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History of Steubenville. Chamber of Commerce. 3p.. See: Ohio-Jefferson Co. file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Stevens County & Its People. 1979. R978.1725

STEVENS 1979 Book
History of Stevens County Kansas. Edith Campbell Thomson. 1967. GEN 978.1725

History of Sullivan County & Rev. Noah C. Baldwin. 34p.. See: Tennessee, VERTICAL FILE
Sullivan Co. Hist.of Sullivan Co. & Rev file Vertical File
History of Sullivan County,TN & Rev. Noah Calton Baldwin. 1945. 34p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Emily C. Blackman. 1873, repr. GEN 974.834
1980. BLACKMA Book
History of Sussex County, Index to. B.M. Adams. 1964. R974.97

SNELL 1964 Book
History of Tama County, Iowa. Union Publications. 1883. GEN 977.756

History of Tennessee. Biographical Sketches of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, GEN 976.8583
Wilson, Bedford & Marshall Counties. Goodspeed Pub. 1988. HISTORY Book
History of the 15th Regiment, Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry from 1861-1865. R973.7
W.W. Belknap. 1887. B412 Book
History of the Church of the Brethren in Kansas. Elmer Crail. 1922, Index to. GEN 978.1
Yakima Genealogical Society. 1977. HISTORY Book
History of the City of Brooklyn, Including Old Town. Henry R. Stiles. 1869, repr. R GEN 974.723
1993. v. 1-3. STILES Book
History of the City of New York. Its Origin, Rise and Progress. Martha J. Lamb. R974.71
1990. v.2. L167 Book
History of the Colony of New Haven. Edward E. Atwater. 1902, repr. 1989. v. GEN 974.6
1-2. ATWATER Book
History of the County of Lunenburg. Mather Byles DesBrisay. 1895, repr. 1972. R GEN 971.623

History of the County Palatine & Duchy of Lancaster. Edward Baines. v.2. 1889. R942.76

History of the Dodson/Dotson Family of Southwest VA. Supplement To. Silas E. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Lucas. 1966. DODSON/DOTSON Book
History of the Donaldson Family and its Connections. Alex Donaldson. 1878. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Warren A. Donaldson. 1972. DONALDSON Book
History of the Dorn Family. Peter Conmy. 1965. R929.20973

DORN 1965 Book
History of the Early Settlement of the Juniata Valley. U.J. Jones, Floyd G. GEN 974.84
Hoenstine. 1889, repr. 1940. JONES Book
History of the First Congregational Church 1707-1955, Madison, CT. Mary Evarts. R974.66
1955. EV19 Book
History of the First Congregational Church in Litchfield, CT. 1955. GEN 285.8

History of the First Dakota District of Evangelican-Lutheran Synod of Iowa & other R284.1783
states. C. Eisenberg. 1982. EISENBE 1982 Book
History of the Forbes-Fobes Family in Scotland & Holland. H.E. Fobes. R929.2

F681 Book
History of the Fowlers. C.C. Fowler. 1950. R GEN 929.2

Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of the Hoke Family. George Hoke. 1953. R929.2

H689 Book
History of the Kiddoo Family in United States 1780-1981. Bette Butcher Topp. R929.2097
c1981. KIDDOO 1981 Book
History of the King Family in Flanders & America 1300's-1980. R.E. King & Doris R929.2097
Jones. 1980. v.1-2. KING 1980 Book
History of the La Pine Pioneers. Friends of La Pine Branch Library. 1983. R979.587

LA PINE 1983 Book
History of the Lawrence, Chase & Townley Estates in England. James Asher. MF 037 MICROFORM CABINET
1883. ITEM 05 Microfilm
History of the McPeak Family to 1925. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of the Miles Family. Irvin Green Miles. 1938. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

History of the Minnesota Valley. History of the Sioux Massacre. Bryant. 1882, GEN 977.63
repr. 1975. HISTORY Book
History of the Newton Families of Colonial Connecticut. C.A. Newton. v.1. 1927 R929.2
v.2. 1947. N489H Book
History of the Pan-Handle. Ohio, Brooke, Marshall & Hancock Counties, West R GEN 975.41
Virginia. J. H. Newton. 1879, repr. 1990. NEWTON Book
History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri. Wm. S. Bryan & Robert Rose. 1876, GEN 929.2
repr., 1935. BRYAN Book
History of the Ravn/Raun Family in the United States, 1850-1992. Chester E. R929.20973
Raun. 1993. RAUN Book
History of the Schwerdt & Related Families. Eugene Francis Saber. 1975. R929.20973

SCHWERD 1975 Book
History of the Seymour Family. Donald Lines Jacobus. 1939. R929.2

SE96 Book
History of the Sibbet Family. Jessie Laing Sibbet. 1969. R929.2

SI11 Book
History of the Sibilrud Family in Norway & America, 1870-1970. C. Ackland. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
197-. SIBILRUD Book
History of the State of Colorado. Frank Hall. 1981. v.1,3. R978.8

History of the Swedish-Americans of Minnesota. A.E. Strand. 1910. v.1-3. R GEN 977.6

History of the Thompson Family from 1637-1860. Asa A. Thompson. 1865, repr. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1927. THOMPSON Book
History of the Town of Concord. Lemuel Shattuck. 1835. R974.44

SH25 Book
History of the Town of Greenwich, Fairfield County, CT. Daniel M. Mead. 1857, R974.69
repr. 1992. MEAD Book
History of the Town of Hampton, New Hampshire, from it's Settlement in 1638 to GEN 974.26
the Autumn of 1892. Joseph Dow. 1893. Copy. DOW Book
History of the Town of Plainfield, Hampshire County, MA from its Settlement to R GEN 266
1891. Charles N. Dyer. 1891. W593DY Book
History of the Town of Wells, VT. Its Settlement, with Family Biographical R974.37
Sketches & Incidents. G.P.Wood 1955. W85 Book
History of the Utah Volunteers in the Spanish American War & the Philippine R979.2
Islands. A. Prentiss. 1909. P919 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of the Volga Relief Society. Emma S. Haynes. 1982. R363.8808

History of the Yakima Valley. Yakima, Kittitas & Benton Counties, WA. N.D. UNCATALOGED SHELF
Lyman. 1919. v.1-2. Book
History of Torrington, CT, from its first settlement to 1737 with genealogies. Index VERTICAL FILE
to. Orcutt. 24p. Vertical File
History of Town of Hampton, NH from its Settlement in 1638 to Autumn of 1892. UNCATALOGED SHELF
Joseph Dow. 1893. v.2. Book
History of Town of Northfield, MA for 150 Years. J.H. Temple & George Sheldon. R974.423
1875. V.1-2. T247 Book
History of Tucker County, West Virginia. Homer F. Fansler. 1962. GEN 975.483

History of Union County. Historical Foundation. R975.741

HISTORY 1977 Book
History of Utah. George Conners & Sons. 1892. v.1-3. R979.2

W615 Book
History Of Utah. Hubert Howe Bancroft. 1890. R979.2

B22U2 Book
History of Warren County, Iowa Containing a History of the County, Its Cities, GEN 977.782
Towns, etc. Union Historical Co. 1879. HISTORY Book
History of Wasatch County. Jessie L. Embry. 1996. R GEN 979.223

History of Waseca & Waseca County. Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce. VERTICAL FILE
1978. 4p. Vertical File
History of Washington County & St. Croix Valley including Explorers & Pioneers R977.6
of MN. Neil & Williams. 1881. H629W Book
History of Washington County, New York. Crisfield Johnson. 1878, repr. 1979. GEN 974.749

