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Seven Pierce Families, Including Descendants of Abial Pierce to the Present. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Harvey C. Pierce. 1936. PIERCE Book
Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors of Members, 1915-1975, 1975-1988. GEN 929.373
Consolidated Edition. 1991. HUTTON Book
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, First United Methodist Church. St John, WA. Church VERTICAL FILE
History Committee. 1979. 38p. Vertical File
Seventy-Five Years with Pike County. 40p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Severance Book. Louette & Harland Severance. 1984. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Sevier County, AR Census of 1850, 1830 & 1840 & Marriage Records to 1852. GEN 976.747
Capitola Glazner & Bobbie McLane. 1964. GLAZNER Book
Sevier County, Arkansas, U.S. Census of 1860 & Marriage Book 2, 1853-1865. GEN 976.747
C. Glazner & McLane. 1967. GLAZNER Book
Sevier Family History. Cora Bales Sevier & Nancy S. Madden. 1961. R929.2

SE84S Book
Sevier Family, A Brief Outline From Valentine Sevier, Original Emigrant, To Union R929.2
Soldier. SE84 Book
Seward and Related Families. George C. Seward. 1987. R929.20973

Seward County Kansas. Seward County Historical Society. 1979. GEN 978.1735

Sexton Records of Lone Fir Cemetery, East Portland. Wythle F. Brown. 1981. R979.549

BROWN 1981 Book
Shadows of Jackson County. A Collection of Jackson County, Oregon Funeral R979.527
Notices. 1987. SHADOWS 1987 Book
Shaping of Colonial Virginia. T.J. Wertenbaker. 1910, repr. 1958. R975.5

W498S Book
Shapleigh, Shapley and Shappley Families. A Comprehensive Genealogy, R929.20973
1635-1993. Brian Berry. 1993. SHIPLEY Book
Shawnee County Cemeteries. Topeka Small Cemeteries. 1973. v.1. R978.163

Shelburne, the Book of Samuel. Richard W. Buck. 1986. R GEN 929.20973

Shelby County, Kentucky Will Records, 1794-1817. Shelby Publishing Co. 1982. GEN 976.9435

Shelby County, Texas in the Civil War. Kathryn Hooper Davis, Carolyn Reeves R GEN 976.4179
Ericson. 1993. DAVIS Book
Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds, 1772-1850. John Vogt & T. William Kethley, R975.595
Jr. 1984. VOGT 1984 Book
Shenandoah County, Virginia, Marriage Bonds, 1772-1850. Ashby. 1967. R975.595

AS34 Book
Shenandoah Valley Pioneers & Their Descendants. Index to. T.K. Cartmell. R975.59

C249 Book
Shenandoah Valley Pioneers & Their Descendants. T.K. Cartmell. 1963. R975.59

C249 Book
Shepard Families of New England. Gerald Faulkner Shepard & Donald L. R929.20973
Jacobus. 1971-1973. v.1-3. SHEPARD 1971 Book
Sheppard-Marshall and Allied Families. Lillian A. Sheppard. 1974. R929.20973

SHEPPAR 1974 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Sheriff's Deed in Partition Stonebreaker & Anderson, Pike County, MO. 1869. 4p.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Anderson Family file Vertical File
Sherman Directory. A list of over 25,000 Shermans with Vital Records. J.H. R929.20973
Sherman. 1991. v.1-4. SHERMAN 1991 Book
Sherman Genealogy. Families of Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk, England. Thomas T. R929.2
Sherman. 1920. SH56 Book
Shield & Crest, An Account of the Art and Science of Heraldry. Julian Franklyn. R929.6
1967. F854S Book
Shields Families to 1917. John A. Shields. MF 319 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 02 Microfilm
Ship Passenger Lists, National & New England, 1600-1825. Carl Boyer, 3rd. R GEN 929.373
1977. v.1. SHIP PA Book
Ship Passenger Lists, New York & New Jersey, 1600-1825. Carl Boyer. v.2. R GEN 929.373

Ship Passenger Lists, Pennsylvania & Delaware, 1641-1825. Carl Boyer. 1980. R GEN 929.373
v.4. SHIP PA Book
Ship Passenger Lists, the South, 1538-1825. Carl Boyer. 1979. v.3. R GEN 929.373

Ships from Scotland to America, 1628-1828. David Dobson. 1998. R GEN 929.3089

Ships of our Ancestors. Michael J. Anuta. 1983. R387.243

Ships Passenger Lists, Port of Galveston, Texas, 1846-1871. Historical Press. R976.4
1984. SHIPS P 1984 Book
Shock Family History, 1730-1979. Children & Grandchildren of Eli Shock. 1979. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Shore Family, Michael Shore & His Descendants. Barbara Dennis. 1971, repr. R929.20973
1992. SHORE 1992 Book
Short Biography of Apsy Trevathan, Mother Of John Wm. Shaw. 1982. 7p.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Trevathan Family file Vertical File
Short History Brochure. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Short History Notes & References of Ancient & Honorable Family MF 001 MICROFORM CABINET
Ancketill/Anketell. 1901. ITEM 05 Microfilm
Short History of English People with Maps. John Richard Green. 1897. R942

G823S6 Book
Short History of German Place Names. Harry Davis. 1974. 36p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Short History of Page County, VA. Harry Strickler. 1952, repr. 1974. GEN 975.594

Short History of the Lannen Family. Hugh C. Lannen. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Short History of the Northern Family in the US, 1635-1900. Rev. E.E. Northern. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1982. NORTHERN Book
Sidwell Family. Stories & Genealogies of Some Friend Descendants. Robert W. R929.20973
Sidwell. 1993. SIDWELL Book
Signers of the Declaration of Independence. A Biographical and Genealogical R GEN 973.313
Reference. Della Gray Barthelmas. 1997. BARTHEL Book
Silent Cities of Grant County, Oklahoma. Pearcy & Talkington. 1993. R976.623

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Simmons Clan Bulletin. Margaret R. Carver. #1-6. 1968-1975. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Simon Lobdell, 1646, of Milford, CT and his Descendants. Mrs. J.H. Lobdell. R929.2
1907. L782 Book
Simonson & Allied Families, Bible Records. 14p.. See: Simonson Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Simpson County, Kentucky Records. 1975. R976.9735

SIMPSON 1975 Book
Sims' History of Elgin County, Ontario Province. Hugh Joffre Sims. 1984. v.1. R 971.334

Sims Index to Land Grants in West Virgina. Edgar B. Sims. 1952, repr. 1992 with R333.16
new material. SIMS IN Book
Simsbury, CT Births, Marriages & Deaths. Albert Bates. 1898. MF 037 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 04 Microfilm
Sioux County History, First 100 Years, 1886-1986. Harrison Community Club, R GEN 978.299
Inc. 1986. SIOUX C Book
Sir William Johnson & the Indians of New York. Milton W. Hamilton. R974.700497

