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April 28, 1910

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West Bound Burlington No. 41 Ran Into Split Switch at Selah at 10:30 On Sunday Forenoon
Engineer William L. GORDON and Fireman Henry E. MYERS
Caught Under Monstrous Engine Died Instantly
Sunday morning, April 24, while running at 20 miles an hour past the little station of
Selah... the Burlington passenger train No. 41, over the Northern Pacific, was wrecked, and
William L. GORDON, Engineer, of 800 Capital Avenue, this city, and Henry R. MYERS, fireman, of
Pasco, were killed instantly. Theron R. PRATT, mail clerk, and William BROGAN, mail weigher,
both of Seattle, were only slightly hurt. Had it not been for ... Engineer GORDON, who
sacrified his life to save others, the death toll would have been appalling. He shut off the
steam, set his air and placed the emergency brakes in less than 400 feet. The distress whistle
was given, and almost instantly the engine left the track and rolled over an embankment five
or six feet high. GORDON had attempted to leave his engine... MYERS' body was found pinned
under the tender... He was a single man and for some years had made his home in Pasco. Mr. GORDON's body was sent to Inman & Rose, North Yakima, ... for burial. It was sent
up to this city Monday afternoon. Sunday was the fifteenth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William GORDON and she was
in the midst of preparing a feast in commemoration of that event when the sad news of her
husband's death was broken to her. Mr. GORDON had been in the employ of the Northern Pacific railroad company as an engineer,
for eighteen years. He was 42 years old and leaves a wife and four children to mourn their
loss. The funeral took place for the Presbyterian church at 2 p.m., last afternoon, conducted
by Rev. SHARP...


Oldest Mason in the State
Charter Member of First Lodge Organized in Washington Ter.

Honored and Esteemed by Thousands of People of The State
Who Will Long Remember William Lyle
William LYLE died at his home on South Pine street, Monday, April 25, at 5:00 p.m. after
a lingering illness of several months. The funeral took place from the family residence on
108 North Pine Street, yesterday ... under the auspices of the Masonic order. Mr. LYLE was born August 18, 1829, in Ireland, came to America in 1843, and Washington
in 1852, and took up a homestead on Fox Island, but some years later moved to Roy, in Pierce
County, and in 1904 moved to this city. He was the only surviving charter member of Olympia Lodge No. 1, F. and A. M. organized
August 7th and 8th, 1858. He was the last Mason living who attended the first grand lodge
of the state, then territory... Mr. LYLE had ... accumulated considerable money and some
valuable property which he disposed of by a will. He was an honest, conscientious old man,
honored and esteemed by all who knew him. he leaves behind ... an aged wife and a step-son,
C. M. FLYNN. His body was consigned to ... the I.O.O.F. cemetery, Wednesday, April 27 ... under the
auspices of the Masonic lodge of this city.


Norman WILBUR, son of Mr. and Mrs. David WILBUR of Wapato, but recently of Thorp, died
at John A. YOUNGBERG's hospital, 801 East Fifth street, at 6:30 a.m. today. Age 15 years.
He was operated upon yesterday forenoon by Drs. HARRELL and McCAULEY for appendicitis...
The funeral will take place from St. Andrew's church Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.


James BACON dropped dead at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George L. MITCHELL, 306 South
Ruby Street, Wednesday, April 27, at 5:00 a.m., age 73 years, one month and ten days.
Mr. BACON was in usual health. He arose from bed and went to the tap to get a drink and fell
dead in the sink. Rose & Inman embalmed the body and shipped on No. 4 this afternoon to
Racine, Wis., for burial. Mrs. MITCHELL accompanied the remains.


