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Description Catalog # Location /Type
Going to Salt Lake City to do Family History Research. J. Carlyle Parker. 1989. R026.9291

PARKER 1989 Book
Gold Rush Days. San Joaquin Genealogical Society. 1958-1984. v.1-5. R979.455

Golden Memories of the Elk & Camden We Once Knew. Pierce, Johnson & R979.72
Larsen. 1977. G565 Book
Golden Memories, Saskatchewan's Golden Jubilee. Jubilee Committee. 1955. R971.24

SA78G Book
Gone to Ohio from Pennsylvania. South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical R974.8
Society. 1990. AUGHENB Book
Good Old Times in Mclean County, Illinois. Containing Sketches of Old Settlers. R GEN 977.359
E. Duis. 1874, repr.1992. v. 1-2. DUIS Book
Goodspeed Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas. 1890, repr. GEN 976.7
1978. BIOGRAP Book
Goodwin Families in America. Judge John S. Goodwin. Suppl. to Wm. & Mary GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Quarterly, 1897, repr. 1995. GOODWIN Book
Goodwins of Hartford, CT. J.J. Goodwin. 1891. R929.2

G638 Book
Goshen, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1766-1932. MF 147 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 03 Microfilm
Govan Cemetery Records. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Grace Anglican Church Cemetery, Waterdown. Hamilton Branch of Ontario VERTICAL FILE
Genealogical Society. 1977. vertical file
Granberry Family and Allied Families. D.L. Jacobus. 1945. R929.2

G762 Book
Granby, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1763-1932. MF 147 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 04 Microfilm
Grand Army of the Republic Department of Illinois Transcription of Death rolls, GEN 977.3
1879-1947. Dennis Northcott & Thomas Brooks. 2003 NORTHCO Book
Grand Army of the Republic. Civil War Veterans Buried in Spokane County. R979.737
Addenda & Index. Witte. 1992. WITTE ADDENDA Book
Grand Army of the Republic. Civil War Veterans Buried in Spokane County. John R979.737
W. Witte. 1990. WITTE 1990 Book
Grand Heritage. History of Dunnville & Twps Canborough, Dunn, Moulton, R971.337
Sherbrooke & South Cayuga. MacDonald.1992 GRAND H Book
Grandfather Wouldn't Swear. George W. Wallace. 1971. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Grandmother Jenkins' Neafus, Agnew Ancestry. Lorraine Jenkins Martin. 1985. VERTICAL FILE
17p.. See: Neafus Family file Vertical File
Grant Family. A Genealogical History of Descendants of Matthew Grant of GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Windsor, CT, 1601-1898. A. H. Grant. 1898. GRANT Book
Grassroots of America. Computerized Index to American State Papers, Land UNCATALOGED SHELF
Grants & Claims, 1789-1937. v.1-2. Book
Graue Family. History of Graue Family of Hanover, West Germany in Missouri, R929.20973
Illinois & Indiana. Norman R. Peters. 1989. GRAUE 1989 Book
Grave Markers in Burke County, Georgia with Thirty-Nine Cemeteries in Four R975.865
Adjacent Counties. Lilliam L. Powell. 1974. POWELL Book
Graves Family Newsletter. Dec. 1970 & Mar. 1976. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Gravestone Inscriptions Belfast, Ireland. R.S.J. Clarke. 1982-86. v.1-4. R941.67

Gravestone Inscriptions of Ulster County, NY. Lila James Roney. 1987. GEN 974.734

Gravestone Inscriptions, County Antrim. Ulster Historical Foundation. 1977-81. R941.616
v.1-2. GRAVEST Book
Gravestone Inscriptions, County Down. R.S.J. Clarke. 1966-1969, 1974-83. R941.65
v.1-5, v.12-22. CLARKE Book
Gravestone Inscriptions, County Down. Ulster History Foundation. v. 6, 8, 9, 10, FCH 025-029 MICROFORM CABINET
11. Microfiche
Gravestones in Valentine Cemetery in Van Buren Co. Gladys Beggs & Marion VERTICAL FILE
Flake McCrary. 1964. 4p. Vertical File
Graveyard Shift. A Guide to New York City Cemeteries. Carolee Inskeep. 2000. GEN 974.71

Great American Bottom. Georgia McCormick Engelke. 1983. GEN 977.38

Great Indian Chief Shikellamy, Oneida. 2p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Great Trail of New England, Old Connecticut Path. Harrel Ayres. c1940. R974

AY74 Book
Green County, Georgia Land Records Deeds, 1785-1810. Freda R. Turner. 1997. R GEN 975.8612

Green County, Georgia Wills, 1786-1877. Freda Reid Turner. 1998. R GEN 975.8612

Greenbrier County, WV Land Entry Book, 1780-1786. Helen S. Stinson. 1994. R GEN 975.488

Greene County, NY Church Records. Catskill Reformed Dutch Church, Durham GEN 974.737
First Presbyterian, W. Durham Second Presbyterian & Greenville Presbyterian. J. GREENE Book
Wordon. 1988
Greene County, Ohio Births Prior to 1869. Arthur R. Kilner. 1988. R977.174

KILNER 1988 Book
Greene County, Tennessee Cemeteries from Earliest Dates to 1970-71. Buford GEN 976.142
Reynolds. 1971. v. 1-2. GREENE Book
Greene County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1785-1810. Joyce Martin Murray. GEN 976.891
1996. MURRAY Book
Greene County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1810-1822. Joyce Martin Murray. GEN 976.891
1997. MURRAY Book
Greentree Cemetery. Nancy C. Long. 1988. (suburb of Pittsburg, PA) GEN 974.885

Grier and Allied Families Directory, 1998. William M. Grier. 1998. R GEN 929.20973

Grier of San Francisco. Builder in the West & his Family, 1878-1988. William M. RB
Grier. 1989. GRIER W 1989 Book
Griers, Pioneers in America and Canada, 1816-1991. William M. Grier. 1991. R929.20973

GRIERS 1991 Book
Griffin's Journal 1st Settlers of Southhold, NY, 1767-1866. August Griffin. 1867. MF 037 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 03 Microfilm
Grimes Bulletin. Shirley Bodak. v.1 #2. 1977. (Periodical: for issues see Period. VERTICAL FILE
Alpha File) Periodical
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Grin & Barrett. v.1 #1,2. 1982. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) VERTICAL FILE

Groom Family Scrapbook. Descendants of Samuel Dabney Groom and Lucinda R GEN 929.20973
Thompson, 1821-1994. Joyce Lanier Krehb. 1994. GROOM Book
Grostein Family. A Genealogy of Jewish Pioneers of Idaho. David Weil Albert. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1998. GROSTEIN Book
Ground-Grounds Family Assoc. Newsletter. Naches, WA. v.4 #4. 1988. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Gruel Family: Bible pages, birth, marriages, deaths, and newspaper clippings.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Gruel Family file Vertical File
Guide & Bibliography to Research in Yugoslavia, US, Canada. Adam S. R949.7
Eterovich. 1978. ETEROVI 1978 Book
Guide & Index to Records of Greenville, Laurens & Newberry Counties, R975.7
1808-1821. B. Holcomb. 1981. HOLCOMB 1981 Book
Guide Index, Military Operations of Civil War, A Prospectus. Civil War Centennial VERTICAL FILE
Comm. 1966. 30p. Vertical File
Guide to Church Vital Statistics in Washington. WPA. 1942. R929.3

