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Friday, September 15, 1899

Robert A. TURNER, Editor

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Transcribers Note: Some parts of pages were hard to read, unclear words are indicated by ???.
James CLAYTON of Minneapolis, Minn., stopped off here a few days this week to visit his daughter, Mrs. O. W. PAUTZKE. Mr. CLAYTON is
on his way to San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. LAWTON and son, Raymond, returned Tuesday from their two month's visit with relatives and friends at Ellensburg,
Roslyn, and New Whatcom, Wash. They extended their visit to the coast and enjoyed a ride on Puget Sound. They report having a very pleasant
visit, but Mr. LAWTON is suffering from a severe attack of sciatic rheumatism. Mirror, Newell, Iowa Mr. and Mrs. Elmer SALADY are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine girl at their home on Monday morning, Sept. 4th. Roslyn Miner T. E. CRAIG made a business visit to Roslyn yesterday. S. W. MAXEY spent several days on the ranch this week. G. W. HORBECK is rusticating in the Negro Creek section. Roy RANDALL is confined to his room with malaria fever. M. QUINLON and W. B. PRICE were out on a pleasure trip Thursday. Mrs. J. G. BOYLE is reported as still being in a precarious condition. Mrs. Carrie ERICKSON had the misfortune to have two or more stacks of grain burn Tuesday evening. Jesse GREGORY lost a long hinch strap, nearly new, in Menashtash canyon Sunday. Finder will please hand to him or leave at this office
and be rewarded. E. A. BEAN, brother of Dr. BEAN, is in the city visiting him this week. He lives in San Francisco, but spent the last two years in
Baltimore putting in machinery for the rapid manufacture of fruit and vegetable cans.


Out of fourteen applicants at the August Teacher's Examinations, twelve received certificates as follows: First Grade: Carrie McDOWELL, Letha SALLADAY, H. W. VEACH. Second Grade: Edward J. BRYANT, Christine MURRAY, Aimee PORTER, Anna SOPER, H. J. DAVIDSON. Third Grade: Flora FLEMING, Mabel GAGER, Jas. A. THOMAS, B. F. RAMBO.


- SPARTA Rain, cloudy, clear, frost, pleasant, scorching hot and cold winds are the variations in weather from Tuesday to Friday. We have the
spice of life. Take your choice. A chance for everyone to be suited. School started in this district with Mr. THOMAS as teacher. Mr. THOMAS taught this school last year. Several pupils are attending
from outside districts. The Pleasant Hill school started Monday with Miss Flora FLEMING as teacher. The thrashers made things hum for the last few days and were at DAMMAN's on Tuesday. They have finished work in the lower neighborhood
and will finish at Mr. SHARP's and others the last of the week. The new cook wagons save much labor for the busy farmer's wives and are
gladly hailed by them. "At Home" cards have been received by many friends of Mrs. Fred WOLFF whose home is now at Wilbur. Miss Emma SHARP is doing dressmaking for Mrs. STULFAUTH in Ellensburg this week. Miss SHARP has recently been to Seattle and returned
much improved in health by the trip. Miss Lena MILLS has been in Ellensburg for the past week. Miss Edna YOCUM intends to go to South Bend in a short time. Mr. and Mrs. Russ EVANS were out from Ellensburg Tuesday.


