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June 15, 1905

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Robert A. TURNER, Editor
Office, 105 East Fourth Street, Albany Block

Population of County  12,234
Population of City     4,000
Businesses in Ellensburg 100

   We acknowledge the receipt of an invitation to attend the commencement exercises of school of veterinary
science, Pullman, June 22-29. The graduates are: Dudley Niles CLARK, William Henry CUMMING, Arthur J. DAMMAN,
and Daniel Wallace HARRINGTON. S. W. MAXEY of this city and Mrs. Ella THOMPSON of St. Louis, Mo., were united in the holy bonds of matrimony
Sunday afternoon, June 11th, at 5:30 at the residence of H. THOMPSON in North Yakima, Rev. HENRY of the M. E.
church officiating. The Dawn extends congratulations and well wishes. For sale: Forty acres of hay land, three miles east of town. A. RIGGS For sale by W. J. ROBBINS, lots and acre property, also 120 acre farm, 5 miles from city, cows and farming
implements, 160 acres under new ditch. 4 miles from Ellensburg.


Mrs. Ernest STUART died this afternoon at 5 o'clock. Funeral Saturday afternoon from residence at 2 o'clock.


Miss Beryle MARTIN died at her home in Puyallup last Sunday. She had been attending normal school here
the past year and two weeks prior to her death complained of a severe headache and was unable to eat or sleep.
Her physician here advised her to go home, which she did, but only lived a little more than a week. A post
mortem examination proved her disease to be consumption of the brain. We had a personal acquaintance with
Miss MARTIN and always found her to be a pleasant and agreeable girl... Miss GRUPE for the faculty, and
Miss WAITE of her class, junior, attended her funeral in Puyallup Tuesday afternoon.


Word was sent to this city Thursday last that Arnold KOHLER had committed suicide at the KOHLER ranch on
the Columbia, by shooting himself in the right temple, the ball coming out on top of the head. Dr. FELCH went
over to look after him and found him still living, dressed his wound and ordered him brought to town Friday,
which was done. Mr. KOHLER died just as the party reached the KOHLER residence in this city, fifty-seven
hours after he shot himself. The funeral took place S???day afternoon. He left a note for his brother,
Otto KOHLER, in which he stated, it is said, that he was tired of life. He was a pleasant and affable gentleman
and was regarded as a good citizen and at one time was a man of considerable means.


Andrew OLSEN visited in Seattle Friday. J. HUNT has purchased the Cottage house. Ed COOK of Entiat was in the city over Sunday. Thorp will celebrated July 4th at PAGE's grove. R. M. OSBORN of Thorp, was in the city Thursday. Adolph PETERSON of CleElum was in the city Tuesday. John E. TURNER made a flying visit to North Yakima Sunday. John CLERF sold to KLEINBERG Bros., Monday, 1000 tons of hay. W. M. KENNEY spent Friday in North Yakima on official duties. Joe TURNER spent Saturday in CleElum with the ball tossers. Born - Thursday night to Mr. and Mrs. George CHAMPIE, a son. E. E. WAGER spent Thursday in CleElum on professional duties. William DENNIS and wife of East Kittitas, were in town Saturday. Arthur COBAIN spent Saturday and until Sunday morning in CleElum. Victor ANDERSON of Liberty, was in the city Monday on a mining deal. Fred J. LONG came down from Meaghersville, Friday and returned Saturday. R. W. TAYLOR of Pasco, spent several days in the city of late looking after his interests. L. E. CAMPBELL, one of CleElum's attorneys, was in the city Monday on legal business. S. T. PACKWOOD has been busy with a number of teams loading hay on cars in the N. P. yard. Chas. A. McALISTER of Prosser, one of Benton county's leading sheep men, was in the city. Mrs. C. L. COLLINS went over to Tacoma Tuesday to visit with her daughter, Miss Della. H. G. McNEIL and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. BUCK and family. Chas. LAMBSON of this office went up to Cle Elum Saturday afternoon for a few hours with friends. Piter SCHULLER made a business trip to North Yakima Tuesday and returned Wednesday forenoon. The gentle zephyrs Sunday were a great relief from the heat and cooled the air to a pleasantness. Chas. MOGK, who has been living in California for a year past, is in the city visiting with his parents. W. H. McKEE, wife and daughter, Blanch, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. TURNER and family Sunday. Frank C. WILSON of the graduation class at the state normal, is confined to his room with appendicitis. Rev. HILTON, pastor, will occupy the pulpit of the First Christian church Sunday... R. B. WILSON, the Burlington traveling agent with headquarters in Walla Walla, was in the city Monday. Frank TURNER, of Thorp, came down Tuesday to look after getting out matters for the Thorp celebration. W. R. KIRKLAND has just completed a small but very neat and handy barn on his property in Santa Ana addition. The ladies of the Episcopal Church will hold a cook food sale at Mr. BUTLER's store Saturday June 14th & 24th. Joe H. FOREMAN, the genial clerk in C. L. COLLINS' clothing store, visited with his parents in North Yakima
Sunday. A. B. WARNER, formerly proprietor of the Cottage house, has purchased the THORP house in THORP of Alf
ST. JOHN. Mr. HARRIS has just opened a photographic studio in the rooms recently vacated by PAUTZKE... Misses Cora GREENHOW of this city and Anna PAINTER of Walla Walla, visited Saturday and Sunday in CleElum. Gustaf NILSON of Liberty, came down Sunday and returned Tuesday. He made this office a substantial visit
while in town. Judge E. B. PREBLE of North Yakima came up from North Yakima Saturday afternoon and returned Sunday
afternoon. L. F. ELLISON of Thorp, proprietor of the Tanum saw mill, was in the city Saturday looking after the sale
of a bill of lumber. Mrssrs. A. C. BUTLER, O. W. SINCLAIR, W. B. SIMPSON, and Misses GRUPE, PRODFOOT and THOMAS spent Sunday up
at lake Kachess. Mrs. STREET who has spent the past three months with W. M. KENNEY and family, will leave for her home in
Brookston, Indiana, Sunday. Farmer's telephone line no. 4, in southwest corner of the valley and which accommodates twelve families,
was completed a few days since. Mrs. Wm. LUFF, and children Lizzie, Erna and Willie, went over to Auburn Monday morning to visit with her
sister and brother for two or three weeks. The ball game between the Ellensburg and CleElum teams played on the latter's ground Saturday resulted in
a score of 16 to 15 in favor of the Ellensburg team. Rev. HILTON is attending the state meeting of the Christian church at Pullman this week... The fire department was called out Sunday forenoon, the occasion being to put a small blaze at A. WELTY's,
but the flames were quenched before the engine arrived. Frank CLERF recently shipped from Leavenworth thirty-five car loads of sheep to the Chicago market. Frank
is quite well known here, was raised in Kittitas valley.