History of Washington County, NY. The Gibson Papers. James Gibson. 1954. R929.2
v.1-3. G358 Book
History of Washington County, Pennsylvania. Boyd Crumrine. 1882. GEN 974.882

History of Watonwan County, Minnesota. Shirley R. Knudson. 1995. R GEN 977.629

History of Wayne Co. and City of Detroit, MI. Clarence M Burton, M. Agnes Burton R977.433
1930. v.1-3. BURTON 1930 Book
History of Wayne County, IN with Biographical & Family Sketches. Andrew W. GEN 977.263
Young. 1872, repr. 1976. YOUNG Book
History of Wayne County, Ohio Pioneers & Settlers. Ben Douglas. 1878, repr. R977.161
1986. DOUGLAS Book
History of West Pikeland Twp. Clifton Lisle. 27p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Western Maryland including Biographical Sketches of their R975.2
Representative Men. J.T. Scharf. v.1-2. SCH17 Book
History of Western Maryland, v.1-2, by J.T. Scharf, Indexes to each County R975.2
Section. Helen R. Long. 1988. SCH17 Book
History of Wheeler County, Oregon. Janet L. & McLaren E. Stinchfield. 1993. R979.58104

History of Wichita & Sedgwick Counties, Kansas, Past & Present. O.H. Bentley. GEN 978.186
1910, repr. 1994. v.1-2. HISTORY Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
History of Wild Rose Prairie. Lillian Woodward & Bessie Eichmeyer. 1935. 11p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History of Windham County, Connecticut, 1600-1800. E.D. Larned. 1874, 1880. R974.645
v.1-2. R326 Book
History of Winthrop, Maine, with Genealogical Notes. Everett S. Stackpole. 1925, R GEN 974.16
repr. 1994. v.1-2. STACKPO Book
History of Woodford County, Kentucky. William E. Raily. 1975. R976.9465

RAILEY 1975 Book
History of Woodstock, CT & Genealogies. Bowen. 1930. v.1-6. R974.645 MICROCARD BOX

B675 Microcard
History of Woodstock, CT & Genealogies. Bowen. 1930. v.3,7,8. R974.645

B675 Book
History of Wyoming County with Account of the Valley & Adjacent Country. I. R974.832
Chapman. 1830, repr. 1971. CHAPMAN Book
History of Yakima Valley, Kittitas & Benton Counties, WA. N.D. Lyman. 1919. UNCATALOGED SHELF
v.1-2. Book
History of Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, 1872-1972. Carl Narvestad. 1972. R977.637

History of York County, Pennsylvania. John Gibson, ed. 1886. GEN 974.841

History, Directory & Gazetteer of the County Palatine of Lancaster. Edward MF 140 MICROFORM CABINET
Baines. 1825. v.1-2. Microfilm
History, Principles & Practice of Heraldry. F. Edward H. Hulme. 1969. R929.6

H878 Book
History: Excerpts from the Journals & Papers of David Shultze. v.1-2. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
History: From the Berks County History. Montgomery. 5p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Hitchcock County History. Curtis Media Corp. 1990. R GEN 978.2845

Hite Family Assoc. Middletown, MD. Spring 1990. 6p. (Periodical: for issues see VERTICAL FILE
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Hite Genealogy. Dorothea W. Feigley. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Hodges Family Story, 1726-2000. Doris Dewald Marshall. 2000. GEN 929.20973

Hoefel Family Album. David Hoefel. R929.2

H671 Book
Hogback. Marjorie Fulkner Bonn. 35p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Holcombe-Doane-Henke Family History, 1812-1983. Mary Alice Henke. 1983. R929.20973
v.1. HOLCOMB Book
Hollis James Descendants, Pioneer of Ohio. Leallah Franklin. 1994. R GEN 929.20973

Hollyday & Related Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. James Bordley, GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Jr. 1962. HOLLYDAY Book
Holmes-Maycock Family. Jeanne Polumsky Coe, M.J.F. Coe & B. Williams. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1985. HOLMES Book
Homes of Family Names in Great Britain. H.B. Guppy. 1958. R GEN 929.40942

G959 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Homestead Experiences & Other Pioneer Stories. Homestead Club of Port R920.073
Angeles. 1975. HOMESTE 1975 Book
Homestead Patents, 1884-1938, Kootenai County, Idaho. Alfred E. & Betty Shane. R979.694
v.1-2. SHANE Book
Homesteaders on the Steppe. Cultural History of Evangelical Lutheran Colonies in R974.717
the Region of Odessa, 1804-1945. Joseph S. Height. 1975. HEIGHT Book
Homesteads, Heartaches & Happiness, the Alexanders & Applings from R929.20973
Montgomery Co., MO. Alexander. ALEXAND 1980 Book
Homesteads, Heartaches & Happiness. The Alexanders & Applings. Montgomery R929.10973
Co., MO. Alexander. ALEXAND 1980 Book
Honor Roll of Oregon Grand Army of the Republic, 1881-1935. Jane Myers. 1980. R369.15

Hoosier Genealogist. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Hoosier Journal of Ancestry. Naomi Keith Sexton. (Periodical: for issues see PERIODICAL SHELF
Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Hoover History. Hoover-Huber Family Assn. Elk Grove, CA. v.6 #3. 1989. 24p. VERTICAL FILE
(Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
Hoover History. Hoover-Huber Family Assn. Elk Grove, CA. v.6, #3. 1989. 24p.. VERTICAL FILE
See: Hoover Family file Vertical File
Hopewell Friends History, 1734-1934, Frederick County, VA. John W. Wayland. R GEN 975.5992
1936, repr. 1993. JOINT C Book
Horn Papers. Early Westward Movement on the Monongahela & Upper Ohio, R974.88
1765-1795. W. Horn. 1945. v.1-2. Map v.3. H783 Book
Hornadays, Root & Branch. Quinn Hornaday & Alice G. Hornaday. 1979. R929.2097

Hornbook of Virginia History. J.R.V. Daniel. 1949. R975.5

V818 Book
Hosford Genealogy. A History of the Descendants of William Hosford. Norman F. R929.20973
& David S. Hosford. 1993. HOSFORD Book
Hosmer Genealogy. Descendants of James Hosmer who Emigrated to America, R929.20973
1635, & settled in Concord, MA. G.L. Hosmer. 1928. HOSMER Book
Houp, Houpe, Houpt Family Historical Quarterly. v.7. 1983. (Periodical: for issues VERTICAL FILE
see Period. Alpha File) Periodical
House by house map of Valleyford, WA, 1920-1935. George 'Les' Cross. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
House of Cantelou & Co. The Story of a Southern Family. Stephen A. Mcleod. R GEN 929.20973
1995. CANTELO Book
House of John Sanderson & wife Elizabeth Teasdale. John R.C. Sanderson. R929.2
1964. SA56 Book
House of Marchand. S.A. Marchand. 1952. R929.2

M331 Book
Householders Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuation & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.612
Books. County Antrim. 1970. ANTRIM Book
Householders Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuation & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.661
Books. County Armagh. 196-. ARMAGH Book
Householders Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuation & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.698
Books. County Cavan. 1965. CAVAN Book
Householders Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuation & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.693
Books. County Donegal. 1967. DONEGAL Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Householders Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuation & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.65
Books. County Down. 1968. DOWN Book
Householders Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuation & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.621
Books. County Londonderry. 1969. LONDOND Book
Householders Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuation & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.697
Books. County Monoghan. 1966. MONAGHA Book
Householders Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuation & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.64
Books. County Tyrone. 1968. TYRONE Book
Householder's Index, Surnames in Griffith's Primary Valuations & Tithe Applotment GEN 941.63
Books. County Fermanagh. 1968. FERMANA Book
How Our Hundred Happened. Broken Bow, 1880-1980. P.K. Gardner. 1980. UNCATALOGED SHELF

