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Monday, January 3, 1910

Ellensburg, Kittitas County, Washington

(Parts of the paper were taped together before microfilming, making the words impossible to read -- black.
These places are indicated with ??.)
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Pioneer of Valley Found Dead in Bed Soon After Retiring Last Evening W. A. SMITH died suddenly of heart disease last evening about 9 o'clock at the home of his brother, C. M. SMITH, on North Poplar street.
He was found dead in his bed a few minutes after he had retired for the night. Mr. SMITH was 44 years old and unmarried. Funeral
arrangements have not yet been made. Although subject to attacks of heart failure, according to Mr. SMITH's relatives, he appeared in his usual health last night before
going to bed. He had been out in the country most of the day and returned to his brother's home about 6 o'clock. After Mr. SMITH had been in bed about 15 minutes his brother heard him choke and gurgle. Rushing to the room, he found him dead. W. A. SMITH had been a resident of Kittitas valley for 22 years. He came to the valley in 1887 from Kansas. He was born in Linden, Kas.,
January 27, 186?. All members of the local lodge of the Odd Fellows are requested to meet tonight at 8 o'clock in the lodge room on Pine street to make
arrangements for the funeral services.


J. E. BURK, of North Kittitas, is trading in the city today. J. C. WILSON, of South Kittitas, is in the city trading today. Alec MADDUX is in the city today from Reecer creek. J. C. JOHNSON, of East Kittitas, is an Ellensburg visitor today. Charles BULL is trading in the city today. Dr. E. Z. KREIDEL spent Saturday and Sunday in Seattle. A. H. MALL, of Malden, spent Sunday in Ellensburg with his family. W. F. SMITH is in Seattle on business today. Hattie ROSS was buried Friday from the undertaking chapel of the Big Store company. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. WRIGHT left Friday for Cle Elum to visit with friends. Misses Pearl BOSSONG and Kate HOFFMAN left today for Seattle to resume their work at the University. Mrs. Bernice CLUGER, who spent Christmas here with relatives, left Saturday for her home in Prosser. Paul BRAINARD returned yesterday from Payette, Idaho, where he spent his vacation. Leon WHEELER and Ned HOFFACKER returned from a visit to North Yakima yesterday. Chester MAXEY returned to Walla Walla today to resume his work in Whitman college. W. ?. SMITH, proprietor of the Electric Laundry, returned from a business trip to Beverly Saturday. A daughter was born last night to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. CLAUSEN, of Kittitas. Mrs. O. PETERSON and Mrs. Jim FARRELL have as their guest their sister, Mrs. LEWIS, of Olympia. Mr. FULTON, of Okanogan county, is visiting at the home of R. COOK, of this city. Miss May MITCHELL entertained a number of her friends Tuesday evening at her home in honor of her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. George BARDEEN, who spent Christmas visiting with relatives in Da?sy, returned yesterday to their home in this city. Mrs. Rufus KIRBY, who has been visiting relatives here during the holidays, returned to her home in Cle Elum Saturday. Harry HOFFMAN, Chester McGRANAHAN, Alva BULL and Leslie NESBIT returned to Seattle today to resume their school work in the University. Miss E. B. SNOWDON, of Tacoma, who has been visiting in the city, left Friday with Mrs. A. C. SNOWDON for Granger. Misses Ruth SHEWBRIDGE, Alice GUTHRIE and Bertha EDISON returned Friday from Thorp and will visit here for a few days. W. F. COPELAND, of Spokane, arrived in the city yesterday and will act as court stenographer during the January term. Dr. G. M. STEELE was called to Malden Friday to attend Mrs. Robert PARKINS, who was taken ill Thursday night. She died before the
physician reached her bedside. Leon WHEELER, who spent the Christmas holidays visiting in this city with his parents, has returned to Seattle to resume his studies in
the University of Washington. Miss Fern BURNS, of Thorp, spent Friday in the city. She returned yesterday to Seattle to resume her studies at the University of
Washington. Miss Florence WILSON, who spent the holidays in the city with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. WILSON, returned Friday to Seattle to
resume her work as a teacher in the city schools. Robert WAITE's ice skating rink at the corner of Canal and Third streets opened yesterday afternoon. The rink is the first of the kind
ever built in the city and Mr. WAITE expects to do a big business. Miss Lucile WILSON, who spent the holidays in the city visiting with her parents, left Saturday for Olympia to resume her work as a
teacher in the city schools. She was accompanied as far as Kent by her brother, Stanley WILSON, a teacher in the Kent schools, who also
spent the vacation here. Officers have been unable to find any clue to the identity of the robbers who burglarized the home of Charles S. FELL, editor of the
Echo, in Cle Elum Wednesday night... Ira STILLWELL entertained several of his friends at his home Tuesday evening. The time was pleasantly spent in playing cards and other
games. Three prizes were given for cards: Miss Leta LOVE won first prize, Adelaide SPAULDING won second, and the consolation prize was
awarded to Arthur LOVE. Refreshments were served and the party broke up at a late hour. The guests were Messrs. Harold SCOTT, Arthur LOVE,
Harry WORATER, Ira STILLWELL, Walter RITCHEY, and Homer WARNER. Misses Leta LOVE, Effife STILLWELL, Nellie SCOTT, Adelaide SPAULDING,
Mrs. H. WORSTER, and Mrs. Tom STILLWELL. In honor of Miss Edna GOULD, of Buckley, Mrs. Azema CLARK entertained a few guests Tuesday evening by "A Trip Through Flinchville"...
Those who enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs. CLARK were: Misses Lena MICHEL, Nellie PAUTZKE, Carrie LONGWELL, of Cle Elum; Reba CRAIG,
Mrs. Charles GOULD, Mrs. Sherman SMITH, Messrs. W. W. ROGERS, Simon P. FOGARTY, Donald SMITH, Charles JORDAN, of Cle Elum; Arthur VERTREES,
Will CRAIG. J. L. VAUGHN returned the last of the week from Tacoma where he was looking over the property handled by M. E. RANDALL. He reports
himself much pleased with the property and Tacoma in general.


