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January 11, 1906

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W. H. KIESTER of Seattle, is in the city this week. C. R. OPPENLANDER of Roslyn, was in the city Monday. Nearly all of Simon LONGMIRE's family are down sick. W. B. PRICE and son, Joe, visited in Seattle this week. W. S. ROGERS is again suffering very much with asthma. Mrs. G. W. SEATON of Seattle, was in the city over Sunday. J. T. WINSTON has secured a position with N. P. as fireman. Mrs. Ella S. STAIR of North Yakima was in the city Tuesday. Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Henry KLEINBERG, Friday, Jan. 5th, a son. Mrs. Herbert BIRD's little son has been seriously ill, but is better now. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. William BELL is reported dangerously ill. Mrs. BEAGLE has regained possession of her property near the roundhouse. Lloyd HOUSTON returned from a visit to his father's home in Kansas Tuesday. Sam KLEINBERG came over from Seattle Saturday to spend a few days in the city. Miss Myrtle CLARK of North Yakima came up this week to enter the normal school. The snow fall in the Cascade range is reported to be very heavy, from 8 to 14 feet deep. J. A. FITZGERALD of Easton, is in the city today. He reports three feet of snow at that point. Henry FRIEND's little daughter was operated on Friday, the physicians removing one eye. Mrs. J. O. GIBSON is visiting her daughter, Mrs. M. M. DAMMAN, at Pullman this week. Mrs. CHENEY who has been visiting friends in Cheney returned home the past week. Dr. STEELE has secured office rooms in the Davidson block and opened his office to the public yesterday. KLEINBERG Bros. have moved their office into the stone bank building, one door east of B. A. GAULT & Co. Mrs. Witt ROGERS of CleElum, who has spent several weeks past in this city, returned home Saturday. Mrs. David ROWLAND, while splitting kindling wood a few days since, seriously hurt her left index finger. Mrs. Peter MICHELS was the lucky holder of the ticket that drew the beautiful sofa pillow at S. P. Fogarty's. Mr. McPHERSON, who is soliciting students for the Imperial Music company in Roslyn, spent Sunday in Ellensburg. J. W. BARNETT is confined to bed with pneumonia and has been for several days past. He is reported some
better today. J. H. MOORE received on Tuesday, a fine thoroughbred Silver Laced Syandotte cockerel, from Dellville, Wash.,
for which he paid $10.00. L. E. STREET, who spent the past week with his sister, Mrs. W. M. KENNEY, and family, left yesterday for
his home in Brookston, Indiana. J. B. FOGARTY, M. E. FLYNN, and R. A. TURNER have been drawn on the United States Grand Jury that convenes
in Spokane, Jan. 18 at 2 p.m. The commissioners awarded the contract to H. HUTCHINSON to construct the new building on the poor farm near
Thorp. The building will cost about $1,000. Mr. and Mrs. William DENNIS left yesterday for an extended visit in California on account of Mrs. DENNIS'
health. Mrs. N. C. BARTON and Mrs. W. C. ROE spent the past week in Yakima with Mrs. Harry MYCRANTZ, (nee) Miss
JELLISON, formerly of this city, who is now quite ill and almost paralyzed with little hope of recovering. Mr. and Mrs. BELL's little child is reported better today. Mrs. JACOBS of Chicago, joined her husband here Monday. Thomas LUND of North Yakima, was found dead in his room yesterday. Thursday, Feb. 1st is the date fixed for Louis JAMES at the opera house in his masterpiece, "Virginius". F. G. SHATSWELL, formerly of this city, is in charge now of a laundry in Chehalis that is doing a good
business. Even MATHEWS proved himself a hero in capturing the colored lad that burglarized his residence Friday night. Miss Bessie BALDWIN expects her sister, Mrs. Avena CLARK, of Ashley, Ind., to arrive here soon to make
Ellensburg her permanent residence. J. W. PLANK, who has been visiting his uncle, H. C. ACKLEY, for the past two months, left this morning for
his home in Westfield, Pa. Mrs. NIBLET of the normal faculty received the sad news of her father's death in Seattle yesterday morning.
He was an uncle of Mrs. M. CAMERON. Both have the sympathy of all their friends.


On good authority we are informed that M. L. HICKS, formerly of this city, but more recently of Ashland,
Oregon, died in that place, Jan. 4th of injuries received from a falling tree. Mr. HICKS came to the Sound
country in 1859 and to this valley some twenty five years ago. Age 66 years, he was a good man, honored and
esteemed by all who knew him. Peace to his ashes.


