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February 19, 1914

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J. D. MATHEWS and A. L. SIEMMONS, Proprietors
Published every Thursday afternoon
Office: 416 North Pine Street


Mrs. N. CHURCHILL, mother of Mrs. Chester COOK, died Sunday night at the home of her daughter
in the Southeast part of the valley. Mrs. CHURCHILL was 53 years old and had been sick for
some time. The funeral was held from the Methodist church, Tuesday afternoon. Rev. NATHAN,
pastor of the church, conducted the services. Burial was in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery.


A card party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred NELSON Tuesday evening, February 17.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Jeff WALTERS, Mr. and Mrs. Dell REIGEL, Mr. and Mrs. Carmi
PEASE, Mr. and Mrs. L. McCUMBER, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. McNEIL, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper MILLS, Mr. and
Mrs. Eddie NELSON, Mr. and Mrs. Roy RINGER, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. LEE, and Mrs. Ernest KLUG, Mr.
and Mrs. John SHARP, Mr. and Mrs. Homer BANES, Mr. and Mrs. A. DAVIDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Mark
BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry MITCHELL, T. E. JONES, and August KENIG. Miss Amy BRUCE, who has been on the sick list, is reported as much better. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. BRUCE is progressing nicely.


Dr. FELCH used the X Ray on Mrs. M. H.SHIELDS ankle, Sunday ... a Potts fracture. It will
be remembered Mrs. SHIELDS had her ankle broken about two weeks ago while assisting in moving
a piano at the home of Mrs. H. B. SNIDER near Woldale.


... Principal WILSON returned Wednesday night from Tacoma ... Last week, Miss RANIN, the
librarian, gave a talk on the "Evolution of the Idea of Freedom in the Use of the Library
and How it Necessitates the Development of a Social Conscience." Next Tuesday Dr. HARRIS will
speak on ... "Remunerative Occupations for Women other than Teaching and the Home."...
Miss Marjorie DAVIDSON gave a reading from The Crisis by Winston Churchill... The Crescent
Literary Society gave a short program consisting of: Piano solo, Jennie ERICKSON; Reading,
Jennie ROSE; Vocal Solo, Prof. WHITNEY; reading, June DERING...


J. B. FOGARTY, one of Kittitas valley's most prominent ranchers and cattlmen, has gone into
the business of importing and raising fine Holstein Fresian Dairy stock... Mr. FOGARTY now has
on his large ranch 3 miles southwest of Ellesnburg over 100 head ...


Albert CRABTREE died at his home on his ranch on Wilson Creek, Sunday night. His death
was sudden tho not entirely unexpected as he had been suffering from a general breakdown.
Mr. CRABTREE had lived on the ranch where he died for about five years and he was very popular
with his neighbors. He leaves a wife and two sons. He was 60 years old. The funeral was
held from the Christian church, Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock. Rev. YOUNG being in charge
of the services. Burial was in Oddfellows cemetery.


The contract for furnishing coal to the County for the coming year was awarded to
W. D. CARTER. F. R. SMITH was appointed Justice of the Peace for Kittitas precinct vice
S. P. CRAWFORD resigned. Purse FREAR was appointed Road Supervisor for Road District No. 1...


1,000 fat hens at once. R. R. FLUMMERFELT, corner of Fourth and Pine.


The following is a list of the deputy assessors for Kittitas County: Charles HENSEL, Southeast corner of the county; P. L. OLEVSON, northeast corner of the
county; J. P. NELSON, North Kittitas; W. F. PETERSIN, South Kittitas; G. D. HOGUE, West Side;
B. A. GAULT and O. E. HAAHEIM, Ellensburg; Julias LAWDNESKY, Swauk and Teanaway; James SHEARING,
Roslyn; Assessor, G. C. ESTREM, Cle Elum.


