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Saturday, May 28, 1904

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   At the May examination of teachers the following persons received certificates:  Mrs. Daisy FISH, Josephine PIHL, Vernie WEST,
Flora SALLADAY, Stanley ATWOOD, Zeta DAVIS, James CROOK, Emma FRANCIS, Florence MERRITT, Margaret CASSELS, Lida OLDING. At the April eighth grade examination there were twenty-two applicants. Seventeen were successful. The following is a list of those who
will receive a diploma: District No. 1, Emma MUELLER; No. 2, Gladys SALLADAY, Jennie MACK, Alice HENRY; No. 6, Nellie CARVER; No. 7,
Frank SWETT, Ray DAMMAN; No. 8, Otto BROOKS; No. 9, Andrew LACKMAN; No. 17, Clarence O'CONNOR; No. 18, Mabel GILKEY; No. 24, John CROOKS,
Mamie DeDONATO, Mary McKAY, Rosa HARR; No. 49, E. W. LYEN, Lottie HADLEY.


T. J. McNAUGHT died last Friday at the home of his brother-in-law, J. H. MOORE, north of town and was buried on Sunday. He was a
comparative stranger here, having come from the east recently. The Central Christian church building has just been moved from Pine street, below the Theater, to the corner of Ruby and Sixth. The lecture on Birds given by W. R. LORD at the normal last Wednesday evening was well attended and was very interesting and instructive. The Ladies' Aid society of the First Christian church will give a social next Wednesday evening... at the home of Mrs. Chas ROBINSON,
on North Walnut between 8th and 9th Street. Dr. MARTIN will given several selections on the violin and there will be a number of other
musical numbers...


The big canal is completed. Look out for the new Burlington passenger trains. One year ago last Wednesday, President Roosevelt was here. The militia company is doing a good deal of target practicing now. There is still considerable sickness in the valley, pneumonia keeping well in the lead. There is an active inquiry now for dwellings and great inconvenience is resulting from scarcity. J. O. TICE is building a large addition to his blacksmith and wagon shop on the west side. The history of this county is now in the hands of the printers and will be issued about the first of September. Mrs. O. HINMAN, who underwent a severe surgical operation at the hands of Dr. McCAULEY a few days ago, is progressing very favorably. The three automobiles are on the go most of the time now and the horses are becoming accustomed to them. All the owners are well pleased
with their machines. W. H. BURTON and S. W. MAXEY both inform The Capital that the Menashtash is unusually high; in fact, it is simply a tumbling torrent, and
they are unable to account for the great volume of water that is coming down. The skin grafts made by Dr. MAHAN on W. D. CARTER's foot have resulted very satisfactorily. Every one of the twelve pieces of skin taken
from his little daughter adhered and the patient is making rapid progress toward permanent recovery.


Last Sunday afternoon while the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. CALKINS was playing along the creek near their home he started to
walk across on a board and his attention being attracted elsewhere, he stepped off and fell into the stream, which at this time is little
less than a raging torrent. Mrs. J. K. MORRILL happened to see the accident and her loud scream brought several to the scene, among them
Mr. CALKINS, who plunged in and caught the child as he lodged against a bridge pier fifty feet below where he fell in. He was almost
unconscious, but was quickly restored, little the worse for his narrow escape from death.


Jess JARVIS, convicted of grand larceny, was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary. Frank MARTIN, for the same offence, one
year. M. HERRINGTON, convicted of petty larceny, one month in county jail and one dollar fine. Court adjourned for the term. Clerk EMERSON received notice on Thursday that Michael CROMBACH, who was sent to the insane asylum on April 25 had been discharged,
having recovered. Auditor BALDWIN issued marriage licenses to G. R. JOHNSON and Miss Lura BLAIR, Alvaro DEMONT and Mrs. Susanna SMITH, Chas. FOELLER and
Miss Anna MEEK, M. G. HARRRELL and Mrs. Annie STEWARD. Mr. MAXEY is putting in his spare time rebuilding the fence around the courthouse.


