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Index of "Early Land Records of Kittitas Co., WA, 1882-1900"

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This is a simple index only of the names found in the Early Land Records book. Though the book itself has reference to land records of
businesses, churches, fraternal organizations and the like, this index is of personal names only. For more detailed information, contact
the Librarian of the Kittitas County Genealogical Society.

Samples of the actual records: "Bisson, Francis et ux to Mrs. Ella Kribs, QCD, 19 Mar 1894, Q-526, lot 3, blk. 5, Original Roslyn." "Blair, George W. to Daniel A. Richardson, WD, 25 Jan 1892, N-302, part S4, T22, R20."


McAFEE, Lillie McALLISTER, Alexander McBETH, Elizabeth E. McBRIDE, Elizabeth P. McBRIDE, Hugh McBRIDE, M. B. McBRIDE, Mamie F. McCABE, Anna McCABE, Anna P. McCAFFRAY, George McCAFFRAY, Laura M. W. McCAIN, Annie O. McCALLUM, Peter McCALLUM, Sarah B. McCANDLESS, Ella McCANDLESS, F. N. McCANDLESS, Frank McCANDLESS, Frank N. McCANDLESS, Helen H. McCANDLESS, J. A. McCANDLESS, James S. McCANDLESS, John A. McCANDLESS, Thomas M. McCARTHY, Edward W. McCARTHY, J. McCARTHY, John McCARTHY, John P. McCARTY, E. W. McCARTY, J. P. McCAULEY, J. C. McCAULEY, Lillian F. McCAULEY, Thomas McCAUSTLAND, T. F. McCAUSTLAND, Thomas F. McCAUSTLAND, W. J. McCAUSTALDN, William J. McCAY, R. G. McCLANATHAN, Mattie J. McCLANNON, D. McCLEARY, Peter McCLELLAND, T. K. McCLEMAN, Margaret McCLEMANS, Julia A. McCLENNAN, Margaret McCLENNON, Dan McCLIMANS, R. S. McCLOUD, J. L. McCLURE, Henry F. McCOLGAN, Daniel McCOLLOUGH, A. F. M. McCULLOUGH, A. M. F. McCOMACK, J. K. McCONLEY McCONNELL, Eleanor McCORKLE, A. M. McCOY, Everad C. McCOY, J. P. McCRACKEN, J. H. McCRACKEN, Mertie E. McCRACKER, Mertie E. McCREADY, Minerva W. McCRILLES, Hetty T. McCRILLIS, Hetty T. McCRIMMON, J. C. McCRUDDEN, Dana McCRUDDEN, Dina McCRUMB, Kate McCULLEY, Robert (in index as NcCully) McCULLOCH, Selina McCULLUCK, James McCUTCHEON, William McCUTCHER, William McDOLE, George W. McDONALD, Alexander McDONALD, Carrie McDONALD, Charles H. McDONALD, Elizabeth A. McDONALD, F. S. McDONALD, Fenton R. McDONALD, Finley McDONALD, Flavius S. McDONALD, J. F. McDONALD, J. T. McDONALD, J. W. McDONALD, Jessie W. McDONALD, John T. McDONALD, Lillie McDONALD, M. J. McDONALD, Melissa McDONALD, O. D. McDONALD, R. G. McDONALD, Rosa McDONALD, T. L. McDONALD, Tillie L. McDONALD, William McDONALD, William M. McDOWELL, Carrie L. McDOWELL, E. G. McDOWELL, James L. McDOWELL, James T. McDOWELL, John E. McDOWELL, M. A. McDOWELL, Mary A. McDOWELL, Thomas G. McDOWELL, William O.


McELFRESH, Socrates S. McEWEN, Harvey McEWEN, J. H. McEWEN, James W. McEWEN, John H. McEWEN, Martha McEWEN, William L. McFADDEN, C. W. McFALL, W. McFALLS, David H. McFALLS, Grace McFARLAND, C. J. McFARLAND, Nellie McGAUGHEY, Samuel McGEE, John F. McGILLIS, Hugh McGILLIS, Hugh A. McGINNIS, James L. McGOUGH, T. H. McGOUGH, Thomas H. McGRATH, Ada McGRATH, Henry F. McGRATH, J. J. McGRAW, F. C. McGRAW, John H. McGUIRE, Peter McILVAIN, Frank McILVAINE, C. Walter McILVAINE, Walter McINNES, Alex McINTOSH, Alexander McKAY, Daniel S. McKEE, Annie McKEE, Fred W. McKEE, G. B. McKEE, Mary A. Borst McKEE, Mary A. B. McKEE, W. H. McKEEMAN, Thomas McKENZIE, Elizabeth McKENZIE, James McKIE, H. C. McKINNON, Angus McKISSICK, Mary J. McKISSICK, Mary Jane McKNIGHT, Joseph McKUNE, A. L. McLAUCHLAN, D.M. (indexed as "lclauchlan") McLAUCHLAN, Robert McLAUGHLIN, Dennis McLAUGHLIN, H. P. McLAUGHLIN, Laura E. McLEAN, Sutherland McLEOD, Alexander McLEOD, Anna McLEOD, Annie McLEOD, Daniel McLEOD, Joseph McLEOD, Norman McLEOD, William McLOUTH, T. H. McLOUTH, T. J. McMAHON, M. H. McMENAMIN, John McMICKEN, Jennie McMICKEN, Lucie B. McNAMEE, Charles McNAUGHT, James McNAUGHT, William N. McNEIL, H. G. McNEILL, Manford L. McPHERSON, D. McQUEEN, James McVICKER, C.

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