H629C Book
Guide to Civil War in Tennessee. Civil War Centennial Comm. 1960. 32p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Guide to Civil War Maps in the National Archives. 1986. R016.91173

GUIDE T 1986 Book
Guide to Copies & Abstracts of Irish Wills, an Index. Wallace Clare. 1930, repr. R929.3415
1972. CLARE Book
Guide to County Records & Genealogical Resources in TN. Richard C. Fulcher. R976.8
1987. FULCHER Book
Guide to Depositories of Manuscript Collections in Pennsylvania. WPA. 1939. R929.3

UN3 Book
Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War. Kenneth W. Munden, Henry R GEN 016.9737
P. Beers. 1962. UN3G Book
Guide to Genealogical & Historical Research in Pennsylvania. Floyd Hoenstine. R974.8
1978, Sup. 1985, 1990. HOENSTI Book
Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives. NARA. 3rd ed. 2000. R016.9291 HOW TO

Guide to genealogical sources at the National Library of Wales. 10p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Guide to Genealogy Software. Donna Przecha & Joan Lowry. 1993. R GEN 929.1028

Guide to German Parish Registers in the LDS Family History Library. Johni R943
Cerny. 1988. v.1-2. CERNY Book
Guide to Indiana Civil War Manuscripts. Ann Turner. 1965. R977.2

IN2G Book
Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards. Brian Mitchell. 1990. R941.5

GUIDE T 1990 Book
Guide to Irish Parish Registers. Brian Mitchell. 1988. R941.5

MITCHEL 1988 Book
Guide to Jewish Genealogical Research in Israel. Sallyann Amdur Sack. 1987. R929.1089

SACK 1987 Book
Guide to Kentucky Archival and Manuscript Repositories. Public Records BOX F HOW TO
Division. 1986. F-4 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Guide to Local & Family History at the Newberry Library. P. T. Sinko. 1987. R016.973

Guide to Local Government Records & Newspapers. Dept. of Archives & Special R977.1
Collections. Wright St. U. Leggett & Smith. 1987. LEGGETT 1987 Book
Guide to Manuscript Collections in the Archives of NC Historical Commission. R016.9756
WPA Historical Records Survey. 1942. H629 Book
Guide to Microfilmed Manuscript Holdings of the Tennessee State Library & BOX F HOW TO
Archives. 1983. F-1 Book
Guide to Naturalization Records of the United States. Christina K. Schaefer. 1997. R GEN 929.373

Guide to Naturalization Records, Southwest Region, United States. 1 fiche. FCH 062 MICROFORM CABINET

Guide to Papers of Early Prominent Southern Men. NC University Library. BOX F HOW TO
1966-1967. F-2 Book
Guide to Photocopied Historical Materials in US & Canada. Richard W. Hale, Jr. R016.9
1961. H135 Book
Guide to Pre-Federal Records in the National Archives. H. Wehmann & B. GEN 916.973
DeWhitt. 1989. GUIDE T Book
Guide to Published Archives of Pennsylvania. Henry Howard Eddy & Martha L. R974.8
Simonetti. 1976. PENNSYL 1976 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Central Plains Region. NARA. 1989. BOX J HOW TO

J-4 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Great Lakes Region. NARA. 1989. BOX J HOW TO

J-7 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Mid Atlantic Region. NARA. 1989. BOX J HOW TO

J-6 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, New England Region. NARA. 1989. BOX J HOW TO

J-3 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Pacific Northwest Region. NARA. GEN 016.9795 HOW TO
1994. GUIDE T Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Pacific Sierra Region. NARA. 1989. BOX J HOW TO

J-5 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Pacific Southwest Region. NARA. BOX J HOW TO
1995. J-10 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Rocky Mountain Region. NARA. BOX J HOW TO
1989. J-1 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Southeast Region. NARA. 1989. BOX J HOW TO

J-2 Book
Guide to Records in the National Archives, Southwest Region. NARA. 1994. BOX J HOW TO

J-9 Book
Guide to Records of Religious Organizations in the Special Collections of Rutgers R GEN 974.9
University. D.A. Sinclair. 1999. RUTGERS Book
Guide to research in Brethren History. Donald F. Durnbaugh. 1968. 12p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Guide to Research Materials in NC State Archives, Section B, County Records. R975.6
Division of Archives & History. NORTH C Book
Guide to Research Materials in the NC State Archives. State Agency Records. R GEN 975.6
NC Division of Archives & History. 1995. NORTH C Book
Guide to Rev.War. records pertaining to Mennonite & Pacifist groups in SE PA, VERTICAL FILE
1775-1800. Brunk. 1974. 27p. Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Guide to select Rev. War records pertaining to Mennonites & Pacifists.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Pennsylvania-Mennonites file Vertical File
Guide to Special Collections in Kansas. Gene DeGruson. 1986. R978.1

Guide to the Archives of Government of the Confederate States of America. Henry R016.9737
Putney Beers. 1968. B392 Book
Guide to the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library. Joseph F. BOX E HOW TO
Oldenburg. 1988. E-1 Book
Guide to the Draper Manuscripts. Josephine L. Harper. 1983. R GEN 016.978

Guide to the Holdings of the Seattle, WA, Branch of the National Archives. FCH 018 MICROFORM CABINET
1987-88. Microfiche
Guide to the Index Holdings at Hall of Records. Genealogy Services Department. R975.2
1972. MARYLAN 1972 Book
Guide To The Manuscript Collections in the Eastern Washington State Historical R GEN 979.7
Society. Edward W. Nolan. 1987. NOLAN Book
Guide to the Markers & Burials, 1775-1943, Westminster Cemetery. Mary E. R975.26
Hayward. 1984. HAYWARD 1984 Book
Guilford County, NC Will Abstracts, 1771-1841. Irene B. Webster. repr.1983. R GEN 975.662

Gulf Coast Colonials. A Compendium of French Family in 18th Century LA. R976.122
Winston DeVille. 1968. D495 Book
Gumption. Being a Genealogical & Historical Perspective of the Ancestors of H.R. R929.2
Furman, Sr. Howard R. Furman, Jr. 1979. FURMAN 1979 Book
Guptill Genealogy. Mildred L. Jacobson. 1985. R929.2097

GUPTILL 1985 Book
Gurney Family from Abner To Zuinglius. A Genealogical Dictionary. Jean Gurney R929.20973
Rigler. 1975. GURNEY Book
Hadley, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1600-1938. MF 148 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. Microfilm
Hale, House & Related Families. (CT River Valley) D.L. Jacobus & E.F. R929.2
Waterman. 1952. H136 Book
Half Dozen Kids & a Dozen Cousins. The Family of Robert M. & Mary E. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Thomas. Donna J. Carnegie. 1979. THOMAS Book
Hall, Stevens & Allied Families. Mrs. L. H. Pinkham. R929.2