Monday afternoon Mrs. Ernest PEASE gave the Primary department of the Ridgeway school and
their teacher Miss Florence FULTON, a chicken dinner and sleigh ride. She was assisted by
Mrs. Fred RASMUSSEN and Mrs. John LYNN... Mrs. Sherman SMITH who has been visiting friends and relatives in the city this week has
returned to her home in Kittitas. Mrs. Ralph DAVIS and daughter of Umtanum who have been spending a few days in the city
returned to their home Tuesday. Geo. T. PRATT will speak at a union Sunday School rally to be held at the Presbyterian
church... Mrs. Fred GILMOUR had a very pleasant birthday surprise party sprung on her Tuesday
evening.... J. B. FOGARTY's son who has been quick sick for several weeks was taken to Seattle for
treatment yesterday by Dr. McCLANAHAN. Mrs. BARNETT who was injured Sunday night by the mail wagon in which she was riding
being hit by an automobile, was not seriously injured. C. C. BURDICK, general agent for the NP Ry at North Yakima, was looking after
business in Ellensburg on Tuesday. Soren SORENSEN, the Denmark rancher, is spending a few days on the Sound this week. B. R. READ is in Seattle this week, looking after business interests there. Patrick HENRY of Roslyn was visiting Ellesnburg this week. Mrs. James T. ROGERS of Edgemont will be hostess at a bridge party.... Invitations for a bridge party to be given by Mrs. C. E. WHEELER, Mrs. E. J. KLEMME, and
Mrs. F. E. CRAIG, at the CRAIG residence.... The members of the Intermediate BYPU were entertained Saturday evening by Mrs. Retta
ARNOLD at her home on South Sprague Street ... refreshments were served by Mrs. ARNOLD and
her daughter. Invitations are out for a calamal party to be given by the ... Galena Club ... at the
home of Mrs. M. PATCHETT. R. A. TURNER has recovered from his injury and illness and is seen on the streets again. Merton PEASE who was operated on for appendicitis at the St. Mary's hospital last Sunday ... Miss Thelma CARTER, teacher of domestic science at the high school, is unable to attend
to her classes... attack of la grippe. Fred EMERSON, the 11 year old son of Mrs. Maggie EMERSON of Edgemont had the misfortune
of having both wrists broken while exercising with the rings in the gymnasium of school No. 12,
Monday afternoon. Dr. JACKSON who attended him reports him as doing nicely. Fred BUTCHER, a former resident of Ellensburg, and who is now living at Auburn was
visiting friends and relatives in Ellensburg this week. He was formerly proprietor of the
Isis theater. Fred is now traveling for the Acme Sign Co. of Tacoma. A. MIKLESON, who has been ill with pneumonia at the home of his daughter Mrs. J. P. MUNSON,
is reported as convalescing.


Mrs. A. T. SCHANNO and Miss Laura SATTERWHITE arranged a ... surprise party in honor of
their mother's, Mrs. John SATTERWHITE's, birthday at the SATTERWHITE home, Wednesday afternoon.
...Guests from North Yakima were present: Mrs. Thomas DINGLE, Mrs. Geo. T. BAKER,
Mrs. F. MARBLE, Mrs. L. C. DOOLEY, and Mrs. W. DOOLEY.


NOTICE - I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by C. M. DAVIS, after
Feb. 7th, 1914, as we have separated. Signed, Mrs. J. M. DAVIS NOTICE - I will not be responsible for any debts contracts by mrs. J. B. DAVIS or
Grace DAVIS after Feb. 7th, 1914. They having left my bed and board. Signed C. M. DAVIS,
Thorp, Washington. PUBLIC SALE - I will sell at public auction at the CATLIN Ranch, six miles West of
Ellensburg: (list of farm animals and farm equipment). J. D. SHELTON, Owner
Dan BRUNSON, Auctioneer SUMMONS No. 4955 - In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, in and for Kittitas
County. W. L. JACKSON, Plaintiff vs. B. FISHER and Joe FISHER, defendants. (summons) The
object of the action is to recover judgement in favor of the plaintiff and against the
defendants for the sum of One Hundred and Ninety Five dollars, and interest thereon at eight
per cent per annum, from September 5, 1913, One Hundred Dollars, attorney's free, and costs
of the action; said action being based upon a promissory note given by the defendants to the
plaintiff on the 1st day of December 1911. O. O. FELKNER, Plaintiff's Attorney, Ellensburg. NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF FINAL ACCOUNT - In superior Court of Kittitas County... In the
matter of the estate of Jay COOKE, deceased (in probate No. 688). Notice is hereby given that
Alta Mae I. MULLEN, the administratrix of the estate of Jay COOKE, deceased, has rendered and
presented for settlement, and filed in the above entitled court her final account of the
administration of said estate.. Dated this 17th day of February, A.D., 1914. SUMMONS - In Superior Court of the State of Washington, in and for Kittias County.
W. W. BONNEY and Annis E. BONNEY, husband and wife, plaintiffs, vs. William SEARS,
J. B. PRESSLEY and Mrs. J. B. PRESSLEY, A. A. PHILLIPS, and the City of Ellensburg...
defendents. (summons) The object of said action is to quiet the title of plaintiffs to lot
four (4) in block sixty-four (64) in Shoudy's Second Addition to the town (now city) of
Ellesnburg... PRUYN &HOEFFLER, Attorneys for Plaintiffs. SUMMONS NO. 4959 - In the Superior Court of the state of Washington, in and for Kittitas
County. Henry CLERF and Margaret CLERF, his wife, plaintiffs, vs. Leland BULL and Alvadore BULL
defendants. (summons) The object of this action is to quiet the title of the plaintiffs to
the S 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 20, the W 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 20, the NE 1/4 of
the NE 1/4 of Section 20, and the SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 17 all in Township 17 N of
Range 19, East of the Willamette Meridian and situated in Kittitas County...


(taken from some of the ads in the paper) ROSE & INMAN, Funeral Directors, I. O. O. F. Building Dr. E. C. MOHLER, Optometrist and Optician, 408 1/2 No. Peart St., upstairs W. W. BONNEY, Attorney at Law H. J. FELCH, M. D., Physician and Surgeon, Ramsey Block, Residence 106 E. Ninth. Dr. C. BRUNN, Osteopath, 9 years practice. Olympia Block, residence corner of 3rd & Sprague. Quality Fish Market, Concrete Bldg., late Home Bakers, 203 E. 4th St. Lauderdale's Store, Will G. LAUDERDALE.

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