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Thursday, May 29, 1913

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   The new officers of the high school student body were inaugurated Wednesday morning.   They
are Joe HOVEY, president; Ensign ASPINWALL, vice president; Elwood McDONALD, manager; Roy BOWERS,
secretary; Roy KINNEY, treasurer, and Robert SCHNEBLY, sophomore representative. Marie TERRY, the colored woman who has been in the county jail for several months for having
assaulted her husband, has been pardoned by Governor LISTER on the recommendation of the judge,
attorney and sheriff, as her health is precarious and further confinement might mean serious
consequences. Tomorrow is Memorial or Decoration day and our little band of survivors of the civil war
will get together and celebrate it in the usual way. Well may they do this, for they will not
do it long; the veterans are getting too feeble to make the exertion and they must soon forego
the effort through lack of strength, both numerically and physically. A man who went through
the war must of necessity be now about 70 years old. This tells the whole story. Alonzo RIGGS has brough suit against Sheriff GERMAN and his bondsmen for $3,065 as a result
of the treatment he received at the hands of the kangaroo court while he was confined in the
county jail a few months ago.


L. D. DENTON has returned from a visit in Seattle. Mrs. H. A. HARMON of Vancouver is visiting friends here. Mrs. F. S. ROSS has returned from a visit on the coast. F. M. ROTHROCK of Spokane is spending a few days in the city. Dr. and Mrs. HARVEY have returned from Seattle, where they spent a few days. Mrs. N. W. PRITCHARD is entertaining her lady friends this afternoon at her home. Miss Lillie GARVEY who has taught at Toppenish is home for the summer vacation. Miss AYER, state librarian, whose home is in Olympia, is the guest of Mrs. J. C. HUBBELL. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh WEBBER of Edgemont was buried on Saturday. Miss Agnes MONTGOMERY of Enumclaw is here for the normal commencement exercises. Rev. Charles W. REESE is spending a few days on the Sound, his trip extending as far as
Victoria. Lee McMANUS, a former student and graduate of the normal is here for the commencement exercises. H. M. BRYANT of Port Orchard came over to participate with his old post in the observance of
Memorial day. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. SAGER of Edgemont entertained a number of friends from the city at dinner
Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry REHMKE and son, Willie, of Port Orchard, are spending a few days here
with relatives and friends. Miss Jeanette TWYMAN who has been teaching on the Sound is here to spend the vacation with
her mother, Mrs. J. S. DIXON. Miss Sarah BALDWIN, who has been teaching at South Cle Elum, has completed her term and is
with her parents here for the summer. Henry FILER delighted his old friends here in his recital Friday evening and his entertainment
proved to be of very high order. Mrs. John IRWIN entertained the ladies of Edgemont Friday afternoon at her home in honor of
Mrs. W. A. TOZER. Mrs. P. H. ADAMS entertained Wednesday afternoon at her country home, the time being devoted
to bridge. Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. HYDE of Tacoma, who are returning from a sojourn in Bermuda, are
guests of Mrs. E. B. LOOMIS of Shelterneuk farm. Mrs. A. G. LABBE of Portland is also visiting
her mother. J. E. GABBERT and Miss Abagail FLYNN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. FLYNN, were married a
few days ago in Seattle and have returned here to reside. They surprised a good many of their
friends, but they will not evade the many good wishes.


Mrs. Ida KELLICUT and son, Raymond, have gone to Spokane and will visit relatives in Idaho
before returning. Mrs. D. T. EDWARDS has been visiting Mrs. Ed PAGE. Raymond ROAN and Herold GRIFFITHS spent Monday in Kent. The Ladies' Aid met at the home of Mrs. Ed PAGE Wednesday, the attendance being large. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob NEWMAN was consumed by fire Thursday morning and only a few
pieces of furniture were saved. Beatrice BRADSHAW is sick. R. D. SMITH and wife spent Thursday in Ellensburg. Miss Ada HOLSTEAD spent Sunday with Miss Gedie SMITH. Miss Bertha LANE has gone to Cle Elum to spend the summer. The young people's class of the M. E. Sunday school met at the home of Miss Evaline PAGE
Friday evening. Those present were Miss Myrtle HORNIBROOK, Helen SMITH, Millie VAN NOSTRAM,
Ada HOLSTEAD, Eva LOONEY, Merl JONES, Gedie SMITH, Hazle JONES, and Iris LOUTHER, and
Archie HORNIBROOK, Raymond WEAVER, Willie PAGE, and Teacher Merry BRIDGAM. C. A. SNYDER is spending a few days at Seattle on business. Wm. CHRISTNER is seriously ill with pneumonia at the home of Carl JOHNSON. Miss Geraldine MESSICK spent Thursday in Ellensburg. F. L. TURNER has returned from Colville where he was sent by the W. O. W. as a delegate. Miss Minnie STEVENS is visiting Mrs. C. A. SNYDER. Prof. GRIFFITHS of Thorp spent Monday at Kent. A birthday party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe HANLON in honor of their daughter,
Miss Minnie's 16th birthday. Those present were the Misses Ollie and Mary ELLISON, Iris BURNS,
Grace DAVIS, Allie MORRISON, Sylvia HATFIELD, and Edna and Cecil WILLCOX, Mr. Hurburt HARRELL,
Willie PAGE, Ray SMITH, Chester BURNS, Melburn WHITED, Carl COALMAN, Clarence PAGE, Johnnie HUD,
and Earnest HANLON. A very pleasant evening was spent.