H149 Book
Hallock Genealogy. L.H. Hallock. R929.2

H158 Book
Hamblen County, TN Marriages, Books 1-5, 1870-1888. James L. Douthat. 1984. R976.8923

DOUTHAT 1984 Book
Hamburg Passenger Lists. LDS. 1976 (ref. to films in LDS Library). RESOURCE SHELF

Hamilton Cemetery, Ontario Canada. (partial listing). Nd.. See: Canada-Ontario VERTICAL FILE
file Vertical File
Hamilton County, Ohio Citizenship Record Abstracts, 1837-1916. Lois E. Hughes. R977.177
1991. HUGHES 1991 Book
Hampshire County Death Records, 1866-1922. Vicki Bidinger Horton. 1993. GEN 975.495

Hampshire County Minute Book Abstracts, 1788-1802. Vicki Bidinger Horton. GEN 975.495
1993. HAMPSHI Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Hampshire County Wills, Forman - Good. 2p.. See: Virginia file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Hampshire County, VA, 1782-1850, Census Index. G. Michael. 1976. R975.495 CENSUS SHELF

MICHAEL 1976 Book
Hampshire County, West Virginia. 1754-2004. Wilmer L. Kerns. 2004. GEN 975.495

Handbook of American Genealogy. Frederich A. Virkus. 1932-1943. v. 1-4. R929.1

H191 Book
Handbook of Heraldry. Instructions for Tracing Pedigrees and Deciphering Ancient GEN 929.6
MSS. John Cussans.1970. C963 Book
Handbook on Frontier Days of Southeast Kansas. Shackleton. 1961. R978.1

SH11 Book
Handbook on Irish Genealogy. Heraldic Artists Ltd. 1973. R941

H412 Book
Handwriting of American Records for Period of 300 Years. E. Kay Kirkham. 1973. R652.1097

Handy Book for Genealogists. Everton Publishers. 1999. 9th ed. GEN 929.1072 HOW TO

Handy Book for Genealogists. Everton Publishers. 2002. 10th ed. GEN 929.1072 HOW TO

HANDYBO/2002 Book
Hannay Family. William VanDerpoel Hannay. 1969. R929.2

HANNA 1969 Book
Hanover County Chancery Wills & Notes. W.R. Cocke. R929.3

C645 Book
Hanover, Mass., Records of Births, Marriages, Deaths, and Intentions of Marriage, FCH 204 MICROFORM CABINET
1727-1857. AGLL. 3 microfiche Microfiche
Hans Hansen Loken, 1835-1913. Maren Loken LaGuire. 1998. R GEN 929.20973

Hapner Family History. Barbara V. Powell. 1977. R929.2097

HAPNER 1977 Book
Happy Valley History & Genealogy. Thomas F. Hickerson. 1940. R975.6

H525 Book
Hardesty's West Virginia Counties, Wood & Jefferson. 1973. v.8. UNCATALOGED SHELF

Hardesty's West Virginia Counties: Jackson, Kanawha & Barbour. 1973. v.4. UNCATALOGED SHELF

Harford Thachers, Susquehanna County, PA. Boston Branch Descendants of R929.20973
Thomas Thacher. E.J. Thacher. 1987. THACHER 1987 Book
Harmony Cemetery of Fillmore County, Nebraska. Fillmore Heritage Genealogical GEN 978.2342
Society. 196-. HARMONY Book
Harp & Sword, 1776. The Irish in the American Revolution. Charles Lucey. 1976. R973.3

LUCEY 1976 Book
Harris Family from 1630 in two Lines. Dwight James Harris & Norman Dwight GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Harris. 1909. HARRIS Book
Harris Family of Virginia, 1611-1914. Thomas Henry Harris. n.d. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Harris Family. Thomas Harris in Ipswich, MA, 1636. His Descendants through GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
seven generations. William Samuel Harris. 1883. HARRIS Book
Harris Genealogy. Gideon Dowse Harris. 1914. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Harris Genealogy. History of James Harris of New London, CT & His GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Descendants, 1640-1878. N.H. Morgan. 1878. HARRIS Book
Harrison County Marriages 1866-1878, 1881-1899; Births, 1864-1874. MF 298 MICROFORM CABINET

Harrison County, KY Taxpayers, 1794 thru 1799. T.L.C. Genealogy. 1990. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Harrison County's Earliest Years. Frederick P. Griffin. 1984. 30p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Hart History News. Dan Hart. Lincoln, MA. (a continuing series) SURNAME SHELF

Hartford Times. Genealogy Columns, 1923-1966. 57v. MF 035-036 MICROFORM CABINET

Harvard Alumni Directory. 1955. R378.744

H261H Book
Harvey Book. Oscar J. Harvey. 1899. R929.2

H262 Book
Harvey Notes. Susan W. Jack. Nd. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Hatfield, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1661-1954. MF 149 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 01 Microfilm
Haupt Family Origins in the Rheinland-Pfalz and their American Descendants. Ray R GEN 929.20973
Haupt. 1996. v. 1-2. HAUPT Book
Hawkeye Heritage. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Hawkins County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1801-1819. Joyce Martin Murray. GEN 976.895
1998. HAWKINS Book
Hawkins County, TN Circuit Court Minutes, 1822-1825 & Fragments for R976.895
1827-1828. Silas Lucas. 1983. HAWKINS 1983 Book
Hawkins Dynasty. M. Lewis. 1969. R929.20942

H587 Book
Hay. What a Story! The Lives and Times of the Hay, Washington Pioneer GEN 929.3797
Families. Lola S. W. Vance. 2003. VANCE Book
Hayden Ancestry of Warren Sheman Hayden. L.E. DeForest. R GEN 929.2

H324 Book
Haydenville, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1733-1949. MF 149 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 02 Microfilm
Haydenville, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1733-1949. MF 150 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. Microfilm
Heads & Hearths. The Hearth Money Rolls & Poll Tax Returns for County Antrim, R GEN 941.612
1660-69. S.T. Carleton. 1991. HEADS A Book
Headstone History, Cemetery Inscriptions. City of Malvern. 1979. v.2. R976.742

Headwaters Heritage History. Three Forks Historical Society. 1983, repr. 1989. R978.6662

Heard County, Georgia Deed Book 1, 1894-1898. Freda Reid Turner. 2004. GEN 975.8422

Heart of Downe. Old Banbridge Families Gravestone Inscriptions, County Down. UNCATALOGED SHELF
R.S.J. Clarke. 1989. v.20. Book
Heart of Hulda. A Mother Remembered. A Biography. Nina Miller. RB

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Heart Of Hulda. A Mother Remembered. A Biography. Nina Miller. RB HANSON,H

Heart Throbs of the West. Carter. 1940-1951. v.2,3,9,10,12. R979.2

H351 Book
Hebron Dyer Descendants, Pioneer of Ohio. Leallah Franklin. 1991. R929.20973

Heirs & Orphans. Anne Arundel County, Maryland Distributions, 1788-1838. Walter R975.255
E. Arps, Jr. 1985. ARPS 1985 Book
Hempstead County, AR Cemeteries, Including Bodcaw, Bois D'Arc & DeRoan GEN 976.754
Twps. Hempstead Genalogical Society. 1990. Bk. 1. HEMPSTE Book
Hempstead County, AR, Marriage Records, 1817-1875. Bobbie J McLane. 1969. R976.754

