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Name Title Date Appointed
Winthrop Sprague Postmaster 11/28/1879
Miles D. Cady Postmaster 06/08/1883
Miles D. Cady Postmaster 07/14/1884
George J. Hurley Postmaster 08/04/1884
John E. Gautenbein Postmaster 12/22/1884
John E. Gautenbein Postmaster 09/23/1885
Alvin P. Gray Postmaster 07/24/1886
Fred Kurtzman Postmaster 03/19/1887
Mrs. Marie M. Johnson Postmaster 04/09/1889
Josiah E. Van Gordon Postmaster 05/21/1890
George W. Haynes Postmaster 05/18/1894
Frederick Bernd Postmaster 10/14/1899
William B. Gray Postmaster 5/19/1902
Mrs. Margaret K. Gray Postmaster 8/15/1904
Wendell D. Shutt Postmaster 6/23/1910
Arthur Barnes Postmaster 6/23/1914
William R. Cox Postmaster 1/1/1923
Arthur A. Barnes Postmaster 6/25/1935
Earl Johnson Acting Postmaster 12/1/1946
Lonnie D. Leeper Acting Postmaster 12/31/1947
Lonnie D. Leeper Postmaster 3/25/1949
Bruce E. Taber Officer-In-Charge 2/28/1969
Bruce E. Taber Postmaster 12/4/1970
Ben Meservey Officer-In-Charge 11/11/1977
Jeremiah J. Sullivan Officer-In-Charge 3/15/1978
Gary Packer Officer-In-Charge 7/14/1978
Leonard D. Carpenter Officer-In-Charge 8/25/1978
William A. Helm Postmaster 9/9/1978
Leonard T. Persons Officer-In-Charge 4/26/1983
John R. Shugart Postmaster 10/1/1983
Robert Cooley Officer-In-Charge 8/1/1997
Dave Chiavaras Officer-In-Charge 10/4/1997
Greg Taber Officer-In-Charge 1/9/1998
Hazel C. Elliott Postmaster 4/11/1998
John J. Petruzzelli Officer-In-Charge 12/28/2001
John J. Petruzzelli Postmaster 5/18/2002
name? Officer-In-Charge
Gregory B. Taber Postmaster 9/17/2005
Dana L. Alderson Officer-In-Charge 11/11/2006
Dana L. Alderson Postmaster 7/21/2007

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