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Cowlitz County, Washington
 Probate Court Records Index
1861 - 1907

Compiled and indexed by Charlotte Tadlock Hagle
with assistance from Alice Collins Sanders, Kathy Jacobs Maruhn, and Helen Crissey Bacon
for Lower Columbia Genealogical Society, 1986

Probate Court Records Index
A - E        F - J       K - O       P - T      U - Z

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The following Cowlitz County, Washington, Probate Court books are included in this index:

01. Book CM CM (1861 - 1872)
  Petitions for Letters of Administration, Testamentary, & Guardianship
Accounts on Guardianships
Petitions for Various Court Orders
Contested County Election
An Assault and Battery Charge
02. Book AP Probate Records  (1862 - 1881)
03. Book B  Wills  (1878 - 1890)
04. Book AA #1 Probate Fee Book  (1879 - 1887)
  Papers filed and dates of probate documents 
05. Book  RP  Record of Petitions  (1879 - 1889)
  Applications for Letters Testamentary/Administration
Names of Heirs-at-law
Descriptions of land to be sold at estate sales
Accounts and claims against estates
Changes of administrators
Various petitions for orders from the Court
06. Book A Records of Letters Testamentary & Administrations  (1879 - 1891)
  Legal appointments of Executors/Administrators
Doctors & Attorneys  [Un-indexed]
Supplementary Death records
Early Death Dates
  [Three pages of names and death dates extracted
from the Probate Records]
07. Book C Records of Application (1889 - 1891)
08. Book RB Records of Bonds  (1879 - 1891)
09. Book RP2 Record of Petitions  (1894 - 1907)
10. Book FR  Final Records  (Jul 1872 - Dec 1893)