Henderson Mennonites. From Holland to Henderson. Stanley E. Voth. 1975, repr. R978.2345
& revised, 1981. HENDERS 1981 Book
Henning Story, 1804-1973. Dora Henning Hereford. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Henry Co., Missouri Marriage Records, 1835-1861. Betty Harvey Williams. 1966. GEN 977.8462

Henry Co., Missouri Tombstone Inscriptions. Betty Harvey Williams. v.1-2. GEN 977.8462

Henry Codman Potter, Seventh Bishop of New York. George Hodges. 1915. R GEN B POTTER

Henry County, Missouri Abstract of Wills and Administrations, 1835-1865. J. & B. GEN 977.8462
Williams. 1968. HENRY C Book
Henry Guthrie & John Lane Mason. Their Ancestors, Descendants & Collateral R929.2
Kin. Mrs. Iver Longeteig. G984 Book
Henry Printz of Winchester, Virginia and his Descendants. Leallah Franklin. 1998. GEN 929.20973

Henry Randolph,I, 1623-1673 of Henrico County, VA & His Descendants. Wassell R929.2
Randolph. 1952. R159R Book
Henry Sharp, 1737-1800 of Sussex County, NJ & Fayette County, PA. Elizabeth GEN 929.20973
Eastwood & Helen Wickliffe. 1975. SHARP Book
Henry Sharp, 1737-1800 of Sussex County, NJ. 1975. 1st & 2nd Supplement & R929.20973
Corrections. E.C. Eastwood. 1978,1993. SHARP Book
Henry Teats & Betsy Shook, a Genealogy. Carrie Lartigue. 1969. R929.2

T222 Book
Henry Ward Beecher, The Indiana Years, 1837-1847. Jane Shaffer Elsmere. 1973. R GEN B

Henry, Best Town in Illinois by a Dam Site. Helen G. Raffensperger. 1976. R977.3515

Henrys of Maryland & Related Families. Clement S. Henry. c1982. R929.2097

HENRY 1982 Book
Heraldic Alphabet. J.P. Brooke-Little. 1973. R929.603

B79 Book
Heraldic Design, Its Origins, Ancient Forms and Modern Usage. Hubert Allcock. R929.6
1962. AL52 Book
Heraldic Design. Handbook for Students. Heather Child. 1965. R745.66

C436 Book
Heraldic map depicts the proud heritage of Italy. Famous families with their Coats VERTICAL FILE
of Arms. 1p. Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Heraldic map locates ancestral homes, Coats of Arms. Newspaper article. 1p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Heraldry & Armor of the Middle Ages. Marvin H. Pakula. 1972. R929.8094

P17 Book
Heraldry and You. J.A. Reynolds. 1961. R929.6

Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe. Jiri Louda & Michael Maclagan. 1981. R929.6094

LOUDA 1981 Book
Heraldry of the World. C.A. Von Volborth. 1974. R929.6

V89 Book
Heraldry, Ancestry and Titles. L.G. Pine. 1965. R929.6

Heraldry, Sources, Symbols & Meanings. Ottfried Neubecker. 1976. R929.6

Heraldry. J.S. Milbourne. 1950 R929.6

M589 Book
Heraldry. Julian Franklyn. 1968. R929.6

F854 Book
Heraldry: Ancestral homes & Coats of Arms of some famous families of German VERTICAL FILE
Fatherland. 1p. Vertical File
Heraldry: Coats of Arms of leading Irish families. 20p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Heraldry: Newspaper articles showing crests for Irish families. Various pages. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Heralds of a Liberal Faith. (biographies). American Unitarian Association. 1910. R288

E146 Book
Hercules Mining Company Personnel Records, 1918-1927. University of Idaho
Special Collections. 2005. Book
Hereditary Register of the U.S. of America. 1972, 1973, 1975, 1978 & 1980. 5v. R369.1

H42 Book
Heritage '76. Pembina County, ND, Then & Now. Pembina County Historical GEN 978.419
Society. 1976. HERITAG Book
Heritage From Heroes. Spokane's Dreamers & Builders. Dorothy Rochon Powers. R GEN 979.737
1993. POWERS Book
Heritage Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Heritage of Buchanan County, Missouri. Missouri River Heritage Association. R GEN 977.8132
1984. v.1-2. HERITAG Book
Heritage of Caswell County, North Carolina. Jeannine D. Whitlow. 1985. GEN 975.6575

Heritage of Faribault County, Minnesota. Tuff Publishing, Inc. 1987. R GEN 977.622

Heritage of Hancock County, Iowa. Hancock County Genealogical Society. 1993. R GEN 977.724

Heritage of Rowan County, NC. Genealogical Society of Rowan County. 1991. R975.671
v.1. HERITAG Book
Heritage of the Swiss Volhynian Mennonites. Solomon Stucky. c1981. R289.73

STUCKY 1981 Book
Heritage of Wilkes County. The Wilkes County Genealogical Society. 1990. R GEN 975.682

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Heritage Park. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Herladry in England. Anthony Richard Wagner. 1946, repr. 1951. R GEN 929.8

W125 Book
Herman Mohr Family. Myron P. Wehr. 1982, revised by William Mohr, 1992. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Heroes All! A Compendium of the Names & Official Citations, 1917-19. H.R. GEN 355.1342
Stringer. c1919. HEROES Book
Hickle Heritage. Ernestine Park Moss. 1979. R929.2097

HICKLE 1979 Book
Hicks Newsletter. Virginia Hicks. v.12 #4. 1983. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Hidden Half of the Family. A Sourcebook for Women's Genealogy. Christina K. R GEN 929.1082
Schaefer. 1999. SCHAEFE Book
Hidden Sources. Family History in Unlikely Places. Laura Szucs Pfeiffer. 2000. R GEN 929.1072

Higdon Family Newsletter. Mrs. H.A. Smith. Jan. 1985. #157. 2p. (Periodical: for VERTICAL FILE
issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Hilborn Family Journal. Pt. Claire, Quebec. #24 Mar 1985. (Periodical: for issues VERTICAL FILE
see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Hill Family Genealogy. Extending a Line of John Hill of Dorchester, MA, R929.20973
1633-1993. Clayton & Farnham. 1993. HILL Book
Hilliard W. Power. Carol Juarez. Nd. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Hinchman Genealogical Research. 1p. (p266). See: Canada - Nova Scotia file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Hinsdale Genealogy. H.D. Andrews. 1906. R929.2

H596 Book
Hispanic American Genealogical Source Book. Paula K. Byers. 1995. R929.1089

