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Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Counties, NC, 1769-1786. Tryon R975.6
County Wills & Estates. Brent Holcomb. 1977. HOLCOMB 1977 Book
Deed of 1851, Franklin Co., IN. Joshua Lesson & Masse, his wife, Grantors. 1p.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Lesson Family file Vertical File
Deed of Guepin to Martin and Martin Will. New Rochelle, Westchester Co., NY.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Guepin Family file Vertical File
Deed of James Clark. 4p.. See: Clark Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Deeds, Franklin County, MO, 1819-1837(indexed). MF 076 MICROFORM CABINET

Deeds, Franklin County, MO, 1837-1843(indexed). MF 077 MICROFORM CABINET

Deep River. The Illustrated Story of a Connecticut River Town. Daniel J. GEN 974.66
Connors. 1966. CONNORS Book
Delano, Founded 1868, Incorporated 1876. Delano Franklin Bicentennial GEN 977.651
Committee. DELANO Book
Delaware Archives. 1911, repr. 1974. v.1-3: Revolutionary War; v.4-5: War of R975.102
1812. D376 Book
Delaware Bible Records. Donald O. Virdin. 1990-1992. v. 1-3. 3bks. R975.1

Delaware County, NY Church Records of Stamford, Hobart, Harpersfield & GEN 974.736
Roxbury. Jean D. Worden. 1988. FIRST P Book
Delaware County, Ohio Genealogical Abstracts. Carol Willsey Bell. 1980. GEN 977.1535

Delaware Newspaper Abstracts, 1786-1795. F.E. Wright. 1984. v.1. R975.1

DeLongs of New York and Brooklyn. T. A. DeLong. c1972. R929.2

D383 Book
Demaris Tree in the United States. Furman A. Demaris. 1979, 1982, rev. 1998. R GEN 929.20973

DeMoss Information Exchange. Michael J. Neill. Jun 1986. 19p. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
DeMoss Information Exchange. Michael J. Neill. June 1986. 19p.. See: DeMoss VERTICAL FILE
Family file Vertical File
Denman-Frisinger & Allied Families. Early Ohio Pioneers. Betty Pond Snyder. R929.20973
1987. DENHAM 1987 Book
Des Moines Co., Iowa, Territory of Michigan Early Marriages, 1835-1847. 1979. GEN 977.796
Bks. 1&2. DES MOI Book
Des Moines Co., Iowa, Territory of Michigan Early Marriages, 1847-1853. 1974. GEN 977.796
Bk. 3. DES MOI Book
Desc. of Walter Haynes & Peter Noyes of Sudbury, MA. F.H. Newell, Boston. VERTICAL FILE
1893. 7p.. See: Haynes Family file Vertical File
Descendabts of John Christian Schell & John Schell. Christian Denissen. 1986. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants & Ancestors of Thos. Thomson, who immigrated to America in VERTICAL FILE
1635. Index to.. See: Thompson Family file Vertical File
Descendants and Ancestors of Consider Wood and Mary Adams. Norris Philip R GEN 929.20973
Wood. 1998. WOOD Book
Descendants from First Familes of VA & MD, 1620-1970. Haile, Heale, Hale & R975.2
Related Families. Crowe. 1978. CROWE 1978 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Descendants of Adam Mott of Hempstead, Long Island. E.E. Harris. R929.2 MICROCARD BOX

M858 Microcard
Descendants of Alonzo Pierce, 1826-1901. J.K. Prentice. 1944. R929.2

P6112 Book
Descendants of Andrew Warner. Lucien C. Warner & Josephine G. Nichols. 1919. R929.2

W245 Book
Descendants of Brentons of Bourbon Co., Kentucky. Chester F. Brenton. 1995. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Cheney Boyce and Richard Craven. John Anderson Brayton. R GEN 929.20973
1996. BOYCE Book
Descendants of Christian Sexauer & Caroline Schindler of Baden, Germany, R929.20973
1806-1980. Yvonne S. Erickson. 1982. SEXAUER Book
Descendants of Clairborne Howard. G.W. Cook. 1960. R929.2

H837C Book
Descendants of Cornelis Aertsen Van Schaick. Melwood W. Van Scoyoc. R929.20973
1982-86, 1993. v.2-3. VAN SCO Book
Descendants of Daniel Malbon, French Huguenot of Dresden, Maine. G.H. Sauers. VERTICAL FILE
1953. vertical file
Descendants of David Boies of Blandford, MA. Betty E. Boies & Violet C. Wells. R929.2097
1986. BOIES 1986 Book
Descendants of Deacon Samuel Potter (1671-1756) Connecticut Farms, NJ. Helen R GEN 929.20973
Potter Alleman. 1975. POTTER Book
Descendants of Dr. Eli Bedford Brown & Sarah Ann Clapp Brown. Seletha A. VERTICAL FILE
Brown. 28p.. See: Brown Family file Vertical File
Descendants of Dwight S. Priest of MA & John H. Linville of NC. Ancsestors & R929.2097
Lineage. T.M. Linville. 1978. LINVILL 1978 Book
Descendants of Edward Small of New England & Allied Families. Lora A.W. R929.2
Underhill. 1934. v.1-3. SM18 Book
Descendants of Ellin Cowgill, 1682-1800. H. G. Stuebing & Carole J. GEN 929.20973
Cowgill-Stuebing. 1994. COWGILL Book
Descendants of Frederick & Maria (Reichard) Bock. Melvin L. Bock. 1991. R929.20973

BOCK 1991 Book
Descendants of George Bastion. F.H. Dummer. 1974. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Governor William Bradford. R.G. Hall. 1951. R929.2

B727 Book
Descendants of Gunder Andrew Thompson & Melissa Jane Show. 1981. 16p.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Thompson Family file Vertical File
Descendants of Henry Brenton. Chester F. Brenton. 1987. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Henry Stone & Tabitha Tuttle. Eva Laughlin Leblanc. 1986. R929.2097

Descendants of Ichabod Hall, an Oregon Pioneer. Joy Deal Lehmann. 1992. R 929.20973

Descendants of Isaac Patten, Sr. & his wife, Jane Norris of Sullivan County, IN. R929.2097
E.C. Swanson. 1985. PATTEN 1985 Book
Descendants of Jacob Byler & Nancy Kauffman Byler. A.D. Mast. 1949. R929.2

B993 Book
Descendants of James & Elizabeth Fleming Ferguson, Bedford Co. TN. Herman R GEN 929.20973
W. Ferguson. 1988. FERGUSO Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Descendants of James & William Adams of Londonderry, now Derry, NH. Andrew GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
N. Adams. 1894. ADAMS Book
Descendants of James Hopkins & Jean Thompson of Voluntown, CT. D.F. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Hopkins & J.E. Tuckerman. 1917. HOPKINS Book
Descendants of James Hopkins & Jean Thompson of Voluntown, CT. Notes. VERTICAL FILE
27p.. See: Hopkins Family file Vertical File
Descendants of James Starr, Sr. and Nellie "Maw" Maugh. Sandi Garrett. 1998. R GEN 929.20973

Descendants of Jens Olsen. Chester F. Brenton. 1994. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Johann Adam & Anna Marie Beckenbach. E.T. & A. Brace. 1975. R929.2097

PECKENP 1975 Book
Descendants of John & Mary Jane Cunningham Gillespie. P.W. Prindle. 1903, R929.2
repr. 1973. G412 Book
Descendants of John Adsit of Lyme, CT. Newman Adsit. R929.2

