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April 3, 1908

Abstract of information.
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S. J. KENDALL was in town Friday on business. John NEWMAN was in Ellensburg Monday. Milford THORP, of Seattle, is in Thorp on business. Miss Lola HATFIELD visited with her friends here Tuesday. Mr. PEEBLES has taken Mr. SMIRLERS place as day operator at this place. J. E. VEACH of Tacoma, is in Thorp on business this week. Mrs. F. L. CALKINS visited friends in Ellensburg a few days last week. W. C. HAYWARD, who has been sick for some time is improving slowly. Chas. SPLAWN, who has been very ill for the past week, is reported no better. Mr. JOHNSON, who has been in Seattle for some time, has returned to Thorp. Mr. and Mrs. David WILBUR's baby has been removed to Dr. FELCH's hospital in Ellensburg. Mrs. GORDON has turned her office as Post Mistress over to Mrs. McCUMBER. Mrs. GORDON will
live on the WAGGONER place with her daughter, Nellie. Norman WILBUR had the misfortune to cut his hand while helping his father butcher last
week. He left on No. 6, for Ellensburg to have it treated.


Dr. J. F. MILLER of North Yakima, was in the city a few hours yesterday. He is an
occulist by profession ... Mrs. Sam PEARSON returned from Seattle Wednesday, accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Pear
HEMPSON, who has been quite sick of late, but improved sufficiently... The Commercial Club has employed Hapwood GIBSON to assist in giving our city and valley
more publicity. James CLARK is arranging to build a model residence on the corner of Tenth and B Streets. Mrs. C. A. SANDERS, who has been in a Seattle hospital for several days past, is reported
as convalescing very nicely... A. M. HALL, the pleasant...agent of the N. P. express company, arrived home Tuesday
evening. George SIMPSON is having his residence on South Anderson repainted... Mrs. John DIXON of Sunnyside Addition is a very sick lady, as is also her little daughter,
Miss Myrtle. We are glad to see the movement started by The Dawn last year, to own and operate a
first class county fair, taken up by our people again.


SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION D. H. WESTCOTT, Plaintiff vs. Adel Harding WESTCOTT, Defendent. In Superior Court,
Kittitas County. NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO FILE CLAIMS In Superior Court, Kittitas County. In the matter of the Estate of John J. SUVER,
deceased. Notice posted by Josephine SUVER. SUMMONS NO. 3924 In Superior Court, Kittitas County. Mary J. TAYLOR, plaintiff vs. Joseph TAYLOR,
defendent. Object of action is divorce. LEGAL NOTICE Justice Court of South Ellensburg Precinct, County of Kittitas. W. W. BONNEY, Justice
of the Peace. State of Washington, County of Kittitas vs. H. KEEFE. Complaint filed by
H. D. DOTY. Object of filing to recover judgement of Eight dollars for room and lodging
together with costs. SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION IN FORECLOSURE OF TAX LIEN Warren A. THOMAS, plaintiff, vs. Samuel SOLOMON, S. SOLOMON, and others having interest.
Filed in Superior Court, Kittitas County. Property is Lot 6 in Block 23 of of Second Railroad
addition to the City of Ellensburg. PUBLIC LIBRARY RESOLUTION Posted by the City Council of the city of Ellensburg, granting the establishment of a
free public library in the City, and approving the agreement of resident tax payers to pay ...
the sum of one thousand dollars in books or money within 3 months from passage of resolution,
and whereas Mr. Andrew CARNEGIE has donated $10,000 to the establishment of a free public
library in the City, provided the city obligates itself to levy a tax ... within the limits
of said city to raise $1,000 each year to support and maintain the library. (March 2, 1908)
The City Council appoints Mrs. Katherina MURRAY, J. C. HUBBELL, and J. H. directors
of the free public Library of the City. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION - Timber Land Act of June 3, 1878 US Land Office, North Yakima, Jan. 27, 1908. Sarah THOMAS, of Seattle, filed statement
No. 1862 for purchase of lots 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Section 4, Township No. 20 No.,
Range No. 20 E. W. M. She names as witnesses William HAYWARD of Spokane, Ernest FETTERS
of Ellensburg, Harold E. DODD of Ellensburg, and Olive Lula ASHCRAFT of Seattle. NOTICE OF STOCKHOLDERS MEETING West Side Irrigating Company. Trustees of company, J. H. LEE (Pres.), John YEARWOOD,
and Geo. MINIELLY. NOTICE All persons ...indebted to W. S. BARNES, former owner and proprietor of the White Front
livery stable, will please settle same...


C. L. COLLINS is somewhat indisposed again this week. John E. VEACH of Tacoma, was in the city yesterday looking up a few car loads of hay. Chas. SPLAWN of Thorp is in very critical condition ... Mrs. L. O. BARNES and daughter, Miss Margaret, of North Bend, ... are guests of her
mother, Mrs. Etta HANCE. Fred CALKINS returned from Ames, Iowa, Wednesday, where he spent the winter in the
Agricultural college of that state, taking a course in veterinary. Chicken thieves played havoc with a few flocks of fine birds Tuesday night, taking from
Frank HARDWICK's poultry house 23 fine Plymouth Rock birds, also 12 from Toney PIEROTH's coops. The officers of the recently organized Canton in this city are...: Captain, Madison S.
OWENS; lieutenant, Byers E. ROMAINE; ensign, Carmi R. PEASE; clerk, W. H. MOSSMAN; accountant,
Peter GARVEY; standard bearer, Bert L. TWILLIGEAR; guard, G. W. TAGG; sentinel, Walter J.
ROBBINS; picket, B. A. MAXEY. James and Edward HAND...citizens of North Kittitas, recently [decided] to once more see
their native land, Ireland, and Wednesday afternoon left for Tacoma, where they will spend
a few days before starting on their long voyage. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. GORHMLY, and their daughter, Miss Gladys, of Welda, Kansas, are guests
of their old neighbors and friends, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark MARTIN.. KLEINBERG brothers sold another 200 tract of land a few days since for $25,000. This
cuts down the original tract of 700 acres to 400 acres,... Gault & Craig sold 20 acres of the Otto KOHLER ranch south of this city this week to
A. M. STEVENS for $4,200. Also Mr. LAUGHLIN's 20 acres tract east of town to G. A. ADAMS of
Seattle for $3,000. Sanford HAYES Jr. is planting this season 30 acres in onions. Sam HAYES is planting
10 acres and James HAYES, 20. Orange WALKER of the same neighborhood --ten miles east of
this city-- has planted 2 acres which are now up and looking fine. Sanford, Sam and James
HAYES will also have about 100 acres in potatoes. James is putting out 2500 gooseberry plants
this spring. Mrs. S. M. NEILSEL of St. Louis, stopped off here Monday evening to visit friends and
reboarded ... for Bellingham, where she will visit a brother...

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