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Friday, October 8, 1909

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A Number of Men are Killed and the Great Shaft is Badly Demolished
The news that an explosion had taken place in the Roslyn coal mines last Sunday morning
aroused a great deal of excitement here and a number of persons went up to investigate for
themselves. The first report varied from 20 to 30 men killed, but this was steadily trimmed
down until it seems that less than a dozen lost their lives. The men in the mine were no doubt
instantly killed by the explosion and some of the surface men died of their injuries. The
explosion came about 11 in the morning without a moment's warning and the mine shaft was badly
demolished, the loss being estimated at from $50,000 to $100,000, but this is all guess work,
as it has been impossible to give the shaft an examination, because it has been so dangerous
that entrance to any distance has not been deemed adviseable. All kinds of assistance was at once offered and the families of the victims were at once
cared for. The names of those killed were Otis NEWHOUSE, Wm. ARUNDEL, Jas. GURREL,
Aaron ISAACSON, Don HARDY, Carl BERGER and John E. JONES. The funerals of NEWHOUSE, ARUNDEL
and GURREL were held on Tuesday and were largely attended. NEWHOUSE, ARUNDEL and GURREL were
surface men and those whose bodies were not recovered were underground men. One reason that the task of penetrating the mine has not been undertaken was because deep
rumblings have been heard, indicating that the trouble might not be over yet. At this time it
is impossible to tell what the extent of the damage has been and what condition the victims
of the explosion will be in. It is believed they were blown to instant death. The accident,
it is understood, will have no effect on the production of coal and the pay roll will not be
diminished as a result. Coroner WASSON has been ready since Monday to hold the inquest, but it has been impossible
to do so in view of the scarcity of definite information, but he will go ahead at the earliest


Work is progressing steadily on the foundation of the new N. P. depot. Eugene BURCH, who was convicted of assault, was sentenced to from two to ten years in
the pen. Charles NEWTON has been chosen captain and James McKINSTRY manager of the normal football
team. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter TJOSSEM died last Sunday morning and was buried on
Tuesday. R. P. TJOSSEM had his auto somewhat damaged a day or two ago by colliding with a pole while
trying to avoid a wagon. J. L. BIGBY was recently killed in an accident on the North Bank road. He formerly ran out
of Ellensburg and was known by a good many here. A man named GIBSON, who has been running a cigar store in Thorp, wanted for selling mortgaged
goods, has been arrested at Spokane by Sheriff CROWLEY. Mrs. E. B. LOOMIS expects to begin harvesting her apple crop next week. She has just
completed a fine cement cellar at her home for storage purposes. Harry CARROLL, who has been superintendent of the sheep department at the exposition stock
show has given fine satisfaction and showed himself to be a most capable young man. Judge KAUFFMAN has sentenced Alex McDOWELL, who was convicted of a felony, to from two to
five years in the pen. DACKE, who was likewise sentenced gave notice of appeal. A cement walk is going down between the city office and Third street and as the old wooden
walk was taken up over a year ago, the improvement is very noticeable and it will be appreciated. A petition was presented to the Milwaukee officials asking that the stock yards not be
located where the blue prints indicated they would be, behind the normal school. It was believed
they would be an intolerable nuisance there and those living near by were much opposed to them.
The petition was promptly granted. O. W. BALL is very anxious to secure some fine Kittitas fruit for a fine display to be made
in Seattle.


On Wednesday eve at the home of A. O. JOHNSON, uncle of the bride, Leslie T. WILSON was
married to Miss Irene OLSEN, daughter of Ben OLSEN. The groom is the son of T. T. WILSON, the
well known south end farmer... the young couple will establish themselves in the new home the
groom has prepared in Badger Pocket as soon as they return from a trip to the Sound...


Another business man has become converted to the "simple life" and hereafter will dally
with the soil, flirt with the vegetables and recline in the "shade of the old apple tree."
A. C. SPALDING is the man to whom the rural existence looks attractive and he has just purchased
a hundred acres of land and has already placed orders for apple and pear trees enough to plant
25 acres and he will do this is the spring. He bought the well known HUHN farm, which lies on
the Yakima river, about four miles above Thorp. The place is an old one and has always yielded
abundent crops...


