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The Twin City Telephone Company

Pasco, Washington
August 1909

    Name Location
Main394Alexander's Millinery Store4th Street
Main412Alexander, Herb (residence)Lewis St.
Main912Allard, Chas. (residence)9th St.
Main322Alton Realty Co. 4th St.
Main83Anderson, P.E. (residence)St.
Main504Ashton, J.W. (residence)Side
Main352Bryan, D.B. (Jeweler)West Lewis St.
Main62Bagley, C.E. (residence)First St.
Main882Bank of PascoN.W. Cor. First & Lewis
Main82Barnes, A.A. (residence)West Shoshone St.
Main442Barr, Chas. M. & Co., Paints & OilsLewis St.
Main745Barr, Chas M. (residence)Lewis St.
Main812Bertholet, G.R. (residence)Lewis St.
Main462Bradshaw, Wm., Cigars & Tobac's Tacoma Ave.
Main112Brick Saloon, R.A. GallowayTacoma & Lewis
Main22Buchanan, Alf (residence)West Bonneyville Ave
Main593Byers, Rufus (residence)Side
Subn955Burbank Station N P. Ry.
Main948Byers, A. (residence)Riverside
Main132B. & G. Grocery, Bluw & Graham4th St.
Main744Bluw, J.A. (residence)
Main123Bank Saloon, McFarlane & ArnoldTacoma Ave.
Main714Bower & Shonkwiler, Candies Lewis St.
Main1012Cascade Lumber Co. (Office)2nd St.
Main295Catholic ParsonageLewis St.
Main23Carter, Edward L. (residence) Bonneyville St.
Main703Central Market3rd & W. Lewis St.
Main243City Café, Lee & JamesTacoma St.
Main773City HallBonneyville
Main693City Market, G.C. KleinClark St.
Main732County Atty. Office, A.A. HinmanLewis St.
Main522County Auditor's Office, H.L. ChittendenCourt House, East Side
Main523County Clerk's Office, A.A. BarnesCourt House
Main102Crystal TheaterLewis St.
Main532County Sheriff's Office, T. Vance Davis Court House,East Side
Main502County Treasurer's Office, W.D. Schutt Court HouseEast Side
Main852Cox Investment Co., Real Estate, AbstractorsLewis St.
Main742Cox, Volney B. (residence)4th & Clark
Main436Chittenden, H.L. (residence) Bonneyville
Main403Central Bar, Jones & ThomasTacoma St.
Main916Clover Leaf Club
Main432Collins, E.L. (residence)St.
Main433Conrad, Riley (residence)Lewis
Main333Crescent Drug Co.4th St.
Main353Crescent Rooming House, F.W. Lamberton1st & Columbia
Main754Crooks, E.A. (residence)5th & A St.
Main972Curtis, Chas. O. (residence)
Subn956Culp, Chas (residence)P.O. Two Rivers
Main162Davis-Kaser Co., House Furnishers4th St.
Main962Denver Lodging HouseLewis St.
Main752DeForce, Jas. L (residence)6th & A St.
Main33Dickerman, H.E. (residence)Bonneyville
Main332Driscoll, Dr. J.P., Phys. & Sur.4th & Lewis St.
Main916Driscoll, Dr. J.P., (residence) 4th & Lewis St.
Main43Eagles HallSt.
Main254Eisenhart, W.S. (residence)Side
Main272Exchange Saloon, Jas. Waters Tacoma St.
Main302First National Bank4th & Lewis
Main222Franklin Co. Abstract Co., W.E. QuinlanLewis St.
Main572Fitz's Cigar StoreLewis St.
Main113Galloway, R.A. (residence)Bonneyville
Main86Gilroy, Wm. J. (residence)Shoshone St.
Main02Graime, A.G. (residence)St.
Main622Gray, A.P., Dry Goods & Notions4th St.
Main942Gray Capt. W.P., Real Estate Ainsworth St.
Main959Greer, H (residence)Burbank
Main772Grill, Chas. Rice, Prop.Tacoma Ave.
