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February 3, 1892

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   August SASSE made a trip into the Peschastin last week and he reports that unusual activity prevails
there for this season of the year. The stamp mill at the CULVER mine is now in operation, and sulphrets are
now being handed out for shipment to the Tacoma smelter...


Prosecutor McFALLS of Ellensburgh was here this week. KREDDIL's store at Ellensburgh has been closed by Portland creditors. A teacher's examination will be held in Ellensburgh on Feb 11, 12 and 13th. O. S. DAVIS of Big Creek, was called to Missouri last week by the dangerous illness of a brother. The Star flour of Spokane handled by SWAIN & HAIGHT is gaining a great reputation with housekeepers and
bakers. D. B. BURCHAM is in receipt of intelligence to the effect that his father, who resides in Iowa, is in a
critical condition. Several weeks ago he contracted a severe cold which developed into the la grip, and the
chances are against his recovery. The elder BURCHAM's wife is also in very feeble health. Mr. and Mrs.
BURCHAM will leave for the east the latter part of this week. ...large shipment of tea...there was over a ton and a quarter or 2600 pounds. This was an imported order
and probably the largest shipment of tea ever received at Roslyn. J. H. RYAN, the gentlemanly day operator at the Northern Pacific depot, has obtained a 40-day leave of
absence and left for Wyoming to look after some mining claims in which he is interested there. He with
three other gentlemen possess a number of claims that are prospectively rich in tin ore, and his visit east
is with a view to arranging for their development... Richard GOWAN, who formerly practiced law or rather pursued his clients in Ellensburgh, and who gained an
unenviable reputation by reason of the methods of practice he employed, was arrested in Seattle last week,
and brought to Ellensburgh on a charge of embezzlement preferred by F. M. THORP...


For the information of miners, prospectors and strangers desiring to find a mineral belt in which to make
investments ... it may be proper to give the boundary lines of the Cle-Elum Mining District, which is
substantially as follows: Commencing at the head of Cle-Elum lakes, thence running east to the Teanaway river, thence northerly to
Mount Stewart, thence northerly to the head of the Icycle stream, thence northwesterly to the head of the
Cle-Elum river, thence west to the summit of the divide between the Cle-Elum river and Catches lake, thence
in a southerly direction along the summit of said divide to a point west of the head of Cle Elum lake, thence
east to the place of beginning at the head of Cle Elum lake... Within the limits of the district about 300
locations have been made, including gold, silver, copper, galena, iron, and lime claims. The first location
made were those of the Cle Elum lode, I I U, the Haw, and Ida Elmore, by S. S. HAWKINS and Mose SPLAWN in
the year 1881, and since then much interest has been manifested by numerous prospectors. The first copper
locations were made by W. Z. YORK and the writer in 1881, and in 1883 about twenty copper claims were located
by P. J. FLINT, WILSON, HAWKINS, H. C. WALTERS, and others, and since then the Silver King was located by
S. S. HAWKINS and Joe STEVENSON and Mose SPLAWN. The mammoth copper lode was located by James GRIEVE. The
Aurora quartz lode bearing gold and silver and the Mountain Sprite were located by John and T. J. LYNCH; the
Bald Eagle by E. P. GASSMAN and Harry HODGES; the Vidette by E. P. BOYLES; the Broncho by Phil A. STANTON
and James GRIEVE. A number of locations have also been made on the headwaters of the Lyele, on the eastern
slope of the divide between the Cle-Elum and Wenatchee rivers. There has also been quite a number of mineral
locations made by E. A. THORPE and others on Red Mountain, about four miles above Cle-Elum lake on the west
side of the Cle-Elum river. In this district is also an immense quantity of iron. Most of these claims are
owned by the Pacific Investment company, a wealthy English corporation... Returning to the gold, silver and copper mines. They are yet in the hands of the pioneer prospectors of
limited means and not much advancement has been made for want of capital... The first work in the district
was done by E. P. BOYLES and others on the Cle Elum lode with encouraging prospects, assays, running from
$35 up to $450 per ton. The Hawk lode has some work done with a fair prospect, likewise the Ida Elmore, the
Silver King, Mammoth, Broncho, Aurrora, Sprite, Bald Eagle and Vidette. The copper Bullion, Bobtail, Silver
Bow and Copperhead, also a number of other claims too numerous to mention... ...B. B. KELLEY and myself have several tunnels on our claims from 25 up to 150 feet in length, also
S. S. HAWKINS, James GRIEVE, and Mr. W. T. WILSON have a tunnel on the Ida Elmore over 200 feet with a good
prospect. E. P. GASSMAN, James GRIEVE, and August SASSE have a tunnel under process of being driven this
winter with a fine prospect on what is known as the Silver Bull. Mr. DUNLAP and P. A. STANTON of Yakima also
have been driving tunnels in their claims last season... John and T. J. LYNCH have incline shafts on their
lodes with fine prospects of free milling ore. They erected a small arastre last season for the purpose of
making a working test of their mines, and run the arastre a short time last fall with satisfactory results.
They now propose to put up a stamp mill during the coming season. Jim and C?n BELL and Robert YOUNG have made
quite a number of locations in the district and done considerable tunnel work on claims last season with good
prospects. James MULDOON and many others done considerable tunnel work last summer. Mr. SASSE, GRIEVE and
GASSMAN done their annual assessments on the King Soloman and various other claims with flattering prospects
and last, but not least, John KELLEY has a fine prospect of free milling ore... The ledges of our district
vary from one foot up to 10, 12 and 15 feet in thickness with granite, slate, and porphyry walls. When we speak of this mineral belt we include the Swauk, Peschastin and Cle Elum districts, all being
situated in Kittitas County, and connected by the same formation of granite, slate and porphyry. The
Peschastin is the oldest camp, placer gold being discovered there in 1862, which was worked until the summer
of 1875, when quartz gold was discovered there by S. CULVER. These ledges have been worked with reasonable
success by means of arrastres up to the present time. This winter a 10 stamp mill has been established in
the camp and is now running in good shape with splendid ore. The placers on the Swauk were discovered by
Ben GOODWIN and others in 1874, and have since been profitably worked... E. P. BOYLES, Recorder, Cle Elum Mining District, Kittitas County, Wash.