AD86 Book
Descendants of John and Sarah Twitchell of Derby, CT, 1699-1991. Phillip G. R929.20973
Twitchell. 1992. TWITCHE Book
Descendants of John Borders. Mrs. James Blanton. 1976. GEN 929.20973

Descendants of John Grier with Histories of Allied Families. J.G. Stevens. 1964. R929.2

G872 Book
Descendants of John Hawkshaw of Louisburgh, County Mayo, Ireland. Evelyn R GEN 929.20973
Hawshaw Rogers. 1997. HAWKSHA Book
Descendants of John Hoskins who came from Plymouth, England to America, GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1630. Hettie Underhill. 1957. HOSKINS Book
Descendants of John Hutchins of Newbury & Haverhill, MA. E.C. Byam. c1975. GEN 929.2

H97B Book
Descendants of John Irish, 1629-1963. W.L. Irish. 1964. R929.2

IR4 Book
Descendants of John Meridy Turner, 1747-1815, of Fauquier County, VA. Gwen R929.20973
Boyer Bjorkman. 1994. TURNER Book
Descendants of John Porter of Windsor, CT 1635-9. H.P. Andrews. 1893. v.1-2. R929.2

P834 Book
Descendants of John Simmons & Allied Families. Ruth Maxwell Graham. 1975. R929.2

SI47 Book
Descendants of John Teape & Elizabeth Bunce. Jesse H. Day. 1984. R929.20973

Descendants of John Thomas Klumph, 1763-1956. R.A. Klumph. 1967. R929.2

K715 Book
Descendants of John Tisdale,1614-1675, Colonial MA. Robert L. Tisdale. 1981. R GEN 929.20973

Descendants of Jonathan & Martha (Hill) Matteson. Porter Matteson. 1962. R GEN 929.2

M429M Book
Descendants of Joseph & Kezia Narcessia Abbott. Noble G. Abbott. 1978. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Joseph and Mary Kelso of Licking County, Ohio. Beverly GEN / UNCAT
Holderby. 2005. KELSO Book
Descendants of Joseph Greene of Westerly, RI. F.L. Greene. 1894. R GEN 929.2

G831 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Descendants of Joshua Jones of Alabama & Solomon King of NC., 1771-1994. R929.20973
Nadine Young Billinglsey. 1994. JONES Book
Descendants of Josiah Bull, Jr., 1738-1813 of Dutchess County, NY & his R929.20973
Ancestry. Mary Lynch Young. 1992. v.1. BULL Book
Descendants of Lewis Shelhorn of New Jersey. Jack M. Lines. 1972. R929.2

SH43 Book
Descendants of Major James Brenton. Brenton. 1980. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Mary (Williams) Sayles, Eldest Daughter of Roger Williams. FCH 058 MICROFORM CABINET
Family Tree. 3 fiche. Microfiche
Descendants of Michael McClellan & Jane Henry of Colrain, MA. Lois McClellan R929.20973
Patrie. 1970. MCCLELL 1970 Book
Descendants of Moses & Mary (Dow) Barrett. M.R. Barrett. 1982. R929.2097

BARRETT 1982 Book
Descendants of Nathan Spicer, 1735-1811. Jean B. Grube. 1979. GEN 929.20973

Descendants of Nicholas Potter of Lynn, MA. (Supplement to Part 9 of Nicholas R 929.20973
Potter by Charles Potter, 1888). Frank E. Potter. 1991. POTTER Book
Descendants of Peter Oswald, Sr. and Magdalene Esch. Ann Oswald Roth and GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Peggy Oswald Jackson. 1977. OSWALD Book
Descendants of Philip Steele and Susannah Ochs. Patricia K. Johnson. 1998. R GEN 929.20973

Descendants of Presidents of the United States of America. W.L. Zorn. 1954. R929.2

Z77 Book
Descendants of Richard Beckley of Wethersfield, CT. C.B. Sheppard. 1948. R929.2

B388 Book
Descendants of Richard Knowles, 1637-1973. V.K. Hufbauer. 1974. R929.2

K764 Book
Descendants of Richard Wright Sr. Mrs. Curtis W. Hunter. 1976. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Robert Brooke of Maryland. Lenora Steinmetz. 1966. R929.2

B79 Book
Descendants of Robert Chapman of Saybrook, CT. F.W. Chapman. 1854. R929.2 MICROCARD BOX

C367 Microcard
Descendants of Robert Murray. H.G. Murray. 1940. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Rufus L. & Ruth Parker. Rufus W. Parker. 1992. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Samuel & Margaret Younglove. James N. Younglove. 1995. R GEN 929.20973

Descendants of Samuel S. Miller, 1812-1892. W.H. Miller. 1944. VERTICAL FILE

vertical file
Descendants of Samuel Sturtevant. Robert Hunter Sturtevant. 1986. R929.20973

STURTEV 1986 Book
Descendants of Solomon Bloch, Bohemia and Baruch Wollman of Prussia. Joan R GEN 929.20973
Ferris Curran. 1996. BLOCH Book
Descendants of the Finks Family. Betty Lou Finks. 1996. R GEN 929.20973

Descendants of the Kelleys of 16th Century Worcester, England & 17th Century GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Colonial VA. E. C. Stillman. 1992. KELLEY Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Descendants of the Marriage of Solomon & Hannah (Wells) Cobb of Cambridge, GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
NY. John L. Cobb. 1984. COBB Book
Descendants of Thomas 2 Tarbell of Groton, MA, 1642-1678. Separate Index. R929.20973
Elinor F. Skeate. 1990. 2 Bks. TARBELL Book
Descendants of Thomas Brenton of Nova Scotia. Chester F. Brenton. 1994. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Descendants of Thomas Olcott, one of the First Settlers, Hartford, CT. N. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Goodwin, rev. 1974 by H. S. Olcott. OLCOTT Book
Descendants of Thomas Pier, a Late 17th Century inhabitant of Lyme, R929.20973
Connecticut. Joseph H. Pieere. 1995. PIER Book
Descendants of Thomas Starr, Nannie Wolf & Nancy Foreman. "Ani-Yun-Wi-Ya" GEN 929.20973
Real People. Sandi Garrett. 2000. STARR Book
Descendants of Thomas Vincent of Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. Lulu J.C. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Thomas. 1981. VINCENT Book
Descendants of Thomas W. Wellman. J.W. Wellman. 1918. R929.2

W461 Book
Descendants of William Barnett, 1679-1762; James Duff Barnet, 1876-1957. R929.20973
Genealogy Forum of Oregon. 1969. BARNETT 1969 Book
Descendants of William Brenton, Governor of Rhode Island. Chester F. Brenton. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1994. BRENTON Book
Descendants of William Duncan, The Elder. Nancy Reba Roy. 1959. R929.2

D912 Book
Descendants of William Hynd, 1774-1846. E. Storm Yanicks. 1997 R GEN 929.20973

Descendants of William Moore. Carl C. Moore & Dorothy H. Moore. 1984. R929.2097

MOORE 1984 Book
Deschutes Country. Deschutes County Historical Society. 1986. 32p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Descriptive Booklet of Johnson's Island & Confederate Cemetery near Sandusky, R977.1214
OH. n.a. DESCRIP Book
Destiny of the Scotch-Irish. An Account of Migration from Ireland to R GEN 929.3089
NY,SC,PA,OH,IL, 1720-1853. Porter.1990 PORTER Book
Detroit Society for Genealogy Research Magazine. (Periodical: for issues see PERIODICAL SHELF
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Development of Early Emigrant Trails in the U.S. East of the Mississippi River. VERTICAL FILE
c1933, repr. 1972. 12p. Vertical File
Devore/De Vore Families, 1500-1992. Betty M. Mann. 1992. R929.20973