Hispanic Surnames and Family History. Lyman De Platt. 1996. R GEN 929.4094

Historic Background, Annals of Swiss & German Pioneer Settlers in S.E. PA. H.F. R974.8
Eshleman. 1917. ES35 Book
Historic Battleford. Thru the Years, 1875-1955. C. Wetton. 1955. VERTICAL FILE

vertical file
Historic Family of KY. 12p.. See: McDowell Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Historic Graves of Maryland & Washington DC. Helen West Ridgely. 1908, repr. R975.2
1967. RIDGELY 1967 Book
Historic Hampshire. A Symposium of Hampshire County, WV. Selden W. R975.495
Brannon. 1976. HISTORI 1976 Book
Historic Homes. Genealogy & Personal Memoirs of Chester & Delaware Counties. R929.1
G. Cope & H. Ashmead. 1904. v.1-2. C79 Book
Historic Kingston, Cumulative Index to v. 1-20, 1952-1972. Kingston Historical R971.372
Society. 1973. HISTORI Book
Historic Las Vegas. 1984. 12p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Historic Memories from Monuments & Plaques of Western Washington. L. R979.7
Beaver. 1964. BEAVER 1963 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Historic Nova Scotia. Hon. A.S. MacMillan. 1935. R971.6

NOVA SC 1937 Book
Historic Prince Edward. 29p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Historic Quickies, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. R.H. Sides. 1966. 28p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Historic Restorations of the DAR. Lewis Barrington. 1941. R973

B277 Book
Historic Sites of Province of Alberta. H.A. Dempsey. 1955. VERTICAL FILE

vertical file
Historic Sketches of Walla Walla, Whitman, Columbia & Garfield Counties, GEN 979.79
Washington Territory. Frank T. Gilbert. 1882. G373 Book
Historic Sketches of Edwards and Todd Families. 1523-1895. 38p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Edwards Family file Vertical File
Historic Sullivan. A History of Sullivan County, TN. Oliver Taylor. 1909, repr. GEN 976.896
1988. TAYLOR Book
Historic Towns, Maps, Plans of Towns, Cities in the British Isles, Earliest Times R919.42 MAP CASE
to 1800. v.1. H629 Book
Historical & Biographical Study of Descendants of Thomas F. Berry, 1819-1866 & R929.2
Ira Ward Berry, 1855-1923. L.W. Berry. B459 Book
Historical & Genealogical Collection of Harrison County, Ohio. Charles A. Hanna. R977.168 MICROCARD BOX
1900. H195 Microcard
Historical & Genealogical Data Relating to Settlement & Settlers of NY & NJ. J.E. R974
Stillwell. 1903-1932.v.1-5 ST54 Book
Historical & Genealogical Record of 1st Settlers of Colchester County. Thomas R 971.612
Miller. 1873, repr. 1972. MILLER Book
Historical & Genealogical Record of Lawrence Bryant & Pattie Sessom's Five GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Other Sons. L.C Bryand. 1968. BRYANT Book
Historical & Statistical Gazetteer of NY State 1860. John Homer French. 1860, R974.7
repr. 1980. FRENCH 1980 Book
Historical & Statistical Gazetteer of NY State, 1860. Index of Personal Names. R974.7
Frank Place. 1962. PLACE 1962 Book
Historical Address, Delivered in the First Congregational Church in Stamford, CT. R974.69
Alvord. 1842. AL89 Book
Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario. Historical Atlas Publishing Co. GEN 911.71342 MAP CASE
1906, repr., 1972. HISTORI Book
Historical Atlas of Waterloo & Wellington Counties. Walker & Miles. 1877, repr., GEN 911.7134 MAP CASE
1972. ILLUSTR Book
Historical Catalogue of Members of First Baptist Church in Providence, RI. H.M. R974.52
King. 1908. P948 Book
Historical Cemeteries of Roslyn, Washington. Kittitas County Genealogical GEN 979.757
Society. 1997. GLASS Book
Historical Collections of Brown County, Ohio. Thompson. 1969. R977.1796

T372 Book
Historical Collections of Joseph Habersham Chapter DAR. Family Data & Queries. R975.8
1967. v.1-3. D265 Book
Historical Collections of Ohio. Howe. 1888. v.1-2. R977.1

H838 Book
Historical Collections. Holmes Ammidown. 1874, repr. 1995,1996. v.1-2. R GEN 974.43

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Historical Data Relating to Counties, Cities & Towns in Massachusetts. M.J. R974.4
Connelly. 1975. MASSACH 1975 Book
Historical documents, pictures & history of Gunder Thompson Family, Inland VERTICAL FILE
Empire Pioneer. H.M. House.1957. Vertical File
Historical Encyclopedia of Texas. Ellis Arthur Davis. v.2 R976.4

Historical Notes of the Family of Kip of Kipsburg and Kip's Bay, NY. Ingraham Kip. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1871. KIP Book
Historical Notes on Amelia County, VA. Kathleen H. Hadfield. 1982. UNCATALOGED SHELF

Historical Perspectives of Charles Merritt, including His Family & Some R929.20973
Descendants. King Merritt, Jr. 1987. MERRITT 1987 Book
Historical Register & Dictionary of U.S. Army, 1789-1903. F.B. Heitman. 1903. R929
v.1-2. H365H Book
Historical Register of Officers of Continental Army, Apr 1775-Dec 1783. F.B. R929
Heitman. 1914. H365 Book
Historical Register of Virginians in the American Revolution, 1775-1783. John H. R973.3
Gwathmey. 1938. G995 Book
Historical Register. Record of People, Places & Events in American History. E. R920
Hill. Annual, 2 bks. 1920-21. H629 Book
Historical Sketch of Copp's Hill Burying Ground with Inscriptions and Ancient R974.461
Epitaphs. John Norton. 1919. N824 Book
Historical Sketch of Franklin County, PA. I.H. M'Cauley. 1878, repr. 1978. GEN 974.844

Historical Sketch of Ridgefield. Allan Nevins. 48p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Historical Sketches of Morrison's Cove, Index to. Hilda Chance. 1968. GEN 974.871

Historical Sketches of Morrison's Cove. Rev. C.W. Karns. 1933. GEN 974.871

Historical Sketches of Pend Oreille County, WA related by some of its Pioneers. VERTICAL FILE
Index to. Jeanne Coe. 1990. Vertical File
Historical Views and Maps of Guernsey County, Ohio. Guernsey Co. R GEN 977.192
Genealogical Society. 1982. HISTORI Book
History & Family Records of the Morton Family of Webster County, WV. E.D. R929.20973
Swiger. Suppl 1-2. 1984/6. MORTON 1984 Book
History & Genealogy of Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut. W.H. & M.R. R929.2
Webster. 1915. W399 Book
History & Genealogy of Hansborough-Hansbrough Family. John W. Hansborough. R929.2097
c1981. HANSBOR 1981 Book
History & Genealogy of John Marcy, 1662-1724, Woodstock, Connecticut. C.E. R929.2097
Marcy. c1980. MARCY 1980 Book
History & Genealogy of Mayflower Planters. Leon C. Hills. 1936, 1941. v.1-2. R929.1

H559 Book
History & Genealogy of Maynard, Maurer & Related Families. Wm. Maynard. R929.2097
1984. v.1-3. MAYNARD Book
History & Genealogy of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, MF 001 MICROFORM CABINET
Kavanaugh & Brown. W.H. Miller. 1907. ITEM 02 Microfilm
History & Genealogy of Nathan P. Goff Family, Randolph Co., WV, Delaware R929.2
Co., IN & Madison Co.,IA. J.P.Barnes.1972 G556 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
History & Genealogy of Pomeroy Family. Margaret Dickson Falley. 1958. R929.2

