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Saturday, February 17, 1894


Hon. H. J. SNIVELY was in the city this week. Mrs. Rodney PALMER entertained at a card party Monday evening. Attorney Ralph KAUFFMAN is doing business on the sound this week. Mrs. E. J. KING of Blewitt came down Friday last week on a visit to her mother. Married, in this city on the 14th instant, Alonzo HACKETT and Miss Maggie COBLE, Rev. N. EVANS officiating. Mrs. J. J. MULLER has leased the upper floor of the Lynch block where she will keep a first class lodging house. Miss Anna BROWN of the county auditor's office is visiting friends in North Yakima. She is expected home next Monday. On account of the absence of the Rector, D. G. MacKINNON, there will be no services at Grace Episcopal church tomorrow. Mr. L. H. JANSEN left for the Swauk mines Wednesday... Mr. John McCANDLESS returned Tuesday morning from Washington city, whither he was summonded to testify before the senate committee on
Hawaiian affairs. Marriage licenses were issued this week by the auditor to William TURNER and Mrs. L. J. FOULKS; Alonza SACHETT and Maggie J. COBLE;
T. R. LEE and Ollie JONES. Captain FROST has received a batch of certificates of discharge from the service for old members of company A who have served their time... Mr. John McCANDLES has decided to go to the Islands next month, where he still has business interests... Tim POWERS, the old standby at the Washington Mercantile company's store, is lying very ill at his home. His close application to
business for so long has left him broken in health, and his condition now is the subject of grave apprehension. Miss L. Belle HARRIS, stenographer at the office of the Washington Finance and Trust Company will leave shortly for Riverside, California,
whither her parents have gone. Miss HARRIS has been a useful member of society during her residence here, and will be greatly missed by
her associates. Died, in this city yesterday morning, Charles Henry, son of Matt E. and Mary I. FLYNN, aged five years, two months and 18 days. He
was taken sick some time ago with pleurisy which later on ran into pneumonia, from which he died. The funeral takes place at 2 o'clock this
afternoon at the family residence on Fifth street, thence to the Odd Fellows' Cemetery. Parents and patrons of the school need not be at all backward about visiting the school through fear of disturbing the pupils at their
studies. While Professor McCULLY is glad to show visitors around through the rooms, he invites you to come and go without ceremony or
special permission. The discipline of the rooms is such that your presence will be no embarassment to teachers or pupils. Visit the school. Mr. S. W. MAXEY, superintendent of horticulture for this district, is in attendance upon the Fruit Growers association in session this
week at Spokane. He took some fine specimens of Kittitas fruit with him. Among them were some apples grown by Rodney PALMER on his fruit
ranch that were beauties...


The pupils of room 7 have chosen sides and are following the example set by room 8 in their rhetorical exercises. The first exercises
were given last Friday by the A division. There were several recitations that were very creditable, especially those rendered by
Freddie SCRIBNER and Frank EVANS, two of the smallest boys in the room. Emma SCHULL is leader of the B class this month. The work being done in the normal training rooms this month by Misses ADAMS, McARTHUR, PAINTER, and ANDERSON is being highly complimented
by Principal McCULLY.


We wish to sound a note of warning to the towns of eastern Washington against the insinuations of a poltroon named FORD, who is "working"
the charitably inclined ostensibly in the interests of a destitute family. FORD deserted his family here after having run through eveything
they had, leaving them without a home and nothing to eat. A few months ago he met a Mrs. McGINNIS, widow of an ex-soldier, who was living with her children on a little farm of their own, and by
his smooth talk induced her to marry him. All went well for about two months when he induced her to sell the place in order to rent a larger
farm. She consented and the farm was sold. FORD immediately began to show his true disposition and very soon drank up every dollar of the
money. Things grew worse, until Mrs. FORD one evening last week told him there was nothing in the house to eat. He brought one of the boys
to Ellensburgh whom he left outside of a saloon while he stepped inside for a drink. The boy waited more than an hour for him to come out,
but he came not. Driven by hunger and cold, the boy returned home without anything. The next heard of FORD came from North Yakima where he solicited aid for his family whom he wished to join him. He receive aid, it is
learned, but his family never heard from him. He is probably working the same "racket" elsewhere. Meantime his family are being provided for by the G. A. R. post here and others who really donate to the relief of the needy.
Mr. J. L. BROWN is guardian of the children who are drawing an orphan pension. It is his purpose to invest the money in milch cows as fast
as it accumulates which will give them a good living... FORD's whereabouts is unknown, but all persons are warned against giving him aid
for his family, who have discarded him forever.


Peter McCALLUM, county commissioner for this district, was here on business this week. He reports but little activity in the Swauk
district, but there are prospects of the Peshastin mines starting up in the early spring. A petition has been presented to the superior court praying for the appointment of H. P. FOGH as administrator upon the estate of
John DUFFY. It will be remembered that deceased was a No. 3 miner who died at Ronald, some three years ago, and against whose estate
Mr. FOGH holds a claim for funeral expenses.


Steamer Ellensburgh was sold for debt last Monday to Moran Bros. of Seattle for $500. The proceeds will not pay cost of suit. Rev. HEAD arrived last evening with his family to make their home in Wenatchee. They are occupying rooms over the Columbia Valley bank. Frank REEVES has been heard from in the Sandwich Islands. Whether he is there looking for a newspaper field or as an envoy of
President Cleveland, our foreign dispatches do not state.


At the last meeting the new president, Sevilla STEINER, was installed by the retiring president, Harry HALE... The program was as follows:
Piano Solo, Ella HATFIELD; Recitation, Erin LYNCH; Essay, Amanda QUIMBY; Topic, Calvin CAROTHERS; Recitation, Mary BRUCE; Song, Coral FROST;
Recitation, Eliza WILSON; Declamation, Cornelius LYNCH; Essay, Rae LEWIS; Recitation, Mrs. Maria COLE; Paper, Mattie McGILL.


J. R. PETERS is sojourning on the sound. Dr. I. N. POWER visited Seattle this week on business. Mr. Hugh McGILLIS, of Roslyn, was at the Horton Wednesday. Treasurer TRAVERS began moving his office to the court house Thursday afternoon. Messrs. Frank ABERNATHY and F. A. FRAZIER were Ellensburgh visitors on Thursday. Dr. W. H. HARE has decided to locate in the practice of his profession at the new town, Sunnyside. The family of the Rev. Mr. WARNER joined him here on Wednesday to remain with him during his stay. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. PARK left yesterday for California to remain there permanently. They are strictly Ellensburgh people and their going
from us is regretted by a large circle of friends. Mr. H. M. BALDWIN left for St. Paul last Saturday upon being summoned as a witness for the railroad company in a case over goods shipped
from Ellensburgh that were stolen enroute to New York. Lieutenants J. B. ARMSTRONG and A. C. STEINMAN, of Company A, received their commissions from Governor McGRAW on Tuesday morning. This
relieves Lieutenants J. P. BECKER and J. T. ARMSTRONG from duty, their time having expired October 4, last. Mr. C. V. WARNER, accompanied by Mrs. WARNER, visited North Yakima on Monday. Mr. WARNER delivered an address before the Sons of Veterans,
the occasion being the 85th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln...

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