Dewald Family Story. Doris Dewald Marshall. 1998. R GEN 929.20973

Dewey-Radke House, Pine Grove Park, Little Falls, Minnesota. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Diary in Gray. Civil War Letters & Diary of Jared Young Sanders, II. M.E. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Sanders. 1994. SANDERS Book
Diary of Calvin Fletcher, 1817-1838. Indiana Historical Society. 1972. v.1. RB FLETCHER, C

Diary of Martha Ballard. 1785-1812. Maine Genealogical Society. 1992. R GEN B

Diary of Myron R. Brown, 1868. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Diary, Letters & Newspaper Items for Spaulding, McKinney, Danielson, Grant MF 129 MICROFORM CABINET
families. ITEM 01 Microfilm
Dickerson-Willan Genealogy. Melford S. Dickerson. 1991. R 929.20973

Dickirson and Wilber Family Histories. Gene Dickirson. 1986. R929.20973

DICKIRS 1986 Book
Dictionaire Gene. des Familles, 1608-1700 Canadiennes. L'Abbe'Cyprian GEN 971
Tanguay. 1871, repr. 1967. T156 Book
Dictionary of British Surnames. P.H. Reaney. 1958. R929.4

R231 Book
Dictionary of English & Welsh Surnames. C.W. Bardsley. 1901. R929.4

B236 Book
Dictionary of Genealogy. A Guide to British Ancestry Research. Terrick V.H. R929.1072
Fitzhugh. 1985. FITZHUG 1985 Book
Dictionary of Heraldry. Feudal Coats of Arms and Pedigrees. Joseph Foster. R GEN 929.6032
1994. FOSTER Book
Dictionary of Heraldry. Stephen Friar. 1987. R929.6032

DICTION 1987 Book
Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation up to 1867. GEN 971.0049163
Donald Whyte. 1986. WHYTE Book
Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to U.S.A. Donald Whyte. c1972. R325.241

W623 Book
Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records. Manwaring. 1904. v.1-3. R929.2

M319 Book
Digges' Choice, 1724-1800. Land Transactions Within a Portion of York & Adams GEN 974.84
Counties, PA. Jan A. Bankert. 1996. BANKERT Book
Digging for Genealogical Treasure in New England Town Records. Ann Smith R GEN 929.1025
Lainhart. 1996. LAINHAR Book
Dinghy. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Dinwiddie County. Carrefour of the Commonwealth. Richard L. Jones. 1976. GEN 975.5582

Direct Lineage of the Ancestral Lines of Gustav Oleson & Anna Olsdotter. June R929.2
Barekman. 1970. OL8 Book
Directories for Spokane & Spokane Falls. Various Years, 1889 thru Current Year. DIRECTORY SHELF
City & Suburban. Book
Directories for Spokane City With Notations of Forwarding Address, 1903-1941. DIRECTORY SHELF
U.S. Postal Department. Book
Directory of American Libraries with Genealogy or Local History Collections. P. R026.973
Wm. Filby. 1988. FILBY 1988 Book
Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700. Frank R929.1
Holmes. 1923. H735 Book
Directory of Churches & Religious Organizations of Idaho. Idaho Historical R277.96
Records Survey. WPA. 1940. HISTORI 1940 Book
Directory of Clan Societies from the Highlander. v.21. 1983. 24p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Directory of county, city, township & village offices, 1964-65. Josephe H. Ellis. VERTICAL FILE
22p. Vertical File
Directory of Family Associations. Elizabeth Petty Bentley. 2001. 4th ed. GEN 929.2025 HOW TO

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Directory of Genealogical & Historical Libraries, Archives & Collections in the US R GEN 929.1025
& Canada. 2001. DIRECTO Book
Directory of Genealogical & Historical Society Periodicals in the U.S. & Canada. GEN 929.1
2002 ed. DIRECTO Book
Directory of Genealogical Societies In USA & Canada. Mary K. Meyer. 1976. R929.1062

M575 Book
Directory of McHenry County, Illinois, 1877. C. Walker & Co. Ancestor FCH 056 MICROFORM CABINET
Publishers. Microfiche
Directory of North American Railroads, Associations, Societies, Archives, GEN 385.025
Libraries, Museums & their Collections. Holly T. Hansen, comp. 1999. HANSEN Book
Directory of Religious Organizations in the United States of America. McGraft R 200.2573
Publishing Co. 1977. DIRECTO Book
Directory of Rosalia High School Graduating Classes, 1902-1972. Reunion VERTICAL FILE
Committee. 48p. Vertical File
Directory of School District Officers, Spokane Co.,(various years, 1902-1922). GEN 979.737
Indexed by Jeanne P. Coe. COE Book
Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775. David R929.3089
Dobson. 1986. DOBSON 1983 Book
Directory of Scots in the Carolinas, 1680-1830. David Dobson. 1986. R975.6

DOBSON 1986 Book
Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825. David Dobson. GEN 929.3089
1985-93. v.1-7. DOBSON Book
Directory of the Province of Ontario, 1857, with a Gazetteer. Thomas B. & Emily R971.3
S. Wilson. 1987. WILSON Book
Directory of Welsh Genealogists & Record Agents. 1982. 2p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Directory, American Land Title Association. 1976. R338.473

Discovering Chandler Lines, 1475-1996. In Tennessee Records, 1908-1944. GEN 929.20973
Annamae B. Chandler. 1996. CHANDLE Book
Discovering Heraldry. R.H. Wilmott. 1964. R929.6

W688 Book
Discovering the History of Your House. Betsy J. Green. 2002. GEN 907.2

Discovering Your African-American Ancestors. Franklin C. Smith & Emily A. GEN 929.1089
Croom. 2003. SMITH Book
Discovering Your Italian Ancestors. Lynn Nelson. 1997. R GEN 945

Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors. Barbara Krasner-Khait. 2001. R GEN 929.1

Dishman name in America & information on person responsible for Dishman, WA. VERTICAL FILE
J.D. Dishman. 1984. Vertical File
Display of Heraldry. John Guillim. 1679. MF 320-321 MICROFORM CABINET

Distinguished German-Americans. Charles R. Haller. 1995. R929.308931

District of Columbia Marriage Licenses, Register 1, 1811-1858. Wesley E. GEN 975.3
Pippenger. 1994. DISTRIC Book
District of Columbia Marriages, Early to 1825. Precision Indexing. 1992. FCH 032 MICROFORM CABINET

Description Catalog # Location /Type
District of Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada 1905-1955. Jubilee Committee. R971.24

SA78D Book
Dixie Homesteader's Diary. From Farmington, Iowa to Dixie, Washington. Charles GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
B. Griffith. 2001. GRIFFITH Book
Doane Family. The Doane Family Association of American. v.1 1902, repr. 1976. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
v.2 1975. DOANE Book
Doctors with Buggies, Snowshoes and Planes. 100 Years and More of Idaho R610.9796
Medicine. L. Shadduck. 1993. SHADDUC Book
Documentary History of Yonkers, NY. J.P. Madden. 1994. v.2, pt.1, 1853-1860; R974.7277
v. 2. pt. 2: 1609-1860. (2 bks) MADDEN Book
Documented History of Colony & Province of MA Bay in New England, R974.426
1660-1749. H.S. Sheldon. 1879. SH43 Book
Documents Relating to Huguenot Emigration to Virginia. Robert Brock. 1886, repr. R975.5455
1962. B782 Book
Dohners of America. History & Genealogy Record. H.H. Dohner. 1950. R929.2

