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Microfilms are all 16mm film and are available in both
Diazo($23/per roll) AND Silver Dup.($25/per roll)

Diazo cannot be copied and is preferred for viewing over and over again.
Silver Dup. is used for copying.
Early Spokane Death & Vaccination Records.
Alphabetical within the year 1887 to 1910. Actual 4 volumes from Vital records, Spokane, WA. 35mm, 1 roll, Silver Dup. $32.00 (Mf-281)
Register of Veterans Graves, Spokane, WA 1884-1954.
Most but not all with genealogical information. Includes: Index, Records, Cemeteries & Funeral Homes. 1 roll. (Mf-282)
Alphabetical Surname Cards of Newspaper Clippings,
Genealogical information from "Boston Transcript" and "Hartford Times" 1922-1942, 9613 cards. 2 rolls. A-Lockwood (MF-029) Lockwood-Zumwalt (Mf-030).
Genealogical Columns of the Boston Transcript
4313 pages. Indexed. 2 rolls. Book A, Vol. 1-Vol.26 p. 38 (Mf-031), Vol. 26, p. 39-Vol. 52 (Mf-032).
Inland Empire and Spokane Genealogical Data "Lewiston (Idaho) Tribune" & "Pullman (Wash.) Herald" Dec. 1965-May 1966; Walla Walla (Wash.) "Union Bulletin" 1935-1961; Spokane (Wash.) newspapers 1910-1959.
Indexed. 1 roll of microfilm. (Mf-033)
Eastern Washington Directories and History 1883 Eastern Washington; 1884-1885 Spokan Falls Directory; 1885 Inland Empire Directory; 1889 Spokan Falls Directory, 1889 History of Spokan Falls.
Indexed. 1 roll of microfilm. (Mf-033a).
Genealogical Records From New York and Mass.
Clippings from "Berkshire Star of Lenox, Mass., 1829; "New York City Mercury" of 1830; "St. Johnsville (NY) Enterprise and News" from 1936-1951. Indexed. 1 roll of microfilm. (Mf-34).
Genealogical Column of the "Hartford Times" 1923-1966.
4066 pages. Indexed. 2 rolls of microfilm. V.1-V.35 p. 46 (Mf035), V.35 p. 47-V.57 (Mf-036).
Tri-State Trader
Genealogical columns only. 1970-76 (Mf-132), 3 rolls of microfilm. 1976-81 (Mf-133) 1981-85 (Mf-134).
History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County of Palatine of Lancaster
(England) 1824, 1825. Two-volume set of books on microfilm; over 1404 pp. Each community is indexed. 1 roll of microfilm. (Mf-140)

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*All Books are softbound unless stated otherwise.*
Spokane County Rural Cemetery Records
There are three volumes each of which is indexed, unbound, 3 hole punched.
Vol. 1: 360 pages; $25.00
Vol. 2: 308 pages; $22.50
Vol. 3: 510 pages; $35.00
Index To Death Records of City of Spokane, 1881-1906 and Spokane County Vaccination Records 1887-1890.
82 actual pages. $8.00 pp.
Bible Records
"Collected by members and friends of Eastern Washington Genealogical Society and North Eastern Washington Genealogical Society." 145 pp. unpublished Bible records $20.00 ppd
Spokane County Early Birth Records:
1890-1906. 425 pp. extr. from Spo. Co. Health Dept. Unbound, 3 hole punched. $30.00 ppd.
Spokane County, Washington, Marriage Book A
1880-1890. Indexed. 130 pp. $12.50
Spokane County, Washington, Marriage Book B
23 May 1888 - 9 Nov. 1891. Indexed. 164 pp. $15.00
Spokane County, Washington, Early Wills
1891-1900, 60 pp. $7.50 (some 1880 records also)
Spokane County, Washington, Smith Funeral Home
1890-1902 (148 pp.) and 1901-1906 (142 pp.) Two books @ $12.50 each.
Adams and Pend Oreille County, Washington, Tombstone Inscriptions
150 pp. $12.50
Lincoln County, Washington, Tombstone Inscriptions
181 pp. $18.00
Stevens County, Washington, Tombstone Inscriptions
185 pp. $18.00
Whitman County. Washington, Tombstone Inscriptions
V.1, 144 pp., $12.50; V.11, 164 pp., $15.00 V.III, 165 pp., $15.00
Index to Roster of Ohio Soldiers in War of 1812
119 pp. $12.00
Genealogical Index to DAR Magazine
1961-1965, 130 pp. $10.00, 1966-1970, 125 pp. $10.00
1880 Spokane County Federal Census
95 pp. $10.00
Genealogical Holdings of the Spokane Public Library
1996. 366 pp. unbound, 3-hole punched. $20.00.
Ancestor Records
Submitted by members of Eastern Washington Genealogical Society. 301 pp. $18.00.
Washington's First Marriages:
The first recorded marriages from each county. Indexed. 331 pp. $22.00
Buchanan Funeral Home Records
1994. 1st Book Nov. 21 1901-0ct. 17, 1908, $20.00 2nd Book Oct. 17, 1908-Nov. 28, 1914. Indexed. $22.00 each.

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