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January 18, 1894

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The N. P. pay car is expected here on Saturday. The skating is very good again and the boys are having plenty of fun. The ice harvest is not maturing very rapidly, but there is still plenty of time for a good crop. Last Sunday's Tacoma Ledger contained nearly seventeen pages of delinquent city taxes. The people of
Ellensburgh are apparently not the only ones who are hard up. The tongue of scandal has been wagging at both ends this week and as a result some awful stories of
domestic discord have been current, but all the shocking details have not been verified. Lieutenant-Colonel McCARTHY, of Walla Walla, examined Lieutenants ARMSTRONG and STEINMAN of Co. A last
Saturday evening as to their military qualifications and found them well up in the tactics, and so reported. A cigar factory is now in operation in Ellensburgh and an aggregate of about 8,000 cigars a month are being
turned out from the lowest to highest grades. J. B. FOWLER is conducting the business...

G. A. R.

Grand Army Hall in this city presented a very inviting appearance last Saturday at noon... the installation
of the newly elected officers of the Post. J. F. SINCLAIR, commander of this department, was present and
installed the veterans in office, as soon as the banquet table was cleared, as follows: J. L. BROWN, commander;
Alonso JACK, S. V. C.; B. W. LEWIS, J. V. C.; C. R. KANE, Adjt.; Amos SMITH, Q. M.; S. W. MAXEY, Surgeon;
J. E. McDOWELL, Chaplain, G. F. DAVIS, O. D.; D. COBLE, O. G.; S. T. STERLING, S. M.; and G. W. CARVER, Q. M. S....


Last Tuesday two men appeared at BARDEN's second-hand store and wanted to sell a quantity of household
goods, consisting of furniture, stoves, etc. Their appearance excited BARDEN's suspicion and he tried to
detain them while getting word to the officers. McGRATH was soon on hand but one of the birds had flown. He
promptly arrested the one who stayed and other officers were soon out in search of his pal, who was quickly
caught. They were arraigned before Justice BOYLE and one, giving his name as T. BLEVINS, pleaded guilty, and the
other, Frank DUNN, waived examination and both were soon locked in the county jail. The house they burglarized was one of questionable repute in the south end of town. The stolen goods were
all recovered. The prisoners are apparently hard characters and one of them, DUNN, is reported to have recently
finished a term in the Walla Walla penitentiary for the same crime he is now arrested for.


H. L. STOWELL has been on the sick list this week. Geo. E. MARKEL of Portland is spending a few days in this city. Rev. S. D. BEIT is able to be about again, after an attack of the grip. Lewis SEARS, representing Lowman & Hanford, Seattle, was in the city on Tuesday. Hon. L. R. GRIMES came in from Olympia on Tuesday and stayed over one train. Grand Chancellor RONALD was in the city yesterday in the interest of the Knights of Pythias. It has been learned that D. O. WOODWORTH caught a fine boy in his stocking Christmas morning. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. FRAZEE were made happy by the arrival of a girl baby at their home on the 8th inst. Dr John ELWOOD came up from Oregon on Tuesday. He will remain a few days and return, it is hoped, a wiser
and better man. Mrs. F. M. McCULLY left last Tuesday for Tacoma, where she will spend the winter with her parents. Her
son, Merritt, accompanied her. S. R. GEDDIS returned on Tuesday from a trip to the Indian territory. He is more than ever satisfied that
this is the country to live in, as he found times much harder there than here.


The Swauk is waking up and judging by present indications the coming season will be a very lively one of
the creek. A company of Duluth capitalists have been working the Green Tree claim up there and they evidently
became impressed with the possibilities of the camp, for they have lately located a great deal of ground,
including some that has been held by the Swauk Bedrock Flume Company. The company, after having an examination
made by an expert, bonded the Buckhorn mine, owned by FORD, SMITH, and KAUP, for $24,000...


Messrs. PAULL and STONEROAD arrived in Ellensburgh on Tuesday and will remain here and identify themselves
with our city and county. They are from Pennsylvania and command large capital, some of which at least they
intend to infuse into the commercial arteries of this region...


At the last meeting of the Eclectic Literary Society, the program... among other things were a sketch of
Grover Cleveland by Nellie FULTON, and a eulogy on James G. Blaine by Thomas HALL. Miss Ada JULESBURG gave
an oration of exceptional merit. Prof. BARGE kindly entertained the Society at some length by talking to
them of the wonders of the World's Fair.

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