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Thursday, September 19, 1912

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Emmanuel MUNZ, who has been on good behavior, having been sentenced to the reform school several
months ago, was ordered taken there by Judge KAUFFMAN on Wednesday, as he has broken his word.


Mr. and Mrs. Everett PLATT spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank PAGE. Misses Manda and Lucy YEARWOOD spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs. Andy BIERS at the Cove. Mrs. Jacob NEWMAN, who was operated on at the city hospital in Ellensburg some time ago
has returned to her home. Mrs. BEARDSLEY and Mrs. BARKER, who have been visiting relatives for the past three months
here, left for Portland Monday morning and will visit friends there before returning to Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Vance BROADNIX spent Tuesday in Ellensburg. Ebbie McGINNIS from the Tanum spent Sunday in the valley with relatives and friends. C. A. SNYDER and wife spent Saturday in Ellensburg. Miss Mary STEVENS entered the Ellensburg school Monday. Frank CROSS, who has been working on MORRISON & HARNELD's baler, has quit and resumed work
in his store at Thorp. A farewell dinner was given Sunday at the home of Francis GORDON for Mrs. BEARDSLEY and
Mrs. BARKER. Those present were: F. L. TURNER and family, Mrs. KNOKE and family, Ed PEASE and
family, and Earnest PEASE and family. Dan BRUNSON, Lynn MORRISON, J. O HATFIELD and Will MORRISON spent Sunday above Thorp hunting
and report getting several birds. Mrs. STEVENS and daughter, Miss May, and Miss Myrtle HORNIBROOK spent Sunday with Mrs. Ed PAGE
and daughter Evaline. Morton McQUEEN entered the high school at Thorp Monday. Mrs. O'CONNOR, who was operated on a few days ago by Dr. CARPENTER is getting along nicely. Ernest HENSON and family, who have been living in Thorp left Monday for Granger and will make
their future home there. Raymond KELLICUT entered Thorp high school Monday.


Miss Beulah WILSON has returned from Auburn where she has been visiting friends for the past
month. Misses Flora and Selina PREESE left Sunday for Tacoma, where they expect to remain for the
winter attending college there. Eugene WILSON enrolled in the Ellensburg high school Monday. About seventeen pupils started to the new union high school in Kittitas Monday, among whom
were the Misses Edith KRESGE, Olivia HINKLE, Don DILLION, and Harold and Harry HEMMINGSEN from
Denmark. Martin INDERMUHLE has recently gone to Toppenish where he expects to remain for a few weeks. John BOLLMAN and wife and Messrs. Carl DAWLEY, Martin BURKE, and Harry PARR left Monday for
North Yakima where they expect to remain for about thirty days. They will have their Wild West
show in Toppenish, Yakima and at various other places. Mrs. Clara GRAHAM left Monday for Seattle after spending a few weeks here visiting with her
mother Mrs. Susan BOLLMAN. Miss Myrtle WEBBER, who is teaching school in Thorp this term, spent Sunday at her home in
Edgemont. Mrs. Emil SORENSON is reported to be quite ill at present.


Monday the 15th was Northern Pacific pay day. Mrs. LOOMIS has commenced apple picking at Shelterneuk farm. Farmers are generally busy now getting their second cutting of hay in the bale. The interior of the Queen theater is being redecorated and is going to show great improvement. H. PARRISH has been selected by the city to act as inspector of paving on the Third street
contract. A dozen businessmen of Seattle passed through here this morning in automobiles en route to
the Pendleton Round-up. Thieves entered PRITCHARD's store Tuesday night and secured some small change in addition to
helping themselves to candy. It is reported that William CONANT has sold his west side farm to William McQUEEN. The
consideration has not been made public. The American Paint company is closing out busienss in order to go to Juneau, Alaska, where
they will open up in the same lines. A large force of men and teams is busy getting the high school grounds in shape. The cement
walks have been laid around the building. For the first time women were called as jurors in the superior court yesterday. None, however,
got on the jury they were called for. The Simon P. FOGARTY company announces a piano recital by Geo. A. REED. Mrs. T. A. SAGER of Edgemont has been doing some special work in the normal for a few days
this week during the absence of Prof. KLEMME. A. F. SCHULTZ has a force of men at work on his reservoir at Thorp, in anticipation of
cutting a large crop of ice during the winter. J. P. BECKER has just installed a power punch and shears, which will do the work of over a
dozen men. It is certainly a marvel, as it cuts cold steel as easily as a sharp knife cuts
sole leather. A man named MILLER and another BARNSTEADER by name, quarrelled on Sunday at South Cle Elum
with the result that the latter was stabbed and killed. MILLER was arrested and charged with
the crime and was bound over to the superior court and will be tried at the present session.