How to Find Your Family Roots. Timothy Field Beard. 1977. R929.1

How to Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home. Ted L. Gunderson, R GEN 362.8
Roger McGovern. 1989. GUNDERS Book
How to make a million in shipping by steamboat. A reprint of 50 years in IA. J.M. VERTICAL FILE
Burrows. 32p. Vertical File
How to Research 'A Little Bit Of Indian'. Afton E. Reintjes. n.d. R929.1

How to Research American Indian Blood Lines. Cecelia Svinth Carpenter. 2000. R GEN 929.3089

How to Trace Your African-American Roots. Discovering Your Unique History. R GEN 929.1089
Barbara Thompson Howell. 1999. HOWELL Book
How to Write and Publish Your Family Book. Genealogy Publishing Service. GEN 929.1
1995. HOW TO Book
How to Write Your Personal & Family History. A Resource Manual. Keith E. R929.1
Banks. 1989. BANKS 1989 Book
Howard County Cemetery Records. Karen C. Boggs & Louise M. Coutts. 1994. GEN 977.8285

Howard County, MO Index to Marriages, 1816-1972. Missouri State Archives. MF 182 MICROFORM CABINET

Howard County, MO Marriages, 1816-1919. Missouri State Archives. MF 183-187 MICROFORM CABINET

Howard Lineage. Mrs. G.C. Weaver. 1929. R929.2

H837 Book
Howell County, Missouri Records, 1871-1881. J. & B. Williams. 1972. R977.855

W673 Book
Howell Prarie Cemetery, 1848-1988. Stephanie L. Flora. 1988. GEN 979.537

Hoxie Family, Three Centuries in America. L.R. Hoxie. 1950. GEN 929.2

H85 Book
Hugh Hutchins of Old England. History of Hutchins Families of the Old & New R929.20973
Worlds. J.R. Hutchins. 1984. HUTCHIN 1984 Book
Huguenot Ancestors. How to locate them. Edwin A. Poole. 1974. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Huguenot Ancestry. Noel Currer-Briggs & Royston Gambier. 1985. GEN 929.1088

Huguenot Emigration to Virginia. R.R. Breck. 1962. R975.5455

B782 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Huguenot Historical Society. New Paltz, NY. Pub.#12, 1974. 40p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Huguenot Pedigrees. Charles E. Lart. 1928, repr. 1989. v.1-2 in 1 book. GEN 929.2

Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania Proceedings. 1956. v.28. R974.8

H875 Book
Huguenot Street. New Paltz, NY. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Hulce/Hulse Families in America. Lynn C. Harper and Sylvia Hulce. 1998. v.1-3. R GEN 929.20973

Humboldt Story, 1903-1953. Robert W. Grant. 1953. R971.24

G767 Book
Hunter's Frontier Times Index. J. Marvin Hunter. 1996. v. 1. GEN 976.4885

Hunters of Early Rowan County, NC. Records in McCubbins Files & Courthouse. R929.2
J.B. Barekman. H919 Book
Huntington, MA Corbin Collection: Genealogical & Historical Material, 1770-1917. MF 151 MICROFORM CABINET
NEGHS. ITEM 01 Microfilm
Hurias Family In Bavaria & America, Theresia's Story. Connie Lenzen. 1986. R927.20973
v.1. HUIRAS Book
Husbands and Wives. Patrick S. Wardell, 1984. v. 1. R975.4

Hutcheson. A Compliation of the Descendants of William H. Hutcheson and GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Keturah Ann Ketcham. Nancy Hutcheson Alley. 1997 HUTCHESON Book
Hutchins-Hutchens. Descendants of Strangeman Hutchins, b. 1707, of James R929.20973
River, VA & NC. R.H. Townsend. 1979. HUTCHIN Book
Hutterite Life. John A. Hostetler. 1965. R289.73

HOSTETL 1965 Book
I Remember Grandma. Shirley Monroe Bennett. 1981. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

Idaho County Newspaper Items, 1886-1903. Carol Anglen. 1997. GEN 979.682

Idaho County Voices. A People's History from the Pioneers to the Present. R979.682
Chesey & Frei. 1990. IDAHO C Book
Idaho Death Index, 1911-1950. Idaho Department of Health & Welfare. 2002. ORP CD-003 MICROFORM CABINET

Idaho Genealogical Society Holdings to 1982. Bonner County Genealogical BOX C HOW TO
Society. C-2 Book
Idaho Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha PERIODICAL SHELF
File) Periodical
Idaho Territorial Voters Poll Lists, 1863. Gene F. Williams. 1996. R GEN 979.6

Idaho Vital Statistics, Cemetery Records. The Idaho Genealogical Society. 1963. GEN 979.65
v.1. IDAHO G Book
If I Can, You Can Decipher Germanic Records. Edna M. Bentz. 1982, revised GEN 431.1
with additions. 1991. BENTZ Book
If This Bob's Your Uncle, Di is Your Cousin. Genealogy of Ward & Allied Families. R929.20973
E.P. & A.P. Ward. 1989. WARD 1989 Book
Illiana Ancestors from Commercial News, Danville, Illinois, 1981-86. Joan A R977.365
Griffis. 1984-87. GRIFFIS Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Illiana Genealogist. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Illiana Research Report, #4. James V. Gill. R977.3

G4L Book
Illinois Archives Marriage Record Index Prior to 1901. Indexed. Illinois State FCH 101 MICROFORM CABINET
Archives and Illinois State Genealogical Society. 1994. Microfiche
Illinois County Records on Microfilm in Regional Archives as of 10 November FCH 009 MICROFORM CABINET
1983. Microfiche
Illinois Marriages, Early to 1825. Precision Indexing. 1991. FCH 034 MICROFORM CABINET

Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly. (Periodical: for issues see Period. PERIODICAL SHELF
Alpha File) Periodical
Illinois Story. H.E. Pratt. 1955-56. 39p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Illustrated Atlas of the County of Simcoe, 1881. H. Belden & Co. 1881, repr. Ross GEN 912.71317
Cummings, 1970. H BELDE Book
Illustrated Historical Atlas of Essex & Kent Counties. Beldon & Co. 1881. repr. GEN 912.7133 MAP SHELF
1973. H BELDE Book
Illustrated Historical Atlas of Grey & Bruce Counties. Beldon & Co. 1880. repr. GEN 912.713 MAP SHELF
1980. H BELDE Book
Illustrated Historical Atlas of Iowa. 1875. R912.277

AN25 Book
Illustrated History of Klickitat, Yakima & Kittitas Counties, with Outline of Early R979.7
History of Washington. 1904. ILLUSTR 1904 Book
Illustrated History of Spokane County. Jonathan Edwards. 1900, repr. 1982. R979.7

EDWARDS 1900 Book
Illustrated History of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan & Chelan Counties, Washington. R979.7
1904. IL9S Book
Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country. Lincoln, Douglas, Adams & Franklin R979.7
Counties. 1904. IL9 Book
Illustrated History of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Historical Description of GEN 974.8
each County. Wm. Egle. 1876. EGLE Book
Illustrated History of the State of Iowa. Tuttle. 1876. R977.7

T883 Book
Illustrated History of the State of Wisconsin. Charles R. Tuttle. 1875. R929

T883 Book
Immigrant & Passenger Arrivals. A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm GEN 929.373 HOW TO
Publications. 1983. UNITED Book
Immigrant Ancestors. List of 2500 Immigrants to America before 1750. F. A. R929
Virkus. 1963 V819 Book
Immigrant Arrivals. Guide to published sources. Virginia S. Wood. 1988. 13p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Immigrants to the Middle Colonies. M. Tepper. 1978. R929.373