The following letter was received by E. A. WILLIS from his nephew, who is quite well known in this place, but who is now at Manila
in ??? service: Manila, P. I., Aug. 5 Dear Uncle: Just a few lines to let you know that I am all right and am doing well. As regards to the climate, it is about like our ???
weather during some parts of the year, and if it gets no worse, I don't see how it will be injurious to our health. It seems to agree with
me, as I am gaining flesh. I am quite surprised at the climate ???. It rains every few hours in showers, but it dries up as quickly as it
falls and in five or ten minutes after a shower you can see the dust. It may be different inland. At the moment we are in barracks, which
??? mansions of the Spanish nobility. With nice finished marble ???s, rich painted walls and ceilings, it seems funny to have converted
them into cavalry headquarters, but the boys say that "nothing is too good for the cavalry." I have been assigned to Troop G, from Walla Walla,
and I am glad to be ??? some of the boys from Spokane. At present we are being ??? and I expect to join the ?? out on the firing line any
???. There is not much fighting ??? now but it will be resumed at the close of the rainy season and then you may hear from me. We had a
good trip across the ocean and a quick one. I have visited ?? ????, or Antone, where our ??? had lots of fighting and where ??? "peppered"
them from the ???. There is large holes in the walls where the shells went through and the roof is blown to pieces. I have paid a visit to
the city and of ??? I was ever in Manila is ?????. There is all kinds of ??? imaginable and vehicles of every description. There is one
thing a visitor notices very much, and that is the size of the horses. They are like Shetland ponies, but they are strong, for it only takes
??? of them to pull a streetcar full of people. There is two troops of cavalry mounted on them and their feet reach nearly to the ground.
We will have no horses until the British ship Wyfield arrives with them. She is expected here in a week, so it is probably that we will not
go to the front before that time. You might think that we don't live very good here, but I will give you an idea of what we have: breakfast:
beefsteak or hash, fried potatoes, gravy, break and coffee; dinner: roast beef, potatoes, onions, stewed apples, bread and coffee; supper:
stewed prunes, rice pudding, bread, coffee or tea. If we don't have enough we go to see the ??? twice, so you see we live all right. Give
my regards to all the people at Ellensburg. Address all letters to: Charles A. MANNES, Troop G, 4th Cavalry.


Will NEWLAND made a business visit to Roslyn last week. E. C. PAUTZKE, of Arlington, is over visiting his brother, O. W. PAUTZKE a few days. The M. E. Conference which has just closed its present session in Spokane, sends Rev. J. S. SMITH back to Ellensburg, and
Rev. W. H. HENDERSON back to West Kittitas. Sam KLEINBURG of Seattle visited in the city several days this week. S. W. ROGERS, one of the Nanum ranchers, moved into the city this week that his little ones might attend school this fall and winter. He
rented the WESTCOTT property in the south part of town. Grover, the little son of W. W. SPURLING is very sick with typhoid fever. We hope he may be speedily restored to good health.
Mr. SPURLING is one of the prominent citizens of North Kittitas and is sound to the core on Direct Legislation. An English berkshire male hog for sale cheap. W. J. ROBBINS The Ladies Aid Society of the Christian church will meet next Wednesday afternoon at Mrs. MILLER's residence opposite the Baptist church. Mrs. Burt HARTSHORN leaves tomorrow to join her husband at Skagway. From there they will go to Lake Bennett, where they will spend the
winter. Mr. and Mrs. PRICE intended going to Yakima Thursday, but it was too late for the train. Billy says he has a kick now. Our old time friend, Peter McCALLUM of Seattle was in the city and valley Friday and Saturday. He called around to see us as usual.
Peter has a host of friends in this county, and though he makes Seattle his home, he owns a good farm on the Swauk and considerable property
in CleElum. David M. COON, sister and mother came over from their Okanogan ranch near Silver last week to spend six weeks looking after their
interests in this valley. Dave says crops of all kinds look well and the yield will be good. He says his hay crop amounts to more than
300 tons and is now worth $5 per ton. Attorney WARNER of Ellensburg was in the city on Thursday. Mr. WARNER, who is one of the regents of the Normal school at the "Burg",
takes a good deal of commendable pride in that institution, stated that the school had opened this week with an enrollment of 115 students
the first day -- a larger number than usual. Yakima Democrat Messrs MORRISON, WISE and CROUT, all of Olatha, Kansas, spent Saturday and Sunday in this city visiting James STEPHENSON and
R. P. EDGINGTON. They were here looking over the country with a view of locating. Our people extend to them a hearty welcome and hope they
may conclude to do so. They started back home Monday.