JOHNSON 1967 Book
Skagit County, WA Grand View Cemetery Records, 1897-1995. Skagit Valley GEN 979.772
Genealogical Society. 2001. v.3 GRAND V Book
Skagit County, WA Green Hills Memorial Cemetery Records, 1900-1993. Skagit GEN 979.772
Valley Genealogical Society. 2000. v.2. GREEN H Book
Skagit County, WA Index to Funeral Home Records, 1908-1994. Skagit Valley GEN 979.772
Genealogical Society. 1997. SKAGIT Book
Skagit County, WA Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Records. Skagit Valley Gen. Soc. GEN 979.772
2001. v.4. PLEASAN Book
Skagit County, WA Union Cemetery Records, 1889-1992. Skagit Valley Gen. GEN 979.772
Soc. 1999. v.1. UNION C Book
Skagit County, WA, Forest Park Cemetery, Concrete Washington, 1908-2002. GEN 979.772
Skagit Valley Genealogical Society. 2003. v. 6. FOREST Book
Skagit County, WA, Mount Vernon Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Washington. Skagit GEN 979.772
Valley Genealogical Society. 2003. v. 5. MOUNT V Book
Skagit County, WA, Bay View Cemetery, Bay View, Washington, 1892-2002. GEN 979.772
Skagit Valley Genealogical Society. 2003. v.7. BAY VIE Book
Skagit County, WA, Bow Cemetery, IOOF, Bow Washington, 1888-2003. Skagit GEN 979.772
Valley Genealogical Society. 2003. v. 8. BOW CEM Book
Skagit County, WA, Clear Lake Cemetery, Clear Lake, Washington, 1893-2003. GEN 979.772
Skagit Valley Genealogical Society. 2003. v.9. CLEAR L Book
Skagit County, WA, Edens Cemetery, Guemes Island, Washington, 1888-2003. GEN 979.772
Skagit Valley Genealogical Society. 2004. v. 10. EDENS C Book
Skagit County, Washington, Death Records, 1891-1908. Skagit Valley GEN 979.772
Genealogical Society. 1995. SKAGIT Book
Skamania County, WA Births, 1893-1926; Deeds & Miscellaneous Records, R979.784
1855-1894. Daphne Ramsay. 1987. RAMSAY 1987 Book
Skamania County, WA Census Records, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1885, 1887. Daphne GEN 312.0979784 CENSUS SHELF
Ramsay. 1987. RAMSAY Book
Skamania County, WA Marriage Records. Daphne Ramsay. 1987. R979.784

RAMSEY 1987 Book
Skamania County, WA, Cemetery Records. Daphne Ramsay. 1987. R979.784

RANSAY 1987 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Sketch of the History of Attleborough from its Settlement to the Present Time. John R929.1
Daggett. 1834. D132 Book
Sketch of the History of Newbury, Newburyport and West Newbury. Joshua GEN 977.445
Coffin. 1845, repr. 1977 & 1980. COFFIN Book
Sketches of Maryland Eastern Shoremen. Genealogical Abstracts from Portrait & GEN 975.21
Biographical Records. 1985-94. WRIGHT Book
Sketches of Western NC, Historical & Biographical, Illustrating Revolutionary R975.6703
Period. C.L. Hunter. 1970. HUNTER 1970 Book
Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall-Romanized Form, Irish Names & Surnames. Patrick R929.4084
Woulfe. 1923, repr. 1967. WOULFE 1967 Book
Slope Saga. Slope County, North Dakota. Slope Saga Committee. 1976. R978.493

SLOPE S 1976 Book
Smedley Family of Chester Co., PA. R929.2 MICROCARD BOX

SM32 Microcard
Smith Family Ties-Supplement. Ruth Carter McKinley, Gay Martin McKinley. R GEN 929.20973

Smith Genealogy. Account of Descendants of Henry & Elizabeth Smith of Dedham, R929.20973
MA. M.L. Napoli. 1974. SMITH 1974 Book
Smith of Virginia. Dorothy Ford Wulfeck. 1966-1969. v. 1-3. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Smith's Funeral Home Records, Spokane, WA, 1890-1906. D. Cline & V. Russell. R979.737
1980. v.1-2. SMITHS 1980 Book
Smtih Family Ties. Ruth Carter McKinley and Gay Martin McKinley. R GEN 929.20973

Snow-Estes Ancestry. Nora E. Snow. 1939. R929.2

SN61 Book
Snyder County Pioneers. Charles A. Fisher. 1938, repr. 1973. R974.849

F531 Book
Social Security Death Index. Birth Years, 1800-2003. Ancestry. 2003. ANC CD-004 MICROFORM CABINET

Social, Economic, Religious & Historical Background as it Affects Genealogical R929.105
Research. 1967. G286D Book
Social, Economic, Religious & Historical Background of England as it Effected R929.105
Genealogical Research. LDS. Series A#50. 1969 G286A Book
Society of Colonial Wars in State of NY, Year Book for 1913. Sermons & R929.1
Addresses. 1908-09, 1911-15. SO2869 Book
Society of Colonial Wars. Connecticut Register of Pedigrees & Services of R929.1
Ancestors. 1941. SO2833 Book
Sociological Study of the Little Harpeth Valley, 1870-1936. Mildred May & Thomas VERTICAL FILE
W. Davis, Jr. 1936. 8p Vertical File
Soderfelt History Book, 1851-1985. Sheila Ray Erickson. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Soldiers in King Phillip's War. G.M. Bodge. 1896. R929

B632 Book
Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Illinois. Illinois Genealogical Society. R977.3
1975. IL6S Book
Soldiers of the Great War. W.M. Hauser, F.G. Howe, A.C. Doyle. 1920. v. 1-3. R940.913

SO421 Book
Soldiers of the Revolution in Bedford County, TN. Helen C. & Timothy R. Marsh. GEN 976.8583
1989. SOLDIER Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Soldiery of West Virginia. Virgil Lewis. 1911, repr. 1972. R975.4

L589 Book
Some Account of the Temple Family. Temple Prine. 1884. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Some Ancestors & Descendants of Edward Bill & Oliver Bill. Supplement to 1867 R GEN 929.20973
Bill Family History. J. Cobb. 1978. BILL Book
Some Ancestors and Descendants of Edward Bill and Oliver Bill. John L. Cobb R GEN 929.20973
and Ledyard Bill. 1978. BILL Book
Some Brysons & Swearingens. Sarah Ellen Campbell & Homer C. Nycum. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1965. BRYSON Book
Some Cemetery Records of Abbeville County, SC. W.P.A. 193?. repr. 1982. R975.735

SOME CE 1982 Book
Some Cemetery Records of Coos and Curry Counties, Oregon. Genealogical GEN 979.52
Forum of Portland. 1982. SOME CE Book
Some Cemetery Records of Wasco County, Oregon. 1929, repr. 1979. R979.562

WASCO C 1979 Book
Some Connecticut Nutmeggers Who Migrated. Grace L. Knox & Barbara B. GEN 974.61
Ferris. 1988. KNOX Book
Some Days from Virginia. Jesse H. Day & Bessie R. Day. 1987, 1992. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

DAY Book
Some Descenants of James and Christean Irwin. Marjorie Molloy Jansen. 1996. R GEN 929.20973

Some Descendants of George Bowman & Mary Hite, Shenandoah Valley of VA. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Frank D. Neher. 1996. v.1-3. BOWMAN Book
Some Descendants of John Culver, 1700-1766, Somerset County, MD & Related GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Families. Lorena Martin Spillers. CULVER Book
Some Descendants of John Endecott, Governor of MA Bay Colony. Mabel M. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
McCloskey. 1943. ENDECOTT Book
Some Descendants of John Keand of Whithorn, Scotland. W.R. McCann. 1953. R929.2