D682 Book
Domesday Book, A Guide. R. Weldon Finn. 1973. R333.322

FINN 1973 Book
Domesday Book, Text & Translations from Original. John Morriss. 1986. 35v in R942
40v. DOMESDA Book
Domesday Book. Indexes of Places & Persons. Dodgson & Palmer. 1992. v. 36: R942
Places; v. 37: Persons. DOMESDA Book
Donald Lines Jacobus' Index to Genealogical Periodicals. Carl Boyer. 1983, rev. R GEN 016.9291
1988. JACOBUS Book
Donnelly, Barry & Butler Families of Johnson County, Tennessee. Carl B. Neal. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1958. DONNELLY Book
Dooley Bulletin. Shirley L. Bodak. v.2 1977. (Periodical: for issues see Period. VERTICAL FILE
Alpha File) Periodical
Doremus Family in America, 1687-1987. Revised & Supplemental to Wm. R929.20973
Nelson's Book. Edith. W. Eberhart. DOREMUS 1990 Book
Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire. Burke. R GEN 929.7
1866. B91D3 Book
Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire. Burke. R GEN 929.7
1883, repr. 1962. B91D Book
Dorsey Dreams. v.1 #1, #2. 1982-83. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha VERTICAL FILE
File) Periodical
Doubleday Families of America. Margaret B. Curfman & Stephen W.D. R929.20973
Rocksstroh. 1993. DOUBLED Book
Doughty Tree. Doughty Family Assoc. v.6 #2. 1982. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Douglas County, Illinois Marriages, 1859-1901. W. David Samuelsen. 1987. GEN 977.368

Douglas County, Oregon Marriage Records, 1871-1881. Talburt & Wagers. 1992. R979.529
v.2. TALBURT Book
Douglas County, Oregon Probate Records, 1850-1904. Rose Smart. 1993-94. GEN 979.529
v.1-3. SMART Book
Douglas County, Oregon Probate Records, 1850-1904. Rose Smart. 1994-97. GEN 979.529
v.4-6. SMART Book
Douglas County, Oregon, Cemetery Records. Genealogical Society of Douglas R979.529
County. 1989-90. Bk.1-3. KEEL Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Douglas County. 100 Years of old newspaper articles & photographs. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Douglas Register. Index to Goochland County Wills. Douglas. 1928, repr. 1966. R975.5455

D747 Book
Douglass Township, first list of taxables, 1756. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Dow, Ball, Eaton & Allied Families. Mrs. G.A. Dow. 1951. R929.2

D752D Book
Downington Centennial History, Commemorating a Century of Progress. R974.813
Downington Centennial Committee. 1959. D759 Book
Dozens of Cousins. Ancestor Tables. Napa Valley Genealogical Society. 1979. R929.373

Dozens of Cousins. Lois Horowitz. 1999. R GEN 929.1

Draft Registration Cards, World War I, Spokane & Stevens Counties, WA, MF 334-341 MICROFORM CABINET
1917-1918. Selective Service System. Microfilm
Draper Manuscripts. James L. Hansen, Ancestry Magazine, Jan-Feb 1985.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Draper Manuscript file Vertical File
Drumbeat, California Soc., SAR. (Lineages, Ancestors) v. 45 #2, 1986. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Dryden Story. Story of a Rural Minister by Choice. Dorothy G. Dryden. 1980. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Dryer, Lauck, Payne & Scott Genealogy. Going Home. Elizabeth Dryer R GEN 929.20973
Humphrey. 1991. DRYER Book
Dudley Family. C.W. Dudley. 1971. R929.2

D865 Book
Dudley Genealogical Review. C.W. Dudley, Richmond, VA. v.1 #1. 1972. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Dugger Family, Johnson County, Tennessee. Frances Dugger Rowan. 1995. R GEN 929.20973

Dulany-Furlong & Kindred Families. Roland Dulany Furlong. 1975. R929.2097

DULANEY 1975 Book
Durand Genealogy. S.R. Durand. 1965. R929.2

D931 Book
Durbin & Logsdon Genealogy with Related Families, 1626-1991. Betty J. Durbin R929.20973
Carson. 1991. DURBIN 1991 Book
Durbin-Logsdon Genealogy, Maryland to Kentucky. Betty Jewell Durbin Carson. R GEN 929.20973
1993. v.1-2(1bk). DURBIN Book
Dutch Churches in Michigan During the Civil War. 1965. R977.4

W631 Book
Dutch Reformed Church, New Hurley, Ulster County, NY, 1770-1850. Jean D. R974.734
Worden. 1980. WORDEN Book
Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Year Book. 1934-35, 1944-45. v.10-20. R929 PERIODICAL SHELF
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) D951 Periodical
Dutchess County, NY Tax Lists, 1718-1787. Clifford M. Buck and William Willis R GEN 974.733
Reese. 1990. BUCK Book
Duwamish Diary, 1849-1949. Cleveland High School. Seattle. 1949. R979.743

D957 Book
Dyer's Index of Berkeley County. Grantee List with acreage, description & date. VERTICAL FILE
9p. Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Earliest Settlers, West Frederick County,VA & East Hampshire County, WV. R975.5992
Grace K. Garner. 1978. GARNER 1978 Book
Early & Present History of Fix Ridge, Latah County, Idaho, 1877-1964. Fix Ridge R979.633
Club. EA76 Book
Early Adventurers on the Western Waters, Mary B. and F.B. Kegley. 1980-2004. GEN 975.577
v. 1- 5 KEGLEY Book
Early ancestors of Abbott, Denison & Willie families. 12p.. See: Abbott Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Early Berks County Churches. 5p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Early Births, Western Frederick County, VA, Eastern Hampshire County, WV. GEN 975
Grace Garner & Ralph Triplett. 1976. GARNER Book
Early Biths and Deaths of Wayne Township, Cass County, Michigan. Amelia B. VERTICAL FILE
Castle. 1997. Vertical File
Early Child Immigrants to Virginia, 1618-1642. Robert Hume. 1986. R929.3422

HUME 1986 Book
Early Church Records of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Martha Reamy. GEN 974.813
1999-03. v.1-3. EARLY C Book
Early Church Records of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. F. Edward Wright. GEN 974.819
1995. WRIGHT Book
Early Clark-Clarke Clues. Harry D. Robert. Malibu, CA. 1977. v.4. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Early Connecticut Marriages as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800. R929.3
1896-1906. v.1-7. B152 Book
Early Death Records, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, as early as 1818 thru GEN 977.233
1883,( includes Civil War soldiers). Eleanor G. Tenbarge. 1990. TENBARG Book
Early East Tennessee Marriages. Byron and Barbara Sistler. 1987. v. 1-2. GEN 976.8

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration. Walter A. Knittle. 1970. R974.7

K749 Book
Early families of Eastern & Southeastern KY and their descendants. Index to. Wm. VERTICAL FILE
Kozee. 1973. 26p. Vertical File
Early Families of Somerset and Fayette Counties, PA. Keith A. Dull. 1996. GEN 974.87

Early Families of Wallingford, CT. Charles H. Stanley Davis. 1979. GEN 974.67

Early Genealogies of the Cole Families in America, Including James Cole of CT R929.20973
and Thomas Cole of MA. Frank T. Cole 1887. COLE Book
Early Generations of Founders of Old Dunstable. Thirty Families. Ezra Stearns. R929
1911. ST31E Book
Early Georgia Wills & Settlement of Estates, Wilkes Co. Sarah Quinn Smith. 1976. R975.8172

