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years. Killed. Coroner from Easton. GILBERT was working at the excavation of a ditch, when a blast was called. He went behind
a large tree about 150 feet from the blast and was hit on the back of the head by a small
rock which crushed his skull. Was picked up dead. Witnesses: Pat CAIR, H. McLEAN. GINLEY, John 20 March 1909, 5:30 p.m.; Sta. 4096. Laborer; employee of company; single. Injury; hit on nose with spike maul while nipping tirs. No doctor. He was nipping ters. He grabbed nipping block before the spiker had spike down and was
struck on nose. His own negligence. Witness: J. OWENS, Ellensburg. GLYGOROVICH, Bose (Transcriber's note: First name could be Boso) 8 August 1907, 3:00 p.m.; at Sta. 12.00. Occupation, laborer; residence, unknown; married; 38 years old. Died; fracture of skull, crushing the dome. Dr. W. D. WILSON, Cle Elum; doctor called by
Chas. WHITE, tapeman, Engr. Dept. Henry NEWELL and Chas. REED, axeman, were falling a tree which came down. GLYGOROVICH was
struck on the head by a limb causing injury. Succumbed to injuries on 9 Aug 1907, 8:30 p.m. Witnesses: A. A. FRENCH, Teamster. GULIEN, Emil J. 20 April 1908; 4:00 p.m.; at Camp #9, L&G Station 3710. Occupation foreman; residence, Camp #9; father lives in St. Paul; single; age 22. Killed; body badly mangled, especially around legs. Dr. FELCH; placed in charge of the
coroner, taken to ROSE & INMAN, undertakers. Doctor called by W. S. GREENFIELD. GULIEN and another man had been trying to load a hole in slope all afternoon, evidently
using a steel drill and caused explosion as evidence shows. (Transcriber's notes: See also
ERICSON, John, injured. Also, there is a second listing of this accident later in the book -
L&G is listed as LORIMER & GALLAGHER.)
Witnesses: None. F. LARSEN, dumpman at Camp #9, arrived on scene soon after.
Fred ANDERSON, stationman staying at Camp #9 rendered aid soon after explosion. Report by F. M. CARTER, Res. Engr., Res. #10, Ellensburg. HAHN, S. 11 July 1907; at Tunnel, Sta 529 to 534. Occupation, laborer; residence, unknown. Injury; wounds and bruises. Dr. D. O. KEARBY, Cle Elum; called by P. HENSON, foreman. Three killed outright (OLESON, AHO, ALADAHO), 2 died at Hospital Cle Elum (MOSSOUVICH,
). The rest flesh wounds and badly bruised. Accident was caused by men picking
into shot that failed to go off. Men claim no defection of fire or explosives. (Transcriber's
note - Also in accident: C. OLESON, Solomon AHO, William ALADAHO, Dan MOSSOUVICH, Dan DOOLVICH,
Alvon GINETTI, Peter VARSPIONO, Frank DEYMOVICH, all laborers, have no address. Reported by H. A. AYERS, Res. Engr., Res. #3. HALEY, Pat 21 Nov 1908; 5:20 p.m.; at Gravel Pit So. Cle Elum. Employee of co.; residence, Grassy Pt, Rocklin Co., NY; single; 52 years of age. Injury; back and right leg up to the groin badly sprained, right side of head cut
and bruised. Dr. D. O. KEARBY. While backing up shovel to leave work for the night he was stooping down to loosen wire
which holds sections together, the bank fell, throwing him against a chain, twisting his leg
and back. He was covered by four feet of sand, dirt and gravel. Witnesses: None. HARMON, Hector Ernest 18 Oct 1908; 9:30 p.m.; west of Easton. Cableman; residence, 11 Pleasant St., Haverhill, Mass.; single; about 19 years of age. Injury; two teeth knocked out, three teeth knocked out of shape and lip cut. Dr. D O KEARBY. Whilst walking in the dark over a slide, stubbed his toe on a piece of iron and fell upon
a rock. He was carrying a package in his hand when he fell. No witnesses. HARRIS, W. F. 28 Oct. 1907, 3:00 p.m.;at Sta 267+50 to Sta 273+0. Occupation, foreman O E OLSON & Co.; Residence, unknown; marital status, unknown; age,
unknown. Injury; to left eye and face burnt. Dr. A. D. WILSON, Lake Camp. Treated Lake Camp
Hospital then transferred to Seattle. Doctor called by Chas. JOHNSON, foreman, O. E. OLSON & Co. At time of accident HARRIS was engaged in springing hole preparatory to putting in charge