M126 Book
Some Descendants of John M. Bechtel & Esther Ann Moyer. Carrie L. Lartique. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1974. BECHTEL Book
Some Descendants of John Schachtner. Beulah Nolan Kehn. 1976. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Some Descendants of John Sheldon of Rhode Island. Helen White Brown. 1964. R929.2097

SHELDON 1964 Book
Some Descendants of Michael Peters. Edward L. Peters. 1993. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Some Descendants of Nathaniel Woodward. R.E. Woodward. 1940. R929.2

W876 Book
Some Descendants of Robert Porter, Farmington, Connecticut, 1640. Margaret R929.2097
Porter Miller. 1986. PORTER 1986 Book
Some Earlier Americans. Boles & Bowers Relatives, 1700-1970. Harold W. & R929.2
David B.Boles. 1970. B637 Book
Some Early Nebraska Records, Marriages, Cemetery Inscriptions. E.E. Cox. GEN 978.2

Some Early Records & Documents of & Relating to the Town of Windsor, CT, R974.62
1639-1703. 1930. C762 Book
Some Early Records of Morris County, New Jersey, 1740-1799. Harriet R974.974
Stryker-Rodda. 1975. STRYKER 1975 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Some Early Residents of Polk County, Missouri. Maxine Dunaway. 1978. R977.877

Some Genealogy of the Talkington & Long Families. W.L. Talkington. 1972. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Some German Name Cemeteries, Cook County, Illinois. G.W. Lundberg. 1984. GEN 977.31
v.1. LUNDBER Book
Some Immigrants to Virginia. Parentage or Former residence indicated by R975.5
Authentic Records. W. Stanard. 1953. ST24 Book
Some Information about Arasmiths, Arrasmiths, Arrowsmiths. Jesse H. Day & R929.20973
Bessie R. Day. 1991. ARROWSM Book
Some Maine Descendants of Thomas Harris of Providence, RI & Allied Families. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Mary Shaw Atwood. 1917. HARRIS Book
Some Marriage Records in the Burned Record Counties of Virginia. Virginia GEN 975.5
Genealogical Society. 1972. VIRGINI Book
Some Nebletts in America. Dorothy Neblett Perkins. 1994. R GEN 929.20973

Some of the Descendants of Johann Peter Kniskern of Schoharie Co., NY. W.H. R929.2
Kniskern. K749 Book
Some of the Descendants of William Callaway. Rose M. Callaway. 1991. v.1-2. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Some of the Earliest Oaths of Allegiance to the U.S. of America. Nellie P. R973.344
Waldenmaler. 1944. W144 Book
Some of the Experiences of a Man who Crossed the Plains. William Luther GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Powers. 1886. POWERS Book
Some Pioneer Families of Wisconsin. Betty Patterson. 1977. R977.5

PATTERS 1977 Book
Some Prominent Virginia Families, Index to. L.F. Oliver. 1979. R975.5

OLIVER 1979 Book
Some Prominent Virginia Families. Louis Pecquet du Bellet. 1907. v.1-4. R975.5

PEQUET 1976 Book
Some Records of 2 Lakeland Twps., Blawith & Nibwaite. A.P. Bryson. 1908. R929.7

B844 Book
Some Revolutionary Soldiers in Mississippi. 5p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Some South Carolina Records. Brent Holcomb. 1976. v.1. R975.7

Some Southern Colonial Families. David A. Avant Jr. 1983. v.1-5. R GEN 975

Some Spartanburg County Cemeteries. Joseph R. Gainey. 1983. R975.729

GAINEY 1983 Book
Some Tennessee Heroes of the American Revolution. Zella Armstrong. R929.4

AR58 Book
Some Tombstone Inscriptions from Cemetery in Friedensburg, Pennsylvania. 3p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Some Vermont Ancestors. Bicentennial Project. Vermont Genealogical Society. R974.3
Joann H. Nichols. NICHOLS 1976 Book
Some Virginia Marriages, 1700-1799. C.D. McDonald. 1974. v.1-8. R975.5

M145 Book
Some Watkins Families of Virginia and their Kin. John Hale Stutesman. 1989. R929.20973

WATKINS 1989 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Somerset County Historical Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Somerset County, PA Will Book Index, 1795-1900. Bob Closson. 1984. R974.879

CLOSSON 1984 Book
Somerset Homecoming. Recovering a Lost Heritage. Dorothy Spruill Redford. R929.3089
1988. REDFORD Book
Song in Siberia. True Story of a Russian Church that Could not be Silenced. R957
Deyneka. 1977. DEYNEKA 1977 Book
Sons of American Revolution Kentucky Society. 1896 Yearbook. SAR. GEN 976.9

Sons of the American Revolution, Kentucky Society, 1896 Yearbook (Incl. Military UNCATALOGED SHELF
& Pension Rosters). SAR, Kentucky. Book
Souls in Heaven, Names in Stone. Kent Co. Cemetery Records. R.W., W.M., & R975.14
E.A.B. Dill. 1989. v.1-2. DILL 1989 Book
Soundex Reference Guide. Bradley W. Steuart. 1990. GEN 929.373 HOW TO

Source. A Guidebook of American Genealogy. Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra GEN 929.1072 HOW TO
Hargreaves Luebking. 1997. SZUCS Book
Sourcebook of County Court Records. Public Record Research Library. 1997. R GEN 929.373
2nd ed. SOURCEB Book
Sources for Pennebakers & Buckmans Pioneers. Dorothy C. Van Slyke. v.2. VERTICAL FILE
13p.. See: Pennebaker Family file Vertical File
Sources for Research in Welch Genealogy. 9p.. See: LIBRARIES/ARCHIVES VERTICAL FILE
Washington DC file Vertical File
South Carilina Provincial Troops, June-November, 1775. A.S. Salley. 1977. GEN 975.7

South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1773-1778. Brent H. Holcomb. 1993. v.1. R GEN 975.7

South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1776-1783. Brent H. Holcomb. 1994. v.2. R GEN 975.7

South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1783-1788. Brent H. Holcomb. 1996. v.3. R GEN 975.7

South Carolina Genealogical Research. George K. Schweitzer. 1985. R GEN 975.7

South Carolina Genealogies. Articles from South Carolina Historical & Genealogy R975.7
Magazine. SC Historical Society. 1983. v.1-5. SOUTH C 1983 Book
South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research. (Periodical: for issues see PERIODICAL SHELF
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
South Carolina Marriages, 1688-1799. Brent H. Coleman. 1983. GEN 975.7

South Carolina Marriages. Barbara R. Langdon. 1991-1995. v.1-5. R975.7

South Carolina Naturalizations, 1783-1850. Brent H. Holcomb. 1985. R975.7

HOLCOMB 1985 Book
South Carolinians in the Revolution. Service Records & Miscellaneous Data, GEN 975.7
1775-1855. Sara Sullivan Ervin. 1976. ERVIN Book
South Dakota Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. PERIODICAL SHELF
Alpha File) Periodical
South Hadley, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, MF 159 MICROFORM CABINET
1728-1944. NEGHS. ITEM 05 Microfilm
Description Catalog # Location /Type
South in the Building of the Nation. v.1-3, 5-12. v.13:Index. R975