P771 Book
History & Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Col. John McNeal,
1680-1765. W.H. McNeal. Vertical File
History & Genealogy of the Briggs Family, 1254-1937. L.V. Briggs. 1938. v.1-3. R929.2

B768 Book
History & Genealogy of the Colgrove Family in America. William Colegove. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1894. Parts 1&2. COLGROVE Book
History & Genealogy of the Collins Family of Caroline County, VA & Related R929.20973
Families, 1569-1954. H.R.Collins. 1954. COLLINS Book
History & Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, CT. D.L. Jacobus. R929.2
1930-1943. v.1-4 & supp. J159 Book
History & Genealogy of the Patchin-Patchen Family. G.A. Leggett. 1952. R929.2

P271 Book
History & Genealogy of the William Benjamin Riddle & Cora Monteen Brandon R929.20973
Riddle Family. W.D. Riddle. 1983. RIDDLE Book
History & Genealogy of Windsor, CT, 1635-1891. H.R. Stiles. 1892, repr. 1976. R974.62
v.1-2 ST53 Book
History & Genealogy, Kendalls, Cunninghams, Snodgrasses. N. F. Kendle. R929.2

K335 Book
History & Map of County & Plat Map of Goshen Township, 1875. 3p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History & Progress of Chester County. 1962. R974.813

C426 Book
History & Records of the Charleston Orphan House, 1790-1860. S.L. King. 1984. R975.7915

KING 1984 Book
History & Register, Washington State Soc. of Daughters of American Revolution. R369
v.1-2 & 4. D281 Book
History & Topography of Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin, Adams, Bedford & Perry GEN 974.84
Counties. D. Rupp. 1846. RUPP Book
History and Descendants of Frederick Helf and Frances J. Sawyer. Betty R GEN 929.20973
Murbach Helf. 1996 HELF Book
History And Descendants of John Dechant. Susan Gallyon Dechant. 1985. R929.20973

History and Descendants of John Koontz. L.L. Koontz. 1979. R929.2097

History and Genealogy of the Miller Family & Allied Families. Thelma Kay Miller. R929.20973
1973, repr. 1989. MILLER 1989 Book
History of a River Town. Little Falls, MN. 8p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Albemarle County in Virginia. Rev. Edgar Woods. 1901, repr. 1991. R GEN 975.548

History of Almira, WA. Pat Rice. 1989. R979.735

HISTORY 1989 Book
History of Ancient Wethersfield. Henry R. Stiles. 1904, repr. 1975. v.2. R974.62

ST53H Book
History of Arkansas Valley, Colorado. 1881, repr. 1971. R978.8

H629 Book
History of Augusta County, VA. J. Peyton. 1953. R975.591

P468 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of Beaver County Pioneer Families. Beaver County Historical Society. R976.614
1970. v.1. H629 Book
History of Bedford County. 10p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Berkshire Co., MA with Biog. Sketches of its Prominent Men. 1885. R974.41
v.1-2. H629 Book
History of Black Hawk County, Iowa and Representative Citizens. Isaiah Van R977.737
Metre. 1904. VAN MET 1904 Book
History of Boone County, Missouri. Western Historical Co. 1882, repr. 1970. GEN 977.829

History of Box Elder County. Frederick M. Huchel. 1999. R GEN 979.242

History of Braxton County & Central West Virginia. Sutton. 1919, repr.1967. R975.46

SU87 Book
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P656 Book
History of Bridgewater in Plymouth Co. MA. N. Mitchell. 1840, repr. 1975. R929.2

M694H Book
History Of Brown County, Ohio. W.B. Beers Co. Chicago. 1883. GEN 977.1796

History of Buffalo County, WI. L. Kissinger, 1888. Index to. Jeanne P. Coe. 1985. GEN 977.548

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Hageman. 1883. WOODWAR Book
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History of California, 1542-1890. Hubert Howe Bancroft. 1884-90. v. 1-7. GEN 979.4

History of Calvert County, Maryland. Charles Francis Stein. 1976. R975.244

STEIN 1976 Book
History of Cambridge, MA, 1630-1877, with Genealogical Register, Supplement & R974.44
Index. Lucius R. Paige. repr. 1986. PAIGE 1986 Book
History of Carroll County, New Hampshire. Georgia Drew Merrill. 1889, repr. with R974.242
new intro. 1971. MERRILL 1971 Book
History of Central Washington. Wenatchee, Entiat, Chelan & Columbia Valleys. R979.76
Hull. 1929. H877 Book
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Young. 1875, repr. 1990. v.1-2. YOUNG 1990 Book
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& Gilbert Cope. 1881. F989 Book
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History of Cheyenne and Northern Wyoming. J. H. Triggs. 1876, repr. 1955. R GEN 978.7

History of Cincinnati Society of Ex-Army & Navy Officers. Name, Army Record & R977.178
Rank. A.H. Mattox. 1880. M436 Book
History of Clare and the Dalcassian Clans of Tipperary, Limerick, Galway. P. FCH 048 UNCATALOGED SHELF
White, 1893. Microfiche
History of Clay County, Iowa. Parker Historical Society. 1984. R GEN 977.7153

Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of Clear Creek & Boulder Valleys, Colorado. 1880, repr. 1971 R978.86

H629 Book
History of Compton Co. & Sketches Eastern Twp. Dist. St. Francis & Sherbrooke R GEN 971.468
Co. L.S. Channell. 1975. CHANNEL Book
History of Concord, New Hampshire, 1725-1900. James Lyford. 1896. v.1-2. R974.27

C749 Book
History of Cooper County, Missouri. W. F. Johnson. 1919, repr. 1998. R GEN 977.851

History of Cornish, New Hampshire. W.H. Child. 1910. v.1-2. R974.27

C437 Book
History of Cosmopolite. Writing of Rev.Lorenzo Dow. Lorenzo Dow. 1856-57. R GEN B

DOW / DOW Book
History of Crawford County, Iowa. Curtis Media Corp. 1987. R GEN 977.745

History of Cross Creek Graveyard & Cemetery. James Reed & James Simpson. R974.882
1894, rev.ed. 1969. SIMPSON 1969 Book
History of Crowley County. Crowley County Heritage Society. 1980. R978.894

HISTORY 1980 Book
History of Cumberland and Adams County, PA. 1886. R974.84

H629 Book
History of Cumberland County, Maine with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches. R GEN 974.191
W.W. Clayton. 1880, repr. 1994. v.1-2. CLAYTON Book
History of Dakota Territory. South Dakota, Its History & Its People. G.M. Smith. R978.3
1916. v.1-5. K611 Book
History of Davis & Cannan Valley. Pearle G. Mott. 1972. R975.483

M858 Book
History of Delaware County and Ohio. O.L. Baskin 1880, repr. 1973. R977.1535

H629 Book
History of Delaware County, New York. Jay Gould. 1856, repr. 1977. R974.736

GOULD 1977 Book
History of Donegal Township. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Douglas and Grant Counties, Minnesota. Constant Larson. 1916. v.2. GEN 977.64

History of Dubuque County, Iowa. Western Historical Company. 1880. Part 1-2. GEN 977.739