Lewis F. ELLISON...of Thorp, came down on business Monday. He reports a fairly good
business for his mill. Robert M. BAIRD left Tuesday afternoon for Stettler, Alberta, where he expects to
spend several months with his sister, Mrs. Albert MITCHELL. Reece JONES of East Kittitas, came in on business Friday. Mr. JONES seems to be making
good on the farm after having railroaded for 20 years. George A. KNOX broke ground Monday for a new brick building for George SAYLES on Third
Street beside the Isis Theater. 30x80 feet single story. George CHAMPIE has purchased Rev. R. A. THOMSON's property -- the last house on East Eight
Street, and has rented it to Rev. McBain MILNE. The MILLER Bros. finished drilling Mrs. S. M. PRATER's well at her home on Ruby Street
this week. They got a fine flow of water. A lamp exploding in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike ROLLINGER, 110 North C Street, resulted
in Mrs. ROLLINGER and Mrs. W. A. MYERS being severly burned. Robert NAUD was in the city yesterday enroute home from Dr. MAHAM's ranch northeast of
town... Mrs. Myrtle HOLT (nee) RUSSELL stopped off here a few days this week while enroute from
Mt. Vernon to Granger, where her husband intends opening up a bakery. James McQUEEN, one of the hardest working...ranchers of Manastash precinct is having the
lumber delivered this week for a fine modern residence on his ranch. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. CHILES of Manastash canyon, were in the city yesterday. They report
that the high waters of the past week have washed out most of the bridges on Manastash creek. Charles MANNER of Elma, came over Tuesday to look after his property interests...and to
spend a few days with his uncle, E. A. WILLIS and his brother, George, and his sister,
Mrs. T. W. FARRELL. R. J. REEVES of Wilbur, who assisted in making some of the original surveys of land in
this valley in again in our midst. He finds a few old timers yet. The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. CHENEY was severely scalded Thursday by the
pulling of a container of hot water off of a chair on to herself. Dan BRUNSON and wife of South Kittitas, were in the city... Mr. BRUNSON says that...he
believes Kittitas will have a record breaker crop of hay, grain and fruits this season. C. O. JOHNSON, D. J. ALTICE, J. M. TUCKER, and Lambert RASKINS were arrested on a
complaint of Thos. A. PARRISH, state tax commissioner, last week for not paying a state liquor
tax of $25 per year. Jack FULTON of South Kittitas, was in the city Friday to transact some business and get
his week's supply of groceries. Mrs. M. A. HALL, Mrs. J. P. FLYNN and children, and Miss Mary E. TURNER, all of whom left
this city for Los Angeles on the 16th of last November, returned home Tuesday evening. Miss
TURNER spent several weeks with her great uncle, James A. TURNER, cashier of the Farmers' and
Merchants' bank of Santa Ana. J. Williams THOMAS will shortly open a cloth glove factory in our city. Cloth gloves are
becoming so common now days that most everybody uses them... Mat OWENS, county fruit inspector, will exhibit ... some limbs of trees infected with
the various pests found in the valley. J. M. NEWMAN of Thorp is in the city today. Mrs. Arthur GRAY was a visitor in the city yesterday. H. W. RODMAN transacted business in the city Monday. W. P. INMAN of North Yakima was in the city yesterday. John YEARWOOD of Thorp, was down on business Tuesday. Mrs. Agnes HAMMOND is spending a few days on the Sound. Mrs. Nellie WILLIAMS spent Sunday visiting in the country. Mrs. G. L. BARKLEY spent Friday in Easton on school business. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. HUNTER's little girl is down with measles. John POLLOCK, of North Kittitas, was doing business in town Saturday. Wm. ROSS has sold his farm in Manastash precinct to Mr. MONTGOMERY. Rev. McBain MILNE left today for the Columbia River to spend a few days. W. T. LEWIS went down to North Yakima on business Monday afternoon. S. W. BARNES of Wapato spent a day or two here this week with his family. Mrs. E. J. KING is very much indisposed with inflammatory rheumatism. C. H. FLUMMERFELT transacted business in the north end of the county Friday. James McDONALD, Angus McPHERSON's hired man is down with scarlet fever. James CLEVELAND is putting the finishing touches on a fine barn for James McQUEEN
