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October 31, 1894

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Ellensburg, 1st Ward: Thos. G. McDOWELL, T. W. FERRELL, and S. C. DAVIDSON. Ellensburg, 2nd Ward: F. D. SCHNEBLY, Chas. CAIN, and P. P. GRAY, M. D. South Ellensburg: J. SALLADAY, J. E. McDOWELL, and Chas. STEIN. South Kittitas: Wm. McEWEN, T. T. WILSON, and Phil OLMSTEAD. East Kittitas: Tom HALEY, J. W. McDONALD, and F. S. McDONALD. North Kittitas: J. J. JONES, Jno. GREEN, and Howard EBERT. West Kittitas: John NEWMAN, Perry CLEMAN, and Martin FREDRICK. Colockum: Burns YOCUM, T. G. KING, and W. A. HALEY. Wenatchee: G. W. KLEIN, Kirk HITED, and L. M. HULL. Mission: D. TREADWELL, J. F. WOODRING, and G. W. PARRISH. Peshastin: Chas. GIBBS, N. P. CAD, and P. J. SUPEN. Culver: W. F. PATTERSON, Mike McCARTY and E. J. KING. Liberty: C. F. LOUDERDALE, August SASSE, and Gustaf NELSON. Swauk: B. K. MAY, A. WRIGHT, and R. F. NOBLE. Cle Elum: Wm. BRANAM, F. C. HARTLE, and Herman SPEXHARTH. Roslyn, 1st Ward: Fred GENASCI and John LOWER. Roslyn, 2nd Ward: Isaac BONSET and John RICHMOND. Ronald: D. SMITH, J. C. MYERS. Easton: W. L. McGINNIS, C. H. BARTLETT, and T. I. HARRISON. Tunnel: M. P. KAY, D. McNEIL. Manashtash: B. F. REED, M. M. DAMMON, and Jesse GREGORY. The first person named on each board is the Inspector, the others are the Judges.

Closed His Doors

On Wednesday evening, J. B. FOGARTY closed his place of business. It seems a Portland firm to whom Mr. FOGARTY owed a small amount,
garnisheed the insurance money due on account of the recent fire. Mr. FOGARTY, to protect his home creditors, filed mortgages aggregating
something over $24,000. Commercial Agencies, and their ??porters, sometimes are a benefit, but more often prove a curse. It is hoped
Mr. FOGARTY will soon again resume business. The people are sorry to see a business house fail at any time, but especially after having
weathered the storm so long. Mrs. C. I. HELM returned last Saturday from her eastern visit. Miss Pearl HELM returned home last Monday from her visit on the Sound. It is said McGRATH's hounds were good for treeing chipmunks while hunting for JEFFREY's murderer. M. M. EMERSON is just in from the Methow country, where he has just finished some government surveying contracts. Ellensburg Lodge No. 55, I. O. G. T. meets at G. A. P. Hall every Sat. evening. So. O. SALLADAY, C. T.; W. A. STEINMAN, Sec. The Ellensburgh W. C. T. U. meets every two weeks at 3 p.m. at the Christian church, beginning on July 3rd. All are cordially invited to
attend whether members or not. Come if you are interested in the cause of temperance. Mrs. C. L. FLINT, Sec'y. Money on hand for farm loans. C. H. STEWART, No. 58 Geddis Block.

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