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May 26, 1899

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(Transcriber's Note: The original was in a bound book, and the microfilm therefore did not
properly copy the whole page. Where the words are in the binding or the filming is poor
quality, I have used ??? to indicate unreadable words.)


All are glad to see the pleasant countenance of Miss Cornelia SHARP again, especially her
mother, whose health has been very poor for sometime past. Miss Cornelia returned home from
Ore., via Tacoma where she spent several days. Ben HICKS recently purchased 80 acres of timberland of C. R. PEASE. One would naturally think and be quite right too, that $1000 would be quite a starter. Any
indications are pointing that way, and by the way Lon McCUMBER was seen toting a load of
furniture down his way. We don't know whether it was a present to his mother or not, if it
isn't, he can remember what the serenade party promised. Miss Lena MILLS returned from Roslyn where she spent several weeks. Miss KARE went back
to finish her trade dress making.


?? SCHROEDER returned from ??? Friday. ??s. E. E. WAGER is expected ???? next week. ??? ST. JOHN of Thorp was in the city Saturday. ??. D. CARTER of Toppenish, was in the city this week. ? D SCHINDELER of Yakima was in the city Friday. Mr. CRUIKSHANK's school at ???p closed this week. Miss Virgie PETERSON takes up ??? in Blewett Monday. ? M. OSBORN, of Thorp, was in the city Monday on business. Miss Maggie BATTERSON is visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. H. GRAY this ????. High school nine vs. Roslyn nine at city grounds Saturday afternoon. Earnest SOUTHERN, of Thorp, and ??? REYNOLDS of North Yakima, were married last week. I have for sale two throughbred ? I.C. sows. Alf ST. JOHN, Prop., Thorp, Wash. A. A. MANNING writes to have his paper changed from Ellensburg to Bertha, the new post
office at Nelsons Siding. Mrs. J. F. TRAVERS, of Republic, visiting her mother, Mrs. E. ??GARTY, and also her brothers,
??, Ed, Mike and S. P. FOGARTY. ??? thinks of spending the summer over here. Frank SCHERMAN has severed his connection with W. A. PRIVETT and gone to work for W. O. AMES.
Frank is a good workman, faithful, honest and upright in his dealings with all men. Daughter born to Mrs. G. BARTCH of the Cowiche last week, weighs only two pounds. A lady's
finger ring will go over the hand and arm of the midget. It is said to be healthy and doing
well. ??s. Johnny WAGONER came ?? having a serious run away ??ay and it not been that the ??? of
her buggy gave way,??, no telling how serious the ??? might have proven. However ??? it was,
no one was hurt. Clyde WARNER says he had a good time in Seattle last week. Mrs. L. O. GEDDIS returned from Spokane Tuesday morning. Mike AGNEW left Sunday for Bertha, where he intends to work this summer. The school board has re-employed all the present teachers again for another year. Frank KERSTETTER of Liberty was down Wednesday after a doctor for Mrs. BRAIN. Prof. MORGAN expects to make a visit to California after the state Normal term closes. Harry McDOWELL went to Roslyn Monday to take a position in the N. P. Coal Co's. store. Mr. GILMOUR, representing the Pacific Wave, of San Francisco, was in the city this week. Sordon L. POST visited the city of Roslyn Sunday. He rode his new bike and says it is O.K. H. F. BLAIR, who is teaching in the Thomas District, says his school is progressing very
nicely. W. S. FROST and Miss MESSICK, both formerly of this city, were married in Spokane Thursday
week. Col. WAGNER, 4th Cavalry of U.S.A. was at PALMER's livery stable this week buying horses
for use in U. S. army in P. I. Many of the boys of this place are leaving here for Bertha, where they will work till driven
out by the snow this winter. R. L. SPIKER was out Sunday and took views of all the sheep camps in the valley. He has
some fine photographic views. O. K. FITZSIMMONS left for Yakima Monday. He will return here in a few weeks and try to
put in a circulating library. We are glad to see our genial friend, H. W. HALE, at his post again in the Clerk's office
after a struggle with the mumps. Miss Ida KREIDEL should receive much encouragement for the successful walk given at the
public school building Friday evening. W. A. THOMAS' school in the Damman district closes next Wednesday. Mr. THOMAS is one of
the most successful teachers in Kittitas County. Garden hats only 25c at Mrs. JENKINS. Mr. WRIGHT started for Alaska Wednesday. Mrs. Rose HODGES and Clark W. BURROUGHS were married on Sunday, May 21st by Rev. M. BIRD. G. W. RONALD of Seattle spent a couple days here this week. He left for Walla Walla
Wednesday. For rent - a pasture, plenty of water and good shelter, good fence. Apply to C. V. HUHN,
Thorp. Dr. B. ? SCOTT and family and ?id ??ING left for Tacoma Friday. They will reside there for
some time. The doctors many patrons regret his going. Mrs. L. A. KING, of this city has secured the agency for Clara Barton's book, The Red Cross.
We would urge our readers to procure a copy of this valuable book from Mrs. KING... Miss Stella FULTON and Mrs. MILLER made The Dawn a very pleasant social call Saturday. Miss
FULTON is one of the highly accomplished young ladies of East Kittitas, the daughter of
Mrs. F. F. FULTON, and is highly esteemed by a large circle of friends both in the country and
in this city.


Mr. BEACH, one of the ??? M. W. of A. of Thorp camp, was in the city Monday for the purpose
of securing the number of ??? in our camp. The graduates from the Ellensburg high school today are: ?? FLEMMING, Maud IVES,
??? PAINTER, Christine MURRAY, ??? MEADE, J. L. GILMOUR, G. E. ???, C. G. SANFORD, L. FRISBEE,
? DAVIDSON, Rey WEAVER, and ??? SCRIBNER. H. F. BUTCHER, of Dayton ??? arrived in this city Wednesday to visit his grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. BUTCHER. He will remain here all summer. He stopped off three weeks in
Spearfish, S. D., while enroute to this city. He reports a very pleasant trip from start
to ending. M. GERBERG has opened up a tailor shop in the building on corner of 5th and Main street. The hat given by the Boss Bakery was won by Mr. A. MARTIN whose guess was 2301. The
cyclometer that was attched to the wheel registered 2305 miles.


Morris DICKEY thinks there is not much fun in riding the bronco. Mr. ZSWICKER has bought the old MAXEY ranch. J. H. SMITHSON moved his sheep up to the canyon last week.


We are having bad weather here now. Mr. CARSON arrived with a new cook from Seattle this week. The Cascade Mining Co., will soon have their new hydraulic plant completed and then we can't
sleep for the boulders coming down. Gustaf NELSON was in Liberty this week. J. A. SHOUDY made a trip to Liberty this week. Roy BARRY is doing well with his new hydrolic and so is Mr. CARSON. Burt WILSON arrived from Ellensburg on a new wheel Sunday. He had a good time pumping
against the wind in Dry creek, but nevertheless, he got here, even if it did snow.


Our highly respected commissioner has jumped his job and gone prospecting up near the Golden
Gate and Copper King district on the Tenum. We hope he will strike it rich. Our prominent hardware and groceryman N. L. GOODWIN and his better half were serenaded a
few nights ago. Prof. CRUIKSHANK is doing double duty at the Thorp school house. He spares the rod, but it
does not seem to spoil the child. Surely there must be some mistake. My children are smarter
than their father, and the rod was never spared in my boyhood days. Two of our worthy Commissioners drove up to Easton to investigate the smallpox rumor.
Nothing definite was found out and I guess we will not have to quarantine in Thorp. The Woodmen must be running in a few new victims. There are some extra young men with new
axes in the gang. There have been no births nor deaths in Thorp this week. Verily the Lord loveth his chosen.

SUMMONS (Divorce)

In the Superior Court of Kittitas in the State of Washington Lucy BECKSTAD, Plaintiff, vs. Frank BECKSTAD, Defendant You are summoned to appear.... complaint asks that the bond of matrimony now existing between
the above named Plaintiff and Defendent, be dissolved, on the grounds of abandonment, habitual
drunkeness, failure to support, and adultery. MIRES & WARNER, Attorneys for Plaintiff

SUMMONS (Divorce)

In the Superior Court of Kittitas County, State of Wash. Agnes E. PIEPER, Plaintiff vs. Charles R. PIEPER, Defendent You are hereby summoned to appear ... The object of the above entitled action is to procure a
decree of divorce dissolving the bonds of matrimony between plaintiff and defendant, on the
grounds of habitual drunkeness, failure to support, and cruel and inhuman treatment.
MIRES & WARNER, Attorneys for Plaintiff.


Those who saw and heard the above entertainment given by the children of the Public School
last Friday evening were without exception well pleased. The only disadvantage was the crowded
house, which was not expected by Prof. McCULLY. The auditorium of the school building was
packed. The first on program was two well-rendered recitations ... by Misses Bessie WAMPLER and
Jasmine BRITTON... Then followed "The Trip to Europe" in three acts, an imaginary one taken
by the children from rooms 4, 5, and 6 chaperoned by Miss Mabel BRADBURY from room 7 as Aunt
Sue... (story)... after they are gone two little boys, Newton HENTON and Martin MAGHER, dressed
as sailors, come in the cabin and sing ... While they were singing, the Captain (Robbie WARNER)
comes up... (story)... and the examination of baggage by the Custom House officer, represented
by Charley BRADBURY...(end of story). Then comes recitation by Miss Leah BOSTOCK... Last but
not least comes the cake walk... The names of the different couples and the order in which they
marched on the floor, was as follows: Harold KREIDEL and Freda GEDDIS, Wolcott HUBBELL and
Margie DAVIDSON, Martin MEAGHER and Elvena SCHLOTFELDT, Ava SMITH and Ethel TAGG, Ralph WILSON
and Dora MICHAELSON... Great applause greeted their performance... The receipts from the
entertainment which go towards enlarging their library were $83.00... ?????? drilled the young
folks for this entertainment... assisted by Misses PAINTER, CREE, and DAMMAN...

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