E. F. BLAIR opened school at ???view Monday. John WILSON spent a few days in ??? last week. ???nett BLAIR took up school ??? district Monday. ?. M. STANDLEY went to work for ??? HUBBELL Monday. Prof. HIDDLESON is teaching in the ???nigomery district this fall. W. A. THOMAS took up school in the Damman school house Monday. Mrs. CROSBY of Denver, Colorado, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. L. COLLINS. F. M. STANDLEY and family moved in town last week to school the little ???. ??? BUTCHER and Miss Lillian ??? opened school in Thorp Monday. Cora WEAVER took up school Monday a week ago in the Hollen???k district. Joseph REIS had a house moved ??? the south part of town out to his Sunnyside place this week. ??? SLEET is baling hay for ??? BOWERS this week, having finished his job at Christ EIDAL's. ???ord WILSON took up school in district No. 13, commonly called Sunnyside, on Monday morning. We are informed that Matt BARTHOLET will open his general store on or about the 20th. Wm. KIESTER and wife are visiting at Lake Chelan this week. They expect to spend a couple of weeks up there. Amasa S. RANDALL, editor of that bright little paper, the Roslyn Miner, was a caller at The Dawn office Monday. J. T. HARSELL, who has been doing useful service in The Dawn office for several weeks past went to Yakima Monday. James CONARTY of Wenatchee, spent Monday in town on busienss. The BATTERSON residence which stood for years in the south part of town on Capitol avenue, was removed this week up near the Normal. Among the many persons who have recently enrolled on The Dawn's subscription list of late, we may mention Johnny KILLMOUR and A. WELLS
of this city. Mrs. L. G. THOMAS left last week for a month's visit with friends in and near Orting. We hope she may much enjoy the visit and return
home in good health. Louis JOHNSON shot and killed Tom JOHNSON in Yakima last Friday. Both were colored people. The coroner's jury found that MARTIN shot
JOHNSON with a deliberate purpose to kill. (Note: The paper lists the shooter as Johnson, then Martin, not a typographical error on my part.) Mr. GIBSON, who purchased the W. D. KILLMOUR ranch, is making considerable improvement around the place of late. Mr. GIBSON is one of
the thorough-going ranchers of North Kittitas and may be relied on as the builder of a neat and comfortable home. Tom McCAUSTLAND has added another piece of realty to his list of Yakima county belongings. This time it is a 160-acre tract in the
Sunnyside district, known as the old I.X.L. farm. Mr. McCUSTLAND will probably put 80 acres of it into alfalfa. Yakima Herald


In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Kittitas County In the matter of the Estate of Andrew HELMER, deceased Now on the 9th day of September 1899 came on to be heard the petition of Mary E. HELMER, Administratrix of said estate, who appeared in
person and by her attorney, L. A. VINCENT, praying for an order of the Court directing and authorizing her, the said Administratrix, to sell
the real estate belonging to said estate, in order to pay the debts of said estate... (1) That there is no personal property of any kind
belonging to said estate. (2) That the claims against said estate ... is the claim of the petitioner in the sum of $363.79 which has been
allowed by the court. That the real estate belong to said estate exclusive of the homestead heretofore set aside by the Court is to wit:
The Northeast quarter of section 8, in township 20 North of range 16 E. W. M. in Kittitas County, Washington. That it is necessary to sell
real estate to provide funds for the payment of said claim and such allowance as may be made for the support of the petitioner, the widow of
the deceased and the expenses of administration. It is therefore ordered by the Court that all persons interested in said estate and its
administration, appear before the Court...


To John H. McGRAW - published notice of property sale for unpaid taxes To Adaline M. CRAIG and L. E. CRAIG and B. E. CRAIG - published notice of property sale for unpaid taxes


Mr. REESE, who has charge of the CULLEN ranch on the west side, sent to this office on Monday three as fine peaches as we have seen in
the state. They were grown on the CULLEN ranch too. When they tell you that peaches cannot be grown in the Kittitas valley, they are a
little off. Matt BARTHOLET returned Sunday morning from Chicago where he has been to buy a stock of general merchandise for his new store at
Ellensburg. Matt goes to his new home with the best wishes from everybody in Yakima county to whom he has become so well and favorably
known by his long years of residence here. Matt served the people of this county faithfully as treasurer for two terms and is at present a
member of the state fair commission. Yakima Herald Through the kindness of C. L. COLLINS we were shown through the new church of the Presbyterians one day last week. It is constructed on
the modern style and very neatly and tastefully arranged -- by all odds the best church building in the city and perhaps the best in Central


I desire to inform the ranchers and everybody else in this valley that I have opened up a first class tin and plumbing and repair shop in
Ellensburg and am prepared to mend your tinware and milk cans on short order. Give me a trial and be convinced that I am here to live and
let live. T. B. LAMBSON

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