SO88 Book
South King County Surname Book. King County Genealogical Society. 1983. 28p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
South of the Alamo. Frances Bramlette Cochran. 1992. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

South Whidbey and its People. South Whidbey Historical Society. 1985. v.2. R979.775

Southampton, Hampshire County, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & MF 160-161 MICROFORM CABINET
Historical Material, 1728-1934. Microfilm
Southern Alberta Pioneers & Old Timers Association Meeting. Southern Alberta R971.23
Stories. Margaret Maw. 1954. SOUTHER 1954 Book
Southern Loyalists in the Civil War. Southern Claims Commission,1871-1880 R973.745
(case files). Gary B. Mills. 1994. MILLS Book
Southold Connections. Historical & Biographical Sketches of Northeastern Long GEN 974.725
Island. Judy F. Jacobson. 1991. JACOBSO Book
Southold Town Records. Copied & Explanatory Notes. J. William Case. 1882-84, R974.725
repr. 1989. v.1-2. SOUTHOL 1989 Book
Southside Virginian. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Southwest Historical Series. Bieber & Hafen. 1943. v.12. R987

B475 Book
Southwest Virginia Kin. E.E. Albert. 1977. v.1-2. R929.2

EVANS 1977 Book
Southwest Virginia Tax Assessments, 1815. Mary B. Kegley. 1991. GEN 975.57

Southwest Virginia Tax Assessments, 1815. Supplement. Mary B. Kegley. 1992. GEN 975.57

Southwestern Wisconsin. A History of Old Crawford County. John G. Gregory. GEN 977.5
1932. Index. Mrs. Sturges W. Bailey. 1983. INDEX T Book
Souvenir, A Centennial Journey. 100th Anniversary Souvenir, Watauga Co. VERTICAL FILE
Democrat, Jul 4, 1988. 16p. Vertical File
Spafford, Onondaga County, NY. Capt. George K. Collins. 1902, repr. 1917. R GEN 974.765

Spanish & Mexican Records of the American Southwest. Biographical Guide to R979.01
Archive & Manuscript Sources. Henry Beers. 1979. BEERS 1979 Book
Spear-Berry Family. Spear Family Memorial, 1620-1985. Iowa L. Spear-Wilson. R929.2097
1985. SPEAR Book
Special Aids to Genealogical Research on Southern Families. 1957, 1962. #15. R929.1

N2113S Book
Spencers of the Great Migration. Jack Taif Spencer and Edith Woolley Spencer. R GEN 929.20973
1997. SPENCER Book
Spokane County Cemetery Directory. John W. Witte, Spokane, Wa. 1993. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Spokane County Deeds, Books A-K, 1879-1886. MF 003-006 MICROFORM CABINET

Spokane County Marriage Index, 1880-1906. Charles Hansen. 2003. GEN 979.737

Spokane County Marriage Indices, 1930-1947. 3 disks. ORP CD-009--011 MICROFORM CABINET

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Spokane County Marriage Indices, 1947-1962. 2 disks. ORP CD-012--013 MICROCARD BOX

Spokane County Marriage Indices, 1963-1973. 2 disks. ORP CD-014--015 MICROCARD BOX

Spokane County Marriage Indices, January 1929 - January 1937, A-Z. ORP CD-008 MICROFORM CABINET

Spokane County Marriage Licenses,1891-1903. Vonda DeMerritt. 1993. GEN 979.737

Spokane County Marriage Records, 1898-1903 & 1903-1906. Books 4-12. MF 064-065 MICROFORM CABINET

Spokane County Notary Publics, 1890-1910. Jeanne Polumsky Coe. 2000. GEN 979.737

Spokane County School District. Latah Clerks Records, 1911-1916; Town MF 012 MICROFORM CABINET
Ordinance Book, 1892; Poll Lists, 1896-1909. Microfilm
Spokane County School District. Latah Grade School Records, 1905-1916; High MF 013 MICROFORM CABINET
School Records, 1895-1901; Register of Visitors. Microfilm
Spokane County School Records, 1880-1916. Beardsley, Cheney, Four Lakes & MF 009 MICROFORM CABINET
Garden Springs. Microfilm
Spokane County School Records. Fairfield, Curlew, Harp & Latah for various MF 011 MICROFORM CABINET
years, 1890-1919. Microfilm
Spokane County School Records. Garden Springs, 1904-1907. MF 010 MICROFORM CABINET

Spokane County, WA Early Birth Records, 1890-1906. EWGS. 1995. GEN 979.737 INDEX SHELF

Spokane County, WA Rural Cemetery Records. L. Patchen. EWGS. 1961. v.1-3. R929.5

EA77 Book
Spokane County, Washington Mason School Records, 1903-1926. Jeanne GEN 379.79737
Polumsky Coe. 1988. MASON S Book
Spokane House, 1810-1814. People of the Fur Trade. Friends of Spokane House. GEN 979.73
2001. SPOKANE Book
Spokane Valley Directory, 1941-1942. Guide Book Locating People, includes R917.97
occupations. SP658 1941/42 Book
Spooner Saga. Judah Paddock Spooner and his wife Deborah Douglas. Esther R GEN 929.20973
Woodworth-Barnes. 1997. SPOONER Book
Spottiswoode Miscellany. Original Papers & Tracts, Civil & Eccleastical History of R941
Scotland. v.1-2. SP69 Book
Sprague, Lamont & Edwall, WA, 1881-1981. Stories of our People, Land & Times. R979.735
Southeast Lincoln County Historical Society. 1981. SPRAGUE 1982 Book
Springfield, Town on the Minnesota Prarie. 100th Anniversary Centennial Project. R977.631
1981. SPRINGF 1981 Book
Squire Simmons Family, 1746-1986. Dorothy Geneva Simmons Skelton. 1986. R929.20973

SIMMONS 1986 Book
St Joseph's Church Records, Spokane Valley. 5p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church of Spokane, WA. Centennial History, R282.79737
1890-1990. Jeanne Coe. 1990. COE 1990 Book
St. Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery Inscriptions, Conover, NC. Copied by GEN 975.6785
William Byrd. 1968-1972. ST JOHN Book
St. Johnsonville, NY Enterprise & News Gene. Column, Mohawk Valley, MF 034 MICROFORM CABINET
1936-1961. EWGS. 1982. 16 v. ITEM 02 Microfilm
Description Catalog # Location /Type
St. Judes Anglican Church, Greenwood, BC. R.M. Simbrec. 1989. VERTICAL FILE

vertical file
St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. PERIODICAL SHELF
Alpha File) Periodical
St. Mary's Cemetery. Portland's Pioneer Catholic Cemetery. Connie Lenzen. GEN 979.549
1987. LENZEN Book
St. Peters Cemetery, Jefferson City, Missouri. Mid-Missouri Genealogical R977.855
Society. 1981. SAINT P 1981 Book
Stafford County, Virginia Cemeteries. Cynthia L. Musselman. 1983. v. 1. R977.5526