for ballasting. Harris had made first springing and had reloaded for second springing when
charge of 4 1/2 sticks #2 dynamite exploded. Witnesses: T G GLIN, driller; Emil HOLM, driller, W. J. HARRIS, foreman. HATTLER, C. P. 29 Jan 1909, 11:50 p.m.; East Approach Tunnel #45. Skinner; ; employee of LORIMER & GALLAGHER Co.single; residence, Sacramento, Calif; age 21. Injury; left leg broken above ankle. Dr. FELCH. Sent to MOORE Hospital, Ellensburg. HATTLER was driving trains used in spotting cars for loading by Sts and was cleaning out
car coupling preparatory to hooking on to car, and was not watching shovel, when a large chunk
of frozen earth dropped from shovel and pinned him down to the ground with results above. Witnesses: Frank LAMBERT, Jerry O'BRIEN; John McMULLIN, all of Ellensburg. Signed by G. S. CURTISS. HOLLEY, Chas. (Transcriber's note: Could be HALLEY, Chas.) 25 Nov 1908, 11 a.m.; at 3 mi. east of Ellensburg. Pile driver engr., employee of co.; single. Injury, bruised wrist; taken to Dr. W A TAYLOR, Ebg. Going east on motor car, guide when struck rock on rail and threw car off tracks, HOLLEY
fell under front end of car. Witness: Oly MAYNARD, Div. Eng'rs Ofc., Ellensburg. HYLAND, Pat 22 April 1909, 10:00 a.m.; Cle Elum, Sta 1584. Laborer; employee of co.; single; age 55. Injury, end of finger cut off. Dr. D. O. KEARBY. He was helping in carrying a steel sail and when laying same down, his finger got caught
and snapped off. Witnesses: J. O. WENS, Ellensburg; M. FLORENCE, Ellensburg. JACKSON, John 1 March 1908, 8:30 a.m.; at Easton, Wn., res. #4, Sta. 843. Occupation, laborer; residence, unknown; marital status, unknown; age 60 years. Died. Dr. KEARBY, Cle Elum; doctor called by C. J. JACKSON. JACKSON had dug a coyote hole in dirt face, about Sta. 843. Hole about 10 ft. deep and
had loaded it with 3 kegs black powder using 2 fuses. He lighted one fuse and went to Foreman
J. E. WALSH, 30 ft. from him and a little below him to get some more matches. WALSH asked
him whether he was sure fuse wasn't burning and he said "No, its no good" and went back. WALSH
went down below. JACKSON was holding a match to the 2nd fuse when shot went off throwing and
rolling him about 30 ft. He died in 15 minutes. First fuse had gone off. Witnesses: J. E. WALSH, foreman, Camp 22, Easton; Geo. CARSON, laborer, camp 22, Easton;
Peter GUSTAFSON, laborer, camp 22, Easton. Report by D. SCHUETZ, Res. Engr. JOHNSON, Sam 4 March 1907, 9:30 a.m.; at Tunnel, Sta. 1928. Occupation, laborer; residence, unknown; single; age 48. Injury, right leg fractured between ankle and knee. Dr. D. O. KEARBY, Cle Elum. Placed
in charge of Roslyn Hospital, Cle Elum, Wa. While picking rock in tunnel it became loose, falling and striking JOHNSON. Witness: Hjalmar OLSON, Cle Elum. Report by E. R. HOFFMAN, Res. Engr., Res. #6. JONAS, Augustin 21 Jan 1909, 9:45 a.m.; at Tunnel #45. Occupation, mucker; employee of LORIMER & GALLAGHER Co.; married; 45 years of age. Injury, pupil of eye cut. Dr. FELCH, Ellensburg. Sent to hospital at Ellensburg. J. CORBINE was breaking rock with a 16# sledge hammer; JONAS who is also a mucker, was
standing near watching, when he was struck in the eye by a flying chip of rock, cutting the
pupil of his left eye and probably destroying sight. Witnesses: Mike CONNERS, Fred JOHNSON, J. CORBINE, all of Ellensburg, all employees of
L&G Co. Reported by G. C. CUSTISS, Res. Engr., Ebg, Wa. JOVNICH, Mike 14 Sept 1908, 8:30 a.m.; at Sta 4691, Johnson Cr. Line, Asby Sta. Laborer; employee of J&L; residence, Ziminia, Austria; single; age 20 years. Injury, arm broken and flesh torn from wound; scratches on head and face. Dr. T. C. BALDWIN,
Beverly, Wash.; taken to Hospital at West Beverly. JOVNICH was standing on face of cut picking down muck at time explosion occurred. Flying
rock tore flesh from arm. (Transcriber's note: See also entries for Wm. CARLSON and Morj.
