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November 24, 1894

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Occasional letters were hard to read, indicated by ?


Mrs. Ralph KAUFFMAN has been very ill for the past week. Rev. N. EVANS was conducting a revival at Thorp last week. Mrs. M. GILLAM spent a few days of this week in Ellensburgh. John BLACK of Swauk country was in the city on Tuesday. Mrs. B. K. MAY and her daughter Ida were visitors to the city on Thursday. George ELLIOTT's black horse is again in service, having returned to his stable at his own accord. Sheriff A. A. MEADE, we regret to state, suffered a paralytic stroke of the left side last week. Frederick BORROW's dam at Easton has stood the high water this fall without a particle of damage. The ditchmen march to the depot every day when the eastern train arrives to ask assistance of travelers. Mrs. B. S. SCOTT and daughter Lulu returned on Friday from Salt Lake City after an absence of about six weeks. Mr. Luen ABRAMS who was here a few weeks ago and started home was taken very ill at Portland where he is still quite sick. T. W. FARRELL has relocated his harness shop on the corner of Main and Third streets, where he will be pleased to see his old friends. John LYONS recently returned from the Hot Springs, west side. He had been suffering from rheumatism. He was benefited by his stay at
the springs. During her visit in Salt Lake City, Mrs. SCOTT had the misfortune to lose her mother. Her many friends sympathize with her in her
bereavement. Vina ABRAMS, who has been ill of typhoid fever at her home in Los Angeles and whose life for the last two weeks has been despaired of, is
at this present writing reported to be slightly better. BARNES & McCANDLESS vs. S. T. PACKWOOD and others. The case was decided in the supreme court in favor of the plaintiffs. The suit was
over the race track above the city, near the river. From a private letter from Steilacoom we learn the cheering news that Mr. Geo. HORNBECK's speedy recovery is looked for. That his mental
trouble was due to overwork and that he may be expected home in a month. A. J. SPLAWN was a visitor in the city on Tuesday. Mr. SPLAWN has been spending some time in Okanogan county where he has bought some
800 or 1,000 head of beef cattle, which are here now and are being fed for late winter slaughtering. Some 600 head are being fed
at TJOSSEM's mill on ?hopped grain... (dark section) the Cadwell block where all the latest designs will be made. Also stamping done for fancy work. Mrs. J. E. ELLIS The West Side Irrigating Company will hold their annual election on December 1, 1894... James H. STEVENS, Pres't. J. N. BURCH, Sec'y. Joseph LAWRENCE brought suit against the city for $10,000. It is claimed that his daughter, Ethel, fell through a hole in a city sidewalk
two years ago. The injuries received resulted in making her a cripple. The jury awarded $8,000 damages to the plaintiff. A second suit
has been brought for damages for the sum of $10,000. General committee on Thanksgiving gifts for the poor: Methodist church: Rev. EVANS, Mr. STEINMAN Congregational church: Mr. FRAZIER, Mr. ALSIP Baptist church: Rev. MOORE, Miss BARGE Presbyterian church: Rev. CRAWFORD, Mr. W. JENKINS Normal school: Prof. GETZ, Prof. MORGAN Public school: Mr. McCULLY, Mr. HALL Names of those to be aided will be given to this committee. Albert R. CRAWFORD, Com. Having leased the shop of WILLIAMS & SMITHSON, I am prepared to do all kinds of sheet metal work, give estimates on miners' and prospectors'
supplies. Special attention given to creamery and pipe work and repairing of all kinds. Respectfully yours, J. H. GRAHAM Mr. S. HAYES offers the choice of two out of three 40-acre tracts of his farm... on terms. The land is about 7-1/2 miles southeast of
Ellensburg, and is about 1/4 mile south of the old HOLTZ Ranch, now owned by Mr. J. P. CLERF. This land, in its present condition is cheap
at $20 per acre, and when the new ditch is finished will be well worth $30 per acre. It is at present watered by Park creek which furnishes
a fair amount of water in ordinary seasons, but not in dry seasons. If it did, the land would not now be offered for $15 per acre. If not
sold at private sale by July 25th, it will be offered at auction at the upset price of $1,260. Apply to Washington Finance & Trust Company,
P. H. W. ROSS, Manager, Office e. side Pine St. between Third & Fourth, Ellensburg, Wn. The Buffet Restaurant, located in the Davidson Block where a Good First Class Meal can be had for 25 cents. For neatness, cleanliness
and strict attention to guests it cannot be surpassed. Give me a call and be convinced. N. N. BROWN, Prop. The undersigned having purchased and improved The City Brewery, he wishes to inform the citizens of Ellensburgh and vicinity that he
always keeps on hand a superior quality of Lager and bottled Beer. A share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited.
Mathias DEWISCOURT Hardware! C. C. AGATZ, Nash Block. Cutlery, Stoves and Tinware at Hard Pan Prices; Lower Than Ever. Lubricating Oils. General Builders'
Hardware. Fred W. AGATZ, Manager. Ice cream, salads, desserts, cakes, pies and all kinds of baking done, lunches prepared and refreshments furnished for evening companies
by the ladies of the Episcopal Guild. Leave orders with the president, Mrs. J. K. MORRELL. Also sewing, mending or darning for families or
young men, for which orders will be taken by any member of the Guild.


HOO YOU wishes to inform the public that he has purchased the old St. Paul Restaurant which will be renovated thoroughly and will be Open
for Business Saturday, September 22, under the new name of New York Restaurant. Mr. HOO YOU's past history in this city as a restauranteur
is a sufficient guarantee of the future excellence of the New York. Yours truly, HOO YOU.


Came to the premises of the undersigned last spring a brown mare, brand indistinguishable, and shows that she has been handled. The owner
is requested to come forward... She can be seen at any time by calling at the corner of 9th and Poplar streets, Ellensburgh. M. E. DARBY...


One blue roan 8 years old work horse, weight 850 pounds, branded double anchor on right shoulder; left shoulder double "E". One bay mare
branded on right shoulder 76; left shoulder monogram JP. Two sorrel fillies, branded PS on left shoulder. Any person knowing the whereabouts
of the above described horses will please inform the undersigned either personally or by letter and receive a liberal reward. R. F. NOBLE,
Teanaway, Wash.


The Palace Restaurant will reopen on Monday, September 17, 1894, at 11:30 o'clock. It is our purpose to keep a first class house in the
Blumaur Brick Block, east side of Main street.... S. C. SMITH, Prop.


The partnership of BOSSONG & KOEPKA has been dissolved by mutual consent. Frank BOSSONG assumes all liabilities of the firm and will
collect all outstanding accounts. Those indebted to the firm are requested to make settlement and creditors are requested to do the same.
Henry KOEPKA, F. BOSSONG, Ellensburgh, Wn., Oct. 22, 1894

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