Standards of Trade, Columbia River, 1824-1825. Friends of Spokane House. GEN 979.7
2001. STANDAR Book
Stanley Alexander Murray. N. Page Murray. 2005 VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
State Census Records. (what is available & where to obtain them). Ann S. R929.3
Lainhart. 1992. LAINHAIR 1992 Book
State Census. Bibliography of Censuses after 1790 by States & Territories. Henry R016.312
J. Dubester. 1948, repr. 1969. UN3 Book
State Records of North Carolina, 1730-1790. Walter Clark. 1962, repr. 1993/94. v. R GEN 975.6
11-26. COLONIA Book
State Territorial Census List. Available Census & Location. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Steel County, ND, 1883-1983. Centennial Commemoration. Steele County GEN 978.433
Historical Society. 1983. STEELE Book
Steins of Muscatine. A Family Chronicle. 1962. R929.2

ST34 Book
Stembridge Stock. Tina Peddie. Rohnert Park, CA. v.1. 1988. 40p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Stembridge Family file Vertical File
Stephen F. Austin's Register of Families from Original in General Land Office, R976.4
Austin, TX. V. Williams. 1984, repr. 1989. AUSTIN 1989 Book
Stevens County, Washington Births and Deaths, 1890-1907. Stevens County GEN 979.723
Historical Society & NEWGS. 1997. STEVENS Book
Stewarts, Dressers, Tafts and Cones. Frank S. Kinsey. 1956. R929.2

K625 Book
Stewarts, the Highland Branches of a Royal Name. John Stewart. 1954, repr. VERTICAL FILE
1979. 32p. Vertical File
Stieler's Atlas of Modern Geography. MAP CASE

Stilson/Stillson. A Family History, 1646-1993. Christie Stilson. 1993. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Stocking Genealogy. Descendants of George Stocking, Founder of the American MF 001 MICROFORM CABINET
Family. Stocking. 1903. ITEM 04 Microfilm
Stockton Family & Related Families. Robert S. Stockton. 1959. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Stoddard Family. F.R. Stoddard. 1912. R929.2

ST63 Book
Story Key to Geographic Names. Von Engeln & Urquhart. 1924. R929.4

EN32 Book
Story of a Friendly Village. Mamaroneck, New York, 1896-1946. Gershom R974.7277
Fulcher. 1946. FULCHER 1946 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Story of an Immigrant, Hungarian Family in the US. B. E. (Bill) Topth. 1990. R929.20973

Story of Evaliz Shukar Balan, the 'White Lamb'. Mela Meisner Lindsay. 1976. R LINDSAY
(historical novel) MEL 1982 Book
Story of George Alfred Slaugh & Rachel Maria Goodrich & their Descendants. R929.2
1964. SL15 Book
Story of Hometown USA, 131 Year Saga of Middletown Newspaper. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Story of Jacob Hutchins of Athol, MA. J.R. Hutchins. 1976. R929.2

H97H Book
Story of James Calvin Sly. Lenore Sly Waite. 1975. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

SLY Book
Story of Kern County. W.W. Robinson. 1961. GEN 979.488

Story of My Family. Milford Crowley. 1977. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Story of Old Kingston. A.M.Macher, Index to. A.R. Hazelgrove. 1971. R971.372

Story of Old Kinston by Agnes Maule Machar, Index to. A.R. Hazelgrove. 1972. R971.372

HAZELGR 1972 Book
Story of Riverside County. W.W. Robinson. 1957. GEN 979.497

Story of San Bernardino County. W.W. Robinson. 1958. GEN 979.495

Story of San Fernando Valley. W.W. Robinson. 1961. GEN 979.493

Story of San Luis Obispo County. W.W. Robinson. 1960. GEN 979.478

Story of Surnames. William Dodgson Bowman. 1931. R929.4

B684 Book
Story of the Benz Family. Frederick R. Benz. 1964. R929.20973

BENZ 1964 Book
Story of Titles (Peerage Titles). L.G. Pine. 1969. R929.709

B652 Book
Story of Tulare County & Visalia. W.W. Robinson. 1960. 35p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Story of Ventura County. W.W. Robinson. 1956. GEN 979.492

Stover/Stauffer Connection. Raymond M. Stover. 1991. R929.20973

Strafford, NH Census & Town Tax Records. People & Land, 1790-1880. R974.25
Goodwin. 1990. v.1-2. GOODWIN 1990 Book
Strasburg, Virginia and the Keister Family. E.E. Keister. 1972. R929.2097

KEISTER 1972 Book
Stratton Clan. Line of Wm. & Katherine Keethler Stratton, 1775-1980. Gertrude SURNAME SHELF
Rosenkild. Book
Strieby Genealogy & History, 1726-1967. B. Strieby. 1967. R929.2

ST85 Book
Stroebe Story, Germany, Wisconsin & Michigan. 1959. R929.2

ST87 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Strohmeiers of New Orleans. Three Strohmeier Immigrants from Germany. John R GEN 929.20973
W. Baxter. 1995. STROHMA Book
Stroup(e), Stropp, Straub, Strabuble Newsletter. Nigel. #1-3. 1981-82. (Periodical: VERTICAL FILE
for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Stuart & Allied Families. E.A. Stuart. R929.2

ST91 Book
Stub Entries to Indents Claims Against SC from Revolution. Wylma Wates. 1956. R975.7
v.1-2. SO87 Book
Studies in Asian Genealogy. World Conference on Records & Genealogy R929.1095
Seminar. 1969, 1972. W893 Book
Stull Family. Julia Ann Stull, 1814-1872. Wayne V. Jones. 1996. R GEN 929.20973

Subject List of Miscellaneous Self-Service Microfilm Available at Seattle Branch, RESOURCE SHELF
National Archives. 1987. Book
Suggested Sources for Documenting Coats of Arms. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Sumner Cemetery. Pulaski County, Arkansas. Tom C. Martinet. 1996. GEN 976.773

Sumner County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1793-1805. Joyce Martin Murray. GEN 976.847
1988. v.1. MURRAY Book
Sumner County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1806-1817. Joyce Martin Murray. GEN 976.847
1989. MURRAY Book
Sumner County, TN Abstracts of Will Books 1 & 2, 1788-1842. Edythe Rucker R976.847
Whitley. 1956, repr. 1978. WHITLEY Book
Sumner Family History & Genealogy. George W. Moore. v.1-3. FCH 008 MICROFORM CABINET

Sunlight on the Southside. Lists of Tithes, Lunenburg County, VA, 1748-1783. GEN 975.5643
Landon C. Bell. 1974. LUNENBU Book
Sunset Cemetery, Manhattan, Kansas. Riley County Genealogical Society. 1979. GEN 978.128

Supplement to Genealogy of Weiant Pennebaker & Descendants in v.2: GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Pennebaker & Buchmans Pioneers. D. Van Slyke.1993. PENNEBAKER Book
Supplement to Lesley, Leslie, 1755-1955. A History of 200 Years in America. Ruth GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
C. Leslie. 1975. LESLEY Book
Supplement to South Carolina Marriages, 1688-1820. Brent H. Holcomb. 1984. GEN 975.7