IMMIGRA 1978 Book
Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750. Albert Cook R974.8
Myers. 1902. repr. 1985. M992 Book
Immigration Records: Scottish Immigrants to North America, 1600s-1800s. Family FTM CD-268 MICROFORM CABINET
Tree Maker. 1999. CD
Immigration Rosters of the Elliott Cut-Off, 1853-54 & Immigration Registration at R979.503
Umatilla Agency, 1853. L.C. Menefee 1978. IMMIGRA 1978 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Impact of Civil War on Presbyterian Church in Michigan. 1965. R977.4

C675 Book
Imprints, 1608-1980. Hamilton and Allied Families. Sister Mary Louise Donnelly. R929.20973
1980. HAMILTO Book
In a Prairie Schooner. Lucy (Loomis) Ide 1878 Diary. Wagon Train Across the GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Plains. R.L. Olson. 1983. IDE Book
In Memory of Larz Worthington Anderson, 1866-1918. A.F. Anderson. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
In Pursuit of Nelson Johnson & Catherine Sophia (Cannon) Johnson. Margaret GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Johnson & Howard Leonard Porter. 1986. JOHNSON Book
In Search of British & Irish Roots, Guide to Tracing English, Welsh, Scottish & Irish R929.1089
roots. BAXTER 1982 Book
In Search of Hamish McBagpipes. A Concise Guide to Scottish Genealogy. R GEN 929.1072
Douglas Bruce Goldie. 1992. GOLDIE Book
In Search of Home. Hins-Brost-Hoffman-Tiede Kinship. Germans from Russia. R929.20973
M.B. Hins. 1987. HINS Book
In Search of our Ancestors. Megan Smolenyak. 2000. R GEN 929.1072

In Search of our Roots. Langston, Kite & Related Families, 1550-1994. Nancy & R929.20973
Leslie Langston. 1994. LANGSTO Book
In Search of the 'Forlorn Hope'. Locating British Regiments and Their Records, R GEN 355.3309
1640-WW I. John M.Kitzmiller. v.1-2. KITZMIL Book
In Search of Your Asian Roots. Sheau-yueh J. Chao. 2000. R GEN 951

In Search of Your British & Irish Roots. Guide to Tracing English, Welsh, Scottish, R929.1089
& Irish Ancestors. 1982. BAXTER Book
In Search of Your Canadian Roots. Tracing Your Family Tree In Canada. Angus R GEN 929.1072
Baxter. 2000. BAXTER Book
In Search of Your European Roots. Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in R GEN 929.34
Europe. A. Baxter. 2001. BAXTER Book
In Search of Your German Roots. Tracing Your Ancestors in Germanic Area of R GEN 929.1072
Europe. A. Baxter. 2001. 4th ed. BAXTER Book
In Tar & Paint & Stone. Inscriptions at Independence Rock & Devils Gate. VERTICAL FILE
(Newspaper Article). 2001.. See: Wyoming file Vertical File
In The Shadow of The Cabinets, Early Kootenai Country. Libby, MT Inst. of Arts. R978.681
1976. IN THE 1976 Book
In Which County? Nova Scotia Surnames from Birth Registers, 1864-1877. R971.6
Terrence M. Punch. 1985. PUNCH 1985 Book
Incidents in the Life of a Pioneer Woman. Daughters of Pioneers of Washington. R979.7009
1975. DAUGHTE 1975 Book
Independence Rock. The Great Record of the Desert. Robert S. Ellison. 1930, VERTICAL FILE
repr. 1995.. See: Wyoming file Vertical File
Index & Abstract of Deeds of Lancaster County, 1729-1766. R.T. Mayill. 1965. R974.815

M453 Book
Index & Bibliography for Revolutionary New Hampshire. Upton. 14p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Index for 1875-1908 Combination Atlas Map of Tuscarawas County, OH. R977.166
Tuscarawas County Genealogical Society. 1980. INDEX F Book
Index of American Revolutionary Pension Applications. Max E. Hoyt & Frank R973.34
Johnson. 1966. N213 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Index of Awards on Claims of Soldiers of War of 1812. NY Adjutant General's R973.5244
Office. 1969. N42 Book
Index of Boone Co., KY Marriages 1789-1870. William & Anne Fitzgerald. 1980. FCH 019 MICROFORM CABINET

Index of Death & Marriage Notices in the Cincinnati Daily Gazette, 1827-1881. R977.178
J.G. Herbert. 1993. Part 1-2. HERBERT Book
Index of Death & Marriages Notices in the Cincinnati Volksfreund, 1850-1908. J.G. GEN 977.178
Herbert. 1991. HERBERT Book
Index of Death & Other Notices in the Cincinnati Freie Presse, 1874-1920. J.G. R977.178
Herbert. 1993. Part 1-2. HERBERT Book
Index of Marriage Licenses, Prince George's County, MD, 1777-1886. Helen W. R975.251
Brown. 1973. BROWN 1973 Book
Index of North Carolina Ancestors. NC Genealogical Society. 1981. R975.6

INDEX O 1981 Book
Index of Potential Huguenot Ancestors. National Huguenot Society. R929.1

N2115 Book
Index of Probate Court Records, 1854-1917, King County, WA. Eastside R979.777
Genealogy Society. 1993. INDEX O Book
Index of Register of Officers & Men of NJ in the Revolution. NJ Historical Survey R973.3
Program. 1941. N491I Book
Index of Some of the Family Records of the Southern States from NSDAF Files. R929.2097
E.K. Kirkham. 1979. KIRKHAM 1979 Book
Index of U.S. Marshals, 1789-1960. Virgil D. White. 1988. R929.373

Index to 1871 Atlas of Knox County, Ohio. Carrie Lartigue. 19p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Index to 1881 Canadian Census of British Columbia. Lorne W. Main. 1981. Part 1. R971.1

Index to 1881 Canadian Census of Manitoba with Extensions & East Rupert's GEN 971.27 CENSUS SHELF
Land. Lorne W. Main. 1984. MAIN Book
Index to 1881 Canadian Census of Northwest Territories & Algoma, Ontario. Lorne GEN 971.3 CENSUS SHELF
W. Main. 1984. MAIN Book
Index to 1881 Grand Traverse County Plat Book. Amelia B. Castle. 1997. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Index to 1911-1932 Idaho Certificates of Death. Genealogical Society of Utah. MF 301-317 MICROFORM CABINET
1988. Microfilm
Index to Alabama Wills, 1808-1870. Alabama Society of DAR. 1955. R976.1

D265 Book
Index to Allegheny County, PA Wills, 1789-1869. Bob Closson. 1979. R974.885

CLOSSON 1979 Book
Index to Beaver County, PA Wills, 1800-1900. B & M Closson. 1988. R974.892

INDEX T 1988 Book
Index to Branches and Twigs. Robert M. Murphy, ed. 2000.