SMITH 1976 Book
Early German Churches. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Early German Hawk Families of Westmoreland Co. PA. Kenneth Hawk Slaker. R GEN 929.20973
1990. HAWK Book
Early Germans of New Jersey. History, Churches & Genealogy. T.F. Chambers. R GEN 974.9
1895, repr. 1982. CHAMBER Book
Early History of North Dakota. Essential Outlines of American History. Clement A. R978.4
Lounsberry. 1919. L932 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Early History of Southampton, L.I., NY. George Rogers Howell. 1887, repr. GEN 974.7

Early History of the Quaker Hodgson-Hodson-Hodgin Family. Clay Hodgin & D.B. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Trivette. 1988. HODGSON Book
Early History of Western PA and the Western Campaigns, 1754-1833. Daniel W. R974.8
Kaufman. 1847, repr. 1989. RUPP Book
Early Immigrants from Germany & Switzerland to Eastern Pennsylvania. Russell R974.8
G. LeVan. 1990. LEVAN 1990 Book
Early Jackson. Jones. 1942, repr. 1956. R977.185

J724 Book
Early Kentucky Landholders, 1787-1811. James F. Sutherland. 1986. R976.9

SUTHERL 1986 Book
Early Land Records of Kittitas County, WA, 1882-1900. Kittitas County GEN 979.757
Genealogical Society. EARLY L Book
Early Lutheran Baptisms & Marriages in Southeastern PA. Records of Rev. John GEN 974.8
Casper Stover, 1730-1779. 1896, repr. 1982-84. STOEVER Book
Early MA Marriages Prior to 1800, with the Addition of Plymouth County R974.4
Marriages, 1692-1746. F. W. Bailey. 1897, repr. 1968. 3 bks in 1. B152 Book
Early maps of Berks County. A listing with histories. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Early Maps of New Jersey. 8p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Early Marriage Evidence from Court Records of Dauphin County, PA (Incl. R GEN 974.81
Lebanon)1785-1810. Burgert. 1986, repr. 1993. BURGERT Book
Early Marriage Records of Chelan County from 1 July to 30 December 1901. 9p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Early Marriage Records of Christ Church of Philadelphia, 1709-1806. R & M. GEN 974.811
Williams. 1965. EARLY M Book
Early Marriage Records, Labette County, 1867-1878; 1880-1881. Topeka R978.186
Genealogical Society. 1978. EARLY M 1978 Book
Early Marriages from the Wallace, ID Examiner and Colville, WA. Examiner. VERTICAL FILE
1917. 3p. Vertical File
Early Marriages in Washington Territory. DAR. v.1-2. R929.3

W277 Book
Early Marriages of Malheur County, Oregon, 1887-1911, with some 1912's. GEN 979.597
Louise Hill. 1991. HILL Book
Early Marriages of PA's Old Swede Church (Gloria Dei) in Philadelphia, GEN 974.811
1750-1810. R. & M. Williams. 1965 EARLY M Book
Early Marriages of Spokane County, WA Territory. Bk. A, 1880-1890. Lorena R GEN 979.737
Wildman & Carrie Lartigue. 1972. WILDMAN Book
Early Marriages of Trumbull County, Ohio 1800-1865. R. Winnagle. 1973. R977.138

W73 Book
Early Marriages of Walla Walla County, 1862-1899. Walla Walla Genealogical R979.748
Society. 1976. WALLA W 1976 Book
Early Marriages of Wayne County, Indiana, 1811-1822. Irene M. Strieby. 1944, R977.263
repr. 1965. ST85 Book
Early Marriages, Riley County, Kansas, 1855-1886. Earl G. Darby. 1981. GEN 978.129

Early Marriages, Western Frederick County, VA, Eastern Hampshire County, WV. GEN 975.5992
Grace Garner & Ralph Triplett. 1975 G186 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Early Michigan Census Records. R.V. Jackson. 1976. GEN 312.09774 CENSUS SHELF

Early Middle Tennessee Marriages. Byron & Barbara Sistler. 1988. v.1-2. R976.8

SISTLER 1988 Book
Early New England Families and some of their Descendants from England, R GEN 974
Scotland & Ireland to America. Gregath & Cook. 1992. GREGATH Book
Early NY Naturalization Records, 1792-1840. Kenneth Scott. R974.7

SCOTT 1981 Book
Early Ohio Census Records. Washington County, OH. R.V. Jackson. 1974. GEN 312.09771 CENSUS SHELF

Early Ohio Settlers. Purchasers of Land in East & East Central Ohio, 1800-1840. R977.1
E.T & D.A. Berry. 1989. BERRY Book
Early Ohio Settlers. Purchasers of Land in South East Ohio, 1800-1840. E.T. & R977.19
D.A. Berry. 1985. BERRY Book
Early Ohio Settlers. Purchasers of Land in South West Ohio, 1800-1840. E.T. & R977.1
D.A. Berry. 1986, repr. 1993. BERRY Book
Early Ohio Tax Records. E.W. Powell. 1971. R977.1

P871 Book
Early Ohioans' Residences from the Land Grant Records. Mayburt S. Riegel. GEN 977.1
1976. EARLY O Book
Early Pennsylvania Land Records. William Henry Egle. 1893, repr. 1997. R GEN 974.8

Early Pennsylvania Reformed Church & Cemetery Records, Springfield, Durham R974.821
& Saucon Twps. R. Allen. 1992. ALLEN Book
Early Pulaski County Settlers, 1840-1850 Census. James L. Douthat. 1985. R975.5775

DOUTHAT 1985 Book
Early Records of City & County of Albany & Colony of Rennselaerswick, R974.742
1660-1775. 1916-19. v.2-4. AL13 Book
Early Records of Dedham, MA, 1635-1845. 1886-1899. v.1-5. R974.47

Early Records of Hampshire County, VA. Sage & Jones. 1969. R975.403

Early Records of Londonderry, Windham & Derry, NH, 1719-1762. G.W. Browne. R GEN 929.3
1908. v.1. L846 Book
Early Records of Lunenburg, MA including that part which is now Fitchburg, GEN 974.43
1719-1764. 1896. LUNENBU Book
Early Reheboth. Documented Historical Studies & Events in this Plymouth Twp. R974.485
R.L. Bower. 1945-50. v.1-4. B675 Book
Early Sargents of New England. Winthrop Sargent. 1922. R929.2

SA73S Book
Early Settlement of Stamford, Connecticut, 1641-1700. Jeanne Majdalany. 1990. GEN 974.69

Early settlers of AL with notes & genealogies. Index to. James E Saunders. 1969. VERTICAL FILE
23p. Vertical File
Early Settlers of Alabama. J.E. Saunders. 1961. R929.1

SA87 Book
Early Settlers of Butler County, PA, 1800-1806. John F. Gall & David K. Webb. R929.4
1934. L698 Book
Early Settlers of Guilford & Madison Counties, Connecticut. R974.66 MICROCARD BOX

EA76 Microcard
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Early Settlers of Maryland. Land Patents, 1633-1680. Gust Skordas. 1968, repr. R975.2
1974. SK57 Book
Early Settlers of Montgomery County. Genealogical Abstracts. Shirley K. R977.172
Mikesell. 1991-93. v.1-3. MIKELSEL Book
Early Settlers of New York State, 1760-1942. Family Tree Maker. 2001. FTM CD-183 MICROFORM CABINET

Early Settlers of Western New York State. Janet W. Foley. 1934-42. v.1-9(3bks) R GEN 929.4

EA76 Book
Early Settlers of Western New York State. Janet W. Foley. Index to v.4-6. R GEN 929.4

EA76 Book
Early Settlers, Mecklenburg, VA. Katherine B. Elliott. 1965, repr. 1983. v.1-2. R975.5645