Miss Emma SHARP has gone to the World's fair. Sam BLUMAUER of San Francisco visited his sisters on Thursday. Mrs. SINCLAIR of Spokane is visiting her mother, Mrs. H. C. ACKLEY. Mrs. Gay MOORE, who has been visiting at Wenatchee, has returned. Mr. and Mrs. F. N. McCANDLESS came over from Tacoma last Saturday. Mrs. E. H. BOYRIE of Seattle is visiting her sister, Mrs. James RAMSAY. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert HAMILTON a few days ago. Mrs. J. R. STURTEVANT of Wisconsin is visiting her brother, C. W. JOHNSONE. David MURRAY, who has been indisposed for some time, is again feeling better. Mrs. Bert LONGMIRE of Wenas is visiting her mother, Mrs. Frank KOBILKA. Mrs. C. ELWOOD has gone to Tygh Valley, Oregon, to visit her son. Miss Helen BRITTON, who spent the school year here, returned to her home in Tacoma yesterday. Letters recently received from Miss HELLER in Arizona say she is rapidly recovering her health. B. F. ("Pap") DAVIS is visiting old friends here after a five months' lay-up in the Missoula hospital. Miss L. H. WHEELER of the Western Union is taking a well earned rest in Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma. P. S. HUGHES, who has been superintending the work on the new canal for the contractor, has gone to British Columbia, where he has an
extensive railroad contract. W. C. PRATER returned a few days ago from Seward, Alaska. He says there is absolutely nothing there but the railroad and he advises
people to stay away from there. C. I. HELM was over from his Stevens county stock ranch this week. He informed The Capital that Ralph HELM, who went from here to
Honolulu several years ago, is now with him. Dr. M. G. HARRELL and Mrs. Annie STEWARD were married at the Christian church last Saturday evening by Rev. Mr. HILTON, the wedding being
private. An informal luncheon followed at the Vanderbilt. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. M. G. JACKSON and a sister of Frank JACKSON of
the Vanderbilt. The groom came here several months ago from Tennessee. They spent their honeymoon in Victoria.


At the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. CLERF last Sunday, Rev. A. F. McLEAN officiating, their daughter, Miss Katherine L. CLERF and Mr. John
N. FAUST were married at noon. The rooms were beautifully adorned with choice flowers and an elegant wedding dinner was served immediately
after the ceremony. The bride was dressed in a delicate gray silk trimmed in rich silk lace and medallions, and looked very handsome. They
left on the afternoon train for the Sound. They will be home after June 15. The bride is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John P. CLERF and is well known in the community, having attended the public and high
school here, and she is very popular with all who know her. The groom is a native of Shippenberg, Pa., and during his residence of two
years in this valley he has made many friends. There was a large list of invited guests and an array of beautiful presents, too extensive to enumerate, but that of the bride's parents
may be excepted. It was a fine black driving team, dining extension table, dinner set and 75 yards of carpet with rugs to match.


A legal contest that has been playing hide and seek with Father Time for 32 years was terminated in the superior court here before Judge
RUDKIN last Tuesday. The title of the suit was DUFFY vs. H. REHMKE, as administrator, et al, and was instituted at Yakima in 1872. The
action was to foreclose a mortgage and all the records were burned with the Yakima courthosue. The contention for foreclosure was not
sustained by Judge RUDKIN, as he held that the statute of limitation ran against it. There was an array of legal talent in the proceedings:
GRAVES and ENGLEHART and H. J. SNIVELY appearing for the plaintiff and HOVEY and HALE, KAUFFMAN and FROST and HASTINGS and STEADMAN of
Seattle for the defendants.

MANY HOUSES GOING UP - Dwellings of a Substantial Character Being Built All Over the City

Fred P. WOLFF has a fine foundation in for a house that will cost $3,000 or more. It is located on Seventh street, just west of
SCHLOTFELDT's and will be an ornament to that section of handsome houses. A block west of WOLFF, S. L. AMES is putting up an eight-room cottage that will cost $2,000. It has already been leased by H. F. NICHOLS. A block north and east, A. J. HOLMES is erecting a two-story 8-room residence, which is costing him about $2,500. L. A. VINCENT is building a very attractive and roomy cottage in the east end, which is provided with all the modern conveniences and it
will make him a most desirable home. Maurice TURNER has underway in the south end a 5-room cottage which will present a very neat appearance. David RAMSAY has accepted plans and let the contract to H. C. ACKLEY for a residence that will cost about $5,000. It will be opposite
the normal annex block. W. O. AMES has well underway on the corner of Sixth and Pine streets a double house, each apartment having five rooms, with toilet,
baths, etc. It will make a handsome appearance, and will be very convenient. It will cost about $2,500.


