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Tuesday, March 26, 1918

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The Great Western Battle Front a Scene of Carnage
Unequalled in All History. Results are Serious to the Allies, But Not Fatal.
The Inventive Genius and Incarnate Fiendishness of
Prussianism Has Been Called Into Action with Telling Effect.
The western front is a scene of warfare that the world has never witnessed before, nor ever
will witness again. It appears that Germany has been successful in their moves to decieve the
allied forces in some measure ... We are, by special arrangement, giving the United press report
in the Tacoma Tribune showing the progress of the battle ... With increasing intensity the battle
rages. Prisoners say the worst fighting is yet to come, according to plans. The Germans have
been losing much more heavily than the British....


Measles Still Has Sway - Several of the young people of the Dammon district are sick with the
measles. Among them are reported Paulline GREGORY, Mary PEDERSON, and Agatha BECK. The work of arranging for the Red Cross sale is well in hand and the sale is practically an
assured success. List your articles with the auctioneers. The Red Cross auction sale will be
held in the George Hornbeck building on the corner of Main and Fifth streets.... Mrs. S. U. LOOMIS is planning on cutting out a large portion of her orchard and putting the
land to general farm use. It is generally conceded that orcharding is not as profitable as hay
or other crops. Registered at the St. Regis - The following out-of-town guests were registered at the St. Regis
hotel last Monday: R. W. RAYMOND, Tacoma; J. W. BALL, Seattle; E. B. SHEHAN, Spokane. C. L. SCOTT has sold his Ellensburg property and will move with his family to Illinois. His
wife will stop off at Rochester, Minn., for treatment at the famous Mayo sanitarium. Guests at the Antlers: The following guests from out-of-town registered at the Antlers
yesterday: C. S. WAVER, C. J. FAIRBANKS, K. W. GOODRICH, E. W. DIETZEN, Yakima; T. I. LILLIES,
A. K. WILKINS, B. F. STUMP, Spokane; W. W. ADAMS, L. SHAW, W. E. CLANCY, Seattle; J. R. BAER,
Chicago; C. W. FRANKHOLD, Tacoma; Mrs. LOVELAND, San Francisco. The work of electrifying the Milwaukee railroad line is progressing nicely. The work of
setting the poles is well on the way through the east end of this county. The blasting crew is
now stationed at Boylston. Secretary MARTELL will lead a band of young men and boys on a hike up into the foothills next
Saturday. All are anticipating a good and invigorating trip. Mrs. Samuel GREGG and little daughter Katie, arrived today from ??. A. E. EMERSON is listed with those needing medical aid. He was not able to be on duty today. Private Walter PRESTON has returned to Camp Lewis. He has been visiting with relatives. Samuel OSBORNE, who lives on the Columbia river below Trinidad, was in the city Saturday. It
is a long way to come for mail, but he does that trick year around. Mrs. Samuel OSBORNE, who has been in the hospital in Kittitas for the past month, has so far
recovered as to be able to return home this week. Prof. SHERICK and wife removed to their ranch last week. They will motor to school from their
ranch home hereafter. Miss Helen JOHNSON has been suffering from the after-effects of the measles. F. E. PIERCE has been in town from Idaho for several days looking for land. He was favorably
impressed with our climate and country. He returned via Sunnyside and Grandview last Monday. George TURNER, of the Kittitas Mortar company, spent several days of last week in Seattle,
returning Friday. Attorney V. O. NICHOLSON of Sunnyside, was in the city a few hours last Friday, the guest of
the editor. Dr. W. J. COOMBE was in Toppenish for several days the latter part of last week. He reports
much activity in the beet industry in that section. Postmaster TURNER has been confined to his room for the last few days on account of illness.
He is reported much improved and perhaps will be able to be out again tomorrow. Mrs. Lillian PRESTON was operated on at the general hospital last week for appendicitis, was
so far recovered as to (leave) Tuesday.


List of letters remaining unclaimed at the post office at Ellensburg, Wash. for the week ending March 23, 1918: O. AANES Mrs. Lewis BAILEY Mrs. E. BENNETT R. N. GRIFFIN Mrs. Jessie HARMON Will HEMERLY A. G. MANSENS Christ MITCHES Oskar MYBERG Peter NOLEN A. H. ROADY George SIMPSON Walter WILSON In calling for any of the above ask for "advertised letters". One cent due on each letter.


Attorney C. R. HEADLEY spent several days in Seattle recently in conference with the food
commission of the state...


Walter PRESTON, who has been on a furlough here for the past six days, returned to his post
Tuesday. He was a guest of his sister, Mrs. TRIPP, while here.

NEWS OF THE COUNTY By Special Correspondents

Mr. and Mrs. S. C. SHRADER left Friday night for Yakima where they will visit Mr. SHRADER's
mother during the weekend. Mrs. George BRAIN has been ill for the past week but is improving now. The Epworth league of the Methodist church gave a very enjoyable party at the home of Reverend
and Mrs. NASH, Friday night. Mrs. Martha MATTOX, who for the past two weeks has been visiting in Ellensburg, returned to
Thorp Friday. Merton MELUGIN left recently for Seattle where he will stay for some time. Mr. MELUGIN has
been suffering from ill health for several months and is making the change in an effort to regain
his health. Rex OSBOURNE was in Ellensburg on business Friday. Mrs. George DUNNING and daughter Lillian, and Miss Mary PEARSON spent Thursday afternoon at
the meeting of the Thorp Red Cross auxiliary. H. L. MARKELL made his usual Monday fish excursion yesterday and returned with a good fish
story -- and the fish.

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