ELLIOTT 1983 Book
Early Spokane County Records. Harp School District #96, 1914-1921. MF 124 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 01 Microfilm
Early Spokane County Records. Latah Town Council, 1906-1911. MF 124 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 05 Microfilm
Early Spokane County Records. Latah Town Records, 1891-1906. MF 124 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 03 Microfilm
Early Spokane County Records. Latah Treasurer's Books, 1890-1911. MF 124 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 04 Microfilm
Early Spokane County Records. Latah Voter Registration, 1898-1902. MF 124 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 02 Microfilm
Early Spokane Death Records & Vaccination Records, 1891-1910. EWGS. 1997. MF 281 MICROFORM CABINET

Early Tombstone Inscriptions of Lafayette Co. MO. Jacqueline H. & Betty H. R977.8453
Williams. v.1. W673 Book
Early VA Families Along the James River, Charles City County & Prince George GEN 975.5
County. L.P.H. Foley. 1978, repr. 1980. v.2. FOLEY Book
Early VA Families Along the James River, James City County & Surry County. GEN 975.5
L.P.H. Foley. 1990, repr. 2000. v.3. FOLEY Book
Early VA Families Along the James River: Henrico & Goochland Counties, VA. GEN 975.5
L.P.H. Foley. 1974, repr. 1979. v.1. FOLEY Book
Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666. G.C. Greer. 1960. R929.4

G859 Book
Early Virginia Marriges. William Armstrong Crozier. 1982. R GEN 975.5

Early West Tennessee Marriages. Byron & Barbara Sistler. 1989. v.1-2. R976.8

SISTLER 1989 Book
Early Wills of Spokane County, WA, 1891-1899. Mary Sheldon & Lorena R979.737
Wildman. 1973. SH43 Book
Early Wills of Westchester County, NY, 1664-1784. William S. Pelletreau. 1898. R974.7277

PELLETR 1898 Book
Early Wirt County Marriages. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
East Kentuckian - Montgomery County Issue. v.6, #3. 1970. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
East Prussians from Russia, Supplement. Michael Anuta. R977.533

ANUTA 198? Book
East Prussians from Russia. Michael J. Anuta. 1979. GEN 977.533

Description Catalog # Location /Type
East Wind. Story of Maria Zeitner Linke. Ruth Hunt. 1976. R940.5472

HUNT 1976 Book
Eastern Washington Directories & History, 1883-1889. EWGS. 1982 MF 033A MICROFORM CABINET

Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Bulletin. (Periodical: for issues see PERIODICAL SHELF
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Eastern Washington newspapers on microfilm at Washington State University. VERTICAL FILE
11p. Vertical File
Eastern Washington Stories to My Children. Jervis D. Swannack, II. 1971. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Easthampton, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, MF 146 MICROFORM CABINET
1602-1934. NEGHS. Microfilm
Easton-Avery Community History, 1963. Ivan C. Owens. 1964. R975.4

OW2 Book
Eastwood Family in America. Sidney Kingman Eastwood. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Ebenezer Cemetery, Mt. Chapel Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Stanfill GEN 976.773
Cemetery. Pulaski County, Arkansas. Tom C. Martinet. 1996 EBENEZE Book
Ecclesiastical Records State of New York. Hugh Hastings. 1901. 7v. R277.4

N42 Book
Echoes Along the Ribstone. Czar, Alberta, Canada. 1978 GEN 971.233

Echoes Thru the Valleys. Elk Creek Pioneer Association. 1968. R GEN 978.344

Economic & Social Survey of Frederick County. J.J. Pickeral & Gordon Fogg. R975.5992
1930. P586 Book
Edgar Cemetery, Paris, Edgar County, Illinois, 1858-1872. A.J. Brown. 1985. R977.369

BROWN 1985 Book
Edgar County, Illinois Marriages, 1874-1877. Edgar County Genealogica Society. R977.369
1986. POWELL Book
Edgefield County, South Carolina Records. Janie Reville. 1984. R975.737

REVILL 1984 Book
Edmonds, WA, Oddfellow Cemetery, Snohomish, WA. Mr. & Mrs. G.B. Fleming. R979.771
1972. F629 Book
Edward Pleasant's Valentine Papers. Valentine Museum. v.1-4. R929.2

V234 Book
Effects of the Civil War on Farming in Michigan. Joseph J. Marks. 1965. R977.4

M342 Book
Effects of the Civil War on Music in Michigan. 1965. R977.4

T221 Book
Egle's Notes and Queries of Pennsylvania, 1700s-1800s. Willam H. Egle. FTM CD-019 MICROFORM CABINET
1896-1900, Family Tree Maker. 1998. CD
Eight generation ancestor chart of Stanley Ward Milward. 1p.. See: Orvis Family VERTICAL FILE
file Vertical File
Eight Generations from Gondelsheim. Carl F. & Catherine C. Moessner & R929.2097
Descendants. A.O. Gray. 1980. MESSNER 1980 Book
Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German Speaking Lands to North America. R974.800431
A.K. Burget. 1983. v.1-Northern Kraichgau BURGERT Book
Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German Speaking Lands to North America. R974.800431
A.K. Burget. 1985. v.2- West. Platinate. BURGERT Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America. Annette R974.8004
Kunselman Burgert. 1992. BURGERT Book
Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany. Werner R GEN 929.343
Hacker. 1994. HACKER Book
Eisenhower Lineage & Reference 1691-1957. Mrs. F.B.T. Richardson. R929.2

EI83 Book
Elaborate History & Genealogy of Ballous in America. Adin Ballou. 1988. R929.2

B214 Book
Elements of Heraldry. W.H. Whitmore. 1968. R929.6

W599 Book
Eli Hesseltine and Betsey Jewett Hesseltine. Kenter Scott. 1998. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Eli Lilly, A Life, 1885-1977. James H. Madison. 1989. RB LILLY

MADISON 1989 Book
Eliza Kercheval of Idaho. 4p.. See: Kercheval Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ellensburg, Washington IOOF Cemetery Records through 1987. Kittitas County R979.757
Gene. Soc. 1989. IOOF CE 1989 Book
Ellis Emmanuel Jones & Ellen Jane Evans. Their Ancestors & Descendants. R929.2
Anna May Jones. 1970.F J71 Book
Ellis Island Source Book. August C. Bolino. 1985. R GEN 325.1097

Ellsworth Genealogy. Mrs. H. Siebert. R929.2

EL59 Book
Elmer Friel of the 111's. Donna M. Friel. 1996. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Elmwood High School Graduates, 1872-1913. 2p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Elwood James Thacher, Biographical Record, 1907-1993. Elwood J. Thacher. R 929.20973
1993. THACHER Book
Emergence of Provincial New Hampshire, 1623-1741. David E. Van Deventer. R GEN 974.2
1996. VAN DEV Book
Emigrants from England to the American Colonies, 1773-1776. Peter Wilson R942
Coldham. 1988. COLDHAM 1988 Book
Emigrants from Ireland to America, 1735-1743, Enforced Emigration. Frances R941.5
McDonnell. 1992. EMIGRAN Book
Emigrants from Ireland, 1847-1852, State-Aided Emigrant Schemes from Crown R929.3415
Estates. Ellis. 1960, repr.1993. ELLIS Book
Emigrants in Chains. History of Forced Emigration to the Americas, 1607-1776. R364.68
Peter W. Coldham. 1992. COLDHAM 1992 Book
Emigrants to PA, 1641-1819. Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from R974.8
Magazine. Tepper. 1975. EMIGRAN 1975 Book
Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763-1862. Karl Stumpp. 1973. R947.0043