Main35Hamlin, I.H. (residence)St.
Main402Herb's PlaceTacoma Ave.
Main213Heater, Chas. W. (residence) Clark St.
Main682Horrigan Bros., Gen. Mdse.
Main782Helm, J.C., Real EstateFourth Street
Main63Henderson, Rev. H.H. (residence)Bonneyville
Main296Hill, Marshall (residence)9th St.
Main283Holman, D. (residence)2nd St.
Main813Horrigan, B.B. (residence)7th & Lewis
Main902Hottes, W.E. Gen'l MdseLewis St.
Main802Hull, H.W. (residence)4th St.
Main392Hunt, J.W. (residence)Columbia
Main255Jackman, Rube (residence)Side
Main64Jahnke, Robert (residence)Clark
Main92Joy, Harry (residence)1st St.
Main362Jones, Dan (residence)St.
Main294Kaiser, Jesse (residence)7th St.
Main973Kennedy's Boarding HouseA Street
Main552Kerfoot Hardware Co.Lewis St.
Main55Keeth, Mrs. Freeman (residence)
Main262Keystone SaloonN. Tacoma St.
Main172Klinge, R.A. (residence)2nd & Columbia
Main363Koontz, L.A. (residence)2nd & Columbia
Main52Kouba, J.W. (residence)Bonneyville
Main952Kurtzman, Fred (residence)Side
Main292Klein, Chris (residence)Riverside
Main434Lamberton, F.W. (residence)Lewis St.
Main1022Lamson, W.F., Dr. (Office)4th St.
Main232Lunch Room (Chinese)Tacoma Ave.
Main563Linderman, Mike (residence)Side
Subn958Livesley, Al (residence)Burbank
Main712McCarty Judge (Office)Lewis St.
Main372McDuff Fales Co., Fur & Und Par.
Main583McFarland Hotel, Clark & Norling So. Tacoma Ave.
Main1023McGee's Cigar Factory4th St.
Main642Miley Mercantile Co.4th & Lewis
Main102Miller Real Estate and Invest. Co.Nolte Block
Main1002Minkiewitz, J. Jr. (residence) Shoshone St.
Main682Mint Saloon, A.F. SlyvesterN. Tacome Ave.
Main802Moon, G.A. (residence)6th & Columbia
Main892Moon, G.A. Electrical SupWest Lewis St.
Main803Norling, Fred (residence)Side
Main602New Eagle HotelOpp Union Depot
Main252Northern Pacific Ry. Ticket OfficeUnion Depot
Main883Noland, H.B. Attorney2nd St.
Main914Noland, H.B. (residence)Lewis
Main753Northern Pacific, Chief Dispatcher Private Line2nd Floor Union Depot
Main253Northern Pacific, Gen. Agts. OfficeN Tacoma Ave.
Main65Newman, Joe (residence)Bonneyville
Main273North Bank SaloonTacoma St.
Main1032Nolte's SaloonLewis St.
Main422O.K. Livery Stables, Fred SchunemanLewis
Main364Olson, R.J. (residence)St.
Main483Olympia Lodging HouseSt.
Main702Oriental Trading Co.4th St.
Main72Page, D.W. (residence)2nd & Clark Sts.
Main233Palm Bar, E.J. AitkenN. Tacoma Ave.
Subn954Pasco Power & Water Co (Office) Burbank
Main42Pasco Barn, Lynch & Iverson St.
Main843Pasco Café, Lee & JamesColumbia
Main472Pasco Drug CoW 4th St.
Main192Pasco Express Co., C.T. Giesentanner, EdrLewis St.
Main1052Pasco Clothing Co.Tacoma Ave.
Main945Pasco Ferry & Transfer Co. River Docks
Main762Pasco Hardware Co.W 4th St.
Main974Page, E.L. (residence)A St.
Main183Pasco BarSt.
Main582Pasco Hotel, Clark & Norling, Props.Lewis
Main382Pasco Steam Laundry3rd & Col.
