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November 7, 1889

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   The citizens of Cle Elum are preparing to ??? for natural gas in the town next week and will go down 2000 feet if necessary.  They will
hunt for coal at the same time. This is the kind of enterprise Kittitas county needs and the Capital hopes an unlimited quantity of both
coal and gas may be found at Cle Elum.


Cards have been received from Waitsburg announcing the marriage of Wm. E. SINGER to Ella BILLUPS on October 22d. At home in Ellensburgh
after October 24th. The Methodist church is now under roof. Mr. ROSS has moved to his new residence in Sunnyside Addition. A good sidewalk is being laid from the Honolulu block to Sixth Street. The new brick fire engine house on Pine Street is up to the second story. Geo. W. ELLIOTT's Club block on Fifth street is rapidly nearing completion. New sidewalks are being laid on both sides of Pearl, between Fourth and Fifth Streets. The oyster season is here in full blast and the bivalves are plentiful in the city at reasonable prices. CARRUTHERS, PARSONS, & Co. have been shipping in a fine quality of lime from California. Rev. Mr. MOONEY has organized a literary and social club which meets at the Congregational Church Wednesday evenings. The store rooms of LLOYD & Co. are almost finished ... The railway cash carrier will be in operation in a few days.


Mrs. Capt. ROGERS departed for a visit to friends and relatives in Cleveland, Ohio, last Monday. Hon. John B. ALLEN stopped over a day in Ellensburgh while on his way to Olympia.


The jingle of the telephone will soon be heard in Ellensburgh. The work of putting up the poles and stringing the wire is already under
way, and it is expected that the system will be in operation in about two weeks. Over forty subscribers have already been secured ...


Report of the Public Schools for the Month ending October 24th, 1889. First Primary - No. enrolled, 73; average attendance, 65; No. 100 in attendance, 52, No. 100 in punctuality, 50. Emma A. HARRIS, Teacher. Second Primary - No. enrolled, 64; average attendance, 49; No. 100 in punctuality and attendance, 30. Minnie M. LIVESAY, Teacher. First Intermediate - No. enrolled, 33; average attendance, 28; No. 100 in punctuality and attendance, 14. Anna SALLADAY, Teacher. Second Intermediate - No. enrolled, 63; average attendance, 51; No. 100 in punctuality and attendance, 26. M. Maud STERLIN, Teacher. High School - No. enrolled, 91; average attendance, 76; No. 100 in attendance and punctuality, 20. Total number enrolled, 324; Average attendance, 289. The class leaders are the three passing the highest average at the monthly examinations. The leaders for November are: A Grade - Laura SHOUDY, 97 1/2; Estella M. BROWN, 96 1/4; C. Olga HILL, 95 3/4. B Grade - Glenn BAKER, 97; Cortus POLAND, 97; Jas. McDOWELL, 95. C Grade - Vina McBRIDE, 94; S. S. SEATON, 89; Winnie PAYTON, 87. D Grade - Odisa FREED, 87; Earnest SEATON, 86; Chas. POST, 82. Those making the greatest gain in percent, over September examination are: In the A Grade, Bee WRIGHT, 12 percent; B Grade, Glenn BAKER,
21 percent; C Grade, Seth SEATON, 31 percent; D Grade, Leroy OLDHAM, 35 percent. The past month is a mark for its increased percentage in attendance, punctuality, and studiousness. The schools are preparing for a
public entertainment, the proceeds to be used in enlarging the library. We have 50 volumes now and hope to make it 300 during the year.
Next week we will be ready to publish our lecture course for the public school, to be given by the best talent in the city. Keep it before
the people that we must have a 12-room brick school building for 1890-91. Prin. NA???GAN.