Supplements to Certain Topics on Inham, Waterhouse & Allied Families. Carmack R929.2097
Waterhouse. c1976. INGHAM 1976 Book
Surname Cards. Newspapers Clippings. Boston Transcript & Hartford Times, MF 029-030 MICROFORM CABINET
1922-42. Microfilm
Surname Index to 65 volumes of Colonial & Revolutionary Pedigrees. Geo. R016.929
Rodney Crowther. 1964. C886 Book
Surnames - A Selected List of References of Personal Names in Library of VERTICAL FILE
Congress. Paul J. Conner. 23p. Vertical File
Surnames are the Fossils of Speech. S.L. Brown. 1967. R929.403

B815 Book
Surnames of Ireland. Edward MacLysaght. 1957, repr. 1997. R GEN 929.4

Surnames of Scotland. G.F. Black. 1946, repr. 1962. R GEN 929.4

B561 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Surnames of United Kingdom. Henry Harrison. 1969. R929.4

H246S Book
Surnames. Ernest Weekley. 1916. R929.4

W418 Book
Surrogate Court Records Index, Ontario Province, Canada,1793-1858. Ontario FCH 067 MICROFORM CABINET
Genealogical Society. Microfiche
Surry County, Virginia Register of Free Negroes. Dennis Hudgins. 1995. R GEN 975.5562

Survey of American Church Records. Major/Minor Denominations Before 1890. R929.373
E.K. Kirkham. 1978. v.1-2(1 bk). KIRKHAM 1978 Book
Survey of Layde Graveyard, County Antrim. Glens of Antrim Historical Society. GEN 941.612
n.d. SURVEY Book
Susan B. Anthony, Her Personal History and Her Era. Katherine Anthony. 1954. RB ANTHONY

ANTHONY 1954 Book
Susan Jane McCracken Edmiston. 15p.. See: McCracken Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Sutherland Family Fold Out Lineage Chart. 1p.. See: Sutherland Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Sutherland Records Found in GA, IL, KY, MD, NC, SC & VA. Henry C. R929.2
Sutherland. 1968. SO88 Book
Sutro Library User's Guide to Local History & Genealogies on Microfiche #014. BOX A HOW TO
1990. A-5 Book
Sutro Library, San Francisco, Shelf List of Local History, Family Histories, Misc. FCH 014 MICROFORM CABINET
Items. 1990. Microfiche
Swain County, North Carolina Centennial History. Dale Huddleston. 1971. GEN 975.696

Swamp Yankee from Mystic. James H. Allyn. 1980. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Swart-Frazier Family Potluck Picnic, Aug. 1989, At Applewood Park, Naches, VERTICAL FILE
WA. 2p.. See: Swart Family file Vertical File
Swedish Immigrants in Lincoln's Time. N.M. Hokanson. 1942. R973.743

H689 Book
Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York, 1820-1850. Nils W. Olsson. 1967. R929.3

OL8 Book
Swedish Settlements of the Delaware. Amandus Johnson. 1911, repr. 1969. R975.1
v.1-2. J63 Book
Swem Family. Dutch American Pioneers. Lorna Swem Hormann. 1994. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Swift County, Minnesota. A Collection of Historical Sketches and Family Histories. R GEN 977.641
Swift County Historical Society. 1979 SWIFT C Book
Table of Contents for Americans from Germany. Gerald Wilk. 3p. (bk at Gonzaga VERTICAL FILE
U) Vertical File
Table of Contents for Genealogical Data Microfilmed by EWGS, MF 29-36. 1982. BOX A HOW TO SHELF

A-2 Book
TAD Idea Guide for Armstrong County. Donna K. Clark. 1982. R974.888

TAD 1982 Book
Talbot County, MD Marriage Licenses, 1657-1691, 1738-1751, 1781, 1794-1850. R975.232
Clark. v.1-3. CLARK Book
Tale of Three Cities. Reno, Carson, San Francisco 1863-1930. Bertha Bender GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Brown. 1964. BROWN Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Tale of Twin Cities, Kitchener, Waterloo. 14p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Tale of Two Families. Genealogy of the Meyers & Sparhawk Families. D.H. R929.2097
Braithwait. 1981. MYERS 1981 Book
Tanquary and Allied Families. Patrick G. Tanquary. 1987. R929.20973

TANQUAR 1987 Book
Tape Indicator Map of London. C. Smith & Son. R912.421

SM Book
Tax Lists of Cumberland County, PA, 1750-53 & 1762-64. M.L.S. Schaumann. R974.843
1974. SCHAUMA 1974 Book
Tax Lists of Washington County, PA, 1784-85 & 1793. DAR, Washington Chapter. R974.882
1955. WASHING 1955 Book
Tax Lists of Westmorland County, PA, 1786-1810. William H. Dumont. 1968. R974.881

DUMONT 1968 Book
Taxpayers, 1806. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Taylor Family History. J. Montgomery Seaver. 1971. R929.20973

TAYLOR 1971 Book
Teagle Family 'From Then Til Now'. Walton Teagle & T. Lindemer. 1992. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Tears on Paper. History & Life Stories of Orphan Train Riders. Patricia J. Young & R362.734
Frances E. Marks. 1990. YOUNG 1990 Book
Teats Family Miscellaneous Data. 23p.. See: Teats Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Temple Pedigrees. Known Descendants of Abraham Temple of Salem, MA, 1636. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Levi Daniel Temple. TEMPLE Book
Ten Generations of the Barnes Family in Bristol, CT. Fuller F. Barnes. 1946. R929.20973

BARNES 1946 Book
Ten Mile Country & It's Pioneer Families. Genealogical History of Upper R974.882
Monongahela Valley, Index To. H.Chance. LECKEY Book
Ten Mile Country & It's Pioneer Families. Genealogical History of Upper R974.882
Monongahela Valley. H.Lackey. v.1-2. LECKEY 1950 Book
Tennesseans before 1800, Washington County. Marjorie Hood Fischer. 1996. GEN 976.897

Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionaires. Gustavous W. Dyer & John T. R973.7468
Moore. 1985. v.1-5. TENNESS Book
Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires. G. W. Dyer & John T. Moore.
1985. v.1-5. Book
Tennessee County Data for Historical & Genealogical Research. TN State Library R976.8
& Archives. 1966. TENNESS 1966 Book
Tennessee Cousins. A History of Tennessee People. Worth Ray. 1950, R976.8
repr.1968. R213 Book
Tennessee Genealogical Records. Davidson County Pioneers, Rev. War & War R976.855
of 1812 Soldiers. E.R. Whitley. 1965. WHITLEY 1965 Book
Tennessee Genealogical Records. Early Settlers from State & County Archives. R976.8
Edythe R. Whitley. 1984. WHITLEY 1980 Book
Tennessee Genealogical Research. George K. Schweitzer. 1983. GEN 976.8

Tennessee in Civil War. Civil War Centennial Commission. 1962. 8p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Tennessee Index to Death Records, 1908-1912 & 1914-1925. TN State Archives. MF 166-168 MICROFORM CABINET

Tennessee Land Grants. Barbara, Byron, and Samuel Sistler. 1998. v. 1-2. GEN 976.8

Tennessee Marriages, 1801-1825. AGLL. 1992. FCH 043 MICROFORM CABINET

Tennessee Marriages, Early To 1800. AGLL. 1991. FCH 042 MICROFORM CABINET

Tennessee Mortality Schedules. Byron & Barbara Sistler. 1984. R976.8

Tennessee Records. Tombstone Inscriptions, Manuscripts, Bible & Marriage GEN 929.3
Records. J.T.Aklen. 1933, repr. 1967. v.1-2. AC57 Book
Tennessee Settlers & Their Descendants. Tennessee Genealogical Society. 1994. R976.8