STUMPP 1973 Book
Encyclopedia of American Biography. New Series. American Historical Society. R920
1934-1970. v. 1-40. EN19 Book
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, NJ & PA. W.W. Hinshaw. 1936. GEN 973
v.2. HINSHAW Book
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. W.W. Hinshaw. 1936. v.2 & 4. GEN 973

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. Willard Heiss. 1962. v.7, parts 1-6. FCH 023 MICROFORM CABINET

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. William W. Hinshaw. 1936. v.1-7. GEN 973
parts 1-3. HINSHAW Book
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. William W. Hinshaw. v.7. 3 parts. GEN 973

Encyclopedia of Continental Army Units, Battalions, Regiments & Independant R973.34
Corps. F.A. Berg. 1972. B452 Book
Encyclopedia of German-American Genealogical Research. C.N. Smith. 1976. R973.0431

SM53 Book
Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy. Sources in the US & Canada. Arthur R929.1089
Kurzweil & Miriam Weiner. 1991. ENCYCLO Book
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Heraldry. Julian Franklyn & John Tanner. 1970. R929.603

F854 Book
Encylocpedia of American Quaker Genealogy. William W. Hinshaw. 1936. v.6. GEN 973

Encylopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. W.W. Hinshaw. 1936. v.4-5. GEN 973

Encylopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. William W. Hinshaw. 1936. v.1. GEN 973

Encylopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. William W. Hinshaw. 1936. v.3. GEN 973

Enfield, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1816-1844. MF 147 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 01 Microfilm
English Ancestral Names. J.R. Dolan. 1972. R929.4

D685 Book
English Ancestry of Anne Marbury Hutchinson & Katherine Marbury Scott. Colket R929.2
& Dunlap. 1936. M329 Book
English Convicts in Colonial America. Coldham. 1974, 1975. v.1:Middlesex, R929.373
1617-1775; v.2:London, 1656-1775. C673 Book
English Crown Grants for Islands in Liberty County, Georgia, 1755-1775. 1972. R975.87

B841 Book
English Crown Grants for Parishes of St. David, St. Patrick, St. Thomas & St. R975.874
Mary in Georgia, 1755-1775. 1973. H377 Book
English Crown Grants for St. Philip Parish, Georgia, 1755-1775. 1972. R975.8732

H377 Book
English Crown Grants in Christ Church Parish in Georgia, 1755-1775. 1973. R975.8724

H377 Book
English Crown Grants in St. Andrew Parish, Liberty County, Georgia, 1755-1775. R975.8737
1972. B841 Book
English Crown Grants in St. George Parish in Georgia, 1755-1775. 1974. R975.865

B841 Book
English Crown Grants in St. John Parish, Liberty County, Georgia, 1755-1775. R975.8733
1972. H377 Book
English Crown Grants in St. Matthew Parish in Georgia, 1755-1775. M.R. R975.8722
Hemperley. 1974. HEMPERL 1974 Book
English Crown Grants in St. Paul Parish, Richmond County, Georgia, 1755-1775. R975.864
M.B. Hemperley. 1974. H377 Book
English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records. Louis Des Cognets. 1958. R975.5

D455 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
English Estates of American Colonists. American Wills & Administration, R929.373
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1610-99. Coldham. 1980. COLDHAM Book
English Estates of American Colonists. American Wills & Administration, R929.373
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1700-99. Coldham.1980. COLDHAM Book
English Estates of American Settlers. American Wills & Administration, Prerogative R929.373
Court of Canterbury, 1800-58. Coldham. 1981. COLDHAM Book
English in America. Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas. J.A. Doyle. 1882, repr. R GEN 973.2
1990. DOYLE Book
English Storkes in America. C.A. Storke. 1935. R929.2

ST74 Book
English Surnames. Their Sources & Significations. Charles W. Bardsley. 1968. R929.4

B236E Book
Ensign Eleazar Barton & His Descendants. Mrs. G.H. & I.L. McLaren. 1941. R929.2

B285 Book
Enumeration of Stevens County Cemeteries. NEWGS. 1987-89. v.1-3. R979.723

Ephrain Bowles, His Quaker Heritage. Edwin Stanton. 1910 GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Episcopal Church Annual,1975. (incl. Polish Nat. Cath. Church. Amer. & Can. R283.05
Directories & Lists.) EPISCOP Book
Erie Canal Days. A Pictorial Essay, Albany to Buffalo. John Papp. 9p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ernest G. Winkler. (Mrs.) Gael Jenkins. 1996. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Espy-Espey Genealogy Book with Branch Lines & Allied Families. R. R929.20973
Kuhlhander & W. E. Espy. 1987. ESPY 1987 Book
Estate Records, 1781-1796 & Deed Records, 1782-1785 in Washington County. R974.882
Raymond M. Bell. 1968. BELL 1967 Book
ESWAU Huppeday. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Ethan Allen of Green Mountain Fame. Hero of American Rev. Charles W. Brown. R GEN B
1902. ALLEN / BROWN Book
Ethnic Genealogy Research Guide. Jessie C. Smith. 1983. R929.1072

ETHNIC 1983 Book
Etta's Journal. Journal of Etta Parkerson Reynolds, Jan 1874 to Jul 1875. Kansas GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
St. Hist. Soc. 1980. REYNOLDS Book
European History, 1525-1874, of Swiss Mennonites from Volhynia. Martin R289.74
H.Schrag. 1974. SCHRAG 1974 Book
Evangical Lutheran Church with map. 3p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Evans and Allied Families. M. Evans. 1947. R929.2

EV16 Book
Even More Palatine Families. Henry Z. Jones & Lewis B. Rohrbach. 2002. v.1-3. GEN 929.2089

Everton Family Book. Descendants of Walter Everenden. Laura E. Wagstaff. R929.2
1966. v.1. EV24 Book
Everton Family Records. Laura Everton Wagstaff. 1967. R GEN 929.2

EV27 Book
Everton Publishers Computerized Family File. Everton Publishers. FCH 022 MICROFORM CABINET

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Every Name Index to 1896 Plat Book of Cottonwood County, Minnesota. R977.628
Minnesota Genealogical Society. 1990. FINNELL 1990 Book
Every Name Index to 1902 Plat Book of Lyon Co, MN. Minnesota Gene. Soc. R977.6363
1990. FINNELL 1990 Book
Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian. Elizabeth Shown Mills. R GEN 929.1
1997. MILLS Book
Evolution of Pennsylvania Counties. 2p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Ewells in America and Some Allied Families, 1645-1990. James H. Ewell. 1990. R929.20973

EWELL 1990 Book
EWGS Bulletin. Subject Index for Volumes 1-40. (Periodical: for issues see
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
EWGS Charter Members: Elizabeth Maltbie & Achsah Rawlings' Family Research VERTICAL FILE
Notes.. See: Rawlings file vertical file
Excerpts from Past Memories. E. Tilden Woods. 1949. Transcribed by Ruth T. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Woods. 1993. WOODS Book
Executive Documents, 2nd Session, 47th Congress. List of Pensioners on Rolls, R351.5
Jan 1, 1883. v.1-4. UN292 Book
Experiences from My Missionary Life in the Dakotas. Reverend Peter Bauer. RB

Explanation of Some Differences Between Society of Sons of Revolution & R369.134
Society of Sons of American Revolution. 1890. EX73 Book
Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and Scotland. Burke. 1841, R929.72
repr. 1985. BURKE 1985 Book
Eyrich Family Records, 1680-1968. Dorothy Schuh. R929.2