Came to my ranch on the Swauk sometime in the fall, one black half breed mare, unbroken broncho with brand
on the right shoulder. Owner will please pay costs and take properly. B. K. MAY, McCallum, Wash.


Came to my ranch, two cayuses, about Dec. 1, 1891. One is of dun color with black mane and tail. The
other is a bay with white right hind foot and strip in face. No brands distinguishable. The owner will
please come forward, prove property, pay charges and take the same away. A. B. KENNOWORTHY


Last May the undersigned took up a stray bay horse with brand 'P' on right hip... The owner is hereby
notified to call, identify property and pay costs. Theodore COOPER, Swauk Prarie.


Notice is hereby given of the relocation of the iron claim formerly known as the Monitor, and first located
by H. C. WALTERS, David LIVINGSTON, and SANDGARD. The claim is now in the hands of the Pacific Investment
company, having been relocated on Jan. 1, 1892 by James BELL, the location of which is in the Upper Cle-Elum
mining district, Kittitas County. The claim shall be known as the Champion. Mrs. Agness BELL, Locator. Witnesses: James BELL Chas. HOLT James WARD


State of Washington, County of Kittitas, By virtue of an execution issued out of the Honorable Superior
Court of the State of Washington, for the county of Skagit on the 21st day of December 1881; by the Clerk
thereof, in the case of Wm. H. PERRY vs. L. B. LEVY and C. STALBURG, No. 1208, and to me, as Sheriff, directed
and delivered. Notice is hereby given that I will proceed to sell to the highest bidder for case, within the hours... all
the right, title, and interest of the said L. B. LEVY in and to the following described property, to wit:
se 1/4 se 1/4 sec 4, tp 19, range 15, amounting to 80 acres, all in Kittitas County, Washington. Levied on as the property of L. B. LEVY to satisfy a Judgement amounting to $45.62 in favor of Wm. H.
PERRY, and cost of suit....


Thomas L. GAMBLE, Cle-Elum, Wash., Justice of Peace and Notary Public. Prompt attention given to conveyances,
taking of acknowledgements, etc. J. P. SMITH, Attorney and Notary Public. Collections and Conveyancing. Real Estate bought and sold. At
the Post Office.

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