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July 21, 1894

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Occasional letters were hard to read, indicated by ?
John GILMORE notifies the public that he has removed his blacksmithing to the old shop adjoinging the feed stable on the corner of Main
and Fifth streets, Ellensburgh, where he will be found after this date, April 21st, 1894. John GILMORE


Miss Anna R. BROWN is visiting at Hartland, Wn. Superintendent C. S. PROWELL was in the city on Wednesday. Ex-Supt. C. S. PROWELL took the train for the Sound Thursday morning. Miss AVARD returned to Ellensburgh this week from her visit to Simcoe. There are 80 regulars camped on the flat in front of the depot building, and 37 tents are occupied. Several shots were fired into a passenger train above Ellensburgh on Tuesday. Nobody hurt. "PEARSON's Place" is the only place in town to find Milwaukee beer on draught. Hon. J. A. SHOUDY returned Sunday from a two weeks trip to Peshastin, where he has some valuable mining interests. A party consisting of Mat. FLYNN, Ernest ANDERSON, ? M. BARTON, and __ PHEENY left Tuesday on a fishing excursion up the Nanum. It is said that the loss of grain in parts of the county by the squirrels will reach 60 per cent. There is a very large crop of squirrels
over last year. We were shown some gold, an ounce or so, that came out of the ANTHONY claim, on the Swauk. It was a beautiful lot, and was not what is
called fine gold. Mr. Henry GABEL informed us that none of his buildings on his Columbia river ranch were floated off, but he lost some fencing and about
30 tons of hay of last year's cutting. Alonzo DURGAN, aged about 65 years, died of pneumonia Sunday, July 15th, on the Ahtanum, in Yakima county. He had been sick about two
weeks. His wife was with him when he died. Prof. GETZ and family arrived Monday. They will occupy the THIELSEN cottage. The professor is interesting himself in the welfare of the
school and promises to be an active and useful manager of the Normal. Mrs. BARDEN, of the "Old Curiosity Shop" on Third street, has arranged one of the show-windows in a dainty style, as a flower garden... Mr. J. L. VAUGHAN makes his grapes into wine, of which he has several kegs on hand... The crop of grain six weeks ago bid fair to be unusually good, but the ground squirrels have become so numerous that they have eaten up
some fields almost totally... In the Reeser creek country they are very numerous now and their destruction is great. All along the foothills
from Reeser creek to Caribon, there are thousands of them to the acre... Wm. CRACKER and Fred HAHN were fishing in a boat last Sunday in the Yakima river. Their boat took a sheer on them in the swift current
and capsized; both were thrown into the water where it was quite deep. HAHN made his way to the shore and CRACKER clung to the boat, HAHN
calling to him to hold on, which he did as long as he could. When he could hold on no longer, he let go and sank; he came up, but went down
again; he came up the second time, and then he disappeared from view. Search was made for the body, but up to last accounts it had not been
recovered. Hon. S. W. BARNES of this city has been re-appointed regent of the Normal school at Ellensburg. Mr. BARNES has been of great help to the
school. Daniel GABY, a populist, is indignant over the nomination of FORREST for supreme court judge, who he says, has no qualifications for the
office he aspires to be elected to...


In Ellensburgh, Wash. on July 18th, 1894, by Rev. S. D. BELT, E. E. WAGER and Miss Byrd AVARD, both of this county.


Maximum temperature 96 degrees, Minimum 66 degrees, mean 80. Clear days 5, part clear 2. Days the wind blew from north west not to
exceed two points out of eight. R. P. EDGINGTON


James GILMORE came down from the Peshastin last week, and from him we learn that the Peshastin is showing up better than ever. He has
been at work on the GILMORE claims, but, being bothered by water, he will lay off for a week or so, and he will then return. Charles DONAHUE has just finished his contract of sawing 200,000 feet of lumber for the ?hill Company, and the company is fitting up the
mill and making a thorough repair... There is a great deal of work being done in the camp. John EARNEST is working some rich rock in his arrastra from the DONAHUE claim. Peter CUSHING came down from Peshastin Wednesday. He says he has taken a contract to building a tramway for the Blewett company to carry
the ore from the upper claims to the mill. He has just finished a contract of sawing 90,000 feet of lumber for the Blewett mill company...


Registered and graded Clydesdale stallions and colts. Work, driving and saddle geldings, by car load, span or single head, broken and
unbroken, weighing from 800 to 1,800 pounds. Four miles east of Ellensburgh, Wash. Henry GABEL


Superior Judge C. B. GRAVES County and Court Clerk M. CAMERON Sheriff A. A. MEADE Deputy L. E. SALLADAY County Attorney E. E. WAGER Deputy W. L. GRAVES Coroner I. N. POWER Auditor J. E. FROST Deputies J. M. BAIRD, A. BROWN Treasurer J. F. TRAVERS Deputy M. LINDER Assessor W. A. STEVENS Surveyor E. I. ANDERSON Superintendent of Schools G. M. JENKINS County Commissioners A. PITCHER, A. M. STEVENS, P. McCALLUM


Blewett McCallum Ronald CleElum Martin Roslyn Easton Mission Teanaway Ellensburg Peshastin Thorp Liberty Rock Island Wenatchee


Mayor John H. SMITHSON Councilmen W. FREYBERGER, I. N. POWER, C. V. WARNER, A. A. BATTERSON, J. B. SCHULTZ, F. D. SCHNEBLY, W. D. CARTER Clerk James G. BOYLE Marshal P. C. McGRATH Police Judge James G. BOYLE Attorney John B. DAVIDSON Treasurer Robert L. SPIKER Health Officer P. P. GRAY Justices of the Peace Charles H. STEWART, James G. BOYLE


I. O. O. F. Ellensburgh Lodge No. 20 meets every Thursday in Odd Fellows hall at 8 p.m. Ellensburgh Encampment No. 16 meets first and third Wednesdays of each month in Odd Fellows hall at 8 p.m. Masons Ellensburgh Lodge No. 39, F. & A. M. meets in Masconic Temple, first and third Saturdays of the month. Ellensburgh Chapter No. 11 R. A. M. meets in Masonic Temple second Saturday of each month. Temple Commandery No. 5 meets in Masonic Temple second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Zenith Cahpter No. 11 O. E. S. meets first and third Wednesdays of each month at masonic Temple. I. O. G. T. Ellensburg Lodge No. 52. G. A. R. James PARSONS Post No. 11 meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. S. of V. Milroy Camp No. 11 meets every Thursday at 8 p.m. K. of P. Equity Lodge No. 41, meets in Odd Fellows' Hall, every Tuesday at 8 p.m.


Baptist: Corner Fourth and Sprague streets... Methodist Episcopal: Corner Third and Ruby streets... Pastor N. EVANS, Pastor Presbyterian: Fourth, Fifth, Sprague and Anderson streets ... Christian: Corner Fourth and Sampson streets... Congregational: Corner Sixth and Ruby streets... Catholic: Corner Seventh and Water streets... Episcopal: Corner Fifth and Pearl streets... Women's Christian Temperance Union of Ellensburg meets ... at the Baptist Church... Mrs. C. L. FLINT, Sec.

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