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Cowlitz County, Washington
Marriage Records
1854 - 1900

Compiled and Indexed by Helen Crissey Bacon  
Longview, Washington   1987  
Published here by Lower Columbia Genealogical Society with permission of the author.
Proofreaders: Charlotte Tadlock Hagle & Barbara Bacon Jensen  
Typist: Barbara Bacon Jensen  
A special thanks to the staff in the Auditor’s Office who were extremely helpful at all times.

Marriage Records
Alphabetized by groom's surname
A - I         J - R         S - Z

Index to Brides' names
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These marriage records were compiled from the following books:

1. Book II —  First Book of Certificates (9 Nov 1854 thru 1886)

2. Vol. 2A — Marriage Certificates (1888–1891)

3. Vol. 2A — Marriage Certificates (1891–1898)

4. Vol. 2B — Marriage Certificates (23 Mar 1867 to 6 Jun 1900)

5. Vol. 3A — Marriage Certificates (4 Aug 1900 to 29 Mar 1905)

6. Book A — Record of the Marriage Certificates

7. Record of Marriage Licenses (23 Mar 1867 to 12 Jan 1897).  At this time the original licenses issued between 12 Jan 1897–1916 have not been located.

8. The Marriage Register (13 Jul 1891 thru 26 Jun 1916).  Early records are not complete in this book. This is the source of the additional information, ex. place of birth, parents, and occupation.

     Early records are not complete. There were two marriages recorded in 1854. No marriages were recorded for 1857, 1858, only one in 1859, and none in 1860 and 1861. There is a gap from 1873 to 26 Nov 1884 where no original certificates are found. However, in Book A a few marriages were recorded from this time period. Where no original certificate was found and no record found in Book A, the license is recorded as LONR, license only, no return. There were, for example, 16 licenses issued in 1877, but no records of returns.



a age AUS Australia
b born CAN Canada
CP Catholic Priest DNK Denmark
LONR License only, no return ENG England
JP Justice of the Peace FIN Finland
m mother GER Germany
mar married NRY Norway
ME Methodist Episcopal NZD New Zealand
MG Minister of the Gospel RUS Russia
res residence SCT Scotland
oc occupation SWD Sweden
PJ  Probate Judge    
--- not recorded