Index to Butler County, PA Wills, 1800-1900. Bob & Mary Closson. 1982. R974.891

CLOSSON 1982 Book
Index to Cambria County Wills, 1804-1900. Pat Collins. 1983. R974.877

COLLINS 1983 Book
Index to Cemetery Records of Deceased War Veterans. Spokane County, GEN 979.737
Washington. EWGS. 1997. INDEX T Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Index to Clackamas County, Oregon Marriage Returns, Bks. 1-20. Clackamas R979.541
County Historical Society. 1991. INDEX T Book
Index to Compiled Service Records of Union Soldiers of WA. A-Z. MF 118 MICROFORM CABINET

Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers who Served from MF 119-122 MICROFORM CABINET
Kansas. A-Hom. Microfilm
Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in MF 111-117 MICROFORM CABINET
California. NARA. Microfilm
Index to Deed Book I, 1801-1816. 4p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Index to Deeds, Cole County, MO. v.2. 1867-1885. v.3. 1885-1890. Direct MF 086-087 MICROFORM CABINET
Indexes-Grantor. Microfilm
Index to Deeds,St. Francois County, MO, 1876-1890. MF 069 MICROFORM CABINET

Index to District of Columbia Wills, 1801-1920. Dorothy S. Provine. 1992. R975.3

Index to Fayette County, PA Wills, 1783-1900. Bob Closson. 1980. R974.884

CLOSSON 1980 Book
Index to Florida CSA Pension Applications. Virgil D. White. 1989. R975.9

Index to Funeral Records in Spokane, WA. New England & Turnbull Undertaking; GEN 979.737
Turnbull, Thornhill & Bumgarner Funeral Homes. EWGS. INDEX Book
Index to Georgia Civil War Confederate Pension Files. Virgil D. White. 1996. R GEN 975.8

Index to Green County, PA Wills, 1796-1900. B. & M. Closson. 1985. R974.883

CLOSSON 1985 Book
Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864. Family Tree Maker. 1998. FTM CD-188 MICROFORM CABINET

Index to Hardesty's Atlas of WV. Wes Cochran. 1975. R912.754

HARDEST 1975 Book
Index to Indian Wars Pension Files, 1892-1926. Virgil D. White. 1987. v.1-2. R331.2529

INDEX T 1987 Book
Index to Indiana County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1803-1900. Bob & Mary Closson. R974.889
1982. CLOSSON 1982 Book
Index to Indiana Naturalization Records found in Courts Prior to 1907. Indiana R977.2
Historical Soc. 1981. INDEX T 1981 Book
Index to Indiana Wills, Phase 1 through 1850. Charles M. Franklin. 1986. R977.2

FRANKLI 1986 Book
Index to Kentucky Wills to 1850. Ronald V. Jackson. c1977. R976.9

JACKSON 1977 Book
Index to LDS Microfilm for Washington State Birth & Death Indexes & Certificates, BOX A HOW TO
1907-1979. Ray J. Fisher. A-8 Book
Index to Marriage and Death Notices in Marion Chronicl,e 1867-1882. Roberta & R977.269
Lois Hodge. HODGE 1981 Book
Index to Marriage Bonds in the NC Archives. Catherine A. Jackson. 1977. 8 FCH 013 MICROFORM CABINET
fiche. Microfiche
Index to Marriage Bonds in the NC Archives. Information Circular. C.A.Jackson. BOX A HOW TO
1977. A-4 Book
Index To Marriage Book A, Franklin Parish, Louisiana. Grace Turner Pardue. FCH 072 MICROFORM CABINET
1969. 1 fiche. Microfiche
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Index to Marriage Records of Pierce County, WA Territory Marriages, 1853-1889. R979.778
Pat Thompson Jylha. 1988. JYLHA Book
Index to Marriage Records, 1870-1879, Scott County, Iowa. Wanda Rathje & Dora GEN 977.769
Frederichs. n.d. INDEX T Book
Index to Marriages in MA Centinel & Columbian Centinel, 1784-1840. 1961. v.1: R929.3
A-D, v.2: E-J. AM35 Book
Index to Marriages in the Baltimore Sun, 1837-1860. Thomas L. Hollowak. 1978. R975.26
2 Bks. HOLLOWA 1978 Book
Index to Marriages, Clackamas County, Oregon, 1846-1912. Mt. Hood Gene. R979.541
Soc. 1966. v.1-2. M863 Book
Index to Marriages, Cole County, MO. v.1. 1821-1881. v.1. 1881-1919 (male) MF 088 MICROFORM CABINET
v.1. 1881-1915 (female) Microfilm
Index to Mexican War Pension Applications. Barbara S. Wolfe. 1985. R929.373

WOLFE 1985 Book
Index to Mexican War Pension Files. Virgil D. White. 1989. R GEN 973.62

Index to Napa County, CA Marriages, 1850-1880. Napa Valley Genealogical & GEN 979.419
Biographical Society. INDEX T Book
Index to North Carolina Wills, 1663-1900. William P. Johnson. 196?-1972. v.1-4. R975.6

J639 Book
Index to Obituaries in Boston Newspapers, 1704-1800. R974.46

C648 Book
Index to Ohio Marriages Recorded in County Courts through 1820. The Ohio R GEN 977.1
Genealogical Society. 1996. OHIO MA Book
Index to Ohio Tax Lists, 1800-1810. R.V. Jackson. 1977. R312.09771

J137T Book
Index to Old Wars Pension Files, 1815-1926. Virgil D. White. 1993. R929.373

Index to Pennsylvania's Colonial Records Series. Mary Dunn. 1992. R974.8

DUNN 1992 Book
Index to Pension Applications for Indian Wars Service Between 1817 and 1898. R GEN 929.373
Virgil D. White. 1997. WHITE Book
Index to Philadelphia Marriages, 1745-1800. Carrie Lartigue. 1974. R974.811

L329 Book
Index to Pioneers from Massachusetts to the West, especially Michigan. C.A. R929.3
Flagg. 1915. F597 Book
Index to Printed Pedigrees in County & Local Histories. Charles Bridger. 1867, R016.929
repr 1969. BRIDGER 1969 Book
Index to Printed Virginia Genealogies including Key & Bibliography. R.A. Stewart. GEN 975.5 INDEX SHELF
1930. STEWART Book
Index to Probate Records of Prince George's County, MD, 1696-1900. Prince R975.251
George's County Genealogical Society. 1989. INDEX T 1989 Book
Index to Proceedings in Administration of Intestates Estates, 1811-1909, A-K. FCH 049 MICROFORM CABINET
Sullivan County New York Courts, Surrogate Court, Monticello, New York. 1949 Microfiche
Index to Revolutionary War Service Records. Virgil D. White. 1995. v. 1-4. R973.3

Index to St.Louis Marriages, 1804-1876. St. Louis Genealogical Society. 1973. R977.866
v.1-2. SA24 Book
Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications. 1964. R976.8

TENNESS 1964 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Index to Tennessee Wills & Administrations, 1779-1861. Byron & Barbara Sistler. R976.8
1990. SISTLER 1990 Book
Index to Texas CSA Pension Files. Virgil D. White. 1989. R976.4

Index to the Archives of Spanish West Florida, 1782-1810. Polyanthos. AGLL. FCH 070 MICROFORM CABINET
1975. 5 fiche. Microfiche
Index to the County Wills of South Carolina. SCU Library. 1964. R975.7

SO874 Book
Index to the Death Records of the City of Spokane, WA, 1891-1906 and Record of GEN 979.737
Vaccinations, 1887-1890. EWGS. 1999. INDEX D Book
Index to the Notebooks of Mrs. Ed. B. Lee. v.1-5 in 1 book. R929.2

L533 Book
Index to the Perogative Wills of Ireland, 1536-1810. Arthur Vicars. 1897, repr. R941.5
1989. INDEX T 1989 Book
Index to the Roll of Honor. Martha & William Reamy. 1995. R GEN 973.6

Index to the Spirit of the Revolution. John C. Fitzpatrick. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Index to the Tithables of Loudoun County, VA & to Slaveholders & Slaves, R975.528
1758-1786. M. L. Hopkins. 1991. HOPKINS Book
Index to Three Marion County Books: Pioneers, Silverton History & Story of R979.537
Oregon Country Side. D.P. Wade. 1988. WADE 1988 Book
Index to U.S. Military Pension Applications of Remarried Widows, 1812-1911. R GEN 929.373
Virgil D. White. 1999. WHITE Book
Index to Volunteer Soldiers in Indian Wars & Distrubances, 1815-1858. Virgil D. R929.373
White. v.1-2. WHITE Book
Index to Volunteer Soldiers, 1784-1811. Virgil D. White. 1987. R929.373