SORUKOVICH, same accident.)
Witnesses: Joseph POURPONT, Wadisa, Kisteland, Austria; Mila STA. SONLAVICH, Ziminia Leka,
Austria; Glesa STA. SONLAVICH, Ziminia Leka, Austria; Joe STA. SONLAVICH, Ziminia Leka, Austria. KATAYAMA, Furkumateu 14 Oct 1908, 7:30 p.m.; at one mile west of Murdock. Employee of company; married; 43 years of age. Injury, foot hurt. Taken to FELCH Hospital in Ellensburg. Gang had loaded some trucks with dumping rock and were evidently moving them when the 3d
truck ran into KATAYAMA who was in the second truck. Witnesses: T. MONATOGAWA; Y. KUBO; G. SHIGA; M. WATANALE; K. STATASHI; T. KAJITA;
M. KOURSHUPI; H. KUSHI; K. NAKAO. KENNEY, W. 30 April 1908, 10:30 a.m.; at Thorp. Laborer. Injury, ribs broken. Dr. FELCH, taken to hospital at Ellensburg. KENNEY while handling rails on a flat car, which was on a trestle, fell from same,
striking a pile head which was on the ground 25 feet below. Tools and machinery ok. Witnesses: G. F. SCHMELING, locomotive foreman; M. FLORENCE, foreman. LABUSKY, Peter 19 July 1907; at Sta. 2537, Thorp, Wa. Occupation, unknown; residence, unknown; marital status, unknown. Crushed. No surgeon called. (Transcriber's note: This is shown in notebook as an injury,
but sounds like a fatality.)
Accident was caused by trap tunnel breaking in which Peter LABUSKY was working. Witnesses: Andrew BUROR, laborer; George MUCEGH, laborer. Reported by C. J. BARTHOLET, Res. Engr., Res. #8, Thorp. LARSON, C 9 February 1907; at Sta. 2534, Thorp, Wa. Occupation, powderman; residence, unknown; marital status, unknown. Death. No surgeon attending. C. LARSON was killed by accidentally discharging misfired shot blast, while drilling,
tamping from same. Witnesses: Chas C. STOVER, foreman; L. O. ENGBERG, laborer. Report by C. J. BARTHOLET, Res. Engr., Res. #8, Thorp. LEE, Carl 8 May 1907, about 3:00 p.m.; at Sta 179+60 to Sta. 183+50. Occupation, Stationman under O E. OLSON & Co.; Residence, unknown; marital status, unknown. Died; killed in explosion Powder House. Deputy Coroner, Ellensburg. Exact cause of accident not known, LEE and a laborer by name of J. THORSEN were in the
powder house, supposedly thawing dynamite when the explosion occured, killing both men. Witnesses: None. LITTLE, O. 12 Oct 1908, 10 a.m.; at Laconia. Laborer on track-laying gang; employee of H. C. HENRY: single; about 40 years old;. Injury, back of left hand bruised. Went to Dr. MOON's hospital at Keechelus, where had
hand trussed and returned to camp same day. Injured person with others was loading rails from ground onto car, hand pinched between
rail and car in placing rail on car. Witnesses: Chas. COGSHELL; F. WAGNER; Jerry COAKLEY; all c/o H. C. HENRY, Ellensburg, Wa. LUPER, John 14 Sept 1908; 9:30 a.m.; at 4th Yakima River Xing, 2 1/2 mi W of Cle Elum. Employee of H. C. HENRY, contractor; tender foreman, W. J. BARNARD. Injury, hurt internally. Donkey engine 15' above ground topped and fell to ground. LUPER said he saw engine was
going to fall but thought he was in safe place, so did not heed call to get to place of safety. Witnesses: A. FLORA; G. DAHL; J. BURKE; J. FINNERTY; all of Cle Elum, Wa.

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