Lois and Nellie MASON returned home on Wednesday of last week to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
MASON. They have been for the past six months with the Williams Opera company touring Washington, Oregon,
Idaho and Utah. Nellie, the younger of the two girls, expects to return to Seattle and resume her role as
the leading lady of the company, but Lois has decided to remain at home. The company will lose one of its
strongest members for Lois is an actress of more than ordinary ability and possesses a strong, sweet contralto


Miss Myrtle DAWSON of Ellensburg, Wash. and Benjamin CRAGE of Summerville, Oregon, were united in marriage
at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Ada BUCHANAN, at Meeker Junction, New Year's day at 11 o'clock. Rev.
W. B. McMILLIN of the First M. E. Church officiated. The wedding was very quiet only the members of the family
being present. The happy couple left for Summerville, Oregon, where they will reside.


The Iowa Mining company is running the new drill night and day and are making good headway. Sleighing is fine and suprise parties are all the rage now. Mrs. CARSON, son and daughter, called on Mrs. POOL, Sunday. Wm. MARSHALL went to Ellensburg Saturday and returned Monday. The CleElum Mining company has started work in full blast since the holidays.


Mrssrs. James HUSS and James ROACH yarded some logs in the mountains last week. Miss Lena and Jennie DENNIS are going to school in Dist. No. 14, stopped Friday. Oscar HUSS and Lee PURDIN made a flying trip to town Saturday night. Harrison HOUSER bought a cow and calf of P. H. ADAMS Saturday. Mrs. Fred BARNHART visited Mr. and Mrs. H. HUSS Friday. Henry SCHNEBLY is feeding some cattle at H. HOUSER's ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. DENNIS are going to California to spend the winter, on account of their health. Frank SCHNEBLY is on the sick list this week. There was a masquerade ball at the Yeoman Hall Friday evening and it proved a grand success. Fairview had for the month ending Dec. 22, 1905: Pupils enrolled, 49; average daily attendance, 41; total
days attendance 817; total days absent, 58; cases of tardies, 10; neither absent or tardy, 20; percent of
attendance, 93.


Matt SANDMEYER who has been down from Ellensburg visiting relatives in this city... he expects to return
to Ellensburg tomorrow. A. J. SPLAWN spent Wednesday in Ellensburg for the irrigation committee. He says that the people up there
re feeling rather sore in regard to their chances for federal irrigation. Mrs. J. C. HUBBELL and daughter arrived here yesterday afternoon from Ellensburg to remain over Sunday
with Mrs. LOMBARD.


Assessor KENNEY is very much indisposed again this week. RAMSAY Bros. are buying wheat. Pyrography, new lot of goods, at PAUTZKE's. $1800 buys 4 acres, 6-room house, good barn, abundance of small fruit, 50-60 fruit trees, almost bearing.
W. M. KENNEY. A good 7-room house, water and all conveniences, 120x135 foot lot, heart of best residence part of the
city, will be sold at a bargain. W. M. KENNEY.


Isaac BROWN has been ill with throat trouble for the past week. January 3d a dance was given at R. F. STANDLEY's home. An enjoyable evening... Grandpa and Grandma THOMAS are convalesing rapidly. J. H. MOORE received a fine Silver Laced Wyandotte male bird from the Sound this week. A literary society was organized Friday the 5th. George JUDE was elected president and Robert DEWEES,
secretary. A program was announced for the coming meeting of Jan. 12. Miss Nora JUDE has been quite ill for the past week. Abel DUNNING and sister report an enjoyable time at the dance at Yeoman's hall last Friday.


William LEE is building a new barn. Miss Ada MONTGOMERY was on the sick list, but is able to be back in school again. Arthur and Will WYATT are recovering from an attack of fever. W. T. MONTGOMERY is hauling his oats this week. Eric MOE sold a bunch of cattle last week. W. A. RANDOLPH butchered four nice hogs last Monday. Mrs. J. C. WILSON returned from Seattle Saturday where she has been visiting for some time. Mrs. J. W. BROOKS returned from Tacoma Saturday where she has been visiting her daughter.


