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Thursday, July 30, 1896

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Rev. R. W. KING spent Sunday in Spokane. State Auditor FROST came over from Olympia last Saturday and returned yesterday. J. W. FROST arrived from Pennsylvania last week and will reside here in the future. Mrs. M. H. FLUMMERFELT, whose home is in New Jersey, is visiting her son, Charles FLUMMERFELT. There was very little of our city's population left here yesterday, the great railroad picnic having attracted everybody to Easton. T. W. ENOS, from Tacoma ????, came over last Friday and spent several days looking over his various interests in this vicinity. R. S. CHAMPINE, of Minneapolis, who has been looking over our city, is so well pleased that he has decided to locate here and engage
in business. Auditor Nathan S. BEMAN, of Seattle, last Saturday came over after his wife, who has been here for her health, and returned with her
on Sunday. McCARTY, the lessee of the SHOUDY - BOYLE gold claim, shipped an $1,800 gold brick last week, and Thomas JOHNSON, it is understood,
bought out a $700 brick at the same time. The Secretary of the Interior has reversed the commissioner's decision and allowed the homestead entry of M. M. DAMMAN, in this land
district. The Northern Pacific railroad was the contestant. The Ladies' Home in process of equipping for the Normal ladies is rapidly nearing completion... It will certainly be a very elegant
place for the students. It is reported on the street that D. H. CAREY, who has been an ardent silver man, has changed his mind and is turning to the gold


About 800 people left Ellensburg yesterday morning on the special excursion train for the picnic given by the railroad employees, near
Easton. At Cle Elum over 300 more were taken aboard, and probably half that many reached the grounds by private conveyance. The railroad
men were alert, and the great crowd was handled without any trouble by them and a more orderly lot of people never assembled. Not a
drunken man was seen during the day, and nothing occurred to mar the pleasure of the people...Everybody was delighted with the day's outing
and the excursion was decidedly the greatest in Ellensburg's history....


The Populist county committee at a special meeting named the following committees to make the necessary arrangements for the state
convention which meets here on August 12. Committee on hall and entertainment: L. A. VINCENT, S. T. PACKWOOD, and H. W. ELDRED. Committee on music and decoration: C. V. WARNER, W. A. THOMAS, and S. T. STERLING. Comittee on reception of delegates coming with their own conveyances: John CATLIN, Henry RAMM, John GREEN, W. J. McCAUSLAND, and
G. C. POLAND. Committee on the general reception: The 10 delegates elected to States convention.


Mr. Martin MICHEL, at the request and suggestion of some of our people has fitted up a most excellent place for swimming, a long felt
want in this town. The pond is just a few blocks north of town on Pearl Street, and is about 70 feet long by 40 feet wide and from 3 to
6 feet deep. This portion is enclosed by the outer rim of the pond and a danger line on the other side. Beyond this line is a space well
adapted to little boys who have not yet learned to swim. Leading from the small dressing room on the bank down into the water are steps
and a clean, new platform. The pond has been thoroughly cleaned down to hard pan, and will receive the liberal patronage of the people.
No one will be allowed to go in without bathing trunks. Mr. MICHEL deserves encouragement for his work; his enthusiasm and interest in
the matter is commendable, and he will, no doubt, soon establish a natatorium capable of accommodating ladies or gentlemen as well as


The New Teachers Who will Labor in the Normal ...Prof. ST. JOHN is a graduate from one of the leading state normals of Minnesota, and was for a number of years a teacher in that
state, studied during the past year in the department of pedagogy in the Leland Stanford, Jr., University, and comes equipped with what the
normal here desires to offer the young people of this state. The Training department, which has been so successful heretofore, is being strengthened by a teacher of wide experience in that line.
The plan this year will be to place a training teacher in charge of each room in this department. Miss Anna L. STEWARD, who has had charge
of the department during the past two years, will remain with the upper grades, while the lower, or primary grades, will be in the charge
of Miss Annie KLINGENSMITH, a graduate of the state normal at Indiana, Pa., and also of the special course for training school teachers
at Oswego, N.Y....During the past five years she has been in charge of a similar department at the state normal at St. Cloud, Minn...

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