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November 8, 1902

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At the home of her parents in Tacoma, October 29th, 1902, Gladys May, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle GARRISON, aged 11 years, 10 months and 20 days. Mr. and Mrs. GARRISON
are well known at Thorp, having lived there until recently. Gladys was a sweet child, beloved
by everyone... The funeral services were conducted in the Christian church at Thorp by


Mrs. Roxey L. PEASE, who died October 31st, was born August 28th, 1832 in Steuben County,
New York. At the age of 20 she married B. S. PEASE and soon after immigrated to the then
territory of Iowa. After a few years residence there, the family again immigrated, this time
to territory of Minnesota, where they lived until 1877, when they came to Kittitas valley
where she resided until the time of her death. She was the mother of seven children, five of
whom survive her. During the last year and a half, she has resided in Ellensburg with her
daughter, Mrs. G. M. BURLINGHAM. Mrs. PEASE had a wide circle of friends and was loved and
respected for her goodness and kindness and patient faithful christian spirit by all who
knew her.


Fred BECKER is in the city this week. T. B. WRIGHT of Ronald, was in the city Wednesday. Chas. WURTZ of Roslyn was in the city Wednesday. Daniel B. PAYNE of Roslyn was in the city yesterday. E. KOEPKE's new residence will soon be ready for occupancy. Almost one-half the candidates were elected -- to stay home. C. L. COLLINS hopes to get into his new residence soon. Rev. J. A. DEATHERAGE made a flying visit to CleElum Thursday. H. J. SNIVELY of Yakima, was in the city Thursday on legal business. Ab WILLIS was tried in Justice BOYLE's court Thursday on charge of horse stealing. W. T. FRANCIS and T. J. RANDALL have about completed Mrs. M. LINDER's new residence. E. S. STEWART came up from North Yakima Monday to visit with his parents, Mrs. and Mrs.
W. J. BOYD. Simon JUSTHAM of Roslyn was down Wednesday to see how many democrats had been elected by
republican votes. Martin McDONALD left yesterday for his old home at Wolf Hill, Ireland, to visit a few months.
The Dawn will be read by him while at his old home. Mrs. M. CAIN of West Union, Ia., a sister of A. F. VAN ALSTINE, and who has been visiting
him and his family for some days has started on her return trip home. There was a nice entertainment in the schoolhouse in Dist. No. 5, Friday evening, under the
management of Miss PEASLEY. Messrs. PAYNE and HIDDLESON were in attendance. Laughable experiments Tuesday evening Nov. 18th with Liquid Air, beefsteak, vegetables, etc.
Lots of fun and a heap of information besides. Dr. FELCH had a runaway a few nights since up above Thorp. Fortunately he was not hurt,
neither was his horse, but considerable wire fence suffered as did the buggy wheel. R. H. STEVENS, of Thorp, returned a few days since from Indiana where he went some weeks
ago to be at the bedside of a sick wife who died a few days after his arrival. Miss Mary GARDNER was the guest of O. W. PAUTZKE and family Friday and Saturday of last week.
She was on her return home to Seattle from a two-month's visit in the eastern Washington. Mr. PLUMBER, of the Northern Pacific land department at Tacoma, spent Saturday in our city
and valley. He was very much surprised to see the fine fruit that was grown here and took back
with him four boxes of apples to place on exhibit in St. Paul... The defeat of W. A. THOMAS came as a great surprise to the intelligent voters. It was
thought that he could pull through with hands down... Call at Mrs. GAULT's store and look over her stock. Thomas McCAUSTLAND of Yakima is in the city today. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. FISH of Elmira New York are in the city this week. H. V. HINMAN came up from Yakima Tuesday to vote, returning same day. W. F. LEWIS of CleElum came down Wednesday to hear election returns. Miss Bird COINER returned this week from a two months visit in Port Townsend. Mrs. Mary COINER of Tacoma is over this week visiting the family of David COINER. Lost - Lady's dress hat between VAN ALSTINE's place and town. A. J. SPLAWN, the democratic nominee for state senate in Yakima county, defeated Ira
ENGLEHART by 65 votes. Bert LAMBSON and Miss Grace McARDLE of Port Townsend were granted license to wed in Seattle
on Tuesday. Miss Nettie RAINEY is agent for ladies' suits ... Call on her. About $1,200 worth of fruit trees were received at COBLE's yesterday for distribution among
the people of the valley. W. J. WELSH of Roslyn telephoned Auditor FOGARTY Thursday demanding a recount of the votes
case in 2nd ward of Roslyn. Harry NEEDHAM of Liberty, was in city Wednesday. For Sale - Five room house in Becker's addition. Inquire of James LAUGHLIN. I will close out my entire stock of tinware ... to make room for holiday and better selling
goods. Mrs. CONANT. For Sale - Seven room plastered house, good barn and out building and eight lots, near
normal school. Cash MOORE. A. SOWERS and family, formerly of this city, but who has spent the last three years near
South Bend, returned here this week to make their future home with us. Justice BOYLE bound Abe WILLIS over to the Superior court. He was tried on charge of
stealing George CHARLTON's horses last June. WILLIS is a sheepherder of Toppenish. Mesdames C. B. GRAVES, H. W. HALE, Frank SCOTT, and R. S. PALMER gave a dancing party at
RAMSAY's hall Wednesday evening. About 100 persons were present to enjoy the affair.
Mr. PUTMAN and Mrs. VANDUSEN furnished the music.


The following uncalled for letters remain in the Ellensburg post office, for the week ending
December 8, 1902: C. L. BAKER, Robert FIFE, Albert GAGNIER, John William HOPE, Andy O'BRINE,
Mrs. A. D. OLIVER, H. SCHULLY. O. HINMAN, Post Master


At the recent meeting of the Central Christian church, the following action was taken: Be
it resolved That the Central Christian church ... extend to the stricken husband and family
its deepest and most sincere sympathy for the death of Sister Florence STEVENS and be it
further Resolved that the church does hereby testify to the high esteem in which she was held
by this congregation... Done by order of the church this the 19th day of October 1902.
Mrs. Ella FRANCIS, Secretary.


Land Office at North Yakima, Wash., October 21st, 1902. Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of her intention to
make final proof in support of her claim ... on November 29th, 1902, viz.: Caroline B. WALKER,
for the NE 1/4 of Sec 10. Township 17 N, R 19 E, WM. She names the following witnesses...:
G. M. VAN ALSTINE, G. A. BRIEGEL, A. L. WHEELER, W. J. McCAUSTLAND, all of Ellensburg, Wash.


In the Superior Court of Kittitas county, State of Washington. In the matter of the administration of the estate of Walter A. BULL, deceased. Notice is hereby given that John BULL, the administrator of the estate of Walter A. BULL,
deceased, has presented for settlement... November 6, 1902.


1 - H. REIGEL 3 - H. LLOYD 4 - L. REINOSKY 5 - J. MORRISON 6 - E. B. WASSON 8 - B. SHELTON 9 - R. B. GAGE 10 - C. E. CRANE 11 - H. SPROWL 12 - E. V. DICKEY 14 - Geo. McFREY 18 - W. P. SHERMAN 19 - H. W. ELDRED 20 - Geo. COX 21 - L. PURDIN 23 - J. M. EVANS 24 - S. WOODHOUSE 25 - J. BLOOMQUIST


Foreclosure - William E. CREWDSON, plaintiff vs. H. M. GIBBS, defendant. Quiet Title - James SHAW, plaintiff vs. James D. SEATON and Lucy SEATON, defendants.

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