Evan J. MATHEWS, county auditor, was in this city the first of the week looking after county business. Mrs. John MAPLES, of North Yakima, returned to her home Wednesday after a very pleasant visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank BENNETT. A party consisting of A. S. RANDALL, Mike KLOSS, George KOPPEN, and Louis MEIDL, of this city, went up to the Skookum Copper Mining
Company's property Monday to inspect the new machinery recently installed at that place. They returned Thursday. Mrs. W. P. MORGAN went to Tacoma Thursday to spend a few days visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. F. O. FULTON, of Renton, Wn., returned to her home after visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary McKEAN, of this city. The home of William BRIGGS is quarantined on account of diphtheria. Mrs. Thomas CAMPBELL, of Hobart, Wash., came over Thursday to spend a week visiting friends and relatives. Mrs. John O'ROURKE of Cle Elum, was in town on business Friday.


Will G. LAUDERDALE, Formerly Head Clerk, is the New Owner.. A. ? SPALDING, owner of Spalding's ??? store, has sold out ?? ??? the busines to Will LAUDERDALE, head clerk, who will ??? proprietor.
The firm ??? changed from Spalding's to Lauderdale's. Mr. SPALDING, who has been in business in Ellensburg for the past 12 years, will
continue to be a resident of the city, but will devote his time to other interests. Mr. LAUDERDALE has announced that he will continue to run the store along the same lines as heretofore. "The reliable store with
reliable goods, will be the motto," said the new proprietor this morning. Mr. SPALDING, the retiring proprietor, came to Ellesnburg in 189?, and started a small notion store in the ?? now occupied by McDowell
???. The business grew rapidly and a few years ago Mr. SPALDING was forced to move into larger quarters. He has added several lines in
??? to dry goods, and now has ??? up-to-date department store. Mr. LAUDERDALE, the new proprietor, has been a resident of the city for about 5 years, during which ?? he has been head clerk for


Twelve Men Under the Direction of J. H. ZAHNER Reached the City Today. Establish Camp at Boylston A third party of Northern Pacific engineers, headed by J. H. ZAHNER, arrived in Ellensburg late Friday afternoon to assist in the
preliminary work for the location of the Lind cut-off. There are 12 men in the party which left this afternoon on the Milwaukee east bound
passenger train for a camp located about four miles north of Boylston, the station at the east end of the Johnson Creek tunnel. This camp is about eight or ten miles west of Rye Grass, the camp located by KINNEY. The ZAHNER crew will survey from this camp, which
is near McLENNON's old sheep corral, to Rye Grass. Supplies for ZAHNER are being freighted from this city by wagon. "I guess that the Northern Pacific is not going to take any changes on this crew becoming lost," said a railroad man this afternoon,
"so the men were sent to the camp by the railroad, instead of leaving them to walk as did KINNEY's party." Leland TATE's crew is still working in the vicinity of Ellensburg, eastward from the city limits. As soon as his supply car arrives he
will be located in a camp near the old HAYES ranch, 15 miles east of Ellensburg. He is making his headquarters at present in a local hotel.


Came to my place Nov. 1, broken yearling heifer, underbit in left ear, crop off of right. Albert LEE, R. F. D. 2. Phone Farmers 21x4. The Ladies Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 at the residence of Mrs. Frank HOME.


I have bought the SAM KEY Laundry on Water Street and will not pay any of SAM KEY's bills. Any creditors of SAM KEY may have their
bills paid by calling at the laundry this week. I have had much experience in the laundry business and can guarantee good work. SING GEE For Sale - Dry wood, $5 per cord deliverd. Inquire D. E. PARMETER, 80? East 8th St. Phone, Black 3423. For Sale - Coal, wood and all kinds of draying. Roy GARRISON. Phone, Black 3022. Veterinary Surgeon, F. C. LULL, Graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College of Toronto, Canada. Barn Phone, Black 2012. Residence
Phone, Black 2612. White Front Barn.

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