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October 1, 1896

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The hobo nuisance is becoming intolerable. The hydrant did good work at the Chinatown fire on Monday. Simon FOGARTY sent a beautiful exhibit of flowers down to the state fair today. FORD & FRAZEE are having their store repapered and fitted up in handsome style. H. H. WILKINS, who formerly resided here, is now in the telegraph office at Yakima. The Yakima people are discussing the proposition of building a wagon road into the Gold Hill mines from that place. John LITTLE shipped ten carloads of sheep from here to Chicago last Sunday and Otto KOHLER sent out ten carloads on Tuesday. Ezra MEEKER, the hop king, was robbed of his valise at Yakima yesterday. The thief represented himself as a hotel runner for
N. N. BROWN and easily placed his game. Dr. GRAY has left at The Capital office a stalk of broom corn over nine feet high which he raised on one of the lots in the city. Miss Nettie FULTON died at the home of her mother, twelve miles out of town, last Friday.


An alarm of fire was run at 11 o'clock last Monday morning and a heavy smoke in Chinatown told that the fire had got hold in the old
rookeries. It started in one of the small shacks in the rear, but soon comm???ed to the two-story frame on the corner, and the result was
a very hot fire, which quickly spread to the rooms adjoining on the west and south, and before it could be got under control five buildings
were destroyed. They were mostly wash houses, but one was a store, out of which a good many things were carried and saved. Most of the
wash houses saved many of their effects. The fire was a very hot one and resisted the efforts of the firemen stubbornly. The buildings destroyed were owned by Mrs. Caroline FITZSIMMONS, who resides in New York, and there was no insurance on them. The loss
sustained by the Chinamen could not be ascertained, but it will probably not exceed a few hundred dollars.


Mr. George HYDE, who is in charge of the United States geological survey now at work in this region, came down from camp last Monday
for supplies, accompanied by his assistant, Mr. A. H. SYLVESTER. He reports some fearful storms on Mount Stuart, where he has been working,
and declares that it is one most inaccessible mountains on this coast. Its sides are precipitous, and there is an almost constant
avalanche of boulders rolling down its slopes...


The usual grand Millinery Opening of Mrs. A. STEVENSON is announced for this season to occur at her millinery parlors on Third Street,
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday...


Mrs. C. S. PROWELL, of Palouse, is in the city. D. D. SMITH, of Roslyn, was in town last Monday. Mrs. J. K. MERRILL went up to Liberty on Monday. Miss Hetta HAMILTON of Seattle is visiting relatives here. John A. SHOUDY came down from the Peshastin last Saturday. Dexter SHOUDY is spending a few days in Wenatchee this week. Dr. POWER has been one of the judges at the state fair this week. C. I. HELM is at Yakima this week acting as judge of the horse races. Dr. ANDERSON, of Seattle, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. F. N. McCANDLESS. Mr. D. COINER moved his family from his ranch into town last week for the winter. Mrs. George CURRENS, of Mattoon, Ill., visited friends in the city last Sunday. Miss Maud McCLELLAN arrived in town last Monday to resume her studies at the normal. J. M. BAIRD started to Wenatchee and other points in that region last Sunday to post election notices. Isaac BROWN and L. W. KRIBE drove down from Roslyn last Sunday and went over to the Wenatchee country on Monday. Leo LEWIS went to Seattle last Saturday to see his parents and sisters established in their new home. He returned today. Miss Lulu CARSON, of Steilacoom, arrived in the city on Tuesday, and will spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. F. M. McCULLY. H. L. STOWELL left last Sunday morning for the Wenatchee country, where he expects to make some speeches. He will probably go to
Waterville before he returns. Mrs. Emma DAVIES, of Montesano, has taken up her residence here for the winter, while her son and daughter attend the Normal. They
will probably decide to locate here permanently.

TOLD IN SHORT PARAGRAPHS: News Items "Boiled Down" for Busy People

Messers. MIRES and SPIKER, while out driving last Sunday on the west side, were surprised to come suddenly upon a large black bear. By
the aid of their three dogs and two Winchesters they succeeded in killing the animal, and by their combined efforts got it into their
wagon... The excitement was too much for SPIKER and he has been laid up. Both gentlemen are still sleeping in the barn. Here is a return made in the polling book of South Ellensburg, as sent in by the Pop canvasser. Under the heading "R" is this entry:
"W. A. RICE; occupation, riding a bicycle." It is safe to say the letter "D", indicating doubtful, did not appear after his name. When
the votes are counted, Mr. RICE will probably be seen riding through our streets standing up on his wheel and cheering for the victorious
McKinley. RICE is all right. Mrs. Dr. Agnes WINZELL was arrested last Tuesday on a complaint sworn out by Dr. BEAN, charging her with practicing without a license.
She took a change of venue from Justice BOYLE's court to Thorp. Last evening she held forth at the armory, told her woes to those present
and was very emphatic in her denunciation of Dr. BEAN. Like the Pop orators, however, she made very few converts. Willis TRIPP, who has just returned from a trip to Mission, says the quantity of fruit raised there this year is beyong comprehension... B. F. REED left this week for a visit to his old home in Kansas, and during his absence will go on to the great Elgin district, where
he will study the latest improvements in the creamery industry, with a view to adopting the most improved appliances in his creamery here. Dr. BEAN need give himself no concern on account of his arraignment last evening by the woman whose arrest he caused. His high standing
in this community makes such efforts ridiculous and pitiable.


The following letters remain unclaimed at the Ellensburgh post office for the week ending Sept. 26: BARNEY, Mrs. Minnie HOREMIRE, K. JOHNSON, Mrs. K. L. SLOCUM, Lee TAYLOR, Miss Annie WHITE, Ed REMINGTON, L. CORNING Please say "advertised" when calling for any of the above. W. H. PETERSON, P. M.


The hobo element has been steadily increasing in our city and growing bolder each day. Numerous small thefts have been reported and
larger ones have been expected. When R. E. WILSON went home last Sunday evening he found two men ransacking his house. As he was unarmed, he hastily returned to the
hotel for assistance. In the meantime, the burglars had become alarmed and fled. So far as Mr. WILSON knows, they secured nothing of
value. They got in by prying open a window. Last Monday night, H. C. BISHOP, a railroad man, was awakened by two men in his room. They demanded his silence and then proceeded to
help themselves. They took his valise, watch, hat, a pair of trousers, and a few other articles and departed. On Tuesday, two men were
arrested on suspicion and as Mr. BISHOP identified them in Justice BOYLE's court, they were bound over the the superior court. They gave
the names of Thos. MURPHY and Fred BAKER. The latter is said to be the man who worked the gold brick swindle at Wenatchee a year or
two ago...


The following persons entered this week: Avanelle GANO of Yakima county, Edna ADAMS of Kittitas, Laura E. FOSS of Wahkiakum,
G. H. ROUSH of Kittitas, Maud A. McCLELLAN of King, W. H. ANDERS of Thurston, David BURCHAM of Cowlitz, Lenora MACY of Klickitat and
F. P. McGREAL of Skagit... Miss Fannie AYRES who has been sick for some time returned to her duties yesterday. The Eclectic Society made an excellent showing at its first meeting of the year on Friday evening. The following program was given:
President's Address, Fred BUTCHER; Music, Male Quartet; Solo, Bessie McDONNELL; Recitation, Ella CHAMBERS; Piano Solo, Dasie DAVIS;
Essay, Josephine WESTERLAND; Music, Mixed Quartet; Critic's Report, Anna ASHMAN... Rev. WHEELER of this city paid the Normal a visit this week.

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