Tennessee Soldiers in the Revolution. P.J. Allen. 1935, repr.1977. R975

Tennessee Valley Authority. Miscellaneous Material.. See: Tennessee file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Tennessee, The Most Interesting State. Univ. TN. Ext. Ser. v.40 #1. Dec. 1965. VERTICAL FILE
11p. Vertical File
Territorial Papers, Washington State, 1854-1872. MF 328-329 MICROFORM CABINET

Territorial Papers, Washington State, 1854-1902. Executive Proceedings and MF 332-333 MICROFORM CABINET
Official Correspondence. Microfilm
Territorial Papers, Washington State, 1854-1902. Letters Received. MF 330-331 MICROFORM CABINET

Terwilliger Funeral Home Records, Salem, Oregon, 1909-1940. Willamette Valley GEN 979.537
Genealogical Society. 1998. v.1-2. EDDY Book
Teter Descendants of Hans Jorg and Maria Dieter, born in Germany. To America R929.20973
in 1727. Eva A Teter Winfield. 1992. TEETER Book
Teton County, Montana Cemeteries. Great Falls Genealogy Society. R GEN 978.655

Texas at Vickesburg. Bearss. 1961. R976.4

B38 Book
Texas County, Missouri Heritage. Texas County Genealogical & Historical R977.884
Society. 1989. v.1-2. TEXAS C Book
Texas Marriages from The Family Newsletter, History & Queries. v.1, #3. July, VERTICAL FILE
1983. 2p. Vertical File
Texas Marriages, early to 1850. Precision Indexing. FCH 044 MICROFORM CABINET

Texas Panhandle Forefathers. Barbara C. Spray, Amarillo Genealogical Society. R GEN 976.4826
1983. SPRAY Book
Texas State Death Index, 1903-1940. Aaba - Zywert. Texas State Archives. MF 169-181 MICROFORM CABINET

Texas Veterans in the Mexican War. Muster Rolls of Texas Military Units. R GEN 976.4
Charles D. Spurlin. 1984. SPURLIN Book
Thacher Families, Harford, Susquehanna County, PA, 1790-1940. Elwood J. R929.2097
Thacher. 1979. THACHER 1979 Book
Thacher Island, Massachusetts, off Cape Ann. Elwood Thacher. 1971. R929.2097

THACHER 1971 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Thacher Summer Holiday, 1987. James Thacher. 1994. R929.2097

That Humphrey Family and others. Donna Humphrey Metzger. 1991. R929.20973

The "What","Where" & "How" of Passenger Lists. Wini M. Schiess. 1997. R GEN 929.373

The Art of Family. Genealogical Artifacts in New England. D. Brenton Simons & GEN 704.9499
Peter Benes. 2002. ART OF Book
The British in Iowa. Van Der ZU. 1922. R977.7

V286 Book
The Bulletin. Chester Co. Gene. Soc. Richburg, SC. (Periodical: for issues see PERIODICAL SHELF
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
The Burger Tribe. Family and Descendants of Mary and Charles Burger. Marcia GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Johnson. 2001. BURGER Book
The Cahill Depository. John M. Cahill. 1984. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

The Census Book, 1790-1930. William Dollarhide. 1999. R GEN 312.0973

The Children's Aid Society of New York, 1855-1925. Carolee R. Inskeep. 1996. GEN 312.099747 CENSUS SHELF

The Church is the People. Liberty Park United Methodist Church. Frank F. Tobie. GEN 287
2000. TOBIE Book
The Clan. Dale E. Trefry. 1997. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

The Coast. A Magazine of Town & Country Life, Index to. G. Adams. 1982. R979.7

INDEX T 1982 Book
The Craven Courier. Amy Hamilton. Oak Grove, MO. Additional Material VERTICAL FILE
Added as Received. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
The Depression of the Dirty Thirties, Howard & Erma's Life. Erma Durheim. 1992. R978

The Descendants of William Kilcup Sr. of Windsor, Nova Scotia. John & Doris GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Winskie. 1990. KILCUP Book
The Downs, the Rockies, and Desert Gold. H.D. Croft 1961. Index to. Jeanne P. R917.8
Coe. 1989. C873 Book
The Downs, the Rockies, and Desert Gold. Helen Hurlburt Downer Croft. 1961. R917.8

C873 Book
The Families of Benjamin James and Joseph James. Pennsylvania to Minnesota GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
to Washington. Nancy Lawson. 2003. JAMES Book
The Family of Samuel Wyss In America. Leo H. Garman. 1978. R929.2209

WYSS 1978 Book
The Faw Family Record. Linda, Thomas & Lois Faw. 1992. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

FAW Book
The Founding of Lexington, 1775-1776. Carolyn Murray Wooley. 1975. R976.947

WOOLEY 1975 Book
The Fourth or 1821 Land Lottery of Georgia. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. 1986. R975.8

LUCAS 1986 Book
The Friendly Family. The Descendants of the Freundlichs of Bavaria. Natalie GEN 929.20973
Brooks Friendly. 1998. FRIENDL Book
The Genealogist's Computer Companion. Rhonda R. McClure. 2002. R GEN 929.1028

Description Catalog # Location /Type
The Georgians. Genealogies of Pioneer Families. Jeannette Austin. 1984. R975.8

AUSTIN 1984 Book
The German Researcher. How to Get the Most out of an LDS Family History UNCATALOGED SHELF
Center. F.& D. Dearden. 1983. Book
The Goffs/Goughs, Ancestors and Descendants.. See: Goff Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
The Goshenhoppen Registers, 1741-1819. Registers of Baptisms, Marriages & GEN 974.816
Deaths. repr. 2002. GOSHENH Book
The Great Migration Begins. Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. R. C. R974
Anderson. 1995. v.1-3. ANDERSO Book
The Great Migration. Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635. R. C. Anderson, GEN 974
George & Melinde Sanborn. 1999-2003. v.1-3. ANDERSO Book
The Great War. A Guide to the Service Records of all the World's Fighting Men R GEN 940.3
and Volunteers. Christina K. Schaefer. 1998. SCHAEFE Book
The Hammatt Papers. Early Inhabitants of Ipswich, MA, 1633-1700. Abraham R974.45
Hammatt. 1880, repr. 1991. HAMMATT 1980 Book
The Heraldic Register of America. David Pittman Johnson. 1985-1991. v. 1-5. 5 FCH 063 MICROFORM CABINET
fiche Microfiche
The Hildreth Family. James Wilson Newman Sr. & William Alton Newman, Sr. R929.20973
1989. HILDRET 1989 Book
The Honorable Thomas Chiles Perrin of Abbeville, SC. Thomas Perrin Harrison. R GEN 929.20973
1983. PERRIN Book
The Jacksons; Over 15 Years of Jackson Family Research Covering the GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee,,,etc. Mary & Elias W. Sandel. JACKSON Book
The Kowrach Story. Rev. Father Edward J. Kowrach. 1997. R GEN 929.20973