WHITE 1987 Book
Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, A - Z. Virgil D. White. v.1-3. R973.52

WHITE 1989 Book
Index to Washington County, PA, 1781-1900. Bob Closson, 1985. R974.882

CLOSSON 1985 Book
Index to Washington Territory Auditor's Census, Whitman County, 1889. Barbara GEN 312.0979739 CENSUS SHELF
Brazington. 2003. INDEX T Book
Index to Westmoreland County, PA Wills, 1773-1896. Bob & Mary Closson. 1979. R974.881

Index to Will Books, 1729-1850, Lancaster County, PA. E.J. Fulton & B.K. GEN 974.815
Mylan. 1937, repr. 1981. FULTON Book
Index to Wills of Charleston County, 1671-1868. South Carolina Free Library. R975.791
1950. CHARLES 1974 Book
Index to Wills of Maryland. Garrett County, 1872-1960 & Harford County, R975.2
1774-1960. Joan Hume. 1970. H882 Book
Index to World War I Draft Registrations for Oregon. Genealogical Forum of Oregon ORP CD-005 MICROFORM CABINET

Index to York County, PA Wills, 1749-1900. Closson Press. 1990. R974.841

Indexes for Washington County, Ohio 1800 Census & 1791-1803 Marriages & R977.198
Other Early Records. Maxwell. 1973. M451 Book
Indexes to Irish Wills. W.P.W. Phillimore and Gertrude Thrift. 1909-1920, repr. R GEN 941.5
1970. PHILLIM Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Indexes to Naturalization Records of the Montana Territorial & Federal Courts, MF 345 MICROFORM CABINET
1868 - 1929 Microfilm
Indexes to the Naturalization Records of the US District Court for Oregon, MF 346 - 348 MICROFORM CABINET
1859-1956 Microfilm
Indian Census Rolls 1885-1940. Material from the Genealogical Society of LDS. RESOURCE SHELF

Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940. Microfilm available at Seattle Branch, Natl. VERTICAL FILE
Archives. 2p. Vertical File
Indian Massacre Site Near Jamestown, VA. Newspaper article, VERTICAL FILE
Spokesman-Review, Dec. 27, 1979. 1p. Vertical File
Indian Massacres in IA, MN & Dakota. J.E. Ellingson. v.29, #2. 1985. 4p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Doughty Family file Vertical File
Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas. John Henry Brown. 1880, repr. 1994. R GEN 976.4

Indiana and the Coming of the Spanish American War. Morton Rosenberg. R973.891

ROSENBE 1976 Book
Indiana Civil War Veterans. Transcriptions of Death rolls, GAR, 1882-1948. Dennis GEN 977.2
Northcott. 2005. NORTHCO Book
Indiana County, PA, resources. 6p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Indiana Marriages, Early to 1825. AGLL. 1991. FCH 035 MICROFORM CABINET

Indiana Source Book. Material from Hoosier Genealogist, 1961-1966. Willard R977.2
Heiss. INDIANA Book
Indiana Sources for Genealogists. Records in the Indiana State Library. Carolynne R977.2
L. Miller. 1984. MILLER 1984 Book
Indiana Territorial Pioneer Records, 1801-1815, 1801-1820. Charles M. Franklin. R977.2
1983. v.1-2. FRANKLI Book
Indiana Vital Records. Births Index. Heritage Quest. 2001. ACD-0112 MICROFORM CABINET

Indiana Vital Records. Deaths Index. Heritage Quest. 2001. ACD-0114 MICROFORM CABINET

Indiana Vital Records. Marriages Index. Heritage Quest. 2001. ACD-0113 MICROFORM CABINET

Indians in Pennsylvania. Paul Wallace. 1961. R974.8

WALLACE 1961 Book
Individual Gravesites in Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Natches) VERTICAL FILE
1807-1969. 6p. Vertical File
Inglewood. A calendar of events in the making of a city. 1955. 20p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Inhabitants of New Hampshire, 1776. Emily S. Wilson. 1983. R312.09742

Inhabitants of New York, 1774-1776. Thomas B. Wilson. 1993. R974.725

Inland Empire & Spokane Area Genealogical Data from Newspapers. EWGS MF 033 MICROFORM CABINET

Inland Empire Genealogical Miscellany. L. Patchen. 1968. R979.73

P271 Book
Inland Empire Who's Who. George W. Fuller. 1928. v. 4. R979.728

F958 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Inscriptions and Graves in the Niagara Peninsula. Janet Carnochan. R GEN 971.3

Inscriptions from the Old Burying Ground at Saugus Centre. J.T. Moulton. R929.3

SA851M Book
Inscriptions From Union Dale Cemetery, Allegheny, PA (Now Pittsburg). K.T.H. R GEN 974.886
McFarland. 1985, 1986. v.1-8. MCFARLA Book
Instant Information on the Internet. Guide to the 50 States and the District Of R GEN 929.1028
Columbia. Christina K. Schaefer. SCHAEFE Book
Intellectual Life of Colonial New England. S. Morrison. 1956. R974

MORISON 1970 Book
International Cemetery Directory. 1974. R393.1

International Heraldry. L.G. Pine. 1970. R929.6

P652 Book
International Land Records: Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-1838. Family Tree FTM CD-262 MICROFORM CABINET
Maker. 1999. CD
International Vital Records Handbook. Thomas Jay Kemp. 2000. 4th ed. GEN 929.1072 HOW TO

Internet for Genealogists. Barbara Renick and Richard S. Wilson. 1998. R GEN 929.1028

Into the Lyons Den. Charles P. Bennett. 1974. R929.20973

LYONS 1974 Book
Introduction to Heraldry. E. E. Reynolds. 1940, repr. 1953. R929.6

REYNOLD 1951 Book
Introduction to Medieval Genealogy, Bibliography & Glossary. Cecil R. R929.341
Humphery-Smith. 1974. Part 2. HUMPHER 1974 Book
Inventories of Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1674-1713. Skinner. 1992-94. v. R 975.2
1-9. SKINNER Book
Inventory of Church Records of British Isles. 1976. (Maps& Encyclopedia of Local R941
History & Genealogy.) JACKSON 1976 Book
Inventory of County Archives of New Jersey. NJ Historical Project. 1941. R016.9749

HISTORI 1941 Book
Inventory of County Archives of Sussex County, New Jersey. WPA. 1941. UNCATALOGED SHELF

Inventory of County Archives of Washington, Lincoln County, #22. Washington R979.735
Historical Records Survey. 1937-1941. WASHING Book
Inventory of Pisgah Cemetery, Surnames of Pisgah Baptist Church & Duke Bible VERTICAL FILE
Records. 10p. Vertical File
Inventory of Swedish American Archives in the US. Salem Lutheran Church, MF 138-139 MICROFORM CABINET
Spokane, WA. L. Pocock. 1975. Microfilm
Iowa Department of the Grand Army of Republic. Swisher. 1936. R977.7

SW65IOW Book
Iowa Genealogical Society Surname Index, 1972-1990. v.1-5. R016.9777

IO9 Book
Iowa in Times of War. Swisher. 1943. R977.7

SW65IO Book
Iowa Marriages Early to 1850. A Research Tool. Liahona Research. 1990. R977.7

IOWA MA 1990 Book
Iowa Marriages, Early to 1825. AGLL. 1991. FCH 036 MICROFORM CABINET

Description Catalog # Location /Type
Iowa Public Land Disposal. R.L. Lokken. 1942. R977.7

L836 Book
Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory, 1897-1898. v.9. R977.7