Main342Pasco Lumber Co.1st & W. Lewis
Main452Pasco Market, J.D.McPersonLewis St.
Main32Rand, Sam (residence)Clark St.
Main652Riggs & Whitehorn, Gen'l MdseN Tacoma Ave.
Main832Routhe, A.C., Attorney4th St.
Main957Robinson, C. (residence)Burbank Sta.
Main223Roseman, Marguerite (residence)Clark St.
Main573Round House
Main913Routhe, A.C. (residence)10th St.
Main982Russell, R.H. (Office)Lewis St.
Main814Russell, R.H. (residence)8th & W. Lewis
Subn953Ruth, L.B. (residence)Strawberry Isl
Main842Shamrock Saloon, Stark & Jewell, Props. Col. St.
Main34Sheffield, E.D. (residence)St.
Main947Shonkwiler, W.F. (residence)Riverside
Main122Seattle CaféSo. Tacoma Ave.
Main662S H CaféSt.
Main212Smith, Dan (residence)St.
Main293Smith, Harge (residence)Lewis St.
Main612Smith's Lodging HouseLewis St.
Main263Shoo Lee Chinamen's HouseN. Tacoma Ave.
Main895Slavins, G.T. (residence)Lewis St.
Main943Smull, H.A., Columbia DairyAinsworth Ave.
Main822Spring Drug Co.N. Tacoma Ave.
Main1004Spring, Wm. (residence)Shoshone St.
Main182State HotelSt.
Main692Star Bakery, Joe BrennerN. Tacoma Ave.
Main393Star Transfer Co., J. W. Hayes Lewis St.
Main74Stark, Joe (residence)Lewis St.
Main435Steffens, E.J. (residence)St.
Main944Stormet, W.K., Columbia Gardens
Main804Strumpf, Fred (residence)Lewis St.
Main103Swingle, F.A. (Office)Lewis St.
Main03Sanderson, Geo (residence) 2nd St.
Main915Schutt, W.D. (residence)Lewis St.
Main743Shaw, L.E. (residence)Clark
Main93Solberg, Mrs. A.H. (residence)
Main1043Stringer, H.C. (residence)9th St.
Main242Swingle, F.A., ArchitectClark St.
Main222Sylvester & Roseman, Real Estate1st St.
Main56Sylvester, J.H. (residence)2nd & Clark
Main202Sylvester, J.H., Pool RoomN. Tacoma Ave.
Main73Taylor, Dick (residence)Clark St.
Main84Thomson, Frank (residence)5th & Shoshone
Main862Thomson, Frank, SaloonSt.
Main894Thomas, H. (residence)Lewis St.
Main992Twin City Tel. Co., Pres OfficeN.W. Corr. 2nd & W. Lewis
Main992Twin City Tel. Co., V.P. & Secy. OfficeM. 492 Kennewick
Main992ATwin City Tel. Co., Complaint Dept
Main992BTwin City Tel. Co., Chief Clerk &Operator
Main1042Twin City Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Office)Lewis St.
Main703Van Dusen, F.E., Contractor Lewis St.
Main562Volkman's Lodging HouseLewis St.
Main922Villard Hotel4th & Columbia
Main932Villard Bar 4th & Columbia
Main923Villard Hotel Booth4th & Columbia
Main792Watkins, W.W., Phy & SurgLewis St.
Main703West End MarketLewis St.
Main613White Grocery Co. Lewis St.
Main142White River Lumber Co., E.R. Collins, Mgr.1st & Col.
Main482Wong How & Co., Genl Mdse Clark St.
Main542Windor, J.W. (residence) Lewis St.
Main893Whitehorn, J. (residence) Columbia
Main872Washington Rooming House St.
Main873Washington Boarding House St.
Main12White, Dr. Eben Lewis & 3rd Sts.
Main152Yakima Valley Power Co., OfficeFourth Street
Main153Yakima Valley Power Co., Pumping Station
Main463YouKaham Café St.
Main54Zent, Geo. (residence)