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October 16, 1880

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(Transcriber only copied articles that refer to the Kittitas Valley area.)


Our correspondent, "Mac", writing under date of the 12th inst., says: The Swauk express has changed hands. Mr. MASTERSON has disposed of his mining interests
in Swauk to Nez JENSON and has purchased the line which will continue to run as heretofore. Several bands of beef cattle have started for the Sound recently. One was taken by
Geo. SMITH and two others by PHELPS & WADLEIGH's drovers. HARKNESS' ties and telegraph poles are driving well and making good headway. The drive
passed out of the valley a few days ago... Mrs. PRICE, one of the Ute captives after the MEEKER massacre ... is now in the valley
with her folks who recently came here. Mr. Ben LEWIS suffered an accident which caused a serious and painful mutilation of his
tongue. It occurred while on his way home from Ellensburg, with his team and wagon. His
horses took fright and ran away and it is supposed that during the scuffle he had he must have
bit his tongue... Two weddings recently took place here and others are expected to follow.

Notes from the Swauk Mines --

From a friend who has recently returned from the Swauk mines ... we glean the following:
All the miners on the creek are doing well ... Upon the hill claims are all busily engaged in
running in levels to the pay channels. No less than eleven different tunnels are now being
run into the hill, in most of which indications are good. PIKE & PRICE have run a tunnel about
160 feet on the hunt for the pay channel. The dirt prospects well. The "French Boys" are also
in about the same distance and struck pay dirt. It was in this claim the $448 "chispa" was
found. FLOOD & DEVENEY have just completed a contract of running a tunnel of 150 feet for the
"French Boys" which taps their tunnel and drains it. Upon starting in on this tunnel, and near
its mouth they passed through a streak of pay dirt. ...FLOOD prospected it and got a few chunks
of gold worth a little over $13. BOLLMAN is now in about 400 feet in search of the original
Swauk tunnel. This he thinks has been covered by a slide. Most of the way has been carried
through bedrock, a heavy expense in blasting. If any man deserves to strike it rich, it is
BOLLMAN, as he has encountered and overcome immense difficulties... Between FLOOD & DEVENEY's
and BOLLMAN's claims are a number of miners at work upon their claims, whose names are not
known to the informant, but from what he could tell, all were doing well. Below the mouth of
WILLIAMS Creek, Messrs. LIVINGSTON & TYLER are running in a tunnel...


Mr. BOGUE, one of the civil engineers connected with the later numerous surveys of the
Northern Pacific, together with his party, arrived in town on Saturday. The gentleman was on
his way to the Pend Oreille division of the road where he expects to look for the pass said
to extend a little south of the one at present located. He had not heard of SHEETS' discovery
of a new pass a little north of the Natches...


Pursuant to a call by the County Superintendant, the following named persons responded and
met at SHOUDY's Hall, in Ellensburg, September 29th, 1880, for the purpose of holding a
Teacher's Institute: F. T. PARKER, D. C. BAKER, Wm. PETERSON, Mr. McGLOUGHLIN, Ella STAIR,
and County Superintendent PARRISH. ... meet at seven o'clock for the purpose of discussing the question, "Resolved, That a
compulsory School law requiring parents to send their children to school at least three months
in the year would promote the educational interests of Washington Territory. F. T. PARKER,
Geo. PARRISH, D. C. BAKER, and Jos. McGROUTH appeared on the affirmative, and Wm. PETERSON,
D. E. LESH, John TAYLOR, and Mr. FRISBIE on the negative...


Seven Miles above Town on the Mail Route is the
Nearest and Most Direct Road to any Point in
Kittitas Valley
Traveler's will always find an accommodating ferryman to cross them over the river. From the Ferry to Selah Springs, 10 miles; thence to Squaw Creek, 8 miles and from thence
to Kittitas P. O. (Olmstead's Store), 14 miles, where a good hotel for the accommodation of
travelers may be found, From thence to Ellensburgh is 6 miles and thence to Pleasant Grove,
3 miles, making this route the nearest by thirty miles. In addition it is accessible and
passable at all seasons of the year. J. D. OLMSTEAD, Prop.

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