Old School Annuals

Old School Annuals can be a great source for historical information. What I have found extremely interesting and entertaining about old High School Annuals is that many of the pictures showed students having a good time cutting up. Many High School Annuals also have more stories then pictures in them.

This first set of links are to pages listing the individuals and positions listed in the Sinewesah, the High School Annual for Pasco High School. Many of these Annuals only list class officers, but have group photos of all members of the class. There are more High School Annuals listed toward the bottom of the page.

If you find your ancestor listed in one of these Annuals, you may want to contact the Franklin County Historical Society . These abstracts are from the collection of Old High School Annuals owned by the Society. This Society consists of wonderful people that have extended open arms to my desire to spend hours over old documents. You may also want to visit the Franklin County Historical Society website.
Sinewesah for 1915 not available.
Each page of this annual has been indexed and scanned by Kristin Cummins O'Laughlin. See her website and entire collection of Annuals at Book Buyer.

"The Reflector" is the name of the Connell High School Annual. The entire 1928 edition of "The Reflector" can be found at the Washington Local History Network.

This is another beautiful piece of work done by Kristin Cummins O'Laughlin. Each page of the 1929 Sinewesah has been indexed and scanned.
"Neconia" is the School Annual from Columbia Basin College. This Annual is shy on stories but heavy on pictures. Each picture lists the individuals included. This link will take you to a table that lists the individuals in alphabetical order. The table also lets you know if the picture is an individual picture, a group picture or if the individual is merely listed on the page. If you find something you are interested in, contact denmother4@hotmail.com. I will gladly scan the photo and send you a copy.

I would love to include more School Annual information on this site. If you have information from a High School Annual in Franklin County, please contact me at denmother4@hotmail.com.