Dexter SHOUDY was in the city on Tuesday. Harry CROAT is spending a few days in Seattle. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne MURRAY on Tuesday. Beckwith HUBBELL returned to Brooklyn to re-enter school. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. R. N. POST of Badger Pocket yesterday. Fred GILMOUR is attending the convention of county assessors in Spokane. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald FORD have returned from their bridal trip to Yakima. Howard WALLACE, who taught in the public schools last year will attend the university. Announcements are out for the marriage of Helen OLSEN to Wm. K.ROGERS, to occur today. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. BALL have returned from an extended trip through the middle east and south. Harry HOFFMAN, who attended the univeristy last year, has gone to Seattle to resume his
studies. Mrs. Martin CAMERON and daughter, Miss Faun, who have spent the summer in Seattle, have
returned. Miss Bertha WILLS entertained Saturday afternoon in honor of Miss TAYLOR of Canada, who is
visiting her brother, Dr. TAYLOR. Mrs. Jack BROWN and Mrs. Fred HOFMANN entertained Saturday afternoon in honor of
Miss Thelma HOME prior to her departure for the east to attend school. Mrs. FOWLER of Bellingham is the guest of her granddaughter, Mrs. Wilson TOZIER of Edgemont.
She is a coast pioneer, having crossed the plains in a wagon in 1852.


While Kittitas Valley has not been heretofore regarded as a peach growing region in the
commercial sense, it has nevertheless been known for a long time that the valley produces
peaches of a superior quality, but never have the been so fine as they are this year, nor have
they ever been so abundant... Among the heavier producers of peaches... are Mrs. E. B. LOOMIS, J. H. LODERHOSE, F. J. PAGE,
and B. A. MAXEY, all of whom have been putting their product on the local market... Just now
Crawfords are being delivered...


The Final Figures Show Great Many Very Peculiar Ideas Among the Voters Representative, republican: HUBBELL 918, DICKSON 896, BALMER 738, JONES 403, NORRIS 463;
democrats: BULL 330, ADAMS 288, STEVENS 210, KILMORE 186, FAUST 163, WAGER 145. Sheriff, republican: BOWERS 968, POTTS 893; GERMAN. Democrats: no opposition. Superintendant of Schools, republican: Jeannie W. TALBOTT 1104, Orpha BARKLEY 809; democrats:
Mrs. MERRYMAN 433, Linn MARKEY 284. Assessor: E. E. SOUTHERN, republican, 841; ESTREM, who had withdrawn from the republican
ticket to run on a third ticket, received 923; THOMAS, democrat 581. Superior judge (non partisan): KAUFFMAN 1618; DAVIDSON 1254. Auditor: James HERON on the republican ticket received 1702; and NEWSTRUM, republican for
clerk 1692; CRIMP, democrat for clerk 624; BALDWIN, democrat for auditor, 643. For state senator: SMITHSON, republican received 1269 in Kittitas County and 272 in Chelan
county; FERGUSON, his republican opponent received 1093 in Chelan and 541 in Kittitas County,
FERGUSON being nominated by 93 votes. FLUMMERFELT, the democratic nominee, having no opposition,
received 563 votes. For coroner, ROSE, republican, 1233; PINCKARD, republican 530; W. L. JACKSON, democrat, 592. GILMOUR, democrat for treasurer had no opposition and received 658. Prosecuting attorney - FELKNER, republican, no opposition, 1194; GARRISON, democrat, 335:
SLEMMONS, democrat, 412. County engineer - C. T. JORDAN, democrat, 593, no opposition. Ellensburg justices - BONNEY 379, PRICE 249, BLOCK 209. Ellensburg precinct committeemen - First ward, J. C. McCAULEY; second ward R. B. WILSON,
third ward, Wm. FREYBURGER. South Ellensburg - Jas. STEVENSON.


Although the seats for the new high school building had not arrived, the registration and
formation of classes took place Monday morning, and considering the existing disadvantages
the work has progressed very satisfactorily under Principal POPE. The enrollment amounted to
over 200 and the students are greatly pleased with the new building which is very light and
well ventilated. ..


The committee having charge in the dance to be given by the "Old Timers" of the organization
got busy the first of this week... With Simon P. FOGARTY in charge of the decorations and
W. B. PRICE superintending the refreshments, both the sight and the taste will certainly be
pleased. Miss Thelma CARTER, in charge of the domestic science department of the high school,
will be in immediate charge of the supper...

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