History of Dundee. James Thompson. c1847, repr. 1874. R941.31

T384 Book
History of Dundy County, Nebraska, 1880-1987. Dundy County History Book R GEN 978.286
Committee. 1988. HISTORY Book
History of Early Settlement of Juniata Valley. U.J. Jones. 1940. UNCATALOGED SHELF

History of Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois. John C. Power. 1876. R977.336
v.1-2. POWER 1876 Book
History of Education In Las Vegas, NM. Geo. C. Bunch. 1985. 10p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Elizabeth Reinbold, Pioneer Mother, 1856-1939. Sharon R. Ottmar. GEN B
1975. REINBOLD / Book
History of Ellenwood-Wharton, 1620-1968. Index To. W.W. Ellenwood. 37p.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Ellenwood Family file Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of Fairfield and Perry Counties, Ohio. A.A. Graham. 1883. R929

G76 Book
History of Fairfield County, South Carolina. William Ederington. n.d. R975.749

History of Family of Wm. Acocks and Edward Crandall. 23p.. See: Acocks VERTICAL FILE
Family file Vertical File
History of Farmersville, Texas, 1845-1973. Charles J. Rike. 1973. R976.4556

RIKE 1973 Book
History of Farmington, Franklin County, 1776-1885. Francis G. Butler. 1885. R GEN 974.17

B976 Book
History of First United Presbyterian Church of Newville, PA, 1764-1977. G. Rife. R974.843
1980. HISTORY 1980 Book
History of Flintstone, Allegany Co., MD. Hillary W. Willison. R975.294

W679 Book
History of Franklin & Cerro Gordo Counties, Iowa. Union Publication Co. 1883. R977.72

History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties, Ohio, 1796-1880. Pickaway County R977.1
Historical Society. 1974. H629 Book
History of Ft. Bend County, containing Biographical Sketches. A.J. Sovella. 1904. R976.4135

SOWELL 1964 Book
History of Gloucester, Salem & Cumberland Counties. Cushing & Sheppard. 1883. R974.98

CUSHING 1974 Book
History of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Albert Baxter. R977.456

B333 Book
History of Green County, Ohio. Dills. 1881, repr. 1973. R977.174

D587 Book
History of Greenbrier County, WV. Otis K. Rice. 1986. R975.488

RICE 1986 Book
History of Greene County, New York with Biographical Sketches of its Prominent GEN 974.737
Men. Hope Farm Press, repr., 1983. HISTORY Book
History Of Gwinnett County, Georgia, 1818-1960. James C. Flanigan. 1943. R 975.8
v.1-2. F614 Book
History of Hamilton County, Ohio, 1790-1889. From 1898 Howe's Historical GEN 977.177
Collection of Ohio. Henry Howe. 1977. HOWE Book
History of Hamlin Family. Genealogy of Early Settlers of the Name in America, R929.1 MICROCARD BOX
1639-1894. Pt.1 H181 Microcard
History of Hampshire County, WV from its Earliest Settlement to Present. Hu UNCATALOGED SHELF
Maxwell. 1897, repr. 1982. Book
History of Hardin County, Ohio. 1883, repr. 1973. R977.144

H629 Book
History of Harford County, MD. Walter W. Preston. 1901, repr. 1972. R 975.274

P926 Book
History of Harrison & Mercer Counties, Missouri & Family Records. Index to. UNCATALOGED SHELF
1888. Book
History of Harrison & Mercer Counties, MO & Family Records, published in 1888. UNCATALOGED SHELF
Index to. Book
History of Harrison County, Iowa. 1891. MF 037 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 06 Microfilm
History of Harrison County, West Virginia. Henry Haymond. 1910, repr. 1973. R975.457

H332 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of Hocking Valley, Ohio. 1883, repr. 1984. R977.1835

H629 Book
History of Howard & Cooper Counties, Missouri. National Historical Company. GEN 977.81
1883, repr., 1973. HISTORY Book
History of Howard County, Iowa. Howard County Historical Society. 1989. R GEN 977.7312

History of Huguenot Emigration to America. C.W. Baird. c1885, repr. 1966. v.1-2. R929.1

B162 Book
History of Idaho. Merrill D. Beal & Merle W. Wells. 1959. v.2-3. R979.6

B362H Book
History of Ipswich, Essex and Hamilton, MA. Joseph B. Felt. 1834, repr. 1991. R974.45

FELT 1991 Book
History of Irason Taylor, David Louis Poole and Allied Families. Curtis C. Taylor. R929.20973
1985. v.1-2. TAYLOR Book
History of Irish Settlers in North America. Earliest Period to Census of 1850. R917.3069
Thomas McGee. 1974. MCGEE Book
History of James & Josephine Oliver Family of Pomeroy, WA. E.M. Oliver 1973. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Jefferson County, NY. Hough 1854, Index to. Patricia R. James. 1988. R974.757

JAMES 1988 Book
History of Jefferson County, West Virginia. M.K. Bushong. 1941. R929

B964 Book
History of Jewell County, KS. A Full Account of Early Settlements & Indian GEN 978.122
Atrocities. M. Winsor. 1878. (copy) WINSOR Book
History of Johnson County, Iowa 1836-1882. 1883. R977.7655

H629 Book
History of Johnson County,TN, 1986. Johnson County Historical Society. 1985. GEN 976.899

History of Jonas Ridge. Earline Johnson. 1974.

History of Kauffman & Harrison Family, 1561-1983. Myrtle Harrison Nettleton. R929.2097
1983. KAUFFMA 1983 Book
History of Keene, NH. Simon G. Griffin. 1980. R974.29

GRIFFIN 1980 Book
History of Kentucky, Illustrated. J.H. Battle, W.H. Perrin, G.C. Kniffin. 1885, repr. R976.9009
1979. Editions 1-8. PERRIN 1979 Book
History of Kentucky, Illustrated. J.H. Battle, W.H. Perrin, G.C. Kniffin. 1885, repr. R 976.9009
1979. Index to. PERRIN 1979 Book
History of Klickitat County. Pete May. 1982. R GEN 979.753

History of Knox County, Kentucky. King S. Warren. 1976. R976.9125

WARREN 1976 Book
History Of Lake County (Calif.), Clear Lake & Mt. Konocti. Henry K. Mauldin. v. GEN 979.417
History of Lancaster County to which is Prefixed a Brief Sketch of the History of R974.815
Pennsylvania. I.D. Rupp. 1844, repr. 1984. RUPP Book
History of Lancaster County with Biographical Sketches of Pioneers. Ellis & R GEN 974.815
Evans. 1883. EL59 Book
History of Lancaster County, PA. Index to. Harris. 1892. 27p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of Laramie County, Wyoming. Jean Bastian. 1987. R GEN 978.719

History of Lawrence, MA with War Records. Maurice B. Dorgan. 1914. R974.45

DORGAN 1924 Book
History of Leesburg Pioneers. O.E. Kirkpatrick. c1934. R979.6

KIRKPAT 1934 Book
History of Lewis County, Kentucky. O.G. Ragan. 1912, repr. 1977. R976.9295

History of Linn County from Earliest Settlement to Present. Luther A. Brewer. R977.762
1911. v.1-2. B758 Book
History of Logan County, Illinois. 1886. R977.357