Dr. George SLOAN, of Yakima, was here on Monday. Mrs. A. F. SCHULTZ is visiting a few days in Seattle. Mrs. R. A. WEAVER is visiting her parents in Tacoma. Carey SLOAN, of Yakima, was in the city on Saturday. James STEVENSON is enjoying the stock show this week. Mr. and Mrs. James HERON are visiting friends in Roslyn. Prof. WILSON has returned from a few days visit to the Sound. Verne MARTIN, of Seattle, is visiting his mother Mrs. C. BRUNN. Howard DELANEY has returned to his studies at the university. Loy SHOUDY, after visiting friends here, has gone to Seattle to see the big fair. Leslie NESBIT and Chester ROBINSON have gone to Seattle to enter the university. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. CARROLL, who have been in Portland and Seattle, are home again. J. V. ILOEFFLER, the Cle Elum attorney, was looking after legal business here Monday. Miss Beulah WILSON left yesterday for Pullman to resume her studies in the college. Herbert DICKSON is home from the exposition where he has been guard in the forestry building. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. WILSON on Thursday. Philip DAVIDSON has gone to Seattle, where he will attend the university during the coming
year. W. W. SEYMOUR, the well known Tacoma capitalist, was a Sunday guest at Sherlterneuk farm. Mrs. John HALLORAN, of Lewiston, Idaho, is visiting her husband, who is building the new
N. P. depot. Mrs. E. J. SAUNDERS, who spent the summer in the east, has been visiting friends here on her
return. Lloyd HUSTON, deputy sheriff at Easton, was married a few days ago to Miss Ada HARRISON of
Snohomish. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. HAYWARD, of Thorp, were guests at the WILLIAMS - COLLINS wedding Wednesday
evening. Mrs. David RAMSAY has returned from Tacoma, wehre she placed her son, James, in DeKoven Hall
school. Mrs. Mary SHOUDY, who has been visiting her son, John A. SHOUDY, left yesterday for Seattle
to see the exposition. Miss Marion GRAVES and her sister, Mrs. J. D. THOMAS, came over on Tuesday to attend the
WILLIAMS - COLLINS wedding. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. WILLIAMS came over to see their son married Wednesday evening. Their
daughter, Miss WILLIAMS, accompanied them. Mrs. Bently KERN, who has been visiting her son and daughter here, has returned to her home
in Winchester, Va. Her son, F. A. KERN, accompanied her as far as Seattle. Miss Jasmine BRITTON, who has been in the Seattle library for several months, has gone east
to attend a special school, and she stopped off here to visit her aunt, Miss WHEELER. Mrs. E. B. LOOMIS has as guests at Shelterneuk farm Mrs. L. W. BREHM of Tacoma, and
Miss WALTER, of Portland. A. E. ROGERS and Miss Sarah SEYMOUR, of New York, who visited her
last week, have returned to their homes. Hamilton GRAFF, who left Ellensburg 12 years ago, and has since been in Seward, Alaska, is
visiting old friends here. Mr. GRAFF is superintendent of the electric light plant in that
thriving town... (Many more are listed as coming or going to the Seattle exposition/fair) J. B. MAHER,
Mr. and Mrs. Lenox WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas HALEY, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. FARRELL, C. E. CRANE
and family, Mr. and Mrs. James HIGMAN, Chas. STEVENS and family, J. N. BURCH and family,
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. GOTZAIN, Mr. and Mrs. George E.CRAWFORD, Mr. and Mrs. William TAYLOR,
Mrs. C. A. SANDER and daughter Miss Mabel, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry RIDDELL.


At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. COLLINS, Guy C. WILLIAMS and
Miss Della COLLINS were married Wednesday evening, Rev. A. K. SMITH, of the Episcopal Church
officiating... Miss SABELWITZ rendered the wedding march. The maid of honor was
Miss Betty WILLIAMS, sister of the groom, and Miss Marion GRAVES, of Seattle, and
Miss Vivial HULBERT were ribbon bearers. The groom was attended by Wayne MURRAY. The bride
was escorted to the altar by her father. Much interest had centered in this wedding on account of the prominence of the parties.
Mr. WILLIAMS is a son of H. R. WILLIAMS, president of the Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound
railway,and has established himself as a successful businessman... in addition to his real
estate connections, he is a successful merchant at the town of Kittitas... The bride has grown up here from girlhood and has always been deservedly popular ... After the ceremony, the bride and groom left for the Sound cities and after their return
they will be at home at Kittitas.


At the regular meeting of the city council Monday evening a license was granted to WHITMAN
and LEE to conduct a saloon in the room in which W. C. REECE was located when his license was
revoked. PAYNE and FLUMMERFELT were the only councilmen voting against it.... On the suggestion
of the city health officer, Dr. HOEFFLER, the council took up the matter of sewer connections
... The council ordered the creek at the corner of Pearl and Sixth streets fenced with woven
wire to make it more safe.


