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Friday, October 10, 1890

Ellensburgh, Washington

Much of this issue is torn and dark, but I have noted what I can read of it. Missing words and letters noted by ???
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. WRIGHT were absent from the city Monday. Miss Anne BROWN is assisting in clerical work at the auditor's office. ??? WELTY will remove into his building on the corner of Fourth and Ruby ???. ??? CHARLTON is assisting with the ??? the county clerk's office ???. ???pley LLOYD, manager of ???, is building a ????. ???inery E. PALMER ?? ?? ?? post office, has gone to Portland ?? ??? a better half. T. R. WRIGHT ??? ??? ??? ??? glimpse of ... Rev. E. C. SANDERSON, pastor of the Christian Church of Ellensburgh, was elected delegate to the general conference of the Christian
Church at Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. SANDERSON will occupy the pulpit next Sunday and intends leaving during the first of next week for the
capital city of Iowa.


A. A. MEADE, the democratic nominee for the office of sheriff, is a man with whom every voter in Kittitas county is familiar. His long
residence in the county, extending over a period of nineteen years, and his occupation, that of a farmer and stock raiser, should not be
overlooked when considering his strength with a large class of voters... There you have it, Mr. MEADE is honeset and capable ... the days
when Kittitas county formed ??? part of the county of Yakima, Mr. MEADE was a member of the board of county commissioners, which position he
filled with honor to himself and satisfaction to his constituency... Evan J. MATHEWS is the candidate for county clerk. He is one of the old time residents of Roslyn, and while we have never met him
personally ... the fact that his neighbors and fellow townsmen, regardless of party lines, are mutual in their support of him... The candidate for county attorney, C. V. WARNER, is a young man of ??? more than ordinary ability and is generally considered one of our
??? young men. In manner and demeanor he is quiet, unassuming, ??? and pleasant... He is a graduate of the Iowa State University...
Mr. WARNER, while not wealthy, is a taxpayer, a man of family and thoroughly identified with the county's interest... Martin J. MALONEY, the candidate for auditor, is a self-made man in every respect, and after having been pushed up against the rough side
for a period of years in his younger days, has come to the front with such a crowning coronet of success that we believe a short sketch of
his remarkable career will prove of much interest to our readers. Born in Lafayette county, Missouri, in 1860, at the age of five, with
five brothers and sisters, he was left an orphan. Friends of their parents took immediate charge of the destitute little ones. This kindly
feeling of friends, however, soon became dampened, and young Martin, not being well-treated, bid adieu to his former friends and being
imbued with an indomitable spirit, set bravely out to battle on the sea of life, alone and unaided, at the age of nine. After laboring five
years, young MALONEY was enabled to count $72 as his own, and with a portion of it purchased a ticket to California, whither he went and
engaged at day labor as a swamper, farmer hand and dairyman. After battling a long time on the temptuous waste of misfortune, he headed for
Northern California and halted at San Francisco, where he did whatever his hands could find to do, until the next spring, when he again went
article at this point is too dark to read at bottom of page For county surveyor, A. P. YORK is the choice of the democratic party, and his past record as an officer in this capacity speaks louder,
longer and ??? than all ??? that could be said or done for him. Practically has no opposition and will certainly be elected with the rest
of the ticket. Big honest John FOSTER is the man whom the democrats have put forward to fill the responsible position of assessor.... He was brought up a
farmer and is therefore a good judge of farm values... The county commissioner from the Third District, Martin MITCHELL, has been named. Mr. MITCHELL is a prosperous farmer, a man of good
business ability... A man who has by his own industry and economy, has honestly arisen to a position of wealth and affluence, is always a
safe man to entrust with the business of a community.


U. S. Land Office, North Yakima, September 8th, 1890 Complaint having been entered at this office by Edwin W. CRAIG against John CAMPBELL for failure to comply with law as to Timber Culture
Entry No. 522, dated January 18, 1886, upon the w 1/2, ne 1/4 and lots 1, 2 and 3, sec. 14, tp. 14 n, r 26 e, in Yakima County, Washington,
with a view to the cancellation of said entry (too dark to read after this point)

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