Miss Alice McNEIL was ill last week and Miss Myrtle THOMAS taught in her place. The following is the report of the Damman school district for the month ending Jan. 10, '06: Pupils enrolled,
55; average daily attendance, 46.6; total days attendance, 942; total days absent, 62; cases of tardiness,
27; neither absent or tardy, 23, percent of attendance, 95. Lewis BRUCE and John NAILS entered school Monday. Mr. PARKER placed the gymnasium apparatus in position for the pupils, and both pupils and teachers are now
daily exercising their muscles.


Bro. TURNER, of the Ellensburg Dawn, has founded an agricultural publication in connection with his other
paper... The Western Farm Journal is a neat, well printed sheet...


About the first of next month, Mrs. L. A. MASON expects to open a school of music. She has enlisted some
of the best talents obtainable... and will be prepared to teach in all branches of instrumental music as well
as voice culture and chorus work...


W. W. ESTABROOK, a brakeman on the Northern Pacific, had his left hand crushed the first of the week.
While going about his work, he slipped and in throwing out his arm to save himself, a car wheel passed over
his hand. He was brought to Ellensburg where an operation was performed, removing the crushed member.
Mr. ESTABROOK's family resides in Spokane.


C. M. ARMSTRONG, who teaches in district No. 6, was telling us of his dream shortly before Christmas... he
put his hand in his pocket... and found a small package... He thought no more about it, but the day before
the holidays he was standing by the stove... and (found) a small package... upon opening he found to be a very
pretty stylographic pen, a token of his pupils esteem for him.


Chas. B. REED of Malaga, formerly of this city and well known by all the old timers here, was here to
interest the Commercial club and our people in general in a proposition to memorialize congress to appropriate
money to irrigate all the arid lands west of the Rocky mountains.


The fixtures for the new postoffice are now here and W. O. AMES and Frank SCHORMAN are putting the same in
place. The office will be moved as soon as possible. The fixtures, boxes, etc. of the old office have been
sold to be used in the office at Kennewick.


E. C. PAUTZKE and wife were passengers on the City of Puebla, which was adrift with a broken shaft for
several days on her voyage between Seattle and San Francisco. Mr. PAUTZKE is a brother of O. W. PAUTZKE, one
of our photographers, and in a letter written after disembarking, states that for a couple of days matters
looked very serious.


On Monday night the Modern Woodmen of American and the Royal Neighbors of America met in joint session and
installed their officers for the ensuing year. A large turnout of the local members was present... The camp
at Thorp also sent a large visiting delegation... The following is a list of the newly elected officers of
each lodge: M. W. A. R. N. A. V. C. - O. W. PAUTZKE I. S. - Ellen PAUTZKE W. A. - S. W. MINTON C. M. - Annie LAUGHLIN Banker - Wm. WOODHAM Oracle - Laura A. ACKLEY Clerk - Geo. BURLINGHAM V. O. - Annie LUFF Escort - J. GIBSON Chancellor - Marion GARVEY Watchman - Chas. KULL Receiver - Mrs. Robt. LEE Sentry - Chris EIDALL Marshal - Mrs. Tom COLLIER Manager - Chas. ACKLEY I. S. - Mrs. John BOWERS Physician - Dr. J. A. MAHAN O. S. - Mrs. Lee LYEN 1-Year Mgr. - Mrs. FREDERICKSON 3-Year Mgr. - Mrs. W. B. DUNSWORTH After the installation of the officers, an information program was rendered consisting of speeches... and a
vocal solo by Mrs. CEDARHOLM. About eleven o'clock the Woodmen escorted the Neighbors to the Antlers hotel
and in their honor gave a very inviting banquet, about fifty being present to enjoy the occasion...


At a regular meeting of the Fire Department Monday evening the following officers were elected: Chief,
Peter SCHULLER; President, W. F. FREYBURGER; Vice President, Herbert CARSCADDEN; Secretary, George M. JENKINS;
Assistant Secretary, H. L. WRIGHT; and Treasurer, A. F. SHULTZ.


David FORD Post installed the following officers at its meeting January 6, 1906: Commander, Amos SMITH;
S. V. Com., J. B. SWEET; J. V. Com., V. C. WYNEGAR; Adj., A. D. POYSER; Q. M., J. W. DIXON; O. D.,
David KINKADE; O. G., Luther McNEIL; Sergt. Maj., S. C. TWILLIGER.


There came to my ranch at the mouth of the Umptanum, Dec. 1st, one red muly cow... Brought a calf since
that date. Also one pale red and white spotted heifer... Owner please prove property, pay charges, and remove
same. Ralph DAVIS.

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