IO9 Book
Iowa Storm. History of the Great Tornado at Pomeroy, Calhoun County, IA. F. GEN 977.743
Sprague. 1893. STORY O Book
Iowa, Land of Many Mills. Swisher. 1940. R977.7

SW65I Book
Ioway to Iowa. Irvine B. Richmond. 1931. R977.7

R412 Book
Ira E. Hopkins Branch of the Hopkins Family in America. Dan I. Hopkins. 1968. R929.2

H777 Book
Irish & Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research. Margaret D. Falley. 1962. v.1-2. R016.929

F192 Book
Irish Emigrant Lists, 1833-1839, from Ordnance Survey for Counties Londonderry R941.62
& Antrim. B. Mitchell. 1989. MITCHEL Book
Irish Families, Their Names, Arms & Origins. Edward MacLysaght. rev.ed. 1972. R GEN 941.5

Irish Family Names, with Origins, Meanings, Clans, Arms, Crests & Mottoes. P. R929.4094
Kelley. 1936, repr. 1976. KELLY Book
Irish Genealogical Abstracts from the Londonderry Journal, 1772-1784. Donald M. R929.3415
Schlegel. 1990. SCHLEGE Book
Irish Genealogy. A Record Finder. Donal F. Begley. 1981, repr. 1987. R929.1072

IRISH G 1981 Book
Irish Gravestone Inscriptions. A Guide to Sources in Ulster. William O'Kane & Eoin R GEN 929.509416
Kerr. 1999. OKANE Book
Irish Immigrants in Nineteenth Century Ohio Naturalizations. Donna M. Wolf. 1999. GEN 977.1

Irish Immigrants in Nineteenth Century Ohio: A Database. Donna M. Wolf. 1998. R GEN 977.1

Irish in America. Immigration, Land & Probate, in & about the 18th Century. M. R929.373
O'Brien. 1914, repr.1974. OBRIEN Book
Irish Libraries. Archives, Museums & Genealogical Centers. Robert K. O'Neill. GEN 027.0415
2002. ONEILL Book
Irish Lumberman-Farmer. Fitzgeralds, Harrigans. Joseph A. King. 1982. R973.0491

KING 1982 Book
Irish Marriages. Index to Marriages in Walker's Hibernian Magazine, 1771-1812. R941.5
H. Farrar. 1897, repr. 1992. F243 Book
Irish Names and Surnames. Patrick Woulfe. 1923, repr. 1967. R929.4094

Irish Names. Donnchadh O'Corrain and Fidelma Maguire. 1981, repr. 1992. R GEN 929.40940

Irish Passenger Lists, 1847-1871. Londonderry to America. Brian Mitchell. 1988 R929.3415

IRISH P 1988 Book
Irish Pedigrees. John O'Hart. 1915. v.1-2. R929.1

OH1 Book
Irish Rudd Family, 1760-1988. Progeny of Gordon Arthur Rudd & Alicia Wellwood. R929.20973
Nornam N. Rudd. 1992. RUDD Book
Irish Settlements in Eastern Canada. John H. Mannion. 1974. R971

M316 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Irish Settlers in America. A Consolidation from the Journal of the American Irish R973.0491
Historical Society. 1979. v.1-2. OBRIEN 1979 Book
Irish Student's Atlas. Elenor Butler. Revised 1995. R GEN 912

Irish to America Passenger and Immigration Lists, v. 2, 1846-1886. FTM CD-264 MICROFORM CABINET

Isaac Mize Family of Eastern Kentucky. Franklin Miller, Jr. 1985. R929.2097

MIZE 1985 Book
Isaac Sandford Family, 1796-1975. Phillip F. Schlee. 1975. R929.2

SA565 Book
It Happened in Post Oak. Johnie Lee. 2000. GEN 976.4212

LEE Book
Italian Americans. How & Where to Research your Ethnic American Cultural VERTICAL FILE
Heritage. R.D. Reed. 1979. Vertical File
Italian Genealogical Records. How to Use Italian Civil, Ecclesiastical and Other R GEN 929.1089
Records. Trafford R. Cole. 1995. COLE Book
Italian-American Family History. Sharon DeBartolo Carmack. 1997. R GEN 929.1089

Italians in Colonial Florida, 1513-1821. Bruno Roselli. 1940. R929.4

R722 Book
Italians to America. Lists of Passengers Arriving at US Ports, 1880-1899. Glazier GEN 929.3089
& Filby. 1992-2000. v.1-12. ITALIAN Book
J.P. Housman of Oregon. The Snake River. George A. Wallis. 1966. R GEN B

Jackson Countians in American Wars, 1775-1918. 1978. R975.431

HITE 1978 Book
Jackson County boys who left on May 27, 1918, World War I. 3p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Jackson County Marriages, 1861-1868. Chester E. Crenshaw. 1986. R977.841

CRENSHA 1986 Book
Jackson County Marriages, 1868-1878. Twylia Brand. 1990. GEN 977.841

Jackson County, MO Births, 1883-1895; Deaths, 1883-1893. Missouri State MF 202 MICROFORM CABINET
Archives. Microfilm
Jackson County, MO General Index to Marriages, 1881-1937. Missouri State MF 195-197 MICROFORM CABINET
Archives. Microfilm
Jackson County, MO Index to County Court Records. v.1, 1827-1884. Missouri MF 201 MICROFORM CABINET
State Archives. Microfilm
Jackson County, MO Marriage Records With Index, 1827-1881. Missouri State MF 198-200 MICROFORM CABINET
Archives. Microfilm
Jackson County, Oregon Records. Marriages, 1853-1877. Ruby Lacy. 1974. R979.527
v.1-2. L119 Book
Jacob Helmer's Family, Past & Present. Denise V. Berg. 1982. R929.2097

HELMERS 1982 Book
Jacob Milton Bergen, Sr. Family of Long Island, NY. Ancestors, Descendants & R929.20973
Allied Families. Wm. S. Bergen. 1995. BERGEN Book
Jacob's House. Cackley/Kackley/Keckley Families. Elizabeth F. Kackley Quails. GEN 929.20973
1990. KACKLEY Book
James & Eliza Ritchey Family, 1700-1976. Meribah E. Clark. 1976. R929.2097

RITCHEY 1976 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
James Bursell, William Henderson & 80 more Family Names from Quebec, VERTICAL FILE
1830-1855. Marshall B. Shore.. See: Henderson file Vertical File
James Cyrus Taylor Family Tree. Jim & Doris Taylor. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

James Frazier, Kent County, Delaware. G.G. Frazier. 1965. R929.2

F864 Book
James Hicks Family of Spottsylvania Co. VA. Ella Hicks Johnson. 1894. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

James Mosman. Early 18th Century Boston Nonagenarian & Descendants. K. F. R929.20973
Mosman. 1989-90. v.1-2. MOSMAN Book
James Rogers of New London, CT & His Descendants. J.S. Rogers. 1902. R GEN 929.2

R632 Book
James Welborn of Muhlenberg County. Gail Jackson Miller. 1998. R GEN 929.20973

Jamestown & St. Mary's Buried Cities of Romance. Henry Chandlee Forman. R975.5
1938. FORMAN 1938 Book
Jamestown to Washington. Biographies of Twelve Generations of Beheathland to R929.2097
Cox, 1607-1950. L.C. Morell. 1974. COX 1974 Book
Jefferson Cemetery. Jefferson, Marion County, Oregon. Ann & Sherrill Hochspeier GEN 979.537
& Sally Neely. 1990. HOCHSPE Book
Jefferson County Special #1. Records of the County. Naomi Keith Sexton. GEN 977.213