Sheriff THOMAS has just done a bit of clever sleuth work in capturing Leon MACEY, the confessed highway-man and horsethief and Emil
PETERSON, who escaped from the Yakima jail several days ago. They were captured by Sheriff THOMAS last Saturday one mile east of
Winchester, Wash., a little hamlet on the Great Northern railway and 150 miles east of Spokane. He had trailed the men from Wednesday noon
til the time of capture and took them without the least trouble. The two men were taken to Spokane Saturday evening and turned over to
Sheriff Grant of Yakima...


In the Superior Court of Kittitas County, State of Washington Bessie LESCOR, Plaintiff vs. Charles LESCOR, Defendant... You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to-wit, within sixty days
after the 14th day of May, 1904, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court ... The object of this action is to obtain a decree of divorce by the plaintiff from the defendant upon the ground of cruel and inhuman
treatment of the plaintiff by defendant, and that the defendant has failed and neglected to make suitable provisions for the support and
maintenance of the plaintiff, and that defendant has deserted and wholly abandoned the plaintiff for a period of more than one year prior to
the commencement of this action. GRAVES & ENGLEHART, Attorneys for Plaintiff


United States Land Office, North Yakima, Wash., May 18, 1904. Notice is hereby given that John P CLERF of Ellensburg, Washington, has filed notice of intention to make proof on his desert-land claim
No. 637 for the lots 5, 6, and 7 and SE 1/4 NW 1/4 Section 6, Township 17 N, Range 20 E, before the Register and Receiver at North Yakima,
Wash. on Thursday, the 14th day of July 1904. He names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and reclamation of said land: R. J. TJOSSEM, Howard Scott FLOYD,
John J. SCHLOTFELDT, John N. FOUSS, all of Ellensburg, Washington.


The present that always pleases is one of PAUTZKE's fine photos. Come in and let him show you the latest styles. You can secure a grand investment. How? By arranging a contract with the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. Call on
F. L. SMITH, Ellensburg, Wash. Stone Bank Building, East Fourth Street, Ground Floor. A Full Stock of Children's School Shoes to be had at H. A. GOTZIAN's, Geddis Block. American Bakery, R. A. PUETT. Bread, Pies, Cakes, Etc. Delivered to all Parts of the City. 202 N. Pearl. Ellensburg Transfer Co., H. L. MARTIN, Mgr., Makes a Specialty of All Kinds of Dray Work... Dr. J. A. MAHAN, Physician and Surgeon, office in Stone Bank Block. Angus W. WILLIAMS, M. D., General Practice of Medicine and Surgery. Offices in Stone Bank Building, in Rooms formerly occupied by
Dr. BEAN. Ellensburg, Wash. W. A. FISHBURN, D. D. S., Dentist. National Bank Building - Ellensburg. J. H. SCOTT, Undertaker and Licensed Embalmer. Parlors, Pearl and Fifth. Residence, One block east. J. C. HUBBELL, Bonds, Warrants and Insurance. Real Estate Bought and Sold. Care of non-resident property a Specialty. Brick Bank Bldg. FOR SALE CHEAP, a well bred stallion. Enquire of E. B. WASSON. 80 ACRES - 40 under cultivation, 40 timber and pasture; good location; mail delivery daily; near school and church; house of 9 rooms, cellar
and good well; barn 40x50 feet; good chicken house; blacksmith and wagon shop 20x40, and other buildings. 280 well-assorted fruit trees now
bearing apples, pears, plums, cherries and prunes. Horses, cows and farm implements can be bought with the place. Land is producing heavy
crops of hay and potatoes. A rare chance to secure an improved place at a Great bargain. Reason for selling, physical disability. Enquire
at once of Henry L. MACK, Cle Elum, Wash...

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