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Troop A, Washington Cavalry, N. G.

(as listed in the April 26, 1917, issue of the Ellensburg Capital)
CAPTAIN PRIVATE SANDS, Clifford A. AMES, Willis P. ANDREW, Walter S. 1st LIEUTENANT ARMSTRONG, Lester J. BARKER, George W. REAVIS, Smith F. BARNETT, Orval O. BARNES, Owen 2nd LIEUTENANT BOUTON, Lester L. BOWMAN, Edward MILLS, Marmion D. BREITEGATEIN, Frank C. CAMPBELL, Roy E. 1st SERGEANT CAMPBELL, James W. CARTER, John Howard BUCHANAN, Gordon CHRISTENSEN, Chris CHRISTENSEN, Robert H. Q. M. S. CHURCH, William B. CLERF, Benedict F. STOCKING, Fred A., Sr. COOK, Roy N. COOKE, Abraham L. STABLE SERGEANT CREWDSON, Frank R. D'ABLAING, Philip H. CODY, Geo. C. DAVIDSON, Phil A. EADEN, William A. SERGEANT EALY, Roscoe D. ESTERDAY, Martin V. AUSTIN, Wilson N. FILER, Owen B. ELICKSON, David H. FORD, Wendell S. O'NEILL, Phil J. GREEN, Ray D. GREGORY, Elmer CORPORAL HANLEN, Ernest E. HENDERSON, Vern C. HUNT, Ivan E. HENNESS, Donald D. MILES, Neal A. HODGSEN, Will H. OFFIELD, Walter N. HOFFMAN, Frederick I. STOCKING, Fred A. Jr. JOHANSEN, Fred S. JONES, Ernest E. SADDLER JONES, George V. JONES, Orvall B. WILSON, George T. KAYNOR, Keith S. KENNISON, Clifford C. TRUMPETER KING, Tracy T. KINGERY, Fay L. EDMISON, Clarence T. KUHN, Robert H. LAWLER, William J. FIRST CLASS PRIVATE LINDBERG, Edward J. LOTHROP, John F. CARTER, James H. LOWE, Benjamin F. CHAMPLE, George L. MAXEY, Elmer CRAWFORD, Bernard A. McMECHAN, John L. DESSIEUX, Don C. MILLER, Marion L. JOHNSON, Chas T. MITCHELL, Adelbert L. LEE, Larry MUNDY, Albert J. SPATH, William G. NAGEL, Melford H. STOCKING, Bernard A. NEARING, Edward J. THORP, Claud A. NESALHOUSE, Robert F. NEWSTRUM, Harold H. OLSON, Olav PARTINGTON, Gerald E. PATTES, Leonard J. PERRY, Charles H. PHARE, Guy N. POWER, Theodore RASMUSSEN, Fred C. RATLIFF, Oscar H. REESE, George REEVES, Dorsey D. RESSE, Charles L. RILEY, Frank E. RUSSELL, Lawrence T. SHELTON, Marvin T. SMITHSON, Frank E. SWEARINGEN, Vernice A. TAYLOR, Harvey L. TAYLOR, Marion E. THOMAS, Wilburn WILLIAMS, George D. WILSON, Ralph R. WIRTH, Clarence WRIGHT, Laverne H. WYATT, William B. YERKE, Frederick A.

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