James NOLAN has opened a law office in the Olympia block. Mrs. C. C. COMFORT died on Monday and will be buried this afternoon. The S. P. FOGARTY store has been making interior changes in order to secure more room. O. W. BALL has had the largest sign in the business section painted on his prism glass front. Fred MILLIKIN who has been driving the auto truck in the fire department has resigned. H. PARISH has been appointed inspector of the work on the new road being built over Craig's
hill. Contractor ANDERSON is making good headway on his contract for the brick road leading out
past the cemetery. PACKWOOD & Company have moved their grocery store from Fifth street to the old PEED stand
on Fourth. Reports from the summit say the N.P. is making excellent progress in its double tracking
project over the "hill". The senate on Monday confirmed the appointment of Richard STROBACH as register of the land
office at Yakima. Two car loads of silica from the Squaw Creek deposits are being shipped over the Milwaukee
to Seattle this week. The Cascade Canal company has a force of men at work on the lower end making some needed
improvements to its spillway. SPAULDING and BURCHAM has over 200 young turkeys, with 50 or more to come, and they report
them very thrifty, having sustained no loss at all. The Milwaukee ran two Olympians through here eastbound on Wednesday. The rush was due to a
heavy sale of round-trip tickets to the east in Seattle. G. J. HORNER has sued the N. P. for $1,038 as damages for being put off a passenger train at
Thrall early in May. He alleges that the conductor also assaulted him. The concrete building being erected by Mrs. Mary HERATY opposite the N. P. depot is taking
on form and will add greatly to the appearance of lower Third street. About 30 local Masons made a fraternal visit to Cle Elum lodge Friday evening, going up in
automobiles in the afternoon and returning the same night. Dr. TAYLOR broke the record by
going up in one hour. Memorial Sunday was observed by the local veterans at the Presbyterian church last Sunday
and the attendance was large. Dr. SCOTT of Ohio, father of Quincy SCOTT, delivered the sermon,
which was much enjoyed.

NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION (not coal land) No. 03496

Department of the Interior, US Land Office at North Yakima, Wash., May 5, 1913 Notice is hereby given that John F. SNOW, of Ellensburg, Wash., who on October 28, 1909,
made homestead entry No. 03496, for west 1/2 of northeast quarter and east 1/2 of northwest
quarter, Section 20, Township 17N, Range 21 E. W. Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
make final three-year proof, to establish claim to the land above described... Claimant names as witnesses Anson LOW, Frank OLMSTEAD, Arthur L. PHELPS, Charles A. PHELPS,
all of Boylston, Wash.


In the Superior Court of Kittitas county, State of Washington In the matter of the Estate of Samuel HOGAN, deceased. Notice is hereby given that Thomas SMITH, the administrator of the estate of Samuel HOGAN,
deceased, has rendered and presented for settlement and filed in the above entitled court his
final account... dated this 11th day of February 1913.


T. H. BOYD, our former townsman, but now connected with the Industrial Insurance Commission
as special claims investigator, living in Seattle, was here a day or two and spoke most
entertainingly of the commission and its work...


The governing board of the chamber of commerce will conduct a contest for the election of a
princess to represent Ellensburg at the Spokane Pow Wow... The nominees, up to this time, are
Miss Helen LESTER, Miss Adelyn AMES and Miss Bernice SCOTT...


At a largely attended meeting of the residents of Kittitas on Monday evening... a resolution
was unanimously adopted favoring the proposal of the CLERF estate to impound the water of Warm
Springs and pipe it to Kittitas... The proposition, as set forth by Miss Christine CLERF,
involves the expenditure of approximately $20,000 in the construction... Practically every
resident in town has signed an agreement to become a user if the proposition materializes.


To make the acquisition of homesteads as easy as possibly in strict conformity with the law
for bona fide settlers and genuine home makers, and as difficult as possible for dummy entrymen
or speculators, is the announced purpose of Secretary Lane in beginning an investigation of the
rules and regulations of the land office. A month ago Secretary Lane sent a special representative to South Dakota to investigate
specific charges against county land agents.... A hearing will be held at Salt Lake June 5...
This word comes in an official dispatch from Washington and will be received with pleasure by
many homesteaders in this region who have been greatly inconvenienced by the red-tape tactics
of the government...

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