H629 Book
History of Logan County, Illinois. 1886. Index to. L.S. Allsion & Mrs. H. Haylor. GEN 977.357
1972. HISTORY Book
History of Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. Alonzo Lewis & James R. GEN 974.45
Newhall. 1865, repr. 1989. LEWIS Book
History of Lynnfield, MA 1635-1895. T.B. Wellman. 1895. R929.1

W461 Book
History of Manitoba, its Resources and People. George Bryce. 1906. R971.27

B843 Book
History of Marion County, Missouri. R.I. Holcombe. 1884, repr. 1979. GEN 977.8353

History of Marshall County, Iowa. 1878. repr. 1974 R977.755

H629 Book
History of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., MA. C.E. Banks. 1966. v.1-3. R974.49

B226 Book
History of Maysville and Mason County. G.G. Clift. v.1. R976.9

C613 Book
History of Mercer and Henderson Counties, Illinois. 1882. R929

H629 Book
History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882-1976. From Newspapers & Letters. Daniel R977.3395
T. Johnson. 1977. JOHNSON 1977 Book
History of Mitchell County, Iowa. Leona Montag. 1989. R GEN 977.7234

History of Monroe County, Ohio. 1813. Woodsfield Chamber of Commerce. 1969. GEN 977.196

History of Monroe County, WI. Randolph A. Richards. 1912, repr. 1977. GEN 977.554

History of Montana State Prison. Philip Kent. 1979. R GEN 978.686

History of Moran Prairie. Mrs. Thomas Campbell. 1934. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Muscatine County, Iowa from the Earliest Settlements to the Present. GEN 977.768
I.R. Richman. 1911. v.1. HISTORY Book
History of Needham, MA, 1711-1911. George Kuln Clarke. 1912. R974.47

C552 Book
History of Nevada with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches. Thompson & West. R979.3
1881. T379 Book
History Of Nevada. Sam Davis. 1913. v. 1-2. R978.2

D297 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of Niagara. Janet Carnochan. 1914, repr.1973. GEN 971.351

History Of Noble Franklin 'Baldy' & Annabel Wells Leach. Ancestors, Family & GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Descendants. Peggy Marie L. DuBois. 1991. LEACH Book
History of North Central Ohio. William Duff. 1931. v.1-3. GEN 977.1

History of North Dakota. Crawford. 1931. v.1-3. R978.4

C857 Book
History of Northampton, MA. J.R. Trumbull. 1898. v.1-2. R974.42

T771 Book
History of Northern Wisconsin, 1881. Index. Mrs. Allan Moll. 1981 GEN 977.5

History of Northern Wisconsin. 1881. GEN 977.5

History of Norwich, Connecticut. F.M. Calkins. 1845, repr. 1976. Copy. GEN 974.65

History of O. & C. Railroad Lands. T.M. Tyrrell. 1949. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Ohio. Charles B. Galbreath. 1925. v.1-5 with cross index. GEN 977.1

History of Ohio. Cross Index to Gallbreaths. R. Lent. 1969. R977.1

G131I Book
History of Orange County, New York. Russel Headley, editor. 1908. GEN 974.731

History of Orange County, New York. Russel Headly, editor. 1908. All-Name GEN 974.731
Index to. Orange County Genealogical Society, 1993. HISTORY Book
History of Oregon. Charles Henry Carey. 1922. v. 1-3. (Biographies in v. 2 & 3). R979.5

C188 Book
History of Otterbefin University, 1847-1907. Garst. 1907. R977.15

G196 Book
History of our Cain Family of Virginia, Alabama and Tennessee. Stith Malone R929.2097
Cain. 1970. CAIN 1970 Book
History of Park Heights Baptist Church from Garden Park, Lincoln Heights, Liberty GEN 286.136
Park. Beverly Vorpahl. 1994-5. VORPAHL Book
History of Pella, Iowa, 1847-1987. Pella Historical Society. 1989. R GEN 977.783

History of Peoria. Ernest E. Heast. 9p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Perry Co., Ohio. Martzolff. 1902, repr. 1973. R977.159

M367 Book
History of Perry County, PA Including Description of Indian & Pioneer Life. H. H. R974.845
Hain. 1922. HAIN 1922 Book
History of Perth County, 1825-1902. William. Johnston. 1903. GEN 971.323

History of Pickett County, Tennessee. Tim Huddleston. 1973. R976.8687

History of Pierce County, GA. Deane Broome. 1973. v.1. GEN 975.8792

History of Pike County, Illinois. Chas. C. Chapman. 1880, repr. n.d. GEN 977.345

Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of Pike County, Missouri. Mills & Co. 1883. GEN 977.836

History of Pioneer & Modern Times of Ashland Co., Ohio. H.S.Knapp. 1863. R977.129

K727 Book
History of Pioneer Families in Missouri. Also Lives of Daniel Boone & Chief Black R929.2
Hawk. Wm. Bryan. 1876. B84 Book
History of Potter Orphan Home & Genealogy of the Potter Family. Ben F. Taylor. R GEN 929.20973
n.d. POTTER Book
History of Preble County, OH, 1808-1889. From 1898 Howe's Hist. Coll. of Ohio. VERTICAL FILE
1977. p.447-463. Vertical File
History of Racine & Kenosha Counties, Wisconsin. 1879, repr. 1976. R 977.596

HISTORY 1976 Book
History of Rice County. Explorers & Pioneers of Minnesota & Outline History of R977.6555
State. Rev. E.D. Neill. 1882. HISTORY Book
History of Rockingham County, Virginia. J.W. Wayland. 1912. R975.592

W364 Book
History of Sacramento County, California. Thompson & West. 1880. R979.453

R379 Book
History of Saginaw County, Michagan. James Cooke Mills. 1918. v.1-2. R977.446

MILLS 1918 Book
History of Saline County, Missouri. 1881. R977.847

H629 Book
History of Salisbury, New Hampshire. John Jacob Dearborn. 1890, copy. R974.272

DEARBOR 1890 Book
History of Salt Lake City and Its Founders. Edward W. Tullidge. n.d. R979.2

T825 Book
History of Salt Lake County. Linda Sillitoe. 1996. R GEN 979.225

History of Sapp Family & Descendants of George Sapp, 1740-1811 through son, R929.20973
Joseph Sapp. L. Mathias. 1971. SAPP Book
History of Scandinavians in the U.S. O.N. Nelson. 1904. v.1-2. R948

N335 Book
History of Scottish Seals from 11th to 17th Century with 200 Illust. Walter deGray R929.8
Birch. 1842. B531 Book
History of Seneca County, Ohio. Warner, Beers & Co. 1886, repr. 1994. v. 1-2. GEN 977.124

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WILLIS 1979 Book
History of Shenandoah County, Virginia. J.W. Wayland. 1927. R975.595

W364 Book
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SU64 Book
History of Sprague, Washington, 1880-1962. J.W. Gaffney. 1962. R979.783

G12 Book
History of St. Mark's Church, New Britain & Its Predecessor, Christ Church, R974.62
Wethersfield & Berlin. James Shepard 1907. SH47 Book

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