EY65 Book
Fabric of a Family. Ancestors & Decendants of W.C. Raley, J.G. Hollister, J.L. R GEN 929.20973
Lowry & M. Miller. William L. Raley, Sr. RALEY Book
Facets of Goochland, Virginia County's History. Helen Barret Agee. 1962. R GEN 975.5455

AG32 Book
Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain & Ireland. James Fairbairn. R929.8
1911, repr. 1963. v.1-2. F15C3 Book
Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain & Ireland. James Fairbairn. GEN 929.8
1968. F15C4 Book
Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain & Ireland. James Fairbairn. R929.8
v.1-2. F15C2 Book
Fairfax County, VA Will Book A, 1742-1752; Will Book B, 1752-1767. June W. R975.5291
Johnson. 1982. JOHNSON 1982 Book
Fairfield Township. Map from 1882 atlas. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Falaise Roll Recording Prominent Companions of Wm., Duke of Normandy. R929.72
Crispin & Mecrary. 1893, repr. 1969. CRISPIN 1969 Book
Falconer of Halkerton. A Genealogy of a Scottish Family. Paul McKee Gifford. R GEN 929.20973
1997. FAULKNE Book
Fall City Cemetery, site of Indian burial ground. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Falmouth, A New England Township in Nova Scotia, 1760 - 1965. J.V. R971.635
Duncanson. 1965, repr. with supplement, 1983. DUNCANS Book
Familes of Ancient New Haven. Donald L. Jacobus. v.1-8. For v.9 -see TAG R974.67
(The Am.Gene.) AM34 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Familia. Ulster Genealogical Review, #4. Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guild. UNCATALOGED SHELF
1988. v.2. Book
Families of Ancient New Haven (with Index by Jacobus). 1922-32, 1939. v.1-8. R974.67

AM35 Book
Families of Cora Sparrow and Harold Hayden Hendron. Walt Hendron. 2002.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Sparrow file Vertical File
Families of Early Hartford, CT. Lucius Barnes Barbour. 1977. R974.63

BARBOUR 1977 Book
Families of Pohick Church, Truro Parish, Fairfax County, VA. Errata/Addenta 1-3. R975.5291
1991-95. LIDDLE 1991 Book
Families of Pohick Church, Truro Parish, Fairfax County, Virginia. Chester A. R975.5291
Liddle. 1991. LIDDLE 1991 Book
Families of the Wyoming Valley. George B. Kulp. 1885. v. 1-3. R GEN 929.2

K959 Book
Families of Wyoming Valley, Biographical, Genealogical & Historical. G.B. Culp. R929.2
1885. v.1-3. K959 Book
Family & Descendants of Levi Bowyer (1773-1850) & Anna Kemper Bowyer GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
(1782-1858). L. & E. Bowyer. BOWYER Book
Family & place names in Wales & Monmouthshire. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Family Album. Frank & Laura Fletcher. Marilyn F. Groom, L.F. Patton, W.P. R929.20973
Fletcher. 1991. FLETCHE 1991 Book
Family and Descendants of William Barns Adams & Martha Larimore Adams of R929.2
Laurel, Indiana. Morrow & Hays. 1958. AD21 Book
Family bible of Roberts & Hunt families. 27p.. See: Roberts Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Family chart of Hamilton & Pritchard. 1p.. See: Hamilton Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Family Group Charts. SURNAME SHELF

Family group sheets for McKenney, McKinney. 5p.. See: McKinney Family VERTICAL FILE
file Vertical File
Family Group Sheets, Ancestor Charts, Etc. Dave & Rosalie Flint. SURNAME SHELF

Family Historical Register. Compiled by a Member of the Family. Washington GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
D.C. 1881. SWERINGEN Book
Family Histories. Peggy Marie (Leach) DuBois. 1989. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Family History : Sole, Solly, Soule. Gideon Tibbetts Ridlon, 1841. 17 fiche FCH 102 MICROFORM CABINET

Family History of Andrew Kanas. Mrs. Anthony Tomaz, Jr. 1983. 1p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Kanasavitch Family file Vertical File
Family History of Carter with Name Origin and Lineage Lines. Genealogical GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Records & Heraldry. 1974. CARTER Book
Family History of Charles Edwin Flint, Jr. & Bessie Hazel Lee. Rosalie Flint. R929.20973
1982. FLINT 1982 Book
Family History of Christian Hansen & Anne Marie Jacobsen. Wayne O. Goodwin GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
& Hazel Van Alstyne. HANSEN Book
Family History of Fowler with Name Origin & Lineage Lines. Heraldry. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Family History of Henry Spencer Stinson and Blanche Anderson Stinson. L. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Marilyn Stinson 1997. STINSON Book
Family History of Rudolph Ephraim Nordby & Mildred Luvaas Nordby. Beuletta R929.209796
N. Williams. 1987. v.1-2. NORDBY Book
Family History of Williams with Name, Origin And Lineage Lines. Heraldry. 1975. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Family History with Name, Origin & Lineage Line on Rogers. Heraldry. 1978. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Family History. Jimerson-Malcolm, Brownson-O'Connell through 1919. George GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Dewey Jimerson, Jr. 1990. JIMERSON Book
Family History. The Ancestry of Ransom F. & Susan Curtis Welch. June Rayfield R929.2
Welch. 1966. W446 Book
Family History: Colonial Families of Maryland, 1600s-1900s. Family Tree FTM CD-184 MICROFORM CABINET
Maker. 1998. CD
Family History: Early New York Families, 1600s-1900s. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-157 MICROFORM CABINET
2000. CD
Family History: Genealogies of Long Island Families, 1600s-1800s. Family Tree FTM CD-173 MICROFORM CABINET
Maker. 1997. CD
Family History: Kentucky Genealogies #1, 1700s-1800s. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-185 MICROFORM CABINET
1997. CD
Family History: Lineages of Hereditary Society Members, 1600s-1900s. Family FTM CD-506 MICROFORM CABINET
Tree Maker. 1999. CD
Family History: Maryland Genealogies and Marriages, 1634-1820. Family Tree FTM CD-195 MICROFORM CABINET
Maker. 1998. CD
Family History: Massachusetts and Maine Genealogies, 1650s-1930s. Family FTM CD-194 MICROFORM CABINET
Tree Maker. 1998. CD
Family History: Mid-Atlantic Genealogies, 1340-1940. Family Tree Maker. 1999. FTM CD-156 MICROFORM CABINET

Family History: New England Families #1, 1600s-1800s. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-117 MICROFORM CABINET
1997. CD
Family History: New England Families #2, 1600s-1800s. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-159 MICROFORM CABINET
1998. CD
Family History: New Jersey Genealogies #1, 1600s-1800s. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-182 MICROFORM CABINET
1997. CD
Family History: Southern Biographies and Genealogies, 1500s-1940s. Family FTM CD-500 MICROFORM CABINET
Tree Maker. 1999. CD
Family History: Southern Genealogies #1, 1600s-1800s. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-191 MICROFORM CABINET
1998. CD
Family History: Virginia Genealogies #1, pre-1600 to 1900s. Family Tree Maker. FTM CD-162 MICROFORM CABINET
2000. CD
Family miscellaneous information. Additional material added as received. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Family Names & Their Story. Sabrine Baring-Gould. R929.4

B239 Book
Family names of Huguenot refugees to America. Mrs. James M. Lawton. 1962. VERTICAL FILE
20p. Vertical File
Family Names. How Our Surnames Came to America. J.N. Hook. 1982. GEN 929.4209

Family of Alexander McCoy. C.E. McCoy, Lelah Achey and LLoyd Buchwald. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1992. MC COY Book

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