Whereas certain meddlesome persons have enticed away from their home my minor sons, Giles HARRIS and James A. HARRIS, and harbored them,
and influenced them to remain away from their home, notice is hereby given to all persons not to harbor my said sons under any pretense, or
for any purpose whatever, without the consent of the undersigned, and I shall hold all such persons personally liable to me who shall
violate the terms of this notice. Wm. T. HARRIS


A Large Number of Our Merchants and Business Men Permanently Located in New Buildings - Where They May Be Found. The merchants and business men of Ellensburgh who were forced to go into tents and temporary quarters after the great fire are beginning
to occupy new brick premises. Many have already moved, others are moving and the rest will soon be permanently located in the new buildings.
Following is a list of those who are in their new stores or who are moving. Notice will be taken of those who move hereafter: S. L. AMES & Co., drugs, Honolulu block, next door to postoffice. ARMENT Bros., news dealers, Gedddis block. BOSSONG & Co., bakery and groceries, Bossong block, Pearl street. CADY & Son, boots and shoes, new Wilson block. City of Paris, fancy goods, etc., Honolulu block, Fifth Street. FIELD & MAYER, meat market, Cadwell block. FLYNN's shoe store, Geddis block. J. B. FOGARTY, Fogarty Block, Third street, between Pearl and Pine. FRIEND & FLYNN, barbers, Geddis block. GEIGER, tailor. Main Street, near Fifth. HENTON's Branch Store, corner Fifth and Pine. Louis HERMAN, clothing, Cadwell block. HINMAN & GEDDIS, hardware, Geddis block, corner room. KAMINSKY's P. O. P. store. Nash block, corner Fifth and Main streets. Kittitas Meat market, Geddis block. KLEINBERG Bros., clothiers, Cadwell block, temporarily until their new block is finished. KREIDEL, dry goods, etc., temporarily in Fish block, fourth street. LAPOINTE & Co., real estate, Creger block, corner of Water Street. Phil LEWIS, gents' furnishings store, in the Horton. LLOYD & Co., Lloyd block, corner Third and Pine Streets. McAULIFFE, tailor, Creger block. McCARTY & BLUROCK, meat market, Honolulu block, Pearl street. Mrs. McMILLAIN, milinary, Geddis block, third door from Fourth street. McNEILL, WALLACE, & Co., livery stable, Third Street, below Water. MORGAN's Book Store, Wilson block, Pearl Street. OLDHAM & KENNEDY, blacksmiths, Pine street, near second. PERRY's drug store, Geddis Block, second door from Fourth. R. M. SHAVER, groceries, etc., corner of Fourth and Ruby. SIMMS barber shop, Creger block. SLOAN's barber shop, Creger block. STOWELL & HALLET, dry goods, groceries and crockery, Fish block, Fourth street, corner of Pine. TRAVERS Bros., hardware, City Hall building, Pine Street. VANDYKE & HART, furniture and crockery, Third street, near Pine. W. L. WEBB, furniture, Fifth street, between Pine and Ruby. WELTY & BROWN, confectioners, Fish block, Fourth Street. WILLIAMS & McGUIRE, hardware, Smithson block, Pearl Street. Henry WINEMAN, fruit, etc., Creger block, Third Street. WOLF's auction rooms, Fish block, Fourth street.


To the members of the Cle Elum Mill and Mining Company, or their Representatives: You and your representatives and successors in interest are hereby notified that we have performed work and labor on the Silver Bow,
Last Chance and Wilkinson mining claims, situated in the Cle-Elum Mining District in Kittitas County, W. T. to the amount of Five hundred
dollars for the year 1888 and 1889, and that the proportion of each member of said company is thirty-one dollars and twenty-five cents and
you are hereby notified that if you fail within ninety days to contribute your share of the costs of said work with costs of advertising as
provided by law, your interest in said claims will become the property of the undersigned, your co-partners in said claims, who have
performed said labor in accordance with the laws of Congress in such cases made and provided. B. B. KELLEY, E. P. BOYLES. Dated October 15,


Having been in business in Kittitas county for the past seven years, and having received the level patronage of the public for which we
are very thankful, we now open our new brick bakery, where we will always have on hand everything made of flour. We will also carry a
complete stock of Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Cigars and Tobacco. We lost our building, our entire stock and even our insurance in the big fire, but we hope to retain the patronage of the public and
promise to serve all with equal courtesy and justice... F. BOSSONG & Co.

NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION - Desert Land, Final Proof

U. S. Land Office, North Yakima, W. T., October 16, 1889 Notice is hereby given that Edwin B. ???ERSON, of Ellensburgh ... has filed notice of intention to make proof on his desert land claim
No. ???, for the ???????? Tp. ? North, Range 1? East, W. M. .. on Saturday, ???? November 1889. He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of said land: H. J. McCA??LAND, T. F. Mc???LAND, T. W. SMITH, and Joe McLEOD, all of Ellensburgh,
W. T. (Note: Too dark to read some words.)

NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION - Desert Land, Final Proof

U. S. Land Office, North Yakima, W. T., October 25, 1889 Notice is hereby given that Annie McLEOD, of Elensburgh ... has filed notice of intention to make proof on his desert land claim No. 1?8,
for the ne ? Sec. 2?, Tp. 17, N., R 19 east, .. on Tuesday, the ??th day of December 1889. She names the following witnesses to prove the
complete irrigation and reclamation of said land: E. A. HALEY, W. C. MAXEY, George D. HOGNE, and Joe McLEOD, all of Ellensburgh, W. T.
(Note: Too dark to read some words.)


Ellensburgh Lodge No. 38 F. & A. M. Meets the first and third Saturdays of each month. J. P. SHARP, W. M., H. M. BALDWIN, Secretary. Ellensburgh Lodge No. 20, I. O. O. F., meets every Saturday evening a 8 o'clock. Sojourning brothers cordially invited to attend.
M. J. MALONEY, N. G., C. H. STEWART, R. S. Jas. PARSONS G. A. R. Post No. 11. Meets every Saturday night at the old hall in Ellensburgh. Visiting Comrades always welcome. Ellensburgh Chapter No. ??, R. A. M. Stated convocations held at Masonic Hall second Saturday evening of each month. J. W. BEAN, H. P.,
F. W. AGATZ, Secretary. Temple Commandery No. 5, Stated Conclave Temple Commandery No. 5, at Masonic Hall, second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Sojourning
Sir Knights especially invited to attend. C. S. PROWELL, E. C., M. A. COLE, Recording.


Positively at a bargain, lot ?0x120, west side Pearl, between 1st and Spring streets, for $750. A six-room house, rents for $48, lot 50x120. A 3 room house on same lot rents for $10. Both houses and lot for $1400, near corner of
Pine and 2nd. Apply to L. A. VINCENT, at the Capital office.


The Capital Sale, Feed and Livery Stables, corner of Pearl and Fifth Streets, Ellensburgh, Wash. Ter., T. T. WILSON & Co., Props. COFFIN & CO., Groceries! Groceries! Fifth and Pine streets, Ellensburgh. D. O. WOODWORTH, Dealer in Drugs, Patent Medicines, Stationery, Toilet Articles, Soaps and Perfumes.. Next to Wilson's Stables. Enterprise Planing Mill Co., PRICE & RCHADS (name as printed in paper), Proprietors. Manufacturers and Dealers in lumber, shingles, lath,
sash, doors, blinds, brackets, mouldings, lime, cement, plaster, hair, brick, sand, glass, &&. Painters' Stock Furnished at Short Notice.
Contractors in all kinds of work. Office and Mill located near depot on South Nanum and 1st. Telephone office at WILLIAMS & McGUIRES'
Hardware store. The City Brewery. Mathias DEWISCOURT, Prop. Lager Beer and Bottled Beer... It is made of home material, of barley and hops only, and
absolutely pure and wholesome... Ellensburgh Planing Mill, C. W. CARNER, Proprietor. Dressed and Common Lumber. J. B. LOVE, Contractor and Builder.

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