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June 11, 1891

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McMAHON's circus was quite largely attended by Cle-Elum people. Chas. MILLER and wife, and Mrs. Dr. SLONE of Roslyn, left for Seattle Monday morning to be absent several
days. John ROSEBURGH took his two children to Ellensburgh Sunday and had them christened in the Catholic church. Wild strawberries are abundant on the hillsides, and the cultivated variety has begun to attract attention
in the local market. M. McMEEKIN has taken the position of night watchman at the ZEEK mill, and has discontinued his boot and
shoe repair business. Supervisor PRIEST is building a quarter of a mile of new road near the SMALL ranch, straightening out the
little jog that exists in the highway at that point. Supt. MORGAN of the county school, visited the Cle-Elum school Tuesday and expressed himself as highly
pleased with the general appearance of things. The heavy rains of last Thursday night and the sudden rise in the creeks and rivers caused overflows and
breaks in a couple of the irrigation ditches east of town. C. M. BARTLETT, the district school teacher, will give his pupils a picnic on the last day of the term.
There is some talk among the directors of adding another month to the term. F. MARTIN, late of the Iowa Central Railway, has succeeded as foreman of the section east of Cle-Elum.
It was on CUNNINGHAM's section that the recent Teanaway wreck occurred. The Rev. Mr. WALKER of Ronald will preach at the school house Sunday... Among the features that will be observed in celebrating the Fourth of July at this point will be a dance
in TILLMAN's hall in the evening... The finest alfalfa that has ever been grown in this section can be seen on any of the ranches in this
part of the county... A word has been received from Mrs. WILLIS to the effect that a successful operation had been performed
for the removal of a cancer from which she had been suffering for some time, and that she was now steadily
recovering. Mrs. WILLIS is still in Philadelphia in care of her husband and physician. Three prospectors came over from Silver creek this week and fitted out for a summer in the Fish lake
country. In cooperation with a representative of the Tribune they stated that many of the gold hunters west
of the range were disappointed over the results of their work so far and were arranging to abandon it for
the district east of the mountains.


Dr. W. A. EGBERT of Seattle was the guest of relatives over Sunday. Attorney E. E. WAGER of Roslyn left Friday for his old home in Virginia on a three months' vacation. James NEEDAM, a former resident of Cle-Elum, but now located at North Yakima, was among the visitors here
last week. Walter J. REED, J. C. CLARY, P. P. GASSMAN and Wm. BREHAM went to North Yakima Tuesday night to appear as
witnesses in the coal land contest cases. F. H. LYTLE, brother of Assistant Superintendant LYTLE of the North Pacific Coal company, came up from
Tacoma Sunday and spent the day in Cle Elum.


Strawberry festival for school benefit fund at TILLMAN's hall Friday evening. Messrs. CLARY & COX have beautified the front of their business and added to the attractiveness of Main
street by placing on rustic and giving it a handsome coat of paint. Walter BUTTERFIELD returned from the Sound Tuesday. Roslyn is arranging to purchase a hook and ladder truck for fire protection. Rev. G. W. WHITE will deliver a temperance lecture at the First M. E. Church, Roslyn... E. CONNELL went to Ellensburgh Wednesday to appear against John MALONE, the individual who burglarized
his store. A specimen of a quartz taken from SWAIN & HAIGHT's claims in the upper Cle Elum district and sent to the
Ellensburgh sampling works gave the following assay: gold, 3; silver, 101; copper, 9; or $123.50 per ton... Samuel KEEGAN, an employee of the MOXEE farm, met with an agonizing death last week. He was driving a
mower, when a sudden starting up of the horses throwed him in front of the machine. The sharp pointed knives
penetrated his brain and mutilated his head in a horrible manner. McMAHON's circus is followed by the usual gang of pickpockets and thugs. One of the light-fingered gentry
went through a lady's pockets during the performance... She immediately discovered her loss and notified
Marshal BEAL. The latter located the thief and succeeded in placing him under arrest. Frank ASHTON, at one time a deputy sheriff in this county was fatally shot at the Franklin mines, Sunday.
ASHTON, who was a guard at the mines and Detective TODD of Tacoma, also a guard, were examining a revolver
when TODD's thumb slipped on the hammer and the weapon was discharged. The revolver was a 44 Colts and the
bullet lodged in the abdomen of ASHTON. The shooting was purely accidental. Supt. YOUNG of the Pacific Investment Company, returned Tuesday from a week's sojourn in the upper country.
He made a careful inspection of the development work that has been done... Alexander BAILEE, the coast manager
of the company, who has been visiting the syndicates headquarters in London, is expected home within the
next ten days, when it is expected that information of special intereset to this section will be given out.
Active work on the mines will not be resumed until Mr. BAILEE's return.


Patents were received at local office this week for the following persons: Edward R. WHITE for the n 1/2
sw 1/4 se 1/4 sw 1/4 sw 1/4 se 1/4 Sec 10, tp 20n, R 10e, Alies STAFFORD, ne 1/4 sec 31, tp 20n R 16e. Hearing has been ordered in the case of NPRR Co., vs. Delbert A. WILSON, involving sw 1/4 sec 17, tp 18n,
R 13e, to determine the status of the tract on May 24, 1884, the date of definite location of the road. Contest case of John BEAVER vs. Rebecca A. WELLMAN, involving T C entry No. 938, for the se 1/4 Sec 30,
tp 9n,R 24 e, has been decided by local office in favor of the contestant, which recommends the cancellation
of the entry. Forty days are allowed contestee to take an appeal. Case of James R. SHEARING vs. A. P. OER, involving T C entry No. 387, for the nw 1/4, sec 32, tp 9 n,
R 24 e, has been decided for contestant. Contestee is given forty days in which to take an appeal to the
commissioner of the general land office. Case of Peter HARDMAN vs. Rella D. WARNE, involving T C entry No. 433, for ne 1/4, sec 26, tp 9n, R 23 e,
has been decided for contestant. Defendant given forty days to file an appeal. The commissioner has advised the local office that on May 13, be forwarded the list of lands applied for
the NPRR Co., as indemnity under the forfeiture act, and a protest filed by a number of settlers, to the
secretary of the interior for his consideration. The contest case of George T. MAYES vs. David B. GREENWALT, involving HS entry No. 102 for the se 1/4
sec 28, tp 9 n, r 23 e, has been remanded by the commissioner for a rehearing, for the reason that the
contestee, was a resident of the state at the time the contest was initiated and personal service instead of
by registered mail should have been had. James S. SMITH, Robert, Dorothy and Margaret E. RANDALL, of Bickleton, made final proof of their hometead
claims. The commissioner has ordered a hearing in the case of the United States vs. Charles E. RODER and N.P. Coal
company, involving coal entry No. 22, for the n 1/2 se 1/4 ne sw 1/4 and se 1/4 ne 1/2 sec 32, tp 20 n,
r 15 e. April 4, 1891, Benjamin VILES made application for a leave of absence for one year, act of March 2, 1889,
from his claim, embraced in Pre. D S No. 2104, made April 12, alleging settlement February 17, 1880. Time
for making proof on his claim expires Nov. ??, 1891, and his leave of absence is therefore revoked to avoid
an adverse claim attaching. Desert land patent was received this week for Boyd A. CUNNINGHAM, embracing the sw ???? 35, tp 13 n,
r 15 e. The land now belongs to the Moxee company.

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