this week. The W.R.C. wil be entertained by Mrs. BURNHAM on South Pine street this afternoon. Mrs. M. G. HARRELL, after a two weeks visit on the Sound, returned home Friday evening. Thos. MAXEY has reset and fenced Miss L. H. WHEELER's block in Sunnyside addition. Mrs. Ethel McDONALD went up to Thorp and visited a few days with her mother, Mrs. DAVIS. Mrs. J. M. SHEPHERD of Gotzian's Addition is slowly recovering from an attack of
rheumatism. Joe WATSON of East Kittitas, was a witness in the Superior court in North Yakima Saturday. Mrs. Jennie STAFFORD of Cle Elum is a guest of her daughter, Mrs. A. E. EMERSON and her
husband. Fred BORROW went down to North Yakima to look up some business matters Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. REED, who are spending some time in Seattle, are expected home Saturday. Mr. C. M. FLYNN of Tacoma, came over to attend the funeral of Wm. LYLE yesterday forenoon. S. W. CAINES is again at his post with the Putman Grocery company after an illness of
several weeks. Mrs. Jacob LITTERER returned Friday evening from a visit on the Sound with relatives
and friends. Dr. G. M. STEELE is acting city health officer pending the action of the council in
appointing him regularly. The little baby of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. BARNES is down with measles, whooping cough and
pneumonia. Mrs. Newell RITTER of Roslyn, spent a few days the past week with her son, Hub WILSON,
north of town. Born: In this city, South Ruby street, Saturday, April 23, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest G. ORTOLF, a daughter. Rev. MILNE received into full felleowship in the Baptist church a short time since
nineteen new members. Prof. O'SULLIVAN will give free exhibitions of Rapid Calculations at his business college
every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Phil DITTER of North Yakima and one of the prominent businessmen of that city, was a
guest of S. P. FOGARTY Friday. J. H. ROETGER of Cle Elum, who was convicted of insulting a school teacher of that city,
was fined $60 and costs Saturday. The COUGHER Mining and Milling company will hold its annual meeting in this city May 17th,
at the office of Austin MIRES. Rev. McBain MILNE says he is two weeks behind time in repairing and tuning pianos, being
rushed with work in his line. George CHAMPIE of Manastash precinct, was in the city Saturday. He says there is nothing
new going on in his neighborhood. James McQUEEN, one of the west side's ...ranchers, is having lumber delivered this week
for a fine modern residence. J. J. SAYERS of Chicago, spent Wednesday in this city with Mr. and Mrs. N. W. BARKLEY and
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. BARKELY. Rumor has it that A. B. HAWN was robbed in a saloon in North Yakima Monday afternoon while
under the influence of liquor. Mrs. J. B. DAVIDSON, librarian of the Carnegie library, reports 1,700 volumes in the
library and 300 books in the hands of borrowers. Mr. MOORE is here to begin the construction of the postal telegraph system both ways out
of the city... D. H. WESTCOTT and B. A. MAXEY have put down a first class walk in front of their property
on Ruby street. Mr. and Mrs. L. JENNINGS of New York state, purchased a lot in Gotzian's addition this
week and will build a nice house thereon soon. The dust storm Monday afternoon came as a general surprise. It was the worst of the
season, in fact, the worst ever known in the valley. Dr. H. J. FELCH is having his residence in Santa Ana addition repainted and beautified,
and its appearance is very materially increased. W. H. RADER of East Kittitas, was in the city ...and reported the growing crops of all
kinds as looking fine in his section. Ed DICKEY was in the city Saturday. He says he has all his crop in and that it is looking
fine as the crops of all his neighbors in North Kittitas. Mrs. A. C. ACKLEY returned Thursday for a two months stay with her daughter,
Mrs. C. E. LORIMER in Livingston, Mont., who has been very ill for several weeks.

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