwyn James. 1981. R GEN 929.1072

Scottish-American Heirs, 1683-1883. David Dobson. 1990. R929.3089

DOBSON 1990 Book
Scottish-American Wills, 1650-1900. David Dobson. 1991. R929.3089

DOBSON 1991 Book
Scott's Papers, KY Court & Other Records. Hattie M. Scott. AGLL. 1953. 5 fiche. FCH 069 MICROFORM CABINET

Scroll of Members of Last Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, 1706-1707. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Sea Padres: Some Chaplains of 'The Old Navy'. H. Lawrence Martin, Timothy J. R355.347
Demy. 1984. MARTIN Book
Seal Township Cemeteries, Pike County, OH Tombstone Inscriptions. Pike R977.1847
County Chapter OH Genealogical Society. 1986. SEAL TO 1986 Book
Seamans Family in America. J.J. Lawton. 1933. R929.2

L448 Book
Search for Passengers of the Mary & John, 1630. B.W. Spear. 1987-1994. v.4-9, R974
v.12-13, v.17-20, v.22. SPEAR Book
Search Tips, Introducing Family History. C.R.H. Smith. Canterbury, CT. 1975. VERTICAL FILE
20p. Vertical File
Search Tips, Is That Lineage Right? DAR. 1965. 53p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Search Tips. Genealogy Vocabulary. 2p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Search Tips. How to Organize Genealogical Research. W. Babcock. June 1959. VERTICAL FILE
4p. Vertical File
Search Tips. Let's Climb the Family Tree & Find Your Roots. J.O. Metzger. 1977. VERTICAL FILE
48p. Vertical File
Search, A Handbook for Adoptees & Birthparents. Jane Askin & Bob Oskam. R362.8
1982. ASKIN Book
Searching for Your Ancestors. The How and Why of Genealogy. Gilbert H. Doane. R929.1
1960. 3rd ed. DOANE Book
Searching for Your Relatives Name in the 1897-1943 Passenger List RecordFs, GEN 929.373
Port of NY. Bill Balter. BALTER Book
Searching for Your Wisconsin Ancestors in Wisconsin Libraries. Carol Ward Ryan. R977.5
1979. RYAN 1979 Book
Searching in Indiana. Reference Guide to Public & Private Records. Mickey R977.2
Dimon Carty. 1985. CARTY 1985 Book
Search-With Help of Adoption Rights Groups, Adoptees & Natural Parents. 1979. VERTICAL FILE
1p. Vertical File
Seattle Death Records, 1881-1907. South King County Genealogical Society. R GEN 979.7772
1998. SEATTLE Book
Seattle Fire Department. Seattle Genealogical Society. 1989. 34p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Seattle Genealogical Society Bulletin. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Sebree Studies. Lineage of Charles Jenkins Sebree,1854-1913, traced to Colonial R929.20973
Virginia. Willa I. Guss. 1984. SEBREE Book
Second Boat. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Sedgwick County, KS Marriages, 1913-1917, Books Q-T. Midwest Historical & GEN 978.186
Genealogical Society. 1995. 1 bk. PENNING Book
Sedgwick County, KS Marriages, 1917-1920, Books U-X. Midwest Historical & GEN 978.186
Genealogical Society. 1995. 1 bk. PENNING Book
see Whistler Family or Whisler Family: For Data.. See: Whistler Family or VERTICAL FILE
Whisler Family: For Data. file Vertical File
Seeley Gene. Soc. Newsletter. No.30, 35, 36, 38, 39, 41. 1982-1984. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Selecman Family. Redmond Selecman Cole. 1942. R929.2

SE48 Book
Selected Abstracts from Common Pleas & Chancery. Scioto County, 1810-1875. R977.187
Caryn R. Shoemaker. 1985. SHOEMAK Book
Selected Bibliography Relating to Colonial America, Emmigration & Map. 2p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Selected records from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant MF 109 MICROFORM CABINET
Applications. Selected rolls. Microfilm
Selected U.S./International Marriage Records,1560-1900. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-403 MICROFORM CABINET
1997. CD
Selections from Letters & Diaries of Brevet-Brigadier General Willoughby Babcock R973.7
of 75th NY Volunteers. W.M. Babcock. 1922 B114 Book
Selections from Sargent Records, 1576-1896. Edwin E. Sargent. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Sentman, Sandmann, Santman Family Genealogy. Helen Graham Silvey. 1981. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Septs. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Sepulchral Reminiscences of a Market Town. List of Interments, St. Nicholas, Gr. GEN 942.618
Yarmouth. Dawson Turner. 1848, copy 1989. SEPULCH Book
Servant of the Crown in England & North America, 1756-1761. N.J. O'Conor. R973.26
1938. OC5 Book
Settlement of Germantown & Beginning of German Emigration to North America. R974.811
S.W. Pennypacker. 1970. P385 Book
Settlement of Pendleton District, 1777-1800. Frederick Van Clayton. 1988. GEN 975.725

Settlement of the German Coast of LA & Creoles of German Descent. J.H. Deiler. R976.3
1969. DEILER 1969 Book
Settlement of Windsor, Connecticut. Windsor 350th Anniversary Committee. 19p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Settlers of Beekman Patent, Historical Records. Frank J. Doherty. 1990-1995. R974.733
v.1-3.(v. 4-6 on CD) DOHERTY Book
Settlers of Maryland, 1679-1783. Peter Wilson Coldham. Consolidated Edition. GEN 975.2
2002. COLDHAM Book
Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York. V. 4-6. ORP CD-004 MICROFORM CABINET


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