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Index of Old School Annuals

  • 1910 - "Sinewesah," Pasco High School

  • 1911 - "Sinewesah," Pasco High School

  • 1912 - "Sinewesah," Pasco High School

  • 1913 - "Sinewesah," Pasco High School

  • 1914 - "Sinewesah," Pasco High School

  • 1915 - "Sinewesah," not available.

  • 1916 - "Sinewesah," Pasco High School

  • 1925 - Each page of this annual has been indexed and scanned by Kristin Cummins O'Laughlin.

  • 1928 - "The Reflector" is the name of the Connell High School Annual. The entire 1928 edition of "The Reflector" can be found at the Washington Local History Network.

  • 1929 - This is another beautiful piece of work done by Kristin Cummins O'Laughlin. Each page of the 1929 Sinewesah has been indexed and scanned.

  • 1957 - "Neconia" is the School Annual from Columbia Basin College. This is an index of the individuals whose pictures appear in the the annual. The index was transcribed by Susan Davis Faulkner.

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