The Krackenberger Konnection. Irene (Luelloff) Towne. 199-. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

The Lamb Family. James E. Bellarts. From the Quaker Yeoman: v. 17, #4. 1991. VERTICAL FILE
5p.. See: Lamb Family file Vertical File
The Last Run. Kay County, Oklahoma, 1893. Ponca City Chapter DAR. 1939, R976.6
repr. 1970. D265 Book
The Life of an Orphan: Bloyd. MF 129 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 03 Microfilm
The Livingston, Burr, Barber Family. Lois Barber Livingston Moser. 22p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Livingston Family file Vertical File
The Margerum Magazine. Mabel Warburton. Yardley, PA. v.4 #1. July 1983. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West, Western District, GEN 971.3
1786-1856. v. 14. Dan Walker. 2000. MARRIAG Book
The Mayflower. Kate Caffrey. 1974. GEN 974.402

C117 Book
The McNeill Family News. Denver, CO. Fall 1989, Spring 1990. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
The Miner's Prospect. Souvenir Edition, 1990, Potosi, MO. 20p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
The Night Bandon Burned. Curt Beckham. n.d. R979.523

The Old Pike by Thomas B. Searight, 1894 & The National Road by Robert R977
Bruce, 1916. repr. 1983. 1 bk. SEARIGH Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
The Ones who came Before. A Family History and Memories. Frances F. R929.2097
Honeycutt. 1986, 1989. v.1-2. HONEYCU 1986 Book
The Poe Family Line. Pauline Mae Brannan. 1974. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

POE Book
The Scribler. Adams County Pioneer Memoirs. Andrew Morgan. 1983. RB MORGAN

The Second or 1807 Land Lottery of Georgia. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas. 1968. R975.8

SECOND 1968 Book
The Sleuth Book for Genealogists. Emily Anne Croom. 2000. R GEN 929.1072

The Tepee & The Church. Early Territorial Catholic Records of Indians & Settlers, GEN 977
1838-1877. Margie Sobotka. 1997. EARLY T Book
The Third or 1820 Land Lottery of Georgia. Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas. 1986. R975.8

LUCAS 1986 Book
The Town that Disappeared. A History of Melugin's Grove. Lewis E. Montavon. R977.336
1972. M762 Book
The Tuley Family. Pioneer Settlers of LaPorte County, IN. William T. Tuley. R929.20973
1994. TULEY Book
The Vineland Historical Magazine. v.24, #3. 1939.. See: New Jersey file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
The way it was in Kitsap Schools. Memoirs of School Days in Kitsap County. R979.776
Retired Teachers Committee. 1977. WAY IT 1977 Book
The Youel Log. Kenneth Youel. Palm Beach, FL. #26 1990. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
These My Children. Alberta Murray. 1976. R970.0049

SK38M Book
These Names of Ours. A.W. Dellquest. 1938. R929.4

D381 Book
These Valiant Women. History of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, 1886-1986. R271.9707
W.P. Shoenberg. 1986. SCHOENB 1986 Book
They Became Americans. Finding Naturalization Records and Ethnic Origins. R GEN 929.373
Loretto D. Szucs. 1998. SZUCS Book
They Called Her Susie, I've Called Her a Saint. Anna Earle. 1996. R GEN B

They Came in Ships. Guide to Finding your Immigrant Ancestor's Arrival Record. R929.1072
Colleta. 1989, rev.ed.1993. COLLETT Book
They Went That-Away. C.H. Hamlin. 1974. 3v. in 1. R929.1097

H181 Book
Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in PA, 1727-1776. Daniel Rupp. 1876, R GEN 974.8
repr. 1980. RUPP Book
This is Duluth. Dora Mary MacDonald. 1950. GEN 977.677

This is the Way it Was With the Towners and Butchers. G. LaVerne Towner R929.20973
Butcher. 1977. BUTCHER 1977 Book
This is Wisconsin. R.E. Gard. 1969. R977.5

GARD 1969 Book
This Quiet Ground. (History & Cemeteries). Julia I. Randolph. 1988. R979.6

RANDOLP 1988 Book
This was their Time. For those Pioneers of Pomeroy, Garfield County, WA. R979.744
Florence E. Sherfey. 1975. SH52 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Thomas and Elizabeth Gilbert of Frederick County, Maryland. Audrey S. Gilbert. R GEN 929.20973
1991. GILBERT Book
Thomas Barnes, 1615-1689 of Hartford & Farmington, CT. F.R. Barnes. 1943. R974.62

BARNES 1943 Book
Thomas Boon, Immigrant, d.1723, Isle of Wight County, VA & 1,000 of His R929.2097
Descendants. R.F. Thompson. 1981. v.2. BOONE Book
Thomas Boyden and his Descendants. Wallace, Merrill, & Amos J. Boyden. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1901. BOYDEN Book
Thomas Family Records. J. Montgomery Seaver. 1929. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Thomas Faulconer & His Descendants. James G. Faulconer. 1984. R GEN 929.20973

Thomas Gardner & his Descendants of Essex County, MA. New England & GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Nantucket Lines. F. A. Gardner. 1907. GARDNER Book
Thomas H. Elsom, Spokane's FIrst Telephone Installer. Dean Ladd. 2000. GEN 384.6

Thomas Jewett Goree Letters, Civil War Correspondence. Langstone J. Goree. R929.2097
1981. v.1. GOREE Book
Thomas Kay Historical Park. Salem, Oregon. 1964. 16p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Thomas Kay Historical Park. Salem, Oregon. 20p.. See: Oregon - Marion Co file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Thomas Kent, 1748-1835 and his Descendants. Doris Bankes Kent. 1995. R GEN 929.20973

Thomas Knight of PA & some of his Descendants including the Knight Line of New R929.20973
Jersey. Wm. B. Brown. 1973. KNIGHT 1973 Book
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1962. L191 Book
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R. Lawton. 1950. LAWTON Book
Thomas Rae, 1770 & John Patton, 1790. Some Descendants & Allied Families. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
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Thousands of Idaho Surnames Abstracted from Rejected Federal Land R979.6
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Three Kansas Pioneer Families, Stalker, Shields, & Martin. John A. Shields. MF 319 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 01 Microfilm
Three Swartz, Schwartz Men of Floyd & Clark Counties, Indiana. Elsie R. Swartz R929.20973
Eberhart. 1986. SCHWART 1986 Book
Through a Glass Darkly. James Hudson Culver. 1980. R929.2097

CULVER 1981 Book
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Through the Hawse-hole. Captain Seth Pinkham. Florence B. Anderson. 1932. R GEN B

Thurber Genealogy. A. E. Thurber, Jr. 1954. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Thurman United Methodist Church. Ministers from 1820-1963. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Thurston County, WA Register of Births, 1891-1907. Irma K. Brocha. 1984. R979.779

BROCHA 1984 Book
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DAVIS 1989 Book
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Tombstone Inscriptions & Burial Lots, Jefferson County, WV, 1687-1980. Bee Line R975.499
Chapter, NSDAR. 1981. TOMBSTO Book
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L329 Book
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LARTIGU 1974 Book
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Tombstone Inscriptions, Stevens County, WA. Carrie Lartigue & G. & B. R979.723
Pederson. 1976. LARTIGU 1976 Book

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