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April 4, 1895

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Will GRAVES moved into the KEISTER house last Saturday. H. L. ELWOOD received a fine lot of Columbia bicycles last Sunday. Messrs. WOODWORTH, STONEROAD and CLYMER are the latest with new wheels. Interest in the canal is reviving and hopes are entertained that it may be built this season. Andrew OLSEN is now cleaning wheat for the farmers, for seed, free of charge, at the City mills. J. H. SMITHSON shipped five carloads of sheep to Seattle last week and realized a very fair price for them. Messrs. GRAY and STONEROAD had a collision last Friday, resulting in a badly damaged wheel for the latter. Prof. E. A. BRYAN lectured to a large audience at the Normal auditorium last Friday evening on "Character". Let us get together and tell the express company what we think about the removal of the office from
Ellensburg. P. H. W. ROSS has been suffering from an abcess on his leg, which incapacitated him from business for
several days. George BOHENNON was bound over in $500 bonds by Justice FRASIER last Tuesday for attempting to shoot
another man in a disreputable house the night before. Mrs. E. L. PERRY, who went through such an exciting runaway last Thursday afternoon, sustained very
little injury by being thrown out, and soon recovered from the shock and bruises. In selecting J. B. ARMSTRONG to make the city assessment, Mr. STEPHENS showed excellent judgement.
Mr. ARMSTRONG is well acquainted, and besides, is very familiar with the city and all its additions, so that
a fair assessment is secured. It is the intention of Prof. GETS, during the commencement week in June to set aside one day for field
sports, such as bicycle and foot races, jumping, throwing, etc., all the contests to be open to the public.


Hon. J. H. SCHIVELY, of Whatcom, and A. AMENDS, of Seattle, have been here this week with a view to
organize an A. O. U. W. lodge. Edmund SEYMOUR, of Tacoma, president of the Ellensburg National bank, has been spending a few days in the
city. Sam KLEINBERG went to Tacoma last Monday to attend the funeral of his old friend, Abe GROSS. Geo. HOVEY returned to Fort Simcoe last Sunday to remain. Mitchell GILLIAM, of Seattle, spent a few days in town this week. E. B. NELSON, the clothing man, did some rustling here last week. Mrs. F. M. McCULLY returned last Sunday from a visit on the Sound.


A strong petition from the farmers of North and East Kittitas and also many business men, was presented
to the commissioners last Monday asking that a bounty of 1 cent each be paid for scalps of ground squirrels,
which are overrunning that part of the valley and doing incalcuable damage. In many instances the farmers
will not put in crops. Assessor STEPHENS' deputies this year are: Jos. DENNY, Roslyn; L. M. HULL, Wenatchee; J. M. McDOWELL,
Swauk and upper Yakima; B. D. SOUTHERN, Nanum and Reecer; T. T. WILSON, South Kittitas; W. M. PEASE, Menastash;
J. B. ARMSTRONG, Ellensburg. Mr. STEVENS will take Cle-Elum and west Kittitas. Prof. GETS will make a proposition to the new bicycle club, whereby the Normal boys will clear a tract on
the plateau above the school and they will ask the bicyclers to grade it. Frank BOSSONG has a fine new delivery ??? of his own designing...


Last Friday night a big light northwest of town told that a fire was in progress, and the following morning
it was learned that the large barn on Jake CLEMAN's place had been burned. It seems that one of his men was
working in the barn after dark and his lantern was overturned. The man got frightened and rushed out to give
the alarm, and the opening of the door supplied a draft for the fire and it was soon beyond all control, so
the barn was totally destroyed in a short time. It has not been possible to learn what the exact loss was,
but it was heavy, without a cent of insurance. The barn contained a self-binder, a mower, three wagons, four
sets of harness, several plows and other implements, two carloads of baled hay and a one-year-old coach colt;
plus a big load of seed wheat, and not a thing was saved out of the lot.


(Note: This microfilm portion was dark, unreadable letters are indicated by ?) The following letters remain unclaimed at the Ellensburg postoffice for the week ending March 25, 1895: Mrs. Lovesa ALLF??D, A. F. ANDREWS, J. O. BEST, M. BRIDGES, Frank COX, John W. DEMOREST, David D. DUSE,


...lecture on Friday evening by Pres. BRYAN of the Agricultural college at Pullman... On account of the lecture, the regular meeting of the Eclectic Literary society was abandoned. An
election of officers was held on Friday afternoon, with the following results: S. I. WALLACE, president;
Minnie FRANCE, vice-president; Fred BUTCHER, recording secretary; Nellie FULTON, corresponding secretary;
C. M. CAROTHERS, sergeant-at-arms; Hattie RIDDLE, treasurer. Quite extensive arrangements are being made for Arbor day, from which time forward the Normal grounds are
to be shaded by trees of all kinds. It is examination week. Everyone about the institution realizes this.

UPTOWN OFFICE - The Northern Pacific Express Office Moved to the Depot

Last Saturday morning the traveling auditors of the Northern Pacific Express company put in an appearance
and after devoting the day to checking up the accounts of Agent HALL, they posted a large notice in the window
bearing these words: "Express office moved to depot". They volunteered no further information, and the public
was given no reason for the change...


In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, for Kittitas County Asa HASKELL, plaintiff, vs. James E. GARRETT, F. A. WILLIAMS, and William McGUIRE, co-partners under the
firm name and style of WILLIAMS & McGUIRE; F. A. WILLIAMS and J. H. SMITHSON, co-partners under the firm name
of WILLIAMS & SMITHSON; J. H. SMITHSON, the WILLIAMS-SMITHSON company, a corporation; John P. CLERF, E. JONES,
O. HINMAN and S. R. GEDDIS, co-partners under the firm name and style of HINMAN & GEDDIS, Defendants. You are hereby summoned to appear within twenty days after service of this summons ... defend the above
entitled action...


In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, for Kittitas County In the matter of the estate of Alexander A. MUNSON, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed administrator of the estate of Alexander A.
MUNSON, deceased... March 7, 1895 ... W. D. KILLMORE, administrator.


Whereas and by virtue of an execution on foreclosure issued out of the Superior Court of Kittitas County,
Washington, on March 6, 1895, in the cause of F. D. CHAMBERLAIN, plaintiff, vs. W. A. JORDIN, Mary A. JORDIN,
and Fred L. GEDDIS, Defendants, on a judgement, decree of foreclosure and order of sale rendered in said
action on March 5, 1895, which said judgment was for the sum of $1,277.44, with interest thereon at the rate
of eight per cent per annum... and the costs of suit taxed at $13.81, besides increased costs, and is in favor
of said plaintiff and against said defendants ... I am commanded to sell the following described real property
in Kittitas County... The east half of the south-west quarter, the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter,
and the south west quarter of the north east quarter, of section six, in township eighteen north, range
nineteen east of Williamette meridian ... public notice is hereby given that I will sell on April 5, 1895,
at the ... courthouse in Ellensburg ...


In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, for Kittitas County In the matter of the estate of Charley YUNE, Deceased Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of Charley YUNE, deceased, to the
creditors ... Dated this 21st day of March, 1895. Goon GAN, Administrator of the estate of Charley YUNE,


In the matter of the estate of Elijah D. GREWELL, deceased. Notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against the estate of Elijah D. GREWELL, deceased,
must present same... Dated March 28, 1895 ... R. N. GILLIAM, Administrator of said estate.

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