Jefferson County VA-KY Early Marriages, 1781-1849. Filson Club. 1941, repr. R976.944
1981. v.1-4.F THRUSTO 1980 Book
Jefferson County, Illinois, Cemetery Data. Fred Justice. 197_? v.1-11. GEN 977.3793

Jefferson County, Illinois, Land Grants. Fred Justice. 197_? v.1-3. GEN 977.3793

Jefferson County, Illinois, Marriages & Parents, 1878-1900. Fred Justice. v.1-5. GEN 977.3793

Jefferson County, Illinois, Marriages before 1864. Fred Justice. 197_? GEN 977.3793

Jefferson County, Illinois, Marriages, 1900-1922. Fred Justice. 1974. v.1-7. GEN 977.3793

Jefferson County, Illinois, Marriages, Grooms & Wives,1900-1920. Fred Justice. GEN 977.3793
197_? v.1-4. JEFFERS Book
Jefferson County, Illinois, Persons Born Before 1860. Fred Justice. 197_? v.1, GEN 977.3793
pts.1-4. JEFFERS Book
Jefferson County, Illinois, Unmarked Graves & Parents, 1940-1949 & Obituaries, GEN 977.3793
1969-1973. Fred Justice. 1975. v.4. JEFFERS Book
Jefferson County, Illinois, Unmarked Graves, 1877-1939. Fred Justice. v. 1-3. GEN 977.3793

Jefferson County, Illinois, Wives Before 1900. Fred Justice. 1970. v.1-3. GEN 977.3793

Jefferson County, Indiana in World War II, 1941-1945. Clarence A. Dryden. 1947. GEN 977.231

Jefferson County, TN Grant Book 1, 1792-1794. J.L. Douthat. 1981. R976.8924

JEFFERS 1981 Book
Jefferson County, TN Will Book 1, 1792-1810. J.L. Douthat. 1982. R976.8924

DOUTHAT 1985 Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
Jennings County, Indiana, Special #1. Hoosier Journal of Ancestry. n.d. GEN 977.217

Jennings Family History. Descendants from Charles Lawson Jinings of MD & R929.20973
NC. Shirley J. Weber. 1988. JENNING Book
Jens Olsen, Stalwart Citizen. Chester F. Brenton. c1974. RB OLSEN

BRENTON 1974 Book
Jerue Funeral Home, Cheney WA, 1909-1926. MF 129 MICROFORM CABINET

ITEM 06 Microfilm
Jerue Funeral Home, Cheney, WA 1908-1944. MF 126-128 MICROFORM CABINET

Jess M. Thompson Pike County History, from the Pike County Republican, GEN 977.3453
1935-1939, Everyname Index. Mary Lister Maubach. 1985. THOMPSO Book
Jess M. Thompson Pike County History, from the Pike County Republican, GEN 977.3453
1935-1939. Jess M. Thompson. 1968. THOMPSO Book
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HEWITT 1987 Book
Jewish American. How & Where to Research your Ethnic American Cultural VERTICAL FILE
Heritage. R.D. Reed. 1979. Vertical File
Jewish Search. Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois. 1982. v.2. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Jobs Family. Storm Jobs Yanicks. 1995. R GEN 929.20973

Johannes Dyckman of Fort Orange & His Descendants. M.D. Chamberlain. 1988, R GEN 929.20973
1994. v.1-2. DYCKMAN Book
Johannes Dyckman of Fort Orange and His Descendants. Marjorie Dikeman R GEN 929.20973
Chamberlain. 1998. v 1-2(2bks). DYCKMAN Book
John Armstrong's Entry Book, October 21, 1783 - May 25, 1784. Irene M. Griffey. GEN 976.8
1993. ARMSTRO Book
John Barrickman & his Children. J.B. Barekman. 1972. R929.2

B237 Book
John Briggs of Sandwich, MA and His Desc. Edna A. Hannibal. C.Barlow. R929.2097

BRIGGS 1962 Book
John Chapman, Thomas Powe and Related Families. Elsie Chapman Edmonds. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1971. CHAPMAN Book
John Hall of Wallingford, CT. James Shepard. 1902, copy, n.d. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

John Hawks, a Founder of Hadley, MA. Imogene Hawks Lane. 1989. R 929.20973

John Hays Diary & Journal of 1760. William A. Hunter. 20p. VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
John J. Jordan of Moniteau County, Missouri. Some of His Ancestors and R GEN 929.20973
Descendants. Robert Atkin Jordan. 1995. JORDAN Book
John Mayo of Roxbury, MA, 1630-1688. Genealogical and Biographical Record of R929.2
his Descendants. Chester G. Mayo. 1965. M454 Book
John Morris, (D1762) of Worchester County, Maryland and His Descendants. R GEN 929.20973
James Morris Patterson. 1996. MORRIS Book
John Newton Butler, 1878 Pioneer, Spokane County. Z.B. Butler. VERTICAL FILE

vertical file
John Pankey of Manakin Town, Virginia & His Descendants. George E. Pankey. R929.2097
v.3. 1981. Supl. to v.1-2. PANKEY Book
Description Catalog # Location /Type
John Peet, 1597-1684, of Stratford, CT and His Descendants. Terry C. Peet. R929.20973
1986. PEET 1986 Book
John Pidding Jones, His Ancestors and Descendants. Elroy Smith Jones. 1972. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF

John Pyne Family in America. A Comprehensive Genealogical Record of R929.20973
Descendants of John Pyne of Charleston, SC. F.W. Pyne. 1992. PYNE 1992 Book
John Skelton of Georgia. John W. Skelton. 1969. R929.2

SK26 Book
John Tinne Brock of Clark County, KY. Ancestors & Descendants. James G. R929.20973
Faulconer. 1988. BROCK Book
John Wesley Neal, Descendants and Ancestors, 1653-1968. J. H. Neal and M. H. R GEN 929.20973
Neal. NEAL Book
John Zabriskie, husband of Peggy Smith. George Olin Zabriskie. 4p.. See: VERTICAL FILE
Zabriskie Family file Vertical File
Johnson County, TN Will Book 1, 1827-1860. James L. Douthat. R976.899

DOUTHAT 1982 Book
Johnson-Olson, Hire-Shuck. Ancestors of Maida J. Johnson, including other GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
Descendants. Maida J. Johnson. JOHNSON Book
Jonas Davis. Nd.. See: Davis file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Jonas Ridge History. Earline Johnson. 1974. GEN 975.685

Jones Genealogy. Descendants of Hugh Jones of Salem, MA, 1635-1931. Clark. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1931. JONES Book
Jones Journeys. V.2. #1. May 1974. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha VERTICAL FILE
File) Periodical
Joseph and Christina Griffith Family, 1776-1984. C. Hayden, E. Allf, & M. Olsen. GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
1984. GRIFFITH Book
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C8395 Book
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KEMMERE 1978 Book
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K467 Book
Joseph Ulowetz, 1862-1956. Robert J. Redinger. 1992. R 929.20973

Josephine Pauline (Reichman) Cady. 9p.. See: Reichman Family file VERTICAL FILE

Vertical File
Joshua Salisbury Family Book of Remembrance. L.S. Leatham. 1961. R929.2

SA34 Book
Josiah B. Vrooman. His Ancestors and Descendants. Lora Vrooman Randall and GEN / UNCAT UNCATALOGED SHELF
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Herbert Harris. 1903. HARRIS Book
Journal of American Genealogy. (Periodical: for issues see Period. Alpha File) PERIODICAL SHELF

Journal of Birmingham Emigrating Company from Iowa to California, 1850. VERTICAL FILE
Leander V. Loomis. 1928. 30p. Vertical File
Journal of National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic. 1915-1931. R GEN 369.151
9v. G7629J Book

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