The report comes here that Rev. Andreas BARD, who for several years was pastor of the
local Episcopal church has been unfrocked by Bishop Wells. Mr. BARD has been in Europe, but at
present is in Chicago. The bishop has not made public his reasons for his action, but it is
reported that Mr. BARD's unusually liberal beliefs had much to do with it.


Mrs. HEUSTIS, an aged woman, who has been doing odd jobs about the city in the way of
cleaning house, etc., was brought before Judge KAUFFMAN and adjudged insane on the statements
of Drs. HOEFFLER and WASSON, and an attendant from the Medical Lake asylum took her to that
institution yesterday. The woman has been showing signs of mental derangement for some time,
so much so that those who wanted her kind of work done were afraid to employ her. She leaves
several small children behind her and it is understood they are in anything but affluent


Interest in the coming city election has been crystalizing during the past few days...
Since the last issue of The Capital, W. J. PEED has filed his intention of becoming a candidate
to succeed hiself, which came as a surprise, as it was generally understood... that he did not
desire another term. G. R. BRADSHAW has also filed as a candidate to succeed himself as city
treasurer. It is also understood that Mat BARTHOLET has decided to file his candidacy for the
office of Mayor... George W. DEWEES, councilman from the Third ward, has filed his declaration
of candidacy for re-election... The report is current that B. F. REED will be a candidate for
mayor...It is also understood that a number of men are urging P. H. W. ROSS to enter the lists...


U. S. Land Office at North Yakima, Wash., September 8, 1909 Notice is hereby given that Francis M. POWELL of Ellensburg, Wash., who on August 17, 1903,
made homestead entry 4144, serial 03271, for N 1/2 NE 1/4, SE 1/4, NE 1/4 and N$ 1/4 SE 1/4,
sec. 22, twp. 16N, range 20E, Willamette Meridian, has filed Notice of Intention to make final
five year proof, to establish claim to the land above described... Claimant names as witnesses:
John L. DULEN, Daniel W. BRUNSON, George H. HAYES, Edward MUDD, all of Ellensburg, Wash.


In the Superior Court of Kittitas County, State of Washington In the matter of the estate of Christian ANDERSON, deceased. Notice is hereby given, that
Matt JOHNSON of the estate of Christian ANDERSON, has rendered and presented for settlement,
and filed in the above entitled court, his final account of his administration of said estate...


In the Superior Court of Kittitas County, State of Washington In the matter of the guardianship of William E. BIRKHIMER, an insane person. Notice is hereby
given that letters of guardianship on the estate in the State of Washington of William E.
BIRKHIMER, an insane person, were granted to the undersigned on the 23rd day of September 1909
by the Superior Court... J. C. HUBBELL, Guardian of the estate...


In the Superior Court of Kittitas County, State of Washington In the matter of the estate of Simeon W. MAXEY, deceased. Notice is hereby given that letters
testamentary on the estate of Simeon W. MAXEY, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the
25th day of September 1909, by the superior court.... W. F. DOUGHTY, executor of the will...


In the Superior Court of Kittitas County, State of Washington Louisa A. CLEMENTS, plaintiff, vs. William H. CLEMENTS, defendant... The object of this action
is to secure a decree of divorce in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant and
awarding the custody of the minor child of the plaintiff and the defendant to the plaintiff.
E. E. WAGER, Attorney for Plaintiff


Department of the Interior, US Land Office, North Yakima, Wash., September 21, 1909 Notice is hereby given that Hannah A. NORWOOD, now PRESTON, of Ellensburg, Wash., who on
March 26, 1906, made Homestead Entry No. 5070, Serial No. 0431 for SE 1/4, section 28, tp. 18N,
range 17E, Willamette meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final five year proof to
establish claim to the land... Claimant names as witnesses: Daniel D. RUGG, Leslie J. GARDINER,
Martin FREDRICK, William PRESTON, all of Ellensburg, Wash.


In the Superior Court of Kittitas County, State of Washington (in Probate) In the matter of the Guardianship of William E. BIRKHIMER, an insane person.... to wit: a
community interest in and to Lots 1, 2, 3, 13 and 14 in Block F and lots 8 and 9 in Block I of
Lee's Subdivision of Blocks F, I and M in the Second Railroad Addition in the City of


In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, in and for the County of Kittitas. Minnie MORGAN, plaintiff, vs. John MORGAN, defendant.... The object of this action is to
dissolve the bonds of matrimony now existing between plaintiff and defendant...

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