C. R. HOVEY went to CleElum on professional duty yesterday. T. F. BARTON left last evening for Portland and east Oregon points. M. M. EMERSON leaves soon with a crew of men to re-survey the Snoqualmie wagon road over the Cascades. The state authorities who left here with Boston DELABAR for the asylum let him get away near Sprague and
he is again in our county bastile. The report is current whether true or not, that KLEINBERG Bros. have traded their ranches -- Fisher and
Lutro -- for the Commercial Hotel in Bellingham. The following G. A. R. men will attend the encampment at Vancouver next week: Amos SMITH, E. L. FERRIER,
Geo. DAVIS, and Miss. FARRIER, will also attend, also Henry HELVIS and wife. S. T. PACKWOOD, John BURCH, Jake REGO, George MENIELLY, Adam STEVENS and Will PACKWOOD, all of the west
side, are busy loading their hay on the cars this week. P. J. PREIN of North Yakima, the agriculturist of the sugar beet industry, has been in the valley for
several days... Rev. Walter A. HITCHCOCK of Seattle has been called to the pastorate of the First Presbyterian church... The Cle Elum Echo says of the Cle Elum school: The faculty as far as completed is as follows: principal,
D. G. BING; assistant, Miss S. A. ROBERTS; first grade, Miss Anna BOLLEN; unassigned, Misses Kate LANIGAN,
Edyth EPPLE, Florence PAYNE, Victoria DuVALL. Saturday, June 10th, a wedding party gathered in the parlors of the hotel Vanderbilt to witness the marriage
ceremony of George GUILLAND and Miss Nora PREBLE, daughter of Hon. E. B. PREBLE of North Yakima. Rev. Fredric C.
LEE performed the ceremony. Among those present were Judge EASTLAND and the bride's father. Miss Anina SCORMAN and Jens CHRISTENSEN were united in the holy bond of matrimony by Justice SAYLES,
Friday, June 9th.


The rain of last week did a lasting good in our corner, not only to growing crops, but it brought $84.00
to the school house where we all enjoyed a good program rendered by the Sunday school; after which baskets
were handed around to the gents at from 75 cents to $3.25 each... W. M. KENNEY acted as auctioneer... C. E. STEVENS has his new barn ready for the new hay. E. B. ADAMS who purchased some land belonging to Sam PACKWOOD recently in our corner is doing some clearing
and improving on it. Amy STEVENS is at home to spend the summer.


The following uncalled for letters remain dead in the postoffice: J. W. ALTICE, A. BEAGLES, R. W. BROWN,
SCOTT, Logan M. STAMPER, Mrs. B. A. WAGNER, Fred N. MAXMUTH, Miss Mary WILLIAM. O. HINMAN, Post Master


Owing to the death of Mrs. J. D. CORNETT, wife of Mr. CORNETT, of the normal board of trustees, there was
no afternoon session of the school Thursday. Members of the board and faculty attended the funeral at Yakima. The annual receiption given by Principal and Mrs. W. E. WILSON ... occurred at their residence on Friday
evening. Miss Mary A. PROUDFOOT, Kindergarten supervisor, entertained her student teachers at the Vanderbilt Thursday. A little daughter was born to Prof. MUNSON of department of biological science Thursday. The boys of the
school have presented the new comer with a baby carriage. The normal glee club entertained Mrs. NIBLETT of the music department at the home of Prof. SAUNDERS Thursday
evening. The exercises of commencement begin this week and culminate Wednesday of next week with the graduating of
the fourteenth class which consists of the following members: Stella E. ANDERSON, Athena, Oregon; Stanley F. ATWOOD, Ellensburg; Emma E. CLARK, Spokane; Myrtle E.
COCHRAN, Everett; Victoria E. DuVALL, Spokane; Helen G. HARDY, Kent; Vida L. HENRY, Chehalis; Anna M. KARRER,
Roslyn; Matilda W. KARRER, Roslyn; Stella B. KING, Walla Walla; Pearl RISTER, Tacoma; Florence E. MERRITT,
North Yakima; Anna D. MILLER, Tacoma; Louise A. NACHTSHEIM, Tacoma; Lucie F. PETERSON, Hillhurst; William C.
POAGE, Camas; Anna QUIGLEY, Ellensburg; Mabel A. ROWLEY, Arlington; Rosina K. LAUFFER, Ellensburg; Jeannette
TWYMAN, Ellensburg; Frank C. WILSON, Ellensburg; Ora B. YOUNGS, Tacoma.

A STARTLING DISCOVERY - Corpse Found By The Road Side Last Evening

Sunday evening the corpse of a woman was found about three quarters of a mile below the Durr bridge, lying
by the roadside ... She was dressed in a red tailor-made suit of good wearing quality and held in her hand a
green valise. Some weeks ago it appears, she was shot and instantly killed, and later was dragged into the
ditch. A representative of humanity pulled the corpse out of the water and it lies at present by the road
side, unburied. The only clue to the identity of the corpse, is five words printed on her valise, viz.:
"Meet me at The Fair".


In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, for Kittitas County (in probate) In the matter of the estate of Ole MOEN, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the letters testamentary on the estate of Ole MOEN, deceased, were granted to
the undersigned on the 24th day of May 1905... Dated at Ellensburg, Washington, this 9th day of June, 1905.
Belle M. MOEN, Executrix of the will of Ole MOEN, deceased.


In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, for Kittitas County, In the matter of the estate of Joe FRANZA, deceased. Notice is hereby given that Peter GIOVANINI, administrator of the estate of Joe FRANZA, deceased, has
rendered and presented for settlement... Dated this 7th day of June, 1905.


Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of the Superior Court in Kittitas County... made on
the 14th day June 1905, in the matter of the guardianship of the person and estate of Thomas David JENKINS,
a minor, the undersigned will sell at private sale ... all the right, title and interest of said minor... in
the following described real estate the interest being the undivided one-eighth the same. Said real estate
is situated... in the county of Kittitas ... the undivided one-eighth interest in and to lot ten in block
five of the original town (now city) of Roslyn... Said sale will be made on the 29th day of June 1905...
Michael MILLER, Guardian of the person and estate of Thomas David JENKINS, a minor.


701 E. VERTREES, bell 902 J. B. FOGARTY, bell 704 MILLS Bros, bell 705 W. FORBES, bell 706 H. E. REIGEL, bell 907 G. H. McNEIL, bell 708 E. REIGEL, bell 709 Del REIGEL, bell 70x George HOGUE, bell 70x1 M. M. DAMMAN, bell 70x2 H. PRATER, bell


In the Superior court of the State of Washington, in and for the county of Kittitas (in Probate) In the matter of the estates of Leopold BLUMAUER and Babette BLUMAUER, deceased. Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on the estates of ... the deceased, were granted to
the undersigned on the 22nd day of May, 1905, by the said Superior Court. All persons having claims against
said estate are required to present them ... to me at my store room in Ellensburg ... Date of publication
May 25, 1905. Samuel KREIDEL, Administrator.


In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, in and for Kittitas County. Candido CASTAGNO, Plaintiff, vs. Albert OHANS, Carl WRIGHT, and Jesse WRIGHT, Defendants You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty days after the date of the first publication of this summons,
.... 6th day of April 1905, and defend the above entitled action ... The object of this action is to quiet
title in plaintiff to lot 15 in block one in the town of Hazlewood, Kittitas County, Washington, and to
obtain a decree of the above court declaring plaintiff to be